Andrew Johnson’s Third Annual Message

President Andrew Johnson opposed the creation of BRA
District of Corruption

In his Third Annual Message to Congress on December 3, 1867, President Andrew Johnson denounced the creation of BRA by the Radical Republicans.

Johnson warns of the creation of “such a tyranny as this continent has never yet witnessed,” an upside down world where America is explicitly run for the benefit of black people at the expense of Whites, Black Run Amerika:

“It is manifestly and avowedly the object of these laws to confer upon Negroes the privilege of voting and to disfranchise such a number of white citizens as will give the former a clear majority at all elections in the Southern States. This, to the minds of some persons, is so important that a violation of the Constitution is justified as a means of bringing it about.

The morality is always false which excuses a wrong because it proposes to accomplish a desirable end. We are not permitted to do evil that good may come. But in this case the end itself is evil, as well as the means. The subjugation of the States to Negro domination would be worse than the military despotism under which they are now suffering. It was believed beforehand that the people would endure any amount of military oppression for any length of time rather than degrade themselves by subjection to the Negro race. Therefore they have been left without a choice. Negro suffrage was established by act of Congress, and the military officers were commanded to superintend the process of clothing the Negro race with the political privileges torn from white men.

The blacks in the South are entitled to be well and humanely governed, and to have the protection of just laws for all their rights of person and property. If it were practicable at this time to give them a Government exclusively their own, under which they might manage their own affairs in their own way, it would become a grave question whether we ought to do so, or whether common humanity would not require us to save them from themselves. But under the circumstances this is only a speculative point. It is not proposed merely that they shall govern themselves, but that they shall rule the white race, make and administer State laws, elect Presidents and members of Congress, and shape to a greater or less extent the future destiny of the whole country. Would such a trust and power be safe in such hands?

The peculiar qualities which should characterize any people who are fit to decide upon the management of public affairs for a great state have seldom been combined. It is the glory of white men to know that they have had these qualities in sufficient measure to build upon this continent a great political fabric and to preserve its stability for more than ninety years, while in every other part of the world all similar experiments have failed. But if anything can be proved by known facts, if all reasoning upon evidence is not abandoned, it must be acknowledged that in the progress of nations Negroes have shown less capacity for government than any other race of people. No independent government of any form has ever been successful in their hands. On the contrary, wherever they have been left to their own devices they have shown a constant tendency to relapse into barbarism. In the Southern States, however, Congress has undertaken to confer upon them the privilege of the ballot. Just released from slavery, it may be doubted whether as a class they know more than their ancestors how to organize and regulate civil society. indeed, it is admitted that the blacks of the South are not only regardless of the rights of property, but so utterly ignorant of public affairs that their voting can consist in nothing more than carrying a ballot to the place where they are directed to deposit it. I need not remind you that the exercise of the elective franchise is the highest attribute of an American citizen, and that when guided by virtue, intelligence, patriotism, and a proper appreciation of our free institutions it constitutes the true basis of a democratic form of government, in which the sovereign power is lodged in the body of the people. A trust artificially created, not for its own sake, but solely as a means of promoting the general welfare, its influence for good must necessarily depend upon the elevated character and true allegiance of the elector. It ought, therefore, to be reposed in none except those who are fitted morally and mentally to administer it well; for if conferred upon persons who do not justly estimate its value and who are indifferent as to its results, it will only serve as a means of placing power in the hands of the unprincipled and ambitious, and must eventuate in the complete destruction of that liberty of which it should be the most powerful conservator. I have therefore heretofore urged upon your attention the great danger …

I repeat the expression of my willingness to join in any plan within the scope of our constitutional authority which promises to better the condition of the Negroes in the South, by encouraging them in industry, enlightening their minds, improving their morals, and giving protection to all their just rights as freedmen. But the transfer of our political inheritance to them would, in my opinion, be an abandonment of a duty which we owe alike to the memory of our fathers and the rights of our children.

The plan of putting the Southern States wholly and the General Government partially into the hands of Negroes is proposed at a time peculiarly unpropitious. The foundations of society have been broken up by civil war. Industry must be reorganized, justice reestablished, public credit maintained, and order brought out of confusion. To accomplish these ends would require all the wisdom and virtue of the great men who formed our institutions originally. I confidently believe that their descendants will be equal to the arduous task before them, but it is worse than madness to expect that Negroes will perform it for us. Certainly we ought not to ask their assistance till we despair of our own competency.

The great difference between the two races in physical, mental, and moral characteristics will prevent an amalgamation or fusion of them together in one homogeneous mass. If the inferior obtains the ascendency over the other, it will govern with reference only to its own interests for it will recognize no common interest–and create such a tyranny as this continent has never yet witnessed. Already the Negroes are influenced by promises of confiscation and plunder. They are taught to regard as an enemy every white man who has any respect for the rights of his own race. If this continues it must become worse and worse, until all order will be subverted, all industry cease, and the fertile fields of the South grow up into a wilderness. Of all the dangers which our nation has yet encountered, none are equal to those which must result from the success of the effort now making to Africanize the half of our country.

I would not put considerations of money in competition with justice and right; but the expenses incident to “reconstruction” under the system adopted by Congress aggravate what I regard as the intrinsic wrong of the measure itself. It has cost uncounted millions already, and if persisted in will add largely to the weight of taxation, already too oppressive to be borne without just complaint, and may finally reduce the Treasury of the nation to a condition of bankruptcy. We must not delude ourselves. It will require a strong standing army and probably more than $200,000,000 per annum to maintain the supremacy of Negro governments after they are established. The sum thus thrown away would, if properly used, form a sinking fund large enough to pay the whole national debt in less than fifteen years. It is vain to hope that Negroes will maintain their ascendency themselves. Without military power they are wholly incapable of holding in subjection the white people of the South.”

As Andrew Johnson predicted, African-Americans like Eric “My People” Holder recognize no common interest and govern only with reference to the interests of their own race:

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  1. “Already the Negroes are influenced by promises of confiscation and plunder. They are taught to regard as an enemy every white man who has any respect for the rights of his own race.”

    The US welfare state has taken this to a new level. The question these days is not about the propriety of confiscation and “legal plunder” (as Bastiat put it) but about the amount. The Left in general always wants more. Most minorities in the US and nearly all minorities elected to the US government vote for more.

    As for the second sentence of the quote, just go to the public university these days and say anything about White people having any rights. They will look at you funny and then probably attack you verbally and try to demean you. It’s just not the minority professors who will do this, but nearly all of the professors. “Higher learning” is nearly a universally anti-White, anti-male and anti-Southern institution in the USA.

  2. BRA is so widespread and encompasses every conceivable situation that most people don’t even realize that they are living through a peculiar phase of American history. Blacks are deified in our society. Whites have no autonomous moral status.

  3. LBJ acted in defense of the dignity of man and the destiny of democracy at the expense of the destiny of man and the dignity of democracy.

  4. Basically even the DWLs know the negro is a colassal fail, think of them being a woman kidnapped by a desperate gang and the development of the Stockholm syndrome.

    I always go back to the Jim Jones cult, in its failing days all he had left was sadism, and that is where we are now with the bulk of the DWL leadership and combined with the male and female “women” who have come to love their abusers we are within reach of the last drinking party.

    Failures are the most dangerous people on Earth.

  5. ‘It will require a strong standing army and probably more than $200,000,000 per annum to maintain the supremacy of Negro governments after they are established.’

    I had always thought the Federals’ imperialist designs began with the Spainish American War. I was wrong. It began with Reconstruction.

    Now they have large standing armies all over the globe maintaining “American [Yankee] Exceptionalism” abroad; “Homeland Security” and DOJ maintaining BRA at home.

  6. Eventually the evil ones shall be destroyed, and their pet minorities will thereafter be quickly disposed of – as they will be forever tainted by guilt by association. The White race is the only race fit for rule! White Supremacy is not Hate, but the rightful law of Natural Selection being played out.
    The Inferior Races shall and MUST be exterminated by the higher races for the betterment of the World and for the Survival of Humanity. Only the evil ones would deny what everyone that has even a passing understanding of Reality has known since time immemorial…

  7. It is interesting that Andrew Johnson is never praised as a great speaker or writer as Lincoln is. We see Lincoln was eloquent at White guilt and Andrew Johnson was eloquent at reality. This explains why Lincoln is enthused over as the great speaker and AJ they are silent on.

  8. Fascinating speech by AJ. The composition is powerful and eloquent, yet economical and chillingly prophetic. I say “prophetic” though to any unimprisoned mind perfectly predictable as Johnson admits. A poster above juxtaposed Lincoln and Johnson. Again, a most interesting though obvious comparison. Lincoln launches all things PC incipiently though catastrophically through the bloodiest and most ruinous of wars–against his own kind and country–only to be deified. This grotesque result is in its turn predictable as to the victor goes the spoils of media and classroom brain-washing. As for Johnson nothing is said beyond his general stubbornness and truculence, impeachment and near removal from office. Thus the condition of the informed American mind–such as it is.

  9. Fascinating speech by AJ. It is powerful and eloquent, yet economical and prophetic. I say prophetic though perfectly predictable as Johnson warns. A previous poster juxtaposed Lincoln and Johnson and again with an interesting though cynical and expected result. Lincoln is deified in character and speech though he warred against his own kind and country with the bloodiest and most ruinous of results. In its turn, to the victor goes the spoils of media and classroom brain-washing of the nation. As for Johnson nothing need be known except brief allusion to his general obstinacy and truculence, his impeachment and near removal from office. Thus the state of the “informed” mind of the schooled American–such as it is.

  10. If you hold up a photo of that hideous Khazar Golda Mier next to one of the filthy crypto L.B.J., they could easily be mistaken as brother and sister from the same hideous womb.

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