The Color of Mass Rape

The color of mass rape is black


Here’s a brief response to Ta-Nehisi Coates’s accusation that White Southerners are rapists. This is what the Democratic Republic of Congo is like in the 21st century after 51 years of freedom and independence from Belgium.

Freedom failed in the Congo:

“And yet, despite growing international attention, it turns out that rights organizations may have underestimated the magnitude of Congo’s rape crisis: according to a study published online today in the American Journal of Public Health, women are raped at 26 times the rate previously reported by the United Nations. Equally alarming, women across this sprawling central African nation now report sexual violence—not only those who live in the conflict-riddled east . . .

“Based on a national survey, completed with the help of Congo’s government and international organizations, the study found that roughly 1.8 million women aged 15 to 49 reported a history of rape. About 3 million experienced intimate partner sexual violence. And in the year leading up to the 2007 survey, about 400,000 women said they had been raped, or four women every five minutes. Factors such as education, income, and area of residence (rural or urban) neither protected nor put women at greater risk.”

Here in America, the Black Undertow is responsible for 55 percent of rape in Alabama, 50.4 percent of rape in Georgia, 59 percent of rape in South Carolina, 44.5 percent of rape in North Carolina, 43.6 percent of rape in Virginia, and 40.4 percent of rape in Tennessee.

The Black Undertow is responsible for 13 percent of rape in Kentucky, 43.7 percent of rape in Missouri, 21.4 percent of rape in Oklahoma, 24 percent of rape in Texas, 24 percent of rape in Arkansas, 35 percent of rape in Florida, 7.5 percent of rape in Iowa, 16 percent of rape in Arizona, and 21.8 percent of rape in California.

In Alabama and North Carolina (the only two states that keep track of these statistics), the Black Undertow is responsible for 91.5 and 88.7 percent of interracial rape respectively. The empirical evidence gathered from state UCR reports seems to support the stereotype of the black rapist.

Kongo and Angola were the two biggest sources of the transatlantic slave trade. 39.4 percent of slaves that arrived from the New World came from West Central Africa. More African-Americans came from West Africa, but anywhere from 15 to 25 percent of them came from the Congo region.

Update: Here’s an alternative historical scenario for you: North Carolina continues its eugenic sterilization program and eventually rids itself of the Black Undertow.

In 2009, the Black Undertow was responsible for 47.8 percent of homicide, 44.5 percent of rape, and 88.7 percent of interracial rape, 75 percent of robbery, 47 percent of burglary, and 51 percent of aggravated assault in North Carolina.

The cost of the Black Undertow, the burden that it has imposed on White civilization in North America, is incalculable.

Note: Louisiana and Mississippi don’t publicize their racial UCR data in their annual state crime reports. That’s probably because the Black Undertow rape epidemic is worse in those two states than anywhere else in the country.

As it happens, the Bakongo who arrived in America disproportionately arrived in Louisiana. There is a Congo Square in New Orleans. I guess the rapist apple doesn’t fall far from the rapist tree!

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  1. If black men rape more, its simply a sign of sexual repression stemming from the omnipresent white male hindering him. For the sake of the black race, white girls, lie back and take it!

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