Virginia: The White Nationalist Scene

White Nationalism in Virginia

In recent weeks, I have been trying to determine the extent of White Nationalist activity in Virginia. It already says a lot that we don’t have a central location on the internet (one controlled by our own people) where we can go to find the contact information of pro-White organizations based in each state.

How is any potential recruit supposed to get involved in pro-White activism when this information is so difficult to find? I’m beginning to think that “Z.O.G.” is less of a problem than the behavior of White Nationalists. At a glance, it doesn’t look like much is going on in the Old Dominion.

The SPLC is the only organization that keeps track of “hate groups” (i.e., pro-White groups) in this state. Here is where we are now:

Active Organizations in Virginia

1.) Ku Klux Klan – There are a few Klan groups in Virginia. According to the SPLC, these are the Fraternal White Knights, Brotherhood of Klans, and the Virginia Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. I have already met one gentleman from the Virginia Klan, but I don’t recall his name or which specific Klan group he is affiliated with.

I don’t think the Klan is viable as a vehicle of White resistance. The media has done too good a job with its demonization. Rebuilding the Klan is too hard a sell to young people. It appears exhausted as a political force.

2.) National Socialist Movement – The NSM has three units in Virginia. I don’t know these people. Like the Klan, the NSM has too much baggage. It is too hard a sell. I can’t imagine a scenario in which the NSM takes power in Virginia.

3.) WCOTC – The SPLC claims there is a Creator group in Wise, VA. I don’t know these people either. I thought the WCOTC died after Matt Hale went to prison. In any case, I don’t know how many people this chapter has in Virginia. I can’t imagine the WCOTC building a mass movement in this state either.

4.) Confederate Hammerskins – This is a skinhead group that I haven’t heard much about. My impression of skinheads is that they are less interested in capturing political power and changing public opinion than dropping out of the system and living their own lives. That might not be such a bad idea.

5.) Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation – I’ve heard nice things about them. I believe they are a Catholic organization. I know people who like Fran Griffin. They are not a White Nationalist activist group trying to seize power. Let’s move on.

6.) Heritage and Destiny – I’ve never heard of this group before. Who are they? The name sounds good. They are labeled White Nationalists by the SPLC. If they keep such a low profile, they must not be doing much in the way of activism.

Edit: It appears this group is affiliated with the BNP and used to be known as the “American Friends of the BNP.”

7.) EURO – The SPLC claims that EURO has a presence in Richmond. I haven’t been able to find any contact information. Could someone provide it?

Edit: In the comments, Ron Doggett was identified as the EURO contact in Virginia.

8.) American Renaissance – Amren is labeled a “hate group” by the SPLC. It is a ridiculous label. American Renaissance is Jared Taylor and Stephen Webster who run a website, host a bi-annual conference, and put out a newsletter. They are a media organization like us, not an activist group.

Edit: I know Jared Taylor pretty well. He is a wonderful guy. We would be happy to work with him.

9.) VDARE – VDARE is listed by the SPLC as a Virginia based organization. Like Amren, VDARE is media, not an activist group. Anyway, I know through friends that Peter Brimelow doesn’t live in Virginia and VDARE isn’t actually run out of this state.

10.) Volksfront – I know there is a Volksfront chapter in Virginia. I met them recently. They are nice guys and advocate unity within the movement.

Inactive Organizations in Virginia

That rounds out the groups that made the 2010 SPLC hate map. There are a few other groups which once had a presence in Virginia but are no longer counted as active. There are a few others that are known in other states, but don’t have a presence here.

11.) League of the South – In 2000, the SPLC claimed the LoS had several chapters in Virginia. The League still maintains a Virginia chapter website. I will contact them and find out more information.The chapters must be dead because the SPLC still lists the Alabama and Mississippi chapters as active.

12.) Council of Conservative Citizens – I’ve been told repeatedly that CofCC has a DC/Maryland chapter, but nothing in Virginia. It looks like they once had a Virginia chapter years ago.

13.) Aryan Nations – In 2000, Aryan Nations was listed in Virginia. The chapter seems to be dead now.

14.) National Alliance – William Pierce once ran the NA out of Arlington. The NA doesn’t seem to have an active chapter in Virginia now though. Probably a result of Gliebe’s leadership.

15.) National Vanguard – I’m told Kevin Alfred Strom actually lives here in Charlottesville. I have never met him. As far as I know, National Vanguard is dead.

Edit: It might be worth meeting Strom. Whatever his personal failings, he must know a lot about WN activism.

16.) European Americans United – I’ve been told by a member that EAU doesn’t have a chapter in Virginia.

17.) Sons of Confederate Veterans – SCV is far and away the largest ostensibly pro-White group in Virginia. They have dozens of chapters. I plan to join them as soon as I can track down the requisite information on my ancestors who fought for the Confederacy.


Aside from a few marginalized pro-White sub-cultures, there isn’t much to work with here in Virginia. We’re going to have to build our own chapter or organization from scratch. It says a lot about the White Nationalist movement that after fifty years we don’t even have the skeleton of a serious organized resistance movement in this state.

I would appreciate any contact information that commentators can locate about the organizations listed above. I’m already in contact with the CofCC. In particular, I would like to know more about the League of the South, EURO, and European Americans United, as these groups seem closest in orientation to what we are trying to do in Virginia.

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  1. (1). The WCOTC was forced to relinquish that name years ago because of a copyright claim. They are now known as The Creativity Movement; they have a Virginia website HERE. The Creativity Movement has primarily been active in Montana lately.

    (2). VNN activist Ron Doggett still represents himself as EURO in Virginia and is still quite active. He’s a staunch supporter of Glenn Miller and Dr. David Duke. I haven’t any contact info on him.

    (3). The only racialist Heritage & Destiny I could find is associated with the England First Party. Perhaps there’s a group of Virginia supporters.

    Before you organize your own group, I suggest you take a hard look at European Americans United. They are well-organized, avoid any negative stereotypes, and have long-term potential. I believe Kievsky’s a member of EAU; he can give you more first-hand information.

  2. The Heritage & Destiny I’m familiar with is a magazine. It’s black and white and looks like desktop published onto paper I’d get from Walmart. It’s got some interesting articles though.

    I believe it’s run by Cotterill and Rushton in North West England, I think Cotterill may have been there because he used to run American Friends of the BNP.

    You could check it out online

  3. I would check out the Sons of the American Revolution, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. I would also check out the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Matter of fact I would check them out first. 😉

    The old Southern Women’s colleges like Radford, and Mary Washington, even though they have gone co-ed, I’m sure the girls are as beautiful, and charming as they were 40 years ago.

    I wouldn’t mess around with any of these so called “White” organizations you listed, except for maybe the long established Council of Conservative Citizens, and the SCV.

    If I were going to build a “White” political organization in Virginia, I would advise you, and your friends to build it one vote at a time. Personal relationships, people you trust, long term. No skyrocket acts.

    I’ve got a good Tom Watson story, I’m going to dig out and post a link, about how the Jew Levy stole Monticello from the Jefferson family.

  4. I have over the years noticed, an understatement much like one “notices” a right cross to the face, that no one actually knows much about the Ku Klux Klan beyond the negative media connotation. I have always felt this lack of knowledge astonishing and a drastic failure in tactics on the part of Southerners to not stress the actual history of WHY the KKK was organized during Reconstruction.

    I have many times made people stop and reconsider when I tell the purpose of the founding of the Klan. In this same vein, I always refute and tell exactly why they wore the “sheets” whenever some smarmy person brings up the old “wh ydo they have to hide their faces, they must have been cowards…,” etc., etc. ( I hope the people here on this site know the true purpose of the white robes, hoods and also why they were known as Night Riders.)

    This shortcoming of failing to make sure people know the true history of the South is mindboggling.

    At any rate, is anyone here interested in this subject? I am interested in learning more myself. I know that in the early years of the 20th century and up to the 1950 or 60s there was a group of historians called the Dunning School. Does anyone know of this? It is such as this that I am interested in discovering more of and learning the names of the historians and their work.

    I know that Clyde Wilson lists a number of books dealing with more accurate Southern history. But I think he is not complete.

    I would appreciate and be intersted in hearing from others here on this line of thought. I would like to hear your knowledge of such historians and books, and discuss it with you.



  5. In my above post, when I wrote “is anyone here interested in this subject?,” I meant not only the history of the early Klan, but also Antebelum, Reconstruction and beyond.

  6. While I’m sure some of these groups have been unfairly demonized, I think a lot of them worked pretty hard to marginalize themselves. Maybe its just me but it strikes me that perhaps for the first time serious people are trying to do serious things.

  7. I’ll be interested to see what experience you have with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A few years ago, a black friend of mine was at the Shad Planking, which is an annual political gathering here in Virginia, not to mention a tradition of long standing. It’s a bipartisan event, eating not very good fish out in rural woods, with a little bit of speechifying from office holders or candidates. Contenders for major office in Virginia typically show up there.

    From time to time, the Sons of Confederate Veterans make an appearance. For what it’s worth, it’s the only mainstream political event in Virginia that I know of where it is not uncommon for people to wear Confederate stickers for the day (Sons of Confederate Veterans often hand them out, many/most people take them and wear them – keep in mind this is an event with both Democrats and Republicans, and just “normal” hangers on and observers who enjoyed the excuse to take a day off from work).

    Anyway, my friend ended up talking to some of the Sons. I can’t be certain, but I believe the main guy that he was talking to was either the leader, or certainly one of the primary leaders, of the Virginia SCV. This was a few years ago, when Bush the Younger was still in office.

    So what did the guy do? He pretty much did everything but drop to his knees and fellate the black guy. In one of the most disgusting displays of pandering that I’ve ever heard of, he proudly bragged that he “loved” his mixed race grandchild. He was simply thrilled that his grandaughter had bedded down with an African. Talk about inverting everything that his ancestors believed in – and yet having the gall to represent their memory.

    What a pathetic excuse for a human being. He obviously thought that this would go over well with a black, but needless to say it didn’t ( my friend is very Jew aware, and understands the ongoing psychological war against whites).

    So, major credit to the Sons for making things Confederate “normal” at a mainstream gathering – but nothing but contempt for the slavish extolling of the virtues of race mixing and anti-white genocide. That’s why I say that I’ll be interested in what you find: I could see this organization getting better with time, or worse. Curious which direction they have been evolving. I’m cautiously optimistic that, especially in the present climate, they may be getting a little better. I know they are active in a variety of ways, including restoring Confederate graves.

    As an aside, my buddy also attended this year’s Shad Planking (just a month or two ago). George Allen, former Senator and Governor, was there. Keep in mind that Allen, years ago, was known to have an affinity for things Confederate. But now? Won’t touch the stuff. My buddy, who was wearing a Confederate sticker himself (I know this sounds weird, but all I can say is, “Jake, it’s Chinatown…I mean the Shad Planking.”), offered one to Allen, at which point Allen fell all over himself with “No, no, no. I can’t wear one of those.”

    Pathetic. Again, some of this won’t make sense to those who have never been to one, but at the Shad Planking it is not unusual to have Democrats, normal people, and yes, even a few blacks wearing the Confederate stickers that the Sons hand out. Allen the Mischling is definitely reinventing himself, transforming from good old boy to a slavishly politically correct hack. Apparently, his speech that day was also imbued with the repugnant trappings of the diversity cult. As has been noted by many, a Jew may be a conservative or a liberal, a Marxist or a capitalist – but above all he remains a Jew.

  8. WN organizations seem to suffer from three major problems:

    1) Opposition – if a WN org tries to do anything, even something trivial like hold a conference, it will be violently opposed. The other side will generally have the power to thwart anything serious a WN org tries to do.

    2) Low status – people do not want to join WN organizations because it will radically lower their social status and quite possibly threaten their employment prospects to be openly involved with these kinds of organizations.

    3) Infiltration – every WN org will have agents (FBI, CIA, ADL, whatever) join it, to act as spies and agents provocateurs and possibly to take total control of the organization and lead it in an undesirable direction.

    I don’t see any solution to these problems at present. Our enemies have the upper hand and are vigilant enough to nip any potential threat in the bud. I think WNs should focus on producing high-quality media (I count conferences and the like as “media”) and maximizing the potential of the internet, while joining non-WN organizations whose interests intersect with ours for “real world” activities.

  9. My experience with the SCV mirrors that of Trainspotter. I gave a speech fifteen years ago to a local chapter of the SCV in Georgia. The speech was tame, racially speaking, but did include a bit about how the overriding characteristic of a particular people/culture is that it is exclusive. ..and I mentioned the right of secession and that the South, if it wished to survive, should look to secession as an answer.

    This rather tame talk was not well received at all. I can only imagine what would have happened had I spoken in something other than “code” about separating the races.

    Anyway, after the talk, a group of the members came up to me to talk about various and sundry when one of the younger members blurted out (I can’t remember the context…but I can’t think of a context that would ameliorate what he actually did say) “I am 1/8 (or some such ratio) black. I sure am proud of my black blood and I am sure my Confederate ancestors would have been as well.” The rest of the group nodded their heads in what seemed to be unrestrained glee. I was rendered speechless.

    Unfortunately, there are too many anecdotes about the SCV that show many of them to be nothing more than Rainbow Confederates. It seems that most of them are more concerned about proving that 93,000 blacks fought for the Confederacy (an actual “statistic” touted by Rainbow Confederates) or that there was a Chinaman on the CSS Hunley (their proof, you ask??? Apparently, there was a man named Lee who served on the Hunley who hailed from Hong Kong. Are y’all laughing yet?)

    There are chapters here in Georgia that are run by white nationalists, though. Maybe there are a few in Virginia as well.

  10. Brutus: Google “southern agrarians”. The were a group of writers, novelists and historians, who wrote on Southern topics. The three of them that I can call to mind are Robert Penn Warren, Allen Tate, and Andrew Nelson Lytle. They were explicitly Southern in viewpoint, and are all long dead, so you won’t read any PC in their works.
    This is from memory, so excuse any errors I’ve made.

  11. Thank you, Discard. I appreciate your response and will look that information up.

    By the way, I am not a member of any Ku Klux Klan and agree that most of the modern Klans and their members have not helped us any as far as image and the like. I only used the Klan as an example of how history is distorted and how people fail to clear up and tell the true stories of people and events and why they did what they did.

    I can honestly say that I have had much success with average people at least in setting records straight and having people view things like the Ku Klux Klan in a different light and often a more favorable light. I think one of the key things in doing this is by first laying a solid foundation of what I really am. People who know me know that I have many interests talk about many subjects. I mostly talk about science and technology with people, and also Literature and my interest in and hobby of working with my hands building and working on everything from plumbing and electric to fixing appliances to cars. I have a pretty good reputation for being “smart” and knowing what I’m talking about when it comes to these things. Therefore, when I bring up or enter into a conversation about politics and things that concerns White Nationalism and racial matters, I have a solid foundation of credibility and knowledge that people trust. This results in my being able to explain things like, for example, why the Ku Klux Klan came about in the first place and the purpose of the white “sheets” and hoods to people, and I am able to clear up and provide an understanding.

    I have found that I can do this with such subjects as even the Holocaust and Hitler’s Germany, racial science and eugenics, etc. But, like I wrote, the trick is to first have a solid foundation and credibility with people on OTHER SUBJECTS. I do not ONLY talk about racial matters and such. And I think this is the big mistake most others make and why we as a group are not as successful with the average person, because these people only talk about politics and race ALL the time and it is their only subject. If all I ever talked about and was known for was racial and controversial matters, then whenever I said something about the Original Klan or the Holocaust, etc., I would not have the same credibility and trust with people I have now.

    In other words, make yourself known as someone who knows his business in many other subjects and gain a reputation as someone who is “smart” and who people like to hear explain things and who they come to for information. If all you do, however, is wear people out with politics and what is considered “kook” material, then you are not going to have the same level of credibility when you do have something to say on these matters like we discuss. People will all say,” well, you know him, all he ever is talking about is…”

    I am a firm believer that IF it is done right, we can change peoples minds. And I don’t care how controversial the subject is. It can be done. I do it, and so, too, can you.

    One of the primary things I am doing at this time is laying the foundation for and showing people that certain WORDS like “nigger,” can in fact be a valuable and powerful weapon and not to be shunned and discounted as is done by so many today in the movement. But you have to do it right! And this means that you can’t come off as and look like just another dumb hillbilly or redneck. You have to be seen and known as an intelligent and sophisticated person FIRST. That way when I tell people that the word nigger is perfectly legitimate in description, they see my point and understand the legitimacy. And this use of certain words is important, because words are descriptions and are the way people both communicate and describe. That is why Liberals and our enemies have forbid the use of certain words. There was a time when nigger meant bad and what people did not want to be, or want to be associated with in any way. Especially women who want to be known as smart and sophisticated. Many became willing to be their lovers and want to be seen with them because so few use words to describe what they really are and thus by default the black man is never describes as anything but good.

    This is just an example of the kind of points I want to get out to people.

  12. Brutus says:

    If all you do, however, is wear people out with politics and what is considered “kook” material, then you are not going to have the same level of credibility when you do have something to say on these matters like we discuss.

    And what sort of matters do you discuss? For one, you lie and repeatedly insist that Jan Brewer is a Jew based on a vandalized Wikipedia article. I think it’s safe to say that you are a kook and have no credibility.

  13. Brutus: “Nigger” is one of those words that would have been dropped down the memory hole, except that a new purpose has been found for it. Once, “Nigger” had a clear value as a word that described a certain phenomenon, the stupid, careless, horny, slothful, and violent Black. Removing the word from polite society was part of the effort to remove the reality from our minds. But it still has value to the Elites, as a stick to beat down Whites. Aside from the Blacks’ use of it, the word now means “Whites are racists who called noble Black people this terrible word and some still do, so be on the watch for them”. Because the “N-word” has acquired magic powers, it can only be used as part of ritual incantations against “White Racism”. Note what happened to that Jewish comic who got pissed at Black hecklers and called them Niggers. The heretic begged and explained and apologized, and was excommunicated anyway.

    Is “Nigger” capitalized?

    Regarding persuasion, I’ve read that Aristotle said that there are three elements, Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. Ethos: Who is this speaker? Has he any knowledge or authority that we ought listen to him? Pathos: What are his feelings for us? Why is he telling us this? Logos: Your words and reasoning. Only after your listeners are convinced that you are worth listening to will they hear what you have to say.

  14. “I am 1/8 (or some such ratio) black. I sure am proud of my black blood and I am sure my Confederate ancestors would have been as well.” The rest of the group nodded their heads in what seemed to be unrestrained glee. I was rendered speechless.”

    Wow, Martel. Amazing. That story rendered me speechless, I didn’t even have to be there!

    The thing is, you would almost never hear that sort of thing from normal white Southerners, yet you hear it from the Sons. Apparently, the bitter irony that they are not only misrepreseting their ancestors, but exalting as virtue what the white Southerners of the 1860’s would have regarded as the worst horror imaginable, is lost upon them.

    I don’t have a problem with Taqiyya when appropriate, but it’s pretty apparent that’s not what is going on here.

    Still, it is good to hear that some chapters are run by white nationalists. That should become a trend. White Southerners (to be redundant) drawn to their heritage are at least demonstrating decent instincts, so it’s a damn shame for them to be misled and misinformed by politically correct cultists. I hope that any readers who are so inclined will take this to heart, and consider running a chapter.

  15. Matt Parrott: I stand corrected. Surprised, but corrected. I must have confused the character with the actor.

  16. I was a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans but I don’t go anymore because they got the Multicult disease bad, just like the RedTeam and the FauxNews believers. I am sure our fighting forefathers are angry and ashamed of us.

  17. Hunter, if you still live in Charlottesville or near Richmond, I would like to connect with you, maybe create a Meetup? Please contact me via Twitter at VictoriaJoyeuse. Thanks.

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