The Belgian Congo: A Civilization Destroyed By The Black Undertow

In a century, the Belgian Congo was lifted from cannibalism to skyscrapers and automobiles. In half a century, it has returned to the jungle.

Feast your eyes on this: a photo gallery of an entire civilization destroyed by the Black Undertow and transformed by freedom, equality, and democracy – which result in climate change and structural inequality – from a prosperous and pacified country into the biggest hellhole on earth.

Several years ago, I remember reading about how the copper thieves systematically tore down power lines and other infrastructure in Katanga Province following independence from Belgium. The infrastructure of the Congo was literally cannibalized in the same way that a Black Undertow based salvage economy is emerging in cities like Detroit in the United States.

The U.N. intervened and launched air strikes on the Whites in Katanga who were attempting to secede from black controlled central government in Leopoldville. Freedom failed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Note: The Africanization of the Congo (or Haiti or Zimbabwe or Clayton County or Detroit) is what happens when liberals like Brooks D. Simpson and James Epperson get their way. Civilization inexorably plunges into decline.

As the formerly prosperous plantations and cities fall into ruin and neglect and are overwhelmed by the darkness of African ignorance and tropical vegetation, the Yankee is left standing over the ruins of civilization, beating his chest with pious lectures about “progress” and the wickedness of “racism,” as reality stands as an irrefutable monument to the genius of segregation and the folly of universal equality.

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  1. Watch the 5 or 6 parts of this piece. We build it,they want it and say it is theirs,they butcher and rape our people as they flee,they destroy it and then move onto the next place we live and have built. The cycle never stops and we ran out of places to run to.

  2. Robert, c’mon. In terms of whites, nyc is by far majority catholic, and its governance represents that. They do, in fact, report of psycho jew crap in the papers. It’s totally dishonest to act like there’s some “anti-catholic” conspiracy in a country where catholics dominate television shows and brag about ousting wasps (like on the supreme court). Also, it has little to do with southern nationalism, imo. The catholic-jewish coalitions from the 60s (from the pope, himself, stepping in to impose “ecumenical councils” on a non-catholic (and still majority non-Catholic population), to a religious Theocrat, the pope, setting up an embassy in washington using Regan to do it, to the Hart-Celler Act, to the Kennedys, to the lengthy offerings of miles long list of spin doctors, from Madonna, Gaga, O’Reilly, Hannity, Garafolo, Coulter, the Renos, Napolitanos, Guillianis, Tarantinos, Deniros, Decaprios, the endless Pro-IRA movies via hollywood (with Liam nissan, Daniel Day Lewis, Aidan Quinn, etc, etc, ), and on and on and on.

    The attempt to “Train the Gaze” (as spin doctors put it) elsewhere JUST MAKES IT WORSE. It seems contemptible and dishonest. There are ways to make alliances that don’t involve sweeping ones own dirty laundry under the carpet.

    Southerners— appreciate genuine honesty, and rely on Truth to vindicate them. So don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying this b/c I “pick” jews over catholics, (as if I must “pick”). Many are not in either group in the u.s., and don’t give a flying blank about them, other than how they are being AFFECTED by all of this.

    Many articles “countdown” to when “wasps” will be a minority in america. Any catholic site goes on and on about that number—- the catholic population has DOUBLED or something since Hart Celler. The “new South” is a euphemism for catholic northerners (mostly, except for the west palm end of south florida, as opposed to what happened to Miami, and Ave Maria), so why don’t you TALK ABOUT THAT! (This being a southern toned site).

    The Countdown to “death of founders population –wasps–” in america on Catholic sites USES a breakdown of all protestant groups (“heretics” whose murders are still upheld in “catechism” classes throughout the u.s., and whose current deaths are supported ideologically by the catholic-created “Liberation Theology”). By breaking down all groups, the case is made that it is (borderline now) a “catholic country.”

    This change —bragged about openly by catholics—- has involved the Open Border, and other attacks — by people with names s/a Napolitano, Reno, etc.

    The point of this STRATEGY of breaking down protestant groups (in other to make a case that catholics are “OVERTAKING” the more core historical founding population, is motivated by THE DESIRE to eradicate that population.

    It’s genocide.

    Also—- catholics are taught that they (somehow) are a bulwark against “communism” IN FACT— countries just go catholic (the way “heretics” were all murdered in europe, thus making it a “catholic” area) AND THEN they go communist.

    The reason: Catholicism is a conquest for “Empire christianity,” one-worlderism, “universalism,” THE IDEOLOGY of an IDEA (totally unlike the South’s idea of “a people”).

    Once the people are conquered for an IDEA society (what Bob Whitaker calls Wordism), it is only a matter of WHICH Idea they will be ruled by (and then anyone existing outside the Group-Think-Idea is a HERETIC and is eradicated).

    It is the ultimate in Ant Colony non-creative Society.

    After that—- it can only become “Communism VERSUS theeee Church,” etc.

    The first point is Centralizing the power, then it’s just a fight over “who gets it.”

    The Southern Ethos involved Society set up around A PEOPLE, (nothing like you are thinking) AND the De-Centralizing folkways of the Protestants (reflected in the governance), so that they would not be ruled by the pope, nor the queen, nor the bank, etc. (the 3 people of europe).

    Jews and catholics BOTH who imported their crazy “communism versus theeeeee church” deaL (that has now morphed into the idiot “right” versus “the left” lunatic way of framing the world in the U.S.) LOOK NUTS

    Empire Christianity on the one hand, the fascist proper deal of Militarist-Corporatist-Business Model, and pushing protestants into it by creating “zionist christianity” for previous protestants (unnecessary among catholics, since the catholics are already on board with the “left”/”right” coalition, (either Empire Christians, living on Warfare, or “Liberation Theology” catholics, following their south of the border hasbara).

    Or the “left”— the communist think-tanked insights of Trotsky applied to american social systems

  3. its hard to buy into some notion of wide spread anti catholic anything in the US given how many there are on the Supreme Court

  4. Dixiegirl, are you off your meds again?

    BTW, was there any truth to the rumor that the Pope was digging a tunnel under the ocean and into the white house when Kennedy was president?

  5. This is the best movie about the chaotic end of White colonial rule in most of Black Africa in the late 50s, early 60s.

    Africa Addio (English subtitles)

    I recommend this movie right up their with The Battle of Algiers to show the realistic, brutal racial realities in Africa, North Africa. The scenes of Blacks doing genocide against Arab Muslims in this movie should be widely distributed.

  6. Dixiegirl, heterodoxy is now the norm in the Catholic church and has been since the disaster of Vatican II, which occurred simultaneously with the civil rights movement in the early 60’s. The autodestruction of the church occurred after it was infiltrated by philosemitic, homosexual, and outright demonic forces.

    The same happened to all the mainline Protestant churches as well. Aside from pockets of sedevacantist or other traditionalist Catholic communities, the attitudes you describe no longer exist–the joint Catholic-Protestant-Jewish ecumenist movement of the 60’s was an outgrowth of “progressive” (cultural Marxist) infiltration within the major western religions. It destroyed or discredited the opposition. Think of it as an earlier, militant version of political correctness.

    While the majority of practicing Catholics have swallowed the liberal kool-aid (think any Democratic “Catholic” politician such as Pelosi or any of the Kennedy’s, or liberal Republicans like Guiliani), a very small minority exist who are neoconservative “cafeteria Catholics” (Republicans like Santorum or Scalia or hot windbag Hannity). Both of these viewpoints are heretical and were condemned by the 19th and early 20th century popes.

    Nevertheless, the overwhelming number of “Catholics” in America today are either apostate or only “cultural Catholics,” in name only. The majority of abortions procured in America today are from these so-called “Catholics.” The type of Catholicism you describe is long dead. Don’t be like a Jew and dig up the body just to kill it again.

    The reason why the institutional Church (led by corrupt, wicked, and perfidious clergy) supports illegal immigration is because without it, the Catholic church in America would be approaching nonexistence. Of course large numbers of their new clients continually frustrate the Church’s efforts to pander to them by converting in large numbers to more “charismatic” Protestant faiths such as Pentacostal or other Evangelical sects.

    Your conspiracy theory is about 80 years too late. It did get a lot of Italians in the South lynched in the early 20th century, if it makes you feel better. The second Klan was hijacked by Yankee nativist elements (the Free Soilers and Know-Nothings who eventually became the Republicans). It adopted anti-Catholicism from the North.

    Don’t get stuck on stupid. The southern cross flag we proudly display and revere was designed by a Catholic from Louisiana, General P.G.T. Beauregard. Not exactly a “Anglo-Celtic” name, you know. Btw, did you know that Louisiana has parishes instead of counties? Wonder why?

    Deo Vindice

  7. Fr. John can comment more lucidly on the lamentable state of the Catholic church. He knows full well what I am describing. The Orthodox are the only hope for the survival of true Christianity at present. They are the only branch of Christianity to have preserved the deposit of the faith and maintained loyalty to its patrimony. All other forms of Christianity at present are degraded and degenerate.

    Mysterium iniquitatis is the proper term, I believe.

  8. There’s something about watching once-thriving White-run colonies turn back into something that resembles the stuff in the Porta-Potties at a chili cook-off that makes me feel like a five year old again. It makes me feel like yelling “Nanny, Nanny, Boo-boo” in between giggles.

    Did those cannibals really think they could step right in and keep the money rolling?

    Let me point this out to anybody in Africa who reads OD: If you sleep in a mud hut and wear flip-flops made out of flattened out two-liter soda bottles, then you probably aren’t qualified to operate a large scale commercial farm or a food exporting corporation. Keep that in mind the next time you think it’s a good idea to run off the White folks who created a functioning society in the middle of your stone-age shit hole of a country.

    Just wait until the Chinese Boys take over. They have an historic reputation for culling people they deem useless, and I’m pretty sure the average African falls in that category.

    • Of course not, you broke their humble livelihood. You brought communism upon yourselves. Had you educated the Blacks when you entered their lands , they would have been able to “get the money rolling”, you did not do so.

      The British did attempt to civilize India and that is why today you can’t speak of the Indians as you so candidly speak of the Africans.

      You pose an interesting question: having a “functioning” society vs freedom.

      I think most of us prefer freedom. This is why racial supremacy is dead and the more you push it, the more Bolshevism and police state you will create.

  9. In the fate of Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo do we see the future of the White race? Among White racists worldwide IMHO about 90% think Christianity is part of the solution and about 10% think Christianity is part of the problem. Many White Christians are pro-White but they reject Darwin’s theory of evolution and find the idea that they are descended from monkeys to be insulting. Is the Old Testament a propaganda manual created by Jews? Is Christianity a trick created by renegade Jews to destroy the Roman empire? If White Christians abandon Christianity then what will replace it? Many White Christian view race prejudice as a moral failing that sincere Christians need to overcome – are such people a huge menace to White racists? Are miracles contrary to science and reason? How can White racists rally around religion and spirituality? Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) plays J.S.Bach Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier
    Should we follow William Pierce?

    The lemmings may not be bothered by the prospect of mulatto grandchildren, and perhaps Bill Gates isn’t either, but among the thinking minority plenty of White people are bothered by that prospect. Free Speech
    Are lemmings nearing the edge of the cliff created by high IQ Jews? Are Jews the parasitic geniuses destroying all the White European races? Can White racists clone the best White racists? Must White racists either gain mastery of biotechnology and computer technology or perish completely? Should White racists follow the path of science and either atheism or Wotanism? Is Wotanism totally compatible with science? Is Christianity a form of incipient race treason? Why do Jews attract pogroms like flies attract a fly-swatter? Jews have superior IQs but they are also superior in manipulation, deceit and exploitation. The history of the world shows that Jews cannot be trusted, and that violence and brutality are inevitable. What does Christianity suggest? Convert the cannibals to Christianity and then: 1) treat them as colonial subordinates, 2) treat them as equals but remain racially separate from them, 3) treat them as equals and totally merge into them genetically, or 4) commit suicide either literally or genetically. IMHO three things need to done: 1) create a White Racist Survival Manual that is a collaborative effort with wide appeal to Whites, 2) vote on a list of White racist videos and books that best represent the White racist viewpoint, and 3) develop ideas for an intense ethnic networking system for WNs. The case for White racism is simple: Think about Detroit, Oakland and East St. Louis. Ask the question: If you are walking along Martin Luther King Boulevard then should you be wearing your running shoes? 3 linked to robbery of 91-year-old St. Paul woman

    • White supremacists are the worst enemies of the European races. They make the argument for Bolshevism. Once Bolshevism enters the scene, all humanity loses, and yes, that includes the European races.

  10. @Less IQ
    The change in white racial attitudes followed our “victory” in WW2 and the infiltration of cultural Marxists into all major institutions. How to reverse this radical change is the true dilemma. I think the mantra is the best thing along those lines that I have seen lately:

    Here’s an article from one of those northern Catholics you might find interesting. None other than the recently dismissed “racist” principal, Frank Borzellieri:

    Robert De Niro excepted, most Americans of Italian heritage are not real fond of moolies. Unless they have had too much Yankee kool-aid, in which case all bets are off.

    Deo Vindice

  11. @ Dixiegirl

    You have things pretty well figured out.

    I’m old enough to have actually known and talked with people who knew Confederate Veterans. When I was young I would ask lots of questions about the Civil War, to those people who had heard the Civil War stories first hand from the Confederate vets. One theme, and I’m not just talking about Confederates in my own family tree, but, other peoples relatives too, was that the big cities of the North were sending their trash, and criminals South to destroy our freedom & tell us what to do, what to believe, etc.

    I heard this theme of big cities of the North vs. the South from numerous people who had actually talked with Confederate vets.

    I’m sure other have heard this too.

  12. @ Apuleius
    Lord John Russell, the Whig leader who had succeeded Peel as Prime Minister and like Rothschild a member for the City of London, introduced a Jewish Disabilities Bill to amend the oath and permit Jews to enter Parliament. Disraeli spoke in favour of the measure, arguing that Christianity was “completed Judaism,” and asking of the House of Commons “Where is your Christianity if you do not believe in their Judaism?” While Disraeli did not argue that the Jews did the Christians a favour by killing Christ, as he had in Tancred and would in Lord George Bentinck his speech was badly received by his own party. …
    Disraeli and Gladstone clashed over Britain’s Balkan policy. Disraeli saw the situation as a matter of British imperial and strategic interests, keeping to Palmerston’s policy of supporting the Ottoman Empire against Russian expansion. According to Blake, Disraeli believed in upholding Britain’s greatness through a tough, “no nonsense” foreign policy that put Britain’s interests above the “moral law” that advocated emancipation of small nations. Gladstone, however, saw the issue in moral terms, for Bulgarian Christians had been massacred by the Turks and Gladstone therefore believed it was immoral to support the Ottoman Empire.
    In War Is A Racket, Butler points to a variety of examples, mostly from World War I, where industrialists whose operations were subsidised by public funding were able to generate substantial profits essentially from mass human suffering.
    Are White Christians extremely ignorant of the facts of history? Did neocon Jews take over the British empire from Disraeli onwards until leftwing Jews took control in the 1960s? Did leftwing Jews take over Russia from Lenin onwards until Stalin turned against them? Do Jew gangsters now control Russia? Did leftwing Jews take over the U.S.A. from FDR onwards until the present day? Did Jews win WWI and WWII? What are the Jews going to do next? Do White racists need to create a million White racists with an IQ of 140 or else perish from the pages of history along with all White European peoples?

  13. @ Less IQ than a Jew:

    “In the fate of Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo do we see the future of the White race? ”
    Is there any reason to doubt it?
    “Among White racists worldwide IMHO about 90% think Christianity is part of the solution and about 10% think Christianity is part of the problem…Many White Christian view race prejudice as a moral failing that sincere Christians need to overcome – are such people a huge menace to White racists? ” -Yes, but IMO the stats in your first sentence are in reality the reverse. The reason they are a menace is that they internalize the egalitarianism implicit in Acts 10, verses 28, 34 and 35. Egalitarianism and pacifism are obviously a danger to our race of people.
    “Is Christianity a form of incipient race treason? ”
    Even if it were not, it has contributed nothing to racial cohesiveness among Whites, has it? (the same cannot be said where Judaism and Jews are concerned). We have more Protestant “denominations” and (I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong here) 7 different versions of Catholicism. This makes me chuckle when I think about the prospects for “White unity”. Especially when you add in the various forms of tribalism among whites such as national loyalty (Polish-American, German American, etc.) and then on this site you have “Confederate vs. Yankee”. What a joke.
    “Should White racists follow the path of science and either atheism or Wotanism? Is Wotanism totally compatible with science? ” Well, how about Panentheism instead?
    “The case for White racism is simple: Think about Detroit, Oakland and East St. Louis. Ask the question: If you are walking along Martin Luther King Boulevard then should you be wearing your running shoes?”
    Somewhere along the line in history Whites ceased to be “warriors” and instead were seduced by pacifism. The solution is not running shoes, but to take up being warriors again, instead.

    • White nationalism only strengthens Bolshevism. Your movement is dead unless you find a way to prove that you are not supremacist by waiving your rights to the wealth of the third world and provide appropriate reparations. You are already providing the latter courtesy of the Bolsheviks distributing your tax money to the poorest migrants in the world who roam your cities, jobless because you broke their souls.

  14. Seems to me, the White race and our various tribes were at our strongest when we were old school, traditional Christians. It wasn’t pagan British that ruled the largest empire in world history. Or pagan Norsemen who subbed the New World

    • You destroyed your future when you entered the lands of people who you considered inferior while pillaging their resources to build your cities.
      Do you think the world’s populations are stupid? You created the void necessary for the creation of Bolshevism.

  15. “Seems to me, the White race and our various tribes were at our strongest when we were old school, traditional Christians. It wasn’t pagan British that ruled the largest empire in world history. Or pagan Norsemen who subbed the New World”

    Well now, you bring up an interesting point. If you mean to say that the British Empire (the largest) was Christian, then I would like to point out that it was so in name only. British royalty and British Jews have been so intermarried for so many hundreds of years that their interests are one and the same and could alternatively be thought of as the Jewish Empire. The British Empire, expanded to a large degree by the profit motivated British East India Company (mainly a Jew owned and operated enterprise) which had its own army ( Jewry never does its own fighting) and also brought Britain the Opium Wars and a lot of misery to the Chinese in the process (not very “Christian” of them, now was it?).
    The 2nd largest empire was the Mongol Empire and they were shamanist. In fact, most of the large world empires of the past were pagan of one race or another.

    • It’s more complicated than that. The original sin was when the European pillaged from and enslaved the colored people. That was it. Don’t look any further

  16. Stupid is as stupid says. Beauregard did not design the ‘Stars and Bars’. It was the work of William Miles, definitely an Anglo-Saxon. The initial design was based upon the cross of St. George. Definitely an Anglo-Saxon symbol. Piyush ” Bobby” Jindal is a Hindu convert to Catholicism who wrote critically about Protestantism during his conversion. Btw, did you know that Louisiana has parishes and a Catholic Hindu as governor? Wonder why?

  17. The movie Africa Addio suggests a TV series Future Black Bonanza in which a tribe of black people hunt and kill wild horses in Nevada in 2070 A.D.

  18. Pius XII insisted that immigration is a natural right and duty. In 1946, he declared, that all people have a right to immigration, because the Creator himself demands access to material goods. In addition, compassion supports immigration rights. Conversely, no state which can support additional people, has a right to close its immigration doors without reason.[4]

    Natural law even more than mere compassion compels States to secure people a chance of immigration, because the Creator demands that the goods of this world should be at the service of all mankind. Therefore no state whose territory is in a condition to feed more people, has the right to refuse admission to foreigners without good and acceptable reasons.

    Acta Apostolica Sedis, XLI, 1949, pp. 69-71

  19. Catholic social teaching claims (lies) that all goods were placed here by god, for the use of all. Rich Whites somehow got control of the warehouse in which god had placed His wealth, and held the wealth back from the rest of the world. Our wealth caused their poverty. They are coming here to get their rightful share of God’s creations.


    All credit to god, all blame to humans. NEITHER THE ROMAN CHURCH NOR THE MARXISTS WILL GIVE CREDIT TO WHITE INTELLIGENCE FOR MAKING THE WEALTH POSSIBLE. The wealth was either stolen from the workers, or stolen from god. Therefore Whites are demonic assholes.

    • Nobody needs to be punished. Whites pillaged most of this wealth you mention though and thus there needs to be some sort of payment.
      No punishment, payment.
      By the way, it was not all whites who created that wealth, not even all or most protestants. It was a small minority whose back you want to use to piggyback yourself and claim an unearned glory. You have not written a book, or invented a new ideology. You’re just a vulgar hater with no solution on hand other than the exclusion and enslavement of 90% of the world population. You are as guilty as the Bolsheviks of dragging us towards the police state. Heck, some of you are Bolsheviks yourselves.

  20. I recall hearing about some black savages who toured an aircraft factory. One said; “This proves that there is a god because only god could figure out how to put those pieces together.” I think jews and catholics don’t really understand the inventive/productive process. Their thinking is nearly as primitive as the savage’s.

    They have in common a zero-sum view- the notion that the gain of one comes at the expense of the other. The dovetails with the ENVIOUS PSYCHOLOGY, which takes up about half the psychology of primitives. How seldom is envy discussed, yet how crucial is the need for understanding. . .

  21. Erect whatever Catholic strawman you desire, I don’t really give a fat baby poot. These childish conspiracy theories to rationalize the self-inflicted wounds of Western civilization are both idiotic and counterproductive. A decrepit and declining religious institution is a rather silly bogeyman to have, especially given that Christianity in the west has been supplanted by the new twin religions of atheistic materialism and liberal cultural Marxism.

    Those well known crypto-Catholic Protestants FDR and his wife Eleanor, Truman, Eisenhower, Earl Warren, MLK, and LBJ were obviously following orders from Rome.

    Of course they should not be confused with the other crypto-Catholic Protestants such as Ronald “amnesty” Reagan, George Bush (both), Bill and Hillary Clinton, McCain, Obama, Romney, Perry, and the rest of the illegal immigration supporters also taking orders directly from Rome.

    I might be confused, but I always thought the Confederate flag was the cross of St. Andrew. I also probably have it wrong that Jefferson Davis was educated by Dominicans in Kentucky. Then again, maybe he deliberately lost the war on orders from the Pope.

    Who knew the secret Jesuit network spread so far? Not to mention all those negro crypto-Catholic Protestant churches also secretly following orders from the Vatican. The Jewish influence pales to insignificance in comparison.

    Rhodesia and South Africa probably had some Papist in the woodpile behind their black Marxist takeovers, too. Not to mention the immigration problems in Europe, which occurred under American influence after WW2. Why did the Vatican wait so long to impose BRA on the world? Thank God for the Yankee Puritans, Quakers, Methodists, and Unitarians for saving us for all those years.

    Deo Vindice

  22. The Catholic Church is just singing the tune of every other institution in society. The Anglicans and Methodists are on the same page. Even the Southern Baptist Convention is saying that now.

    From studying the matter, I don’t get the impression that the churches were the driving force behind our racial and cultural decline. It looks more like the churches are just echoing the dominant secular culture.

    The Southern Baptist Convention discovered it was against racism in the 1990s. It was really just falling into step with the dominant liberal culture.

    1945 and 1946 were the years the UN was created and UNESCO endorsed Ashley Montagu’s condemnation of racism.

  23. Quite right, Hunter. The more salient question is where did this sanctimonious liberalism come from? Might it have an Anglo-Saxon or Germanic origin? Along these lines, consider the following article:

    Maybe Southern European culture is not the problem some seem to think it is.

    Deo Vindice

  24. Most Christians have no idea what is in the Bible or who God is. Their knowledge is usually second hand knowledge and false. The false assumption I get a lot revolves around God, peace and what I do for a living. Some bullshit notion that God is peace, Christians don’t fight etc, yet that is not in the Bible. Christ tells us to sell our second set of clothes to buy a sword, and ” the Lord trained my hand for war”.

    All Christians and therefore all Christian nations will fall short of the Glory of God. However, there’s no escaping the fact that Whites have made our greatest accomplishes as Christians and Christian nations. Even when the great men were not particularly Godly. Doesn’t matter if it’s empire building, setting up governments on the principle of limit government/ maxim individual liberty or technological advancements. It also cannot be argued that we have waned as a people as our devotion to God and understanding of His word has waned.

    There is also no escaping the fact Protestantism has been better for us then catholicism. It’s been a long time since catholic nations were the leaders in innovation or individual liberty on any scale.

  25. But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

    1 Corinthians 1:23

    There’s no escaping the specious nature of misrepresenting personal opinion as fact. “Innovation and individual liberty” are dubious criteria for evaluating the efficacy of any religious belief. Better in what way? Is the divine a “magic gumball machine” of sorts? I’ve never subscribe to the Protestant “prosperity gospel” so it’s hard for me to understand your logic. By your criteria the early martyrs must have been fools of the highest magnitude. Earthly success does not equate to sanctification.

    If you’re confused, perhaps the nominalist mistake of substituting your personal subjective interpretation for objective truth is the root of the false assumption. This leads directly to the cacophony of Protestantism. Which one of you exactly has it right and how do I recognize him? Too many opinions…

    The answer to human corruption cannot be found in other corrupt humans. Sorry.
    I’m sure I’d be much more prosperous if I toed your line, but I think I’ll pass. Foolish, isn’t it?

  26. Dimwitted English Protestants make me laugh. Tirelessly repeating their old mythic Spanish Inquisition bullshit they learned at the knee of their Jewish masters while simultaneously crying about how the Jews took their country away from them.
    You pussies gave it to them because you were too busy wetting yourselves over the evil Catholic threat.

    English Dissenting Protestants and Jews go together like peas and carrots:

    Here’s the lineage:
    Marrano Jews expelled from Spain find a home in Puritan England and the Calvinist Netherlands. English Puritan colonists, after a brief stop in the Netherlands, found the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the seed from which the Yankee Empire and all its abominations will grow.

    Another English Dissenter, Roger Williams arrives in Massachusetts, but leaves to found the colony of Rhode Island and the first Baptist church in America.

    As a Separatist he had concluded that the Church of England was irredeemably corrupt and that one must completely separate from it to establish a new church for the true and pure worship of God. His search for the true church eventually carried him out of Congregationalism, the Baptists, and any visible church. From 1639 forward, he waited for Christ to send a new apostle to reestablish the church, and he saw himself as a “witness” to Christianity until that time came. He believed that soul liberty freedom of conscience, was a gift from God, and that everyone had the natural right to freedom of religion. Religious freedom demanded that church and state be separated. Williams was the first to use the phrase “wall of separation” to describe the relationship of the church and state. He called for a high wall of separation between the “Garden of Christ” and the “Wilderness of the World.” This idea might have been one of the foundations of the religion clauses in the U.S. Constitution, (although the language used by the founders is quite different) and First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Years later, in 1802 Thomas Jefferson, writing of the “wall of separation” echoed Roger Williams in a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association.

    This phrase would not be heard again until ACLU lawyer Leo Pfeffer would use it in the 1947 Supreme Court Case, Everson v. Board of Education. Abetted by Justice Felix Franfurter’s emphatic “Separation means separation, not something less….The Constitution of US forbids this,” this became the new standard in American jurisprudence.

    Pfeffer and Frankfurter were Jewish, of course. Their language was not.
    It was Protestant. Or was it originally? You decide. It is rather curious…

    Frankfurter also helped decide Brown v. the Board of Education. He was supported in both decisions by his good colleague Hugo Black (Baptist) a LIBERAL Democrat from Alabama. Don’t that make your brown eyes blue?

    All this clearly shows the evil Catholic conspiracy, not to mention the salutary effects of judaizing Protestant religions. You know the same Protestants that go on about the “special place” of Jews as “God’s chosen”, our need to support Israel and fight Israel’s wars, etc…ad nauseum. All because of the idolatry of the written word they learned from their Talmudic masters. Woe unto ye, ye SCRIBES and Pharisees…

    The Jews know who their real enemies are. That’s why the SPLC lists Radical Traditionalist Catholics on their Intelligence Files, not you good little obedient evangelical Protestants.

    In Calvinist Holland and Puritan England, economic and Hebraist rationales for Jewish toleration combined to create an atmosphere that was distinctive from the claustrophobic regulatory regimes of Lutheran and imperial Germany or the ghettos of Catholic Italy. The Jewish community of Amsterdam had been founded by the immigration of Iberian New Christians, many of whom eventually openly reverted to Judaism. It was one of these former New Christians, Rabbi Manasseh ben Israel (1604–1657), who made a famous appeal to Oliver Cromwell, shrewdly combining mercantilist and messianic arguments on behalf of a Jewish restoration to England. Proclaiming that “the opinion of many Christians and mine doe concurre herein” that Jews will be restored to their ancient homeland only after being first restored to England, Manasseh made Jewish readmission dependent upon English recognition of the spiritual and worldly benefits Albion would accrue from the presence of a skillful population of Jewish “merchandizers.”

    Such arguments found a receptive audience within a segment of the Puritan and remonstrant communities of mid-seventeenth-century England and Holland. Calvinism, though at its inception an unlikely impetus to Jewish-Christian rapprochement, did exhibit at least one promising trait: a rejection—as the historian Salo Baron once put it—of “Pauline antinomianism in favor of Old Testament legalism.” Yet this relative fondness for biblical law was in itself no assurance of philo-Semitism. Also required was a type of millenarian conviction entirely lacking in the patristic heritage, namely, the expectation that the prophesied conversion of the Jews would occur only through their restoration to the Holy Land. This factor theoretically made feasible what had never before been even conceivable: the possibility that two chosen peoples could coexist—a national Protestant one and a resuscitated Jewish one. As the widow Johanna Cartwright and her nephew Ebenezer put it in their 1649 petition to the Puritan general Thomas Lord Fairfax, “this Nation of England, with the inhabitants of the Netherland, shall be the first and readiest to transport Izraells Sons and Daughters in their Ships to the Land promised to their fore-Fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, for an everlasting Inheritance.” Truly, this was as close to a revival of Reuchlin’s grand vision as any latter-day and millenarian version of Hebraism was likely to come.

    In the words of Martin Luther before his missionary efforts were rejected by the Jews:
    “The Jews belong to Christ more than we. I beg, therefore, my dear Papists, if you become tired of abusing me as a heretic, that you begin to revile me as a Jew.”

    The rot begins right there. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, jackwad.

  27. The idea that the law should be blind to a man’s (group) origins is directly hostile to egalitarianism-by-fiat. You can have one or the other, but not both. So, no, egalitarianism-by-fiat is not a natural outgrowth of universalism. The ideas of “one law” and egalitarianism-by-fiat are contradictory and hostile to one another.

    • Dumb-ass, your theory assumes that the WASP is entitled to the natural resources of the third world while at the same tome to denying the people who live in those lands a fair treatment and pay, it is therefore a necessary condition for the Bolshevism we have today. Your dimwitted movement lives in synergy with Communism, you need each other and you’re destroying the world.
      You’re no royalty, you’re freeloaders wanting to get a buck based on your skin tone rather than on discipline and hard work. You’re nobodies. Until you don’t allow a human being to transcend its DNA you will be nothing but losers. Trailer park losers.

        • Not when it’s not your land. You need to understand this, the moment you trespassed into Africa, South Asia, the ME or Latin America and decided to pillage and enslave the people, you lost your right to freedom. As simple as that.
          You can still buy back your freedom by getting the heck out of those countries and renouncing to their natural resources, reparations are also on the table.
          You are your worst enemy. You fail to understand that there are millions of people who are intelligent enough to decipher your schemes and will inevitably react to your subtle moves towards abuse of power. The faster you learn this, the more peace there will be in the world.

          • This is OUR land. And I think you are confusing Jews with Whites, Your problem is JEWs. FYI – Africans kidnapped THOUSANDS of Europeans for centuries. Where are MY reparations? Fuck off, parasite.

          • I’ve been reading about those theories for some months now and I have found no indication that the non Jewish European was not the overwhelming force behind slavery.
            As far as natural resource exploitation, it has been the European. The Spanish, British, the Belgians, the Italians, French, Dutch, Germans who went into the South with the intention to pillage.
            They then proceeded to instill laws of miscegenation so that the wealth was never transferred, even by blood.
            You lazy separatists can live by yourselves but it will have to be like the Mennonites, a sustainable life of farming and limited electricity as you will have to live without natural resources. Work will make you free

          • You’ve had your reparations. You’ve lived off of welfare for generations. I highly doubt you are a productive citizen. You’re probably upset because you no longer go to an all white school or live in an all white neighborhood or buy the same amount of food with your food stamp quota as your single mother used to be able to. That’s all, you think that yours kin color entitles you to my tax money and to the resources of the world you pillaged.

          • I’m pretty well versed in matters of race so no, I’m not confused.
            As a matter of fact, if you tell me more about your lineage, I could probably explain to you why you would’ve been considered part of the servant class had your predecessors not migrated. Not all Celts were created equal.

  28. “WASP” is intentionally derogatory. And stupid, since it bears a double redundancy (all Anglo-Saxons are Protestants, others are the exceptions; all Anglo-Saxons are White).

    Just use Anglo-Saxons for God’s sake.

  29. The 2nd largest empire was the Mongol Empire and they were shamanist. In fact, most of the large world empires of the past were pagan of one race or another.

    The Mongol Empire wasn’t anything to look up to. Military power was the beginning and end of what made it noteworthy. They built nothing.

  30. Christianity in the west has been supplanted by the new twin religions of atheistic materialism and liberal cultural Marxism.

    – Apuleius

    Most Christians have no idea what is in the Bible or who God is.

    – stonelifter
    White racists need one great fear and one great love. A political movement does not necessarily need a god but it must have a devil. Ron Paul points to big government and the Federal Reserve. I point to big government and the Federal Reserve Bank manipulated by Jews. Ralph Nader points to the international corporatocracy. I point to the international corporatocracy manipulated by Jews. When young people abandon religion they often turn to recreational drugs, sexual promiscuity or various other versions of the seven deadly sins. Atheistic materialism and White racism combined together seem to most White Christians as worse than liberal cultural Marxism. IMHO liberal cultural Marxism is merely Christianity without God and with the Bible replaced by Das Kapital plus schlock. Liberal cultural Marxism is for the Marxist-Leninist disciple who wants drugs, sex, rock and roll, mongrelization of the White race and extermination of White racists. If I say that black Africans have a genetic tendency to cannibalism then I lose my job and receive threats. Those who say that Jews have a genetic tendency to usury are excluded from academe.
    @Svigor: The WASP acronym began as a derogatory term. However, in the U.S.A. the term WASP does not precisely mean Anglo-Saxons; WASP roughly means cultural protestants of British, Dutch and German ancestry whose ancestors stem from the racial stock present in the U.S.A. before the American Civil War. In the U.S.A. White people are attacked for saying the words nigger or nigga but blacks are allowed to use these terms. Blacks can say It is time to do jihad against the whites and kikes, my niggas. Cultural Marxism allows blacks to threaten Whites and Jews. In the U.S.A. an African American professor is even allowed to say it would be good for the world if all white people were dead.

  31. list all the great catholic nations and inventors then list the ones from Protestant nations and tell me what the balance sheet is.

  32. Apuleius? What a friggin’ hoot! Everything the boy writes is premised upon an inaccurate rendition of facts. No one corrects it, no one looks it up, maybe no one knows how to look it up? So if you put in the actual facts, oops! So sorry.

  33. The Africans were not interested in your “European” values, you should’ve left them alone. You committed the original sin the moment you invaded their lands and you brought upon yourselves your own demise because by destroying their humble livelihood, you created the pull factor into your countries.
    You now claim that it’s the end of freedom. What you refuse to understand is that you waived your right to be free the moment you went into those lands, you had the opportunity to right these people by sharing your wealth by means of blood but you demonized “miscegenation”.
    No sir, freedom in this world comes with hard work and responsibility. Pillaging is not possible any more, at least for those living on trailer homes.

    • Piss off you Orc. Europeans improve EVERYTHING – except Nigger beasts. GET off the White Man’s computer, and out of my world.

      • You are the ones bringing in the most uneducated people from the developing world. You think colored people are beasts because that is what the Bolsheviks have taken into your countries. Black doctors and lawyers need not apply.
        You created Bolshevism the moment you trespassed the Southern Hemisphere lands and enslaved the natives.
        Racial supremacy feeds Bolshevism and communism. You’re bringing this upon yourselves. You cannot expel the people you pillaged. The saddest part is that you won’t get the Latin American scientists or African Doctors. You will get the most destitute from those lands and they will be indoctrinated by the Bolsheviks. You are destroying our world. You represent the original sin

        • ‘The saddest part is that you won’t get the Latin American scientists or African Doctors. ‘

          How would the Western world get by without them?

          Take a hike.

          • You don’t understand the nature of that statement because you have a rather limited mental capacity that only allows you to analyze complex problems in a superficial way.
            Here’s the deal. Colonial economies invaded other lands, pillaged their resources and raped their people. It is just fair that those people partake in the riches generated from their land. I think any honest and ethical person would agree with this statement. Immigration is one way to share.
            The question is, who would adapt better and create a more peaceful environment in the host country? The professional, of course. The professional, if allowed to flourish, would invalidate the racial supremacy assumptions that his people has a lower IQ. When races are equal in education and income, they don’t have the “need” to blend with others, and if they do so, they would do so out of love more than need. This will, in the end, allow you to finally obtain your independence and allow you to live separately in much better terms than you are being able to at this moment. This would negate the need for Bolshevism.
            In other words, whether you can live or not with African Doctors or Latin American Engineers is of no consequence.
            My statement has implicationswhich transcend your limited view of this complex problem.
            Racial supremacy engenders Bolshevism. Bolshevism brings the most destitute from the undeveloped lands and rubs them in your face.

          • Her’s the deal.

            Negros are not needed for civilizations to flourish.

            In fact, they are to humanity what Ebola is to flesh.

            If not for whites YOU would be digging for grubs and pulling lice out of your nappy hair.

          • You still don’t understand. You have no leverage any more if you continue with your exclusionary (DNA based) theories. It’s the world against you.
            We’re heading towards a world with less freedoms because of what the colonial economies did and because people like you don’t want to be held accountable. This is not about whether “whites” accomplished more or not. I think we all agree that it is the Europeans and Asians who have contributed mostly on our modern era.
            The issue here is that if you don’t share the riches stolen with those who were victimized you will lead us into a very dangerous world.

            You were probably educated in a small village or in a mediocre school district and chose the – basic – academic track so I understand if this is hard to digest but you still need to make the effort.
            Colonial economies stole valuable goods and broke the people who owned those goods. When you advocate for their expulsion or worse, you become the lowest form of human being. This is why it’s so important to focus on those who can contribute.
            That might be a challenge because that would mean more competition for you and less government goodies for your family but still the only way forward

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