Kill-adelphia: Pennsylvania’s “Holy Experiment”

Kill-adelphia: The City of Brotherly Love


The Black Undertow in Philadelphia has pushed aside its closest competitors in Chicago and Dallas to lay claim to the annual prize of being the most violent major city in the United States.

In 2011, there have been 324 homicides in Philadelphia, not counting New Year’s Eve. The number of homicides in the City of Brotherly Love has “progressed” from 306 last year, but is down from the bloody peak of 406 homicides in 2006. From January to July 2011, 84.3 percent of homicide victims in Philadelphia were African-Americans. 6.9 percent of homicide victims were Hispanics. 80.9 percent of homicide offenders were African-Americans. 4.5 percent of homicide offenders were Hispanics.

Statewide, African-Americans are responsible for 67.9 percent homicide, 41.6 percent of rape, 66.3 percent of robbery, 47.8 percent of aggravated assault, and 27.5 percent of burglary in Pennsylvania. African-Americans are responsible for 52.7 percent of total violent crime in Pennsylvania where they are 10.8 percent of the population.

Nationwide, African-American crime is down because incarceration rates have soared due to tougher sentencing laws that were passed in the 1990s. The costs of violent crime which are overwhelmingly caused by the Black Undertow are being transferred from individual victims to taxpayers in general:

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, FBI Uniform Crime Reports. “Prisoners” refers to inmates of state and federal prisons and does not include persons in jail.

“The Day The Criminals Are Released From Prison” is something to keep mind in light of the collapsing American economy and the corresponding state and local budget crises which are forcing states like California to release the segregated criminal element in our society from their holding pens. These hardened criminals are being released into a world where even lawabiding African-Americans are unable to find gainful employment.

In related news, Philadelphia City Councilwoman Marian Tasco, an African-American, retired on Friday, will collect a $478,057 pension this weekend, and will resume work on Monday in her seventh term in office. She was the first African-American elected to the Philadelphia City Council.

Walter Russell Mead observes:

“Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, aware that many children in his city get pathetic educational opportunities and that many other residents lack basic safety and health services, vetoed Tasco’s bill continuing the “DROP” retirement system designed to give undeserved windfalls to greedy and unprincipled people like Tasco. DROP is, one needs hardly say, backed by the shortsighted public unions who are working to destroy Philadelphia as they destroyed Detroit.

Marian Tasco fought to overturn the veto. She won, and took the money. . .

In a healthier society, the children and grandchildren of such people would be down at the county courthouse changing their names to avoid the burden of shame and disgrace that would otherwise blight their lives. No retirement financed so foolishly can be peaceful; let’s hope Tasco and Donatucci come to their senses, refund these ill-gotten gains and lead the fight to save Philadelphia by giving it a sensible and sustainable set of employment and retirement policies for its employees.

It would also be nice if the White House would use the bully pulpit to denounce this destructive behavior by officials abusing the public trust. The President believes that government has a vital role to play in defending and assisting the poor; surely he should be among the first to denounce those who abuse positions of power and divert badly needed funds from the neediest to the cheesiest.”

President Barack Hussein Obama is highly unlikely to denounce his own political base. This is especially true in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania where he will need a massive African-American turnout to compensate for his loss of support among blue collar White Democrats in cities like Scranton.

The Quakers founded Pennsylvania as a “Holy Experiment.” They hoped to show the world that a society based upon the liberal value of tolerance would be a model worth emulating. Judging by the state of Philadelphia in the year 2012, we are forced to conclude that the “Holy Experiment” was a failure.

This is what civilization in Philadelphia has become thanks to White and Jewish liberals like Andy Hall, Kevin Levin, James Epperson, Rob Baker, Corey Meyer and Brooks D. Simpson: Northern Whites abandoning their city to the Black Undertow, their freedom taken away by federal and state civil rights legislation, while the black criminals move into the vacuum and run wild, and corrupt African-American politicians like Marian Tasco feast upon the economic remains of civilization.

In Pennsylvania, it all goes back to Lincoln’s war against the Confederacy and Reconstruction (this cannot be overemphasized), when “African-Americans” were fatally given citizenship and their voting rights were restored (they had been taken away under Pennsylvania’s 1838 state constitution), and the segregation laws that marginalized the Black Undertow and limited its access to White institutions in Philadelphia were repealed.

The War Between the States must be remembered as a war that was also lost by the average Northern White man who has been morally and politically disarmed by egalitarian anti-racist fanatics and now lies prostrate before the Black Undertow in Northern cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Note: The videos below show that Philadelphia is well on its way to becoming another Detroit, St. Louis, Birmingham, or New Orleans.

I would not be in the least bit surprised if the Black Undertow in Philadelphia takes history into their own hands and does something next summer – something symbolic, like mugging and killing Bruce Springsteen in the Streets of Philadelphia – to give Mitt Romney a Richard Nixon-style “Silent Majority” moment on the eve of the 2012 presidential election.

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  1. This my first read of a blog for 2012 (just went Midnight here)……so, despite the uber revolting content of this post, (I shudder to think what further atrocities our brown fellows will force us to witness this coming year) I will set it all aside and wish a Happy New Year to you and yours, and everybody who reads and posts here.

  2. Investment advice for the coming year: 125gr jacketed hollow-point .357 magnum ammunition. Makes fine nigger-repellent.

  3. When the Mayor of a city is named, ‘Nutter’, what do you expect?

    May we have a saner New Year, a Whiter nation, and not a Nee-grow in office come November.

  4. HUnter et al.-

    If you haven’t read this man’s columns, you are missing a treat. This past week’s post sounds like he’s been reading your columns.

    “[British PM Tony] Blair’s second point, echoed by all European liberals, is that in order to “succeed in the future” white people need to open up their nations “to people of different colors, faiths and cultures.” If we needed any more proof of the liberals’ insanity, that statement would provide it. Are white people succeeding in the new diverse nations that have come into being? Spiritually? Heavens, no! Are they succeeding financially? Don’t be ridiculous; they are becoming the lower rungs on a Third World ladder.” –

    I love this man’s insights. Thought I’d share one of them with y’all.

  5. I went to a wonderful New Year’s Eve party last night. Very down-home type stuff. I made pals with a young fella, who, alas, because of his vile mother, is forced to exist as basically the only White child in his class. He’s starved for attention. He’s fun, lively and very very smart.

    I watched the all day Walking Dead marathon yesterday. I forgot that marathon was on; I came in just as Merle was trying to escape the handcuff. ARRRGGHHHHH!!!!!! He’s the guy I wanted to see!!!!

    I had social obligations during the day, so I could not sit transfixed for the entire 3 millions hours of broadcast. I watched the marathon on and off, going in and out….several of the guests at the party are big fans, of the show, as well. Including this boy. I explained to him, as an aside, what the show is all about. He “got it” immediately.

    I am not going to go all rah rah razzle dazzle, in asserting “we have new members for our ranks” – but I’m gonna see how it goes…..

    Simpson and Co will be the first to be devoured. Simpson banned me, when i called him out as to why he wouldn’t explan why he’s sop in love with Negroes. He was using my posts to see if the other Whites would denounce me, and was “dismayed/horrified/blah blah blah” “failed” to distance themselves from my position.

    Simpson and Co will be the first to be eaten. No threat from us. It will all be their own doing.

  6. John – the problem is actually not Blacks. The problem is Whites. We can’t have another Rosewood; I am Not a Racist types would do their damnedest to save the poor oppressed future thugs.

    We have to wait for their pet Orcs to eat them, first, before Rosewood Redux happens. In fact, the Nigras will eat each other fairly quickly.

  7. It’s not just Philadelphia, it’s the surrounding cities as well.

    Look up Chester Pa, Camden NJ, Wilmington DE. All inch-per-inch pound-for-pound more violent than Philadelphia. Chester is number 2 most violent, camden and wilmington are both in the top 10.

    Reading Pa and Harrisburg Pa are in the top 100 most violent areas. In fact I’d argue that blacks and mexicans are more introverted and distant in Lancaster City Pa than in Philadelphia itself which actually comes off as more friendly in its outward appearance.

  8. Philadelphia is often compared to New York but it shouldn’t be.

    New york is a cosmopolitan city where people can make big wages if they work the system and are lucky, but they face a high cost of living.

    Philadelphia is more like a bigger version of Baltimore. Blue color, not expensive (though certain suburbs are), etc.

    The amount of wealth is tied to the crime. Racialists like to say it’s only about race, but it’s about economics too.

  9. I think a wild card in this is the Obama reelection bid. I’m sure his official campaign will be a redux of 2008, a mulatto man of peace, but the un-official campaign run by flunkies will be full retard black racism and an all around anti-White meme.

    I don’t think the polticial left has anything left in their toolbox but outright ethnic/racial intimidation. I think it will be so bad that even the step-n-fetchit respectable conservatives will blink.

  10. Metal Gear / Iceman says:
    January 1, 2012 at 4:06 pm
    It’s not just Philadelphia, it’s the surrounding cities as well.

    Look up Chester Pa, Camden NJ, Wilmington DE. All inch-per-inch pound-for-pound more violent than Philadelphia. Chester is number 2 most violent, camden and wilmington are both in the top 10.

    Reading Pa and Harrisburg Pa are in the top 100 most violent areas. In fact I’d argue that blacks and mexicans are more introverted and distant in Lancaster City Pa than in Philadelphia itself which actually comes off as more friendly in its outward appearance.

    Metal Gear / Iceman says:

    Very good points. I agree. In the big Northern cities, it has gotten to be more like French cities where the worst non White areas are industrial suburbs. The cities themselves have great architecture, culture and Whites – first led by White gays but now other Whites and higher caste/class Asians, mixed races have reclaimed the best areas. The cities also have resources like large police forces, university private security forces – where in say Camden NJ – you’re completely on your own.

    That’s not to say that all of the city has been reclaimed. Things like neighborhood public schools are horrors, especially when school lets out.

    The Atlantic Magazine wrote some good articles on this subject, focusing on Memphis where the big spike in crime was outside of the city of Memphis where lower class Blacks were being moved out to get Section 8 housing, access to newer, white public schools which they will then ruin.

  11. As a Detroit refugee I would like to put in a good word for the hometown. Detroit has been having a great year for murders, we were on a pace to exceed 400 at the midpoint in 2011. Last year Detroit was runner up for the most violent city to another Michigan hell-hole, Flint. Detroit’s Violent Crime Rate (2010)

  12. Gays are the shock troop of gentrification and they take no crap from the thugroes, and they get a pass since they are the golden children of the left for the moment. The Chicago Trib all but glossed over the thugroes attacks this spring till a gay man got his head split open by some of the white shirt army and then lo and behold something had to be done and apparently something was done by the politicos of Chicago. A friend of mine worked downtown for Arthur Anderson many years ago and when they brought in the usual Daisy Maes from some nice liberal arts college out in Iowa or other all white environs they were insistent that when they rented they rented in Wrigleyville because of its safety at the time (80s).

  13. So many cities are in this state, HW. There was an article int he Philly paper that talked about productive black people leaving the city. Just like Detroit, the black undertow is in total control there.

  14. Denise: Don’t worry about those I-am-not-a-racist types messing up the Rosewood party. The reason they spout that bleeding heart bullshit is that they are shivering bitches who are scared to death of everything. They will quickly become afraid of us, also. They will soil their gay slacks the first time they hear a large caliber handgun bark. Few, if any, of them will be willing to bleed over their disingenuous principles about race. Some of them may think they are made of strong stuff now, but they will instantly change their minds when is starts getting wet out. Count on that.

    It should only take a few skirmishes to start the populations to start shuffling around

  15. lawabiding African-Americans”

    Never heard tell of such a critter.

    They obey Law of The Jungle (Natural Law- they comes what comes naturally).

  16. Denise: You are right. They will destroy each other. Its just a slow process and everyone wants a quick fast answer. Your right about the Whiggers making the problem. Maybe the Police in Arcadia , Florida needs to go to Philly for about a month. The Black leadership is all Prince Hall Masons. King, Jackson, Evers, Young, Sharpton and the list goes on and on and on. They do exactly what ZOG/NWO tells them—or they are canned and put in garbage. Denzil Washington is Prince Hall Mason, even Shaq the Big blue gum hoop man is one to! They march to the orders of the Black Nobility (Of Illumnati–not blacks) and they get genocide to! Even Elijah Mohammed of Black Muslims said this! Civil Rights and Intergration is genocide! Philly is just one of the 50 big Metro Cities and they are all the same!

  17. PRB – Happy New Year’s! I know the I am Not a Racist types are the biggest, stankiest, foulest, screechiest pussies onth Earth, and will do as they are told, when the time comes – but they can do a lot of damage, til then.

    I am not into the White Supremacy thing. Supremacy infers Rule; I don’t want to rule. I want total seperation. I do’t want to be RESPONSIBLE for any-one, of any other Race. I just care about my own people – and this means all of my Awakened Whites, as well as my Fam ‘n Friends.

    I’m not into torture, either, because one must get personally involved. That’s eeeewww-yucky stuff. But’s it’s gonna be really difficult to refrain, out of SHEER contempt, with the I’m a Racist NOW types.

  18. White supremacy implies control. Separation necessitates control of territory. Realistically, separation will be a gradual process. It is not something that will be achieved overnight.

  19. Section 8 Housing is designed to export the Black Undertow into suburban whitopias, part and parcel of BRA Imperialism which also imports Somalis into Maine and Minnesota. This allows a shift of the battleground away from the gentrified areas so loved by DWLs and gives them even less skin in the game. As usual, of course, areas like Westchester County, NY won’t be affected. You know who lives there.

    Remember to take your stand, white men. There’s nowhere to run to anymore, anyway. Skedaddle is not an option. Btw, nice choice Chris, a little buckshot from a scattergun would be some good nigger medicine, too. My New Year’s resolution is a simple one. Buy more ammo.

    God bless all you good people. Have a safe and happy New Year.

    Deo Vindice

  20. The Blacks in Philadelphia, like in all major northern cities, have been out of control since the 1960’s. It is ironic justice, that the cities of the North who supplied the troops to destroy the South, have themselves been destroyed by the elements they fought for: Blacks & corporations.

  21. a negros willingness to obey the law is directly proportional to the amount of violence White men are willing to commit when negros step out of line.

    a negros willingness to be productive is directly and inversely proportional to White folks miss placed compassion for negros

    “torture” is a tool. nothing more, nothing less

    Good point about section 8 Apuleius. I’ve never had to deal with it, so it’s something I’ve never though about, but it makes sense. Thanks for the info

    Slugs are better then buckshot; I run Speer Golddot in all my pistols

  22. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 2, 2012 at 1:44 am
    “White supremacy implies control. Separation necessitates control of territory. Realistically, separation will be a gradual process. It is not something that will be achieved overnight.”

    True. Quite true.

  23. Subject: Urgent: Obama nullifies Bill of Rights, declares all of America a military battleground

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    You don’t even have to be charged with a crime. Now, thanks to Obama, the military can simply “disappear” you.

    “President Obama’s action today is a blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the president who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law,” said Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

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    Just so you know, we are all fighting for our basic liberties here. Obama has betrayed the nation, but he is also awakening the nation to the simple truth that Big Government is the enemy of freedom. If we do not correct these injustices, soon the internet will be “cleansed” of all “non-compliant” websites like NaturalNews, and your Republic will be lost forever.

    Welcome to 2012, huh? What a way for Obama to usher it in: You are all now enemies of the state!

  24. Anyone care to speculate on what will happen if Obamarx looses in November? A win is going to be even more devastating. I think either way we loose big.

    I live in a small town in Texas and have noticed that the niggroes (especially the young ones) are becoming more aggressive. I walk a lot and one route I take is through a relatively quite undertow neighborhood. Last week I had one pull a gun on me for wandering too close to a vacant house that I strongly suspect was being used as a drug den. When I stood my ground he backed off and followed me at a distance screaming obscenities.

    If this is happening in the small towns the larger cities must be hell holes.

  25. I see it as a win-win situation:

    (1) Obama loses. “African-Americans” riot and the Left screams “racism.”

    (2) Obama wins. He presides over the economic collapse of the United States. Whites continue to be alienated.

  26. In response to Playing Roots Backwards post above:

    Back in the seventies I worked for a Radio Shack in Houston during High School.
    This behavior among the undertow is not new. There was a store on Griggs road in one of the so called wards. The manager was robbed one night and was able to identify the gunman in a police lineup. He was a nigger that was nicknamed ‘Snowbird’. He posted bond and went back to the store one night and he and an accomplice waited in the parking lot and kidnapped the man while he was in the process of locking up the store for the night. They drove him out to deserted area somewhere in Brazoria or Fort Bend county, sodomized him then Snowbird forced him to perform fellatio at gun point and at his climax shot him in the head. I relate this since I got this info from a former police detective who investigated the case and helped the DA get a conviction and a death sentence that was eventually carried out.

    Point is they are savages and have no place in our society period.

    • Anyone who believes THEY are ‘just like us’ is either retarded, willfully ignorant, or black

  27. Like HW, I see it as win/ win, but White folks need to work things out to our advantage no matter how things go.

  28. John Maddox,

    Yes they ARe getting more aggressive. They kknow Eric My People Holder has given them a Carte Negre to attak Whites.

    I’d advise yo uto find different places to walk. You are lucky that the Nigron did not actually shoot. You are obviously an intelligent, experienced guy – but things are going to get a whole lot worse, in the short term. I try to warn clueless Whites all the time; they either hear it, or they don’t. I cannot implant survival instincts. The next Nigron you encounter may be more feral than the last.

    Stay safe, dear man.

  29. Elderly man attacked by 4 teens in S. Phila | 84-year-old attacked by 4 in Fairmont Park| Video |
    Until I found websites like this I had no idea that so many urban youth attacks were occurring with so little public outrage. You can take the cannibal out of the jungle but you cannot take the jungle out the cannibal. You can take the Jew out of the pawnshop but you cannot take the pawnshop out of the Jew. Jews are behind 9/11 and they deliberately hide the truth about genetic differences in behavior. Are cultural Marxist leftwingers and followers of Herbert Marcuse dedicated to destroying White racists (and all the White European races as an inevitable side-effect)? Are the U.S.A. and the U.K. now governed by anti-White, voting-buying Ponzi schemes manipulated by Jews that control media, finance and academe? How can White people learn the truth? AIPAC – The Israeli Lobby

  30. “…I see it as a win-win situation:

    (1) Obama loses. “African-Americans” riot and the Left screams “racism.”

    (2) Obama wins. He presides over the economic collapse of the United States. Whites continue to be alienated….”

    People seem really tired of the military, especially in the south (where they’ve appropriated so much land.) They’re tired of the Militarist-Corporatist-multi-cult thing— “neocon” is how many understood Reganomics that Fox still goes on about, and which many abhorred.

    Many will see Obama as the ‘lesser of evils’ if Romney runs, maybe, since like Gingrich, he’s sort of poster child for Big Centralized Militarist-Corporatist.

    On t.v. (can’t find upload anywhere), he stated he “DIDN’T WANT TO BECOME like Europe.”) THEN he clarified this by saying what he meant was that u.s. is “For all people,” but presumably this is not Europeans, lol, as they would make it more european, which he does not what to become like. So, this sort of on-record statement may be perceived as anti-white.

    If he meant he doesn’t want the U.S. to be a “Left-Right Coalition Government,” it’s way too late, since it already became “European” in that way, and with the same old wild swings “left” then “right.”

    Generally, the catholics seem to go fascist (militarist-corporatist) and brown (backing brown folk) and the jews go communist and back more black than brown folk (leftist-central-planning and reallocation of the proceeds of creative productivity— in other words “real” wealth creation, not store mark-ups, recycled government “pay,” when they hire electricians, plumbers, etc., and pay them with their own tax money).

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