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The Black Undertow plans MLK Day demonstration outside Gov. Snyder's home


In “Thunder Rolls Into ABRA Detroit” and “E Tu Detroit,” we saw that the financial collapse of Detroit is imminent and the takeover of Detroit by the State of Michigan could come as early as the spring of next year.

The Black Undertow has already lost power in Flint, Benton Harbor, Pontiac, and Detroit Public Schools. The Michigan state government has appointed “emergency managers” in these Black Undertow cities which have the power to sell assets and dismiss elected officials to get their finances in order.

This is part of a last ditch effort by Michigan to avoid the sort of total financial collapse which has recently afflicted other Black Undertow cities like Prichard, Harrisburg, and Jefferson County, AL. Last year, the State of Michigan prevented Hamtramck from filing for bankruptcy on the grounds that it would set a chain of dominoes in motion:

“The state is concerned that if they say yes to one, if that door is opened, they’ll have 30 more cities right behind us,” Mr. Cooper said, as flurries fell outside his City Hall window. “But anything else is just a stopgap. We’re going to continue to pursue bankruptcy until the door is shut, locked, barricaded, bolted.”

These “emergency managers” are a stop gap measure designed to forestall the inevitable collapse of BRA in Michigan.

In spite of this, we learned today that thousands of African-Americans are planning to march through Gov. Rick Snyder’s neighborhood on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to protest the takeover of Detroit by an “emergency manager”:

“We’ve been fighting the dictator bill since its passing, all the time knowing it was meant for unilateral opportunity to take over Detroit just like it did in Benton Harbor,” said the Rev. Charles Williams II, pastor of Historic King Solomon Baptist Church and one of the state’s leaders of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. “An emergency manager has yet to prove that it can get rid of deficits.” Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, the group plans to demonstrate outside Snyder’s home.

“We started this fight in Benton Harbor but we plan to end it in Superior Township,” said the Rev. D. Alexander Bullock, leader of the Michigan Chapter Rainbow Push Coalition, a social justice group founded by Jesse Jackson. “We will show the world that democracy is at stake in Michigan just as it is in Libya or Egypt.”

What kind of “democracy” exists in Michigan?

The kind where MLK is deified with his own national holiday, where Barack Hussein Obama showers the Black Undertow cities with White taxpayer dollars, where over 39 percent of African-Americans were subsisting on the EBT card in 2009 before EBT card usage doubled, where 62.6 percent of TANF welfare users are African-Americans, where the South Detroit Public Library has golden trash cans and computer chairs, and where millions of dollars from the Obama stimulus has been used to tear down ghettos and build $100,000 “green homes” for welfare queens.

That kind of “democracy” cannot continue indefinitely. Even if there is no political will to overthrow BRA in Michigan, reality is imposing its own solution through the means of economic collapse and depression. The day is coming when the Black Undertow mob that gathers outside of Gov. Snyder’s home will resort to stronger methods than just intimidation.

In a carefully worded radio interview, Gov. Snyder claims to oppose appointing an “emergency manager” to run Detroit:

“If Detroit runs out of cash … it would have a negative impact on all of the state,” Snyder said. “How Detroit goes has an impact on all of Michigan. My role is not to run the city of Detroit: I don’t want to see an emergency manager.”

A financial report says Detroit risks running out of money in April. The state Treasury Department has begun a preliminary review of the city’s finances, the first step in determining whether to appoint an emergency manager to correct the city’s budget problems. An emergency manager would be able to make drastic changes in Detroit, such as selling off assets and voiding union contracts. City officials have been adamant they can come to agreement with unions and the City Council to close its budget gap.

Snyder said the city’s insistence that the state owed it $220 million in tax revenues wouldn’t change anything.

“Giving them money would not solve the problem” Snyder said.

“Detroit has been in financial crisis for decades. We need a structural solution to the problem.”

For those who believe that not enough has been done to uplift the Black Undertow, $2 billion dollars of BRA’s stimulus was spent in Wayne County alone to create 1,028 jobs. The City of Detroit was given $200 million dollars in stimulus funds. Detroit School District received $245 million dollars in stimulus funds.

The City of Flint got $30 million dollars. The City of Pontiac got $23 million dollars. The City of Hamtramck got $12.6 million dollars. The City of Highland Park got $10.2 million dollars. The City of Benton Harbor got $9.6 million dollars.

In 1867, President Andrew Johnson observed that “no independent government of any form has ever been successful in their hands” and that “they have shown less capacity for government than any other race of people” and that “they have shown a constant tendency to relapse into barbarism.”

171 years later, “African-Americans” have shown that John C. Calhoun was right when he said, “This dispensation seems to be the result of some fixed law;—and every effort to disturb or defeat it, by attempting to elevate a people in the scale of liberty, above the point to which they are entitled to rise, must ever prove abortive, and end in disappointment.”

Is there any remaining doubt? The “disappointment” is at hand. Freedom failed.

Note: In January, I promise we are taking a sharp turn into Yankee Month. I realize this website has been somewhat hostile to Northerners over the past two months.

It has been a frustrating experience to research the tragic origins of BRA (especially in light of the suffering of White Southerners), but African-Americans are now a burden that both sections share equally. We are going to start addressing the problem in that context.

The North made a tragic mistake in Reconstruction and later admitted that it had made a mistake. We ought to be trying to recapture the spirit of the “Nadir of the Negro” rather than the War Between the States or Reconstruction.

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  1. One thing Michigan has going for it: Marchin’ Lootin’ King day falls smack dab in the middle of January. Not the best time of year for Negro “marches” and “protests”.

    Good thing the great “apostle of non-violence” wasn’t born in a warm month.

  2. The White Clergy of Michigan ( a ‘hotbed’ of Calvinism, so called) should denounce publicly the ‘Revs.’ Charles Williams and Alex Bullock, for the political PIMPS they really are! “Reverend” my a**.

    Both ‘niggas’ are nothing more than the local tools of Sharpton and Jackson, who themselves are no more than the poster boys of ‘house niggas’ of the Jew Bankers and traitors to America, who were the spawn of the same Bolsheviks that taught Rosa Parks and MLK in the Highland School, in the 1950’s.

    What a defamation of Christ and His Church.

    This disgusts me more than I can say.

  3. If anyone wants to see this in movie form (the yankee myth of a godlike ability to free everyone) watch the remake of “Island of Doctor Moreau” with Brando and Kilmer.

    I think the smarter DWLs know they have failed and that gottdamerung is around the corner except like the Jim Jones cult the true believers and sadists have taken over the guns and instilled a climate of absolute fear.

  4. From a purely tactical point of view I think the Emergency Manager idea is a bad one. The reasons are illustrated by the Maddow clip. It’s going to result in a FedGov takeover of the cities, or FedGov and liberal judges restraining the Managers from certain acts, and eventually you will have judges running everything.

    The judges will order the state to pay for continued status quo mismanagement.

    Allowing the bankruptcies to happen, allowing the Black Run Cities (BRCs) to fail within the existing law, is the superior strategy. It offers much less to push back on. It’s understandable by the rest of the world. “Detroit declares bankruptcy”.

    Let a bankruptcy judge void over-generous union contracts. Let the home-rule team figure out how to run the city with what they have. Yes, it means essentially writing these areas off, but I think it still is the more workable solution.

  5. I am white, but I would like to participate in the Occupy Snyder event on MLK day and show physical support and my presence for those who are being discriminated against. I want to be a part of those that make a difference. Would you please forward information to me about when and where I can begin my walk to protest the tyranny that Snyder is imposing on not just those of color but all of us that are poor and middle class. Thank you.

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