Cosmic America

Celebrate Diversity
Celebrate Diversity

Jim Jones grew up in small town Indiana, in a community that epitomizes the White American people and our way of life. But Jim Jones didn’t. Jim Jones was a bit off, dwelling on death, killing stray cats, and holding bizarre funeral ceremonies for his dead animals. He eagerly imbibed Marxist propaganda from a young age, arriving at a synthesis of Marxism, religiosity, and death that eventually culminated in a cosmic explosion of multicult madness that left over 900 American corpses rotting in a sweltering third world jungle.

The Original Rainbow Family
Jim's Original Rainbow Family

But 900 bamboozled cult followers are a mere drop in the bucket relative to this same tragic story playing out at a national level. We are, with our Christian faith poisoned by Marxism and Zionism, transforming into Jim Jones’ religion. We are, with our multiracial families and communities, replacing our traditional families with Jim Jones’ rainbow families. We are, with our cult-like mission to tear down and rip apart every last memory of White America, drinking Jim Jones’ suicidal Kool-Aid.

According to our cult leader, Barack Obama, “being an American is not a matter of blood or birth”. America’s not like other nations, you see. We’re not defined by a common heritage, a common culture, a common religion, or even a common geography. Unlike every other nation in history, we’re defined by a creed, a creed so epic it can’t be be put into words. But you know that feeling, that Cosmic American feeling, when it strikes you. It’s a cultural rainbow, encompassing radical Islamists, Jewish capitalists, and Black Panther militants. It’s a racial rainbow, encompassing every alien lineage from every remote corner of the world. It’s more than a mere rainbow, it’s a double rainbow!

If the new America were any more high, the UN would send a trip-sitter.

I’ve spent years trying to explain to people that America is a traditional nation that belongs to a specific people with a distinct identity. But there are simply too many people who’ve “gone cosmic”, rejecting the very notions that we have sovereign borders or that we have a right to assert any kind of in-group/out-group identity whatsoever. This new nation has been coming into bloom for decades, steadily marching through our academic institutions, our media outlets, and our federal government. Without firing a shot, Cosmic America has invaded and overthrown White America.

Cosmic Americans
Cosmic Americans

We traditional White Americans are now a stateless people, like Kurds and Tibetans, only more confused about our predicament. While Kurds can easily discern who is and who is not Kurdish, it can be exceptionally difficult to discern who’s Cosmic. Save for a small subset of Black Americans like Jamara Newell who adhere to Marcus Garvey’s vision of Black nationhood, all non-Whites who consider themselves American are Cosmic. That’s the easy part. The hard part is that a large and growing subset of Americans who look just like you and me have gone cosmic.

Like the protagonist in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, we’re surrounded by people who are hostile to us, who fully intend to deprive our nationality of the conditions of life necessary for us to survive as a people. They could be your wife, your brother, your pastor, or even your conservative talk radio host.

While the campaign to transform this country from an Anglo-American Republic into a third world plutocracy was spearheaded by a Jewish elite, the fanciful notion of bringing all the races together into one cosmic race was embraced by Mexican intellectuals in the early 20th century. They proposed that Mexico’s fusion of European (Spaniards), African (Slaves), and Asiatic (Natives) blood would result in La Raza Cosmica – a cosmic race of the future that would transcend concepts of race and nationality in the name of humanity’s common destiny.

No. Barack Obama’s speech writers didn’t travel back in time and write that shit. These intellectuals predicted the future. Their cosmic illegal immigrants are “transcending” America’s borders as we speak. The census bureau confirms that they’ll be manifesting their destiny as the Americans of the future. While Sarah Palin looks to the untrained eye like a healthy White American, she’s actually hellbent on pursuing policies and ideals that will marginalize her own people. She’s a Trojan Horse, a militant liberal “anti-racist” in the guise of a folksy frontier woman.

The Power of the Coming Race
Behold, Humans of the Future

When she declares that every good American abhors racism, she’s not talking about rejecting racial hatred or supremacism. She’s talking about any sense of ethnic identity whatsoever. Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, and the rest of the false opposition are revolted by the mere suggestion that we as a people deserve the same right enjoyed around the world to preserve and celebrate our inheritance. Their disdain for the racism exhibited by Barack Obama and the NAACP isn’t driven by a concern for the welfare of the White victims. It’s driven by pious indignation at the thought of anybody being “divisive”. It’s driven by their being even more eager than Obama himself to forcibly integrate the random crowd of humans who happen to occupy the space between the Rio Grande and the Great Lakes.

In Obama’s defense, the man is a fellow community organizer with a life-long career of explicit advocacy for his people. He’s just been coached by Axelrod in the art of hypnotizing Cosmic Whites into helping him pursue his anti-White agenda. It’s a winning formula, capitalizing on the decades of multicult indoctrination from our textbooks and sitcoms. Like the Manchurian Candidate, tens of millions of Americans are brainwashed to be shocked and infuriated when they hear somebody being “racist” and to bubble over with hope at the thought of their own dispossession.

We saw where this same path led to in Mexico…a failed state. We saw where this same path led to in Jonestown…tragedy. Cosmic Americans are hellbent on repeating this same disastrous Utopian vision of cosmic harmony. Right now, we White Americans are a dwindling and powerless minority surrounded by a seemingly omnipotent and omnipresent regime. But we can’t lose perspective. Every generation in American history but the ones alive today would have recognized this brainwashed suicide cult for what it is. Most other nations around the world still have their senses, and are passing on the kool-aid. If we can hold out just a little bit longer, the Cosmic American experiment will reach its only possible conclusion, with its adherents riding a mystical comet of messianic bullshit into oblivion.

While we should continue to persuade White Americans to spit out the kool-aid and join ranks with us, we shouldn’t be overly concerned with numbers and statistics. There’s no way around it. At the very least, tens of millions of Whites in America are too deeply entangled in the Cosmic American cult to rescue. Before long, their power will fade, their wealth will evaporate, and their lack of a coherent sense of identity will guarantee that they won’t be able to organize in pursuit of anything. The Gods of the Copybook Headings will sweep them from the pages of history and the future will belong to us.

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  1. “At the very least, tens of millions of Whites in America are too deeply entangled in the Cosmic American cult to rescue.”

    And this is the real tragedy because so many that are lost were our best and brightest, sent to the finest Ivy League schools, with the finest genes and the greatest capacity for leadership. Lost. Destroyed minds living cosmic fairy tales, teaching their own children the same garbage. People blessed with everything and rejecting that with which they were blessed. Absolute tragedy. I hate to say it but it would almost be easier to take if they were addicted to heroin. At least that’s something one might understand.

  2. Spooky: Destroyed minds do not mean destroyed genes. Clear our prisons of all the simians of whatever race, and use the cells to store Harvard grads and the like. Allow selected matings and give the resulting infants to healthy couples to bring up.

  3. AWESOME article. Really captures the spirit and tragedy of our lifelong deceptive and destructive brainwashing. I think this is possibly the best one-line summary of our predicament i have ever read:

    “…riding a mystical comet of messianic bullshit into oblivion.”

    Wow. Exactly!

  4. Excellent essay, Matt. That’s the sort of article that people curious about our cause should read.

    You’re right about holding out a bit longer. The hard math says that the current system is unsustainable. All of history says that the current system is unsustainable.

    Then there is, dare I say it, just a feeling. A feeling I have that the multicult has, on some important level, jumped the shark. The old whore just ain’t what she used to be.

    I can’t prove this, and I don’t deny that countless tragedies must play themselves out, as the old whore inflicts her damage from inertia alone. For example, the white females who are in their teens and twenties have been subjected to the full dose of anti-white propaganda, and this deadly poison will continue to manifest for awhile. Our enemies still control all of the crucial levers of power in the society, and will certainly be able to inflict more damage. The immigration floodgates remain open.

    So I’m not saying that it’s all roses, or that there is an easy way out of this mess. It’s not, and there isn’t. It’s just to say that there is a sense that the multicult has reached its apogee, symbolically with the election of Obama, and that the shortcomings and failures of the tawdry whore are becoming more apparent by the day. More whites will undoubtedly fall victim to its deadly spell, but so too will more and more become immune. The white population, staggered over the last several decades by a threat that it has never faced before, is developing a response. It is evolving, as Kievsky might say. Hold on.

  5. Just curious: when people here use the term “multicultural” or its variants, are they talking about liberal, politically correct forced multiculturalism, or conservative race-agnostic “anyone can be a good american if they work hard” multiculturalism? I’d guess that WNs as a group don’t support either, but I’m wondering if the nomenclature is different.

  6. Thanks for the article. I’d like to add an encouraging word to those needing one. You are not alone. Be strong, be firm. Do not tolerate the mixing in your family. Do whatever it takes to stop it or separate from it. Families are going to continue to disintegrate nonetheless because it is too late for many young people. But like Jim Jones and Soviet Communism, this race-mixing fad will pass eventually. Hang on, dig in, keep fighting to last, adapt but keep your head. Teach your children and grandchildren by word and deed, and be always conscious of the legacy you will leave behind. Become involved, network and stay plugged in, work for positions of authority and expert status. In all dealings, be smart as a serpent, innocent as a lamb, and as irresistible as the devil.

  7. Randy,

    The term “multicult” or “multiculturalism” encompasses all of it, from Susan Sontag “whites are the cancer of history” to neocon football fans worshipping black affletes.

    We want it all bulldozed into the lime pit of history.

  8. In almost every way, I would not consider myself an optimist at all, but viscerally and way down deep in my soul, I’ve always ‘known’ that we are gonna win, one hard way or another…all of my efforts are merely to lessen the cost for our victory.

    Randy: Not claiming to speak for any of these guys, but I’m fairly certain that the use of multicult (and variants) around here is in the broad blanket sense, all variants being mere facets of the same crummy zirconium.

  9. Randy,

    Good question. I reckon I probably use the word with the spirit of a medieval friar angrily denouncing sorcery. In a political sense, I’m speaking of Cultural Marxism. There was an intellectual movement in the middle of the 20th century to refashion Marxist concepts and ideals along cultural and racial rather than class and economic lines. This was the Frankfurt School. Since America was stratified along racial instead of economic lines, the translation was a perfect fit. These diamond cutters knew precisely where and how to strike the system to slice it apart with barely any force.

  10. “…the fanciful notion of bringing all the races together into one cosmic race was embraced by Mexican intellectuals in the early 20th century.”

    Linking the dream-cult of many white Americans to “La Raza Cosmica” is a stroke of genius. It really is as though white Americans have thoroughly imbibed the writings of Jose Vasconcelos.

    For more information on him and his dream-cult advocacy, go to this essay at VDARE and pay particular attention to the last half of the essay.

    Notice how his writings placed white Americans in the Cosmic Race, and which of the WWII leaders he supported.

  11. Randy Garver: I’ll speculate here and say that the “conservatives” who support the Anyone Can Become An American If They Try line, if they are honest and not just cheap labor whores, are stuck in the 50’s. Back when there might be two Chinese and one Japanese family in town, and the 3rd generation Mexican families seemed to be just like us. Of course they assimilated, since being anti-White was not an option, and non-White diversity was limited to the kitchen: “Hey Jimmy, why does your mom cook rice every day?”
    I held onto that view for a long time, until I was confronted by outwardly assimilated, middle class, non-Whites, gloating over their new power. No, they don’t want to be us.

  12. Well said Matt. We are a 3000 mile wide Jim Jones cult.

    I think we can garner some breathing room though, best I can tell abou cult psychology is that the bulk of the lumpen who join them do so so they can forgo any responsibility. That is where the Mantra comes in and turns the debate our way.

    It places the genocide square upon the anti-whites shoulders and their cult of multi-culturalism. Even using the language of the day we can blunt the race traitors like Glen Beck and Palin by telling them that all evidence is pointing to their failure, the non-whites and anti-whites are bent on the genocide of whites and whites only.

  13. Matt,

    Great, great article.

    Forced diversity, multiculturalism = Washington, DC (Jew influence)
    Army of white enablers = Marxist, higher-education system (Jew influence)
    Clandestine brainwashing = Hollywood & Madison Avenue (Jew influence)
    Clandestine dispossession = Wall Street (Jew influence)
    Clandestine mass distraction = Sports (Jew influence)

    See, we really only have one problem.

  14. Lots of interesting answers here. Thanks for the responses.

    @Discard: The scenario that you described is similar to where I grew up and the perspective which my family had. I suppose that our reaction to black and hispanic advocacy groups as being divisive and un-american probably informed our attitudes towards white advocacy groups (and others for that matter).

    @Joanne Dee: I don’t wish to stir up any debates about the jews, but I would suggest that there are other sources of multiculturalism. My grandfather was born in Italy in the late 1800’s, and when he came to the US he told his family that they were Americans now and not Italians any longer.

    He forbade the speaking of Italian in the house, took the family out of the Catholic church, and instructed his sons that they had a duty to fight for America in wartime even if it was against Italy. I suspect that there are quite a few others who grew up under similar circumstances, which seeded the idea of a “propositional nation”.

  15. Always remember that Sarah Palin is married to an eskimo!

    Listen the Tea Party has Whites trending in the right direction, but if it is taken over by neo-cons like Palin then it shall be doomed.

    “It’s just to say that there is a sense that the multicult has reached its apogee, symbolically with the election of Obama, and that the shortcomings and failures of the tawdry whore are becoming more apparent by the day.”

    Hopefully Obama shall be the David Dinkins of Presidents… After him, no more Blacks!

    “Just curious: when people here use the term “multicultural” or its variants, are they talking about liberal, politically correct forced multiculturalism, or conservative race-agnostic “anyone can be a good american if they work hard” multiculturalism?”

    They are two variants in my mind, the ‘liberal multi-culturalist’ (essentially all liberals) and the ‘color-blind conservative’.

    White Advocacy can not co-exist with these two Ideologies, but may be adaptable to Libertarianism (‘You are free to hire whoever you want, like only Whites!’),Paleo-Conservatism (‘Lets go back to the 1950s, the White Decade!’), and Populist Tea Party (‘I want those damn egg-head multi-cults in Washington to leave me alone!’)

  16. A double rainbow nation. Behold the humans of the future. That’s good laughs.

    Your point is right, Whites Americans have bought into the cosmic nation. I argue with an old friend about how many Chinese-Americans have roots here from the Old West (he’s saying most of them), and how many are new, and i’m like, are we including BC, Canada.

    Talking around the central point, missing the forest for the trees … the conversation hung up on endless details, anything to deny America as a White Nation. To try and keep the metaphors un-entangled, it would seem denying America as a White Nation is the cosmic forest they are not missing!

    I should say i’ve only read the first half of the article, but the jokes were inspiring. Humor is a key though, along with the other arts and media, creating the new narrative (i don’t like that word, but it works). A less pretentious and less art-schooly phrase which is better is just, the new stories.

    I’m kinda wandering here, sorry, but come to think of it, my issue with ‘narrative’ is that that usage is the parlance of acting classes and self-empowerment-type things, … with the focus on the individual’s personal story, his (and in these classes, so often her) narrative. Of course that has its place, but as has oft been discussed, it’s been over-emphasized, at the expense of group identity, the shared story.

  17. Randy,

    I would agree with you to a point. The Jews took over a population that was ripe for the picking. America had shedded its roots quite willingly. And unforeseen circumstances were never part of the equation. The “Culture of Critique” was masterful in its application and its speed.

    I still put blame on the victim/perpetrator with a 10/90 ratio respectively. The 10 representing a good people, with good intentions, working toward a good society. Whereas the 90 represents a manipulative, deceitful, self-adoring, and destructive people with a long history of victims and an even longer history as the world’s #1 pariah. I overwhelmingly blame the killer regardless of how foolish the victim may have been. The killer is the problem, not the victim.

  18. Yes. Jews are the glue holding the multicult mess together. Dissolve the glue, break their economic and media power, and the whole rotten structure collapses. Much of the work will be done for us, when (their) governmental debt bombs explode and (their) corporate Ponzi schemes implode; we’ll simply have to shove hard at the right moment. The more difficult part will be winning the subsequent racial (and other) wars. Here, Kievsky’s “mind weapons” won’t be enough. It’ll take the other kind, and a willingness to use them without mercy when the blacks and browns come swarming out of the cities.

  19. It’ll take the other kind, and a willingness to use them without mercy when the blacks and browns come swarming out of the cities.

    Those urban blacks and browns are the true creation of the multicult, they’re the Orcs, a twisted creation.

    Left to themselves they would be harmless subsistence farmers but the’ve been turned into this curious urban phenomonen, yet without whites, the cities they inhabit cannot survive. Whites and asians seem to be able to build and inhabit cities but the blacks and the browns cannot.

  20. The Cosmic America dream is compelling to many people, especially young people. It appeals to a natural inherent idealism. It’s a beautiful dream…….until you get mugged by reality. Then comes the time to present a truly alternative compelling idealistic vision. First the disillusionment, then the awakening.

  21. “The Cosmic America dream is compelling to many people, especially young people. It appeals to a natural inherent idealism. “

    Yeah and a few decades ago many were enthralled with Eastern European Communism… and look how that turned out! Liberal non-sense NEVER works. Time to head back to Racial-Reality land!

  22. Discard and Spooky;

    “And this is the real tragedy because so many that are lost were our best and brightest, sent to the finest Ivy League schools, with the finest genes and the greatest capacity for leadership. Lost.”

    – Is it really like that? I mean, do you really believe that these people, with such powerful intellect and no doubt, perception as well, actually BOUGHT INTO this garbage, or….did many of them likely accept this nonsense as the price of advancement in their fields of endeavor- whether it be politics, business or education? We see that professor Kevin MacDonald who, probably as well educated as they come as well as of great native intelligence simply has rejected the “Koolaid” and decided to fight the current rather than accept the flow and thereby ease his path to a successful career and assured retirement. Is he really the only professional out there who perceives the dangers of multiculturalism to our people?
    We have seen that the religion of global warming has been seriously hurt by people in the “research industry” who have been found to have been altering data to suit the NWO agenda that dictates “humanity is destroying the environment” . These researchers are examples of what I am getting at; they knew what they were doing in attempting to doctor the data to reflect the PC viewpoint, but were more than willing to do so for their “piece of the pie”.
    I am positing that those in the upper tiers of politics, business and education have simply accepted the multicult dogma as the price to be paid for success(and to placate the Jews that control every element of the economy and government) and those in the lower ranks have simply understood that you “play along to get along”, those in the bottom ranks of society simply are easily manipulated and yes, those are drinking the kool-aid.

  23. Cosmic, man, cosmic. The denatured White lemmings are stampeding for the racial precipice, not knowing how or why. Really clueless. Fantasy, delusion and denial has possessed them, while the deadly historical process keeps running its terminal course. They are self-destructing, yet thirst for more mind poisoning ‘Kool Aid’! Was ever a land so rich in fools?

  24. The cosmic crap is much in evidence in the UK as well. According to many multicultists we too are a nation of immigrants, however weak that argument is in a US context, its a whole lot weaker here – but still it gets used.

    Many liberals also argue from a pov that makes clear they believe the UK is also a proposition nation, again there isnt a shred of historical, legal evidence to back this up. But keep repeating the big lie…

  25. Biased Observer, I would say that a great many of the young elite believe the multi-cult crap, and that a great many of the older elite have some doubts that they are reluctant to express. But when the Jews have established a near media monopoly, and our views are now borderline criminal, finding out people’s true beliefs can be like interrogating the inmates of an asylum. Rationally, we’re right, and so we find it hard to credit flagrant irrationality. I like to point out that liberals buy property and choose schools as if they were racially aware, but they still, when nobody can see them, vote for equality. I’m left with the conclusion that liberalism is a mental illness, which has reached epidemic proportions, so put them in asylums instead of letting them turn the whole country into a psych ward.

  26. Where I get confused in all of this is that the White founding fathers bought into this in more ways the one–not only with the notion of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all as promulgated through the Constitution, but also being part of a system (not all agreed with this in the same way) which used slavery, which brought black people (sorry, niggers) to our shores (which by the way were then and had been inhabited by Indians) to do the grunt work from almost the very beginning of the colonization of the east coast of North America. For sure the Whites provided the capital and brains in the operation, but for sure our founding populace would have had a much harder time of things until the efficiency provided by machinery (also invented by we superior white folk) made human grunt labor less necessary. I jump forward now (forgive this kind of simplicity, both in trying to solve intractable problems with pseudo intellectual write-bites and jumping around in time, but that is what we like to do when we think we have it figured out and are sure our premises are rock solid correct) to my small town in southern Arizona. Started out being all White folk, settled in the 1870’s by people who came from the Mid-West. Hardworking German folk (with blonde hair and blue eyes!). My own people intermarried, had been living there since the days of the Spaniards, though in far flung fashion without having formed a town by this point. So, I’m part Spanish (hispanic–eeeek!!) and part German. I feel completely White in my cultural attitudes, fought for this country in combat in Vietnam with the US Marine Corps (2 tours) and agree with just about everything the other respondents have written. My reason for jumping forward is this: at some point my town started becoming overrun by Mexicans (also Hispanic…eeeek!!), after all our own girl children for some reason could not clean the house now, we needed to hire Mexican women to do this. Ditto for caring for our children(our own children were too “whatever” to help raise their own siblings, our lawns and yards were no longer done by our own sons (too busy being lazy shits, playing gameboy and watching TV) and so who moved in to do the work…the Mexicans and who hired them? We did! Was it liberals doing this?
    My town (of 8500) does not have any kind of liberal mentality among the whites; I believe 45 people voted for Obama in the last election. Here’s my point folks (again, sorry for being simplistic) is we let it happen and not just because we “didn’t shoot people”, it happened because WE have become weak in our own lives with our own children. It’s not just about loosy-goosy borders and the liberal paradigm (although that sure as hell does not help), some of it rests with us.

  27. I don’t put much stock in the multi-cult, I mean who is white and doesn’t want to be white? Not even the craziest anti-white white wants to be anything but white, but we never ask these mentally defective children (emotionally stunted defectives) that simple question.

    This crazy Jim Jones cult is built of fog of our own doing, I think to the crazy anti-white libkids it is their last chance at some imaginary white supremacy where they get to rule over the brown masses like a day care center run by over doped big momma white libs.

  28. “I like to point out that liberals buy property and choose schools as if they were racially aware, but they still, when nobody can see them, vote for equality”

    – So true Discard, so true.

    “I mean who is white and doesn’t want to be white? Not even the craziest anti-white white wants to be anything but white,”

    – The prison that I used to work at had a lot of black employees (they outnumbered the Whites, naturally), but there was one White guy there who had not a drop of black blood in him ( at least as far as I could tell), but he wanted to be black soooo badly that it was comical. The blacks called him “Whigger” (behind his back, laughing at the same time) and those of us White employees who saw his (affected black mannerisms) gestures and heard his “ebonics patter” just shook our heads. It was embarrasing to us, needless to say, but I swear that he really truly wanted to be black. He would only date black women, talked “down” to other White employees (he had some seniority and since he kissed enough black ass, he had some status with them even though they thought he was a fool) shaved his head (he was almost bald anyway, but the “bald look” was in with negros at the time) and to top it all off, he would run to administration and “tell” on any White employee who was doing anything that was in any way an infraction of the rules (but not so for the black employees). You could be right, but if this guy was “puttin on” he was doing an outstanding job of acting. I am sure he is not the only one out there either.

  29. No, there are a few white people who literally want to be black. But these are the truly mental cases, literally. I have known two or three whites like this, and at least one of them must have had a series of cosmetic surgical procedures to bring about her wish. Over a period of years she took on more of an actual negro appearance.

    Furthermore, she is also a diagnosed mental case, having been in and out of mental institutions over the years. In her defense, though, she did inherit her sickness, her family has a long history of mental disease. Her father ended up completely insane and died in a mental ward sometime in his 50s or 60s.

    I want to point out something, however, and I think this is telling, the woman in question is now in her 40s, and several years ago even she wised up and finally stopped being involved with black men, and after starting dating white men, married one and is now living a pretty good life in a nice house with a man who makes a good living. So even an extreme negrophile whose pro black predilections were multiplied by her mental defectiveness, and who from her early teenage years was sexually involved exclusively with black men, eventually just could not go on with her involvement with blacks and their world, and came to what nature intended and has actually realized and admitted that she is far better off with whites and a white husband. Incidently, either through prevention on her part or for medical reasons, she never gave birth to any black children.

    • I am curious about this… aren’t there white men who don’t ‘forgive’ her previous involvement with the negros? I am glad she did get it together and found a white man who didn’t mind/forgave/understood(she was mental) but so many other white men are scaring off innocent white girls who have been deceived by the media etc… and have repented.. but the white man says no I don’t want you and he is no prize himself! (many of them or alcoholics drug addicts poor.. and also immoral fornicators to start with…) so they do ban these repentant white woman to a life of celibacy.. and no white kids or abuse! even by white men.. when these men aren’t saints themselves… who do they think they are.. to many white women who are forced then to become feminists… these white men are the SAME as the black men they escaped from but just a ‘flip side’ of the same dementia.. not allowing them to heal and move on from what wasn’t their fault (if white is so great why not SAVE her instead of ostracize her?) these men are seen as worthless wimps and they are also the ones by which the black men got his original foothold to begin with!!!(these white men taunted even virgin white girls for even liking a black tv show etc.. and drove the to the black man for protection!) that’s a fact.. but they still repent.. anyway glad to see what you wrote.

  30. I am very rarely left speechless and in such a total state of awe about an article I’ve just read, that I can’t think of something to say about it.

    I am now. What an incredible piece of work this article is, and my highest appreciation goes to it’s author.

  31. Intervention / Fair and Delightsome: Agreed. One of the more painful aspects of my best friend’s death years ago was that he, more than anyone else I knew, understood our situation. No topic was off the table. Two of my remaining friends have dropped me over my patient explanation of my opposition to immigration. They could not grasp how an outwardly humane fellow could harbor such vile attitudes. How evil this regime is, to have made treason the mark of human decency.

  32. Bradley Denton Ernst says:
    July 16, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    “Just curious: when people here use the term “multicultural” or its variants, are they talking about liberal, politically correct forced multiculturalism, or conservative race-agnostic “anyone can be a good american if they work hard” multiculturalism?”

    They are two variants in my mind, the ‘liberal multi-culturalist’ (essentially all liberals) and the ‘color-blind conservative’.

    The Carrot – There are no such things as races! Kumbaya!

    The Stick – But mixing the non-existing races is even better!

    Both propositions serve the same goal, like the two blades of a scissors.
    We have to learn to think dialectically.

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