Amurrica Series: CPAC Rappers Perform “Mr. America”

District of Corruption

You know you are living in BRA when … conservatives are attacked for using “nigger” while rapping at CPAC. See also the “Star Spangled Rag.”

Note: I’m still trying to figure out why these Americans call themselves “conservatives” when it is clear the substance of their political and cultural views has nothing to do with the intellectual tradition known as “conservatism.”

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  1. I bet if you were to have a spontaneous singing of Dixie like at a KA frat party, you would be considered a persona non grata and asked to leave.

  2. Makes you miss Jesse Helms I’d bet. You know most of these politicians are probably into being S&M slaves. I can see the imaginary dog collar round their necks. They are litarally acting like dogs.

  3. CPAC and Republican platform in a nutshell: Invade-the-world-invite-the-world foreign policy, bomb Iran, and no abortion. That’s what they’ve been reduced to. Shameful.

  4. Maybe Ann Coulter will speak praising MLK as the greatest conservative of the last century and Civil Rights as the greatest conservative victory.
    Maybe conservatives really don’t want to win the next election, maybe they prefer to save themselves for “West 2016”. I can see it already.
    The Republican Party really needs to die, it really, really does. It runs from it’s base and sucks up to the parasites.

  5. @Wayne

    That has to the best, single-sentence summary of the Republican party that I’ve ever heard. Well stated.

    Indeed, the Republican party does need to perish. It’s been in a state of syphilitic madness really since Gulf War 1, and the end of Cold War. Unsalvagable, and that’s been made clear by these primary contests. Mitt Romney has until the end of this month to prove that he’s different, but if he loses Michigan, he’s finished. And if that happens, you’ll be able to here the uncorking of champaign bottles in the White House, because the election will for all intents be over.

    It’ll be ironic in tragic way, too. I’ve always believed that the riots which Romney’s old man presided over, were the first blow in the ultimate destruction of America. Now, when the son loses Michigan, ending his presidential hopes and insuring Obama’s second term, another Romney will be there to see the final blow that destroys this country. And in the very place where it began. So sad.

  6. They are not conservatives, they are neocons, which is a leftist subversion of traditional conservatism.

    These idiots are Cultural Marxists and they don’t even know it.

  7. Yep they are.

    It is very very annoying I do not understand how these fools got themselves tied up in such strange knots. They know full well only 5% of the blacks would ever vote for them. Yet they feel the need to pander to them.

  8. “It is very very annoying I do not understand how these fools got themselves tied up in such strange knots. They know full well only 5% of the blacks would ever vote for them. Yet they feel the need to pander to them.” After over a year of arguing with the American Thinker (NOT) crowd I think I can take a swing at answering this for you. It’s because they truly believe whites have no legitimacy. None. Not white children, not white seniors, not white patriots. Whites have no legitimacy in their eyes. This is where the Cains and the Wests come into play (any black who pretends to be a “conservative” can become an instant rockstar to these idiots). This means any political goal must be pursued through what’s good for everyone else BESIDES whites. Immigration is bad because it takes jobs from blacks, abortion bad because it has a larger affects on blacks, FED bad because it negatively affects blacks, welfare bad becuase it negatively affects blacks, etc etc. Even the most “conservative”, if you wish to call them that, are at best colorblind. 60 years of propaganda has made the weakminded detest their own ancestors and willingly sacrifice the future of their own children. Sickening.

  9. my guess is they pander to them for a variety of reasons including the believe “racism” is morally wrong and they want to prove they are moral; they believe they’ll get DWL’s and SWPL to vote for them if they “prove” they are not “racist”; they want to be accepted by the cultural elite;

    hell there’s probably a different reason for every panderer; and each panderer probably has several different reasons

  10. Invade-the-world-invite-the-world foreign policy, bomb Iran, and no abortion. That’s what they’ve been reduced to. Shameful….

    in their case, despite the supposed morality— their version of ‘anti-abortion’ thing seems motivated by a deep-but-unspoken-conviction that no one in their right mind would actually WANT to live in the horrifying world they are so hellbent on producing: it’s the only way they can ensure a population at all for their scary-ass country.

    They will produce Hell-on-Earth, and in their case, ‘anti-abortion’ will ENSURE that you will have to live in it. Maybe it’s the only way they think they can get tax payers, or what they call “friends.”

  11. —- ‘anti-abortion’ may well be about just getting a next generation to feed off of, not anything moral, lol

  12. Perhaps, like liberals, these disingenuous “conservatives” suffer from the Passover Syndrome. They have no qualms sacrificing their fellow Whites to non-White interests in order to prove how non “racist” they are. I don’t think it’s to curry favor with non Whites as much as it is to insulate or protect themselves from their savagery.

    What it really amounts to is White genocide and feeding your fellow Whites to non Whites won’t protect you in the end. They hate you BECAUSE you’re White and you will roast on the grill and taste just as good as your fellow Whites will.

  13. Re: Benton Harbor

    It’s the same old story. Blacks, through their anti-White enablers, are granted full social and political equality in the name of anti-racism. Blacks are able to take over a former White city and destroy it.

    Those “racist” Whites are then expected to bail them out, still grant blacks the last word or everything goes to hell.

    Let it go to hell. Let blacks live in the kind of enviorment they naturally create. Let them sink or swim on their own. Isn’t that what equality is all about?

  14. Could liberals be any more racist against Whites? I mean, seriously now. White guys making puns referencing the fact that niggers say “nigger” all the time is Whites rising above their gelded eunuch status? Really?

  15. What the hell was that supposed to do?

    All this country has accomplished since 1965 is a 15 round TKO. Nighty-night, america…

  16. “Conservatism” is a wheezing decrepit old man (the typical age of Cpac being the great irony here). It is fascinating to see an ideology take root, destroy everything in sight and yet terms like “conservatism” still being owned by the remaining brainwashed fools as they are about to have their worthless throats cut. Is there anything more detestable than one who claims a term, title, label, etc. that once identified a sane and tested and fruitful world-view but which has been co-opted by traitors and suicidal mental-cases like the types at Cpac? Clearly the last remaining “conservatives” who can with anything like a historical bona-fide justification for identifying themselves as such MUST be foremost fervent racialists. I would add also must subscribe a historical Christian ethos even if you have not internalized a cherished religious sentiment. Even seeing P. Buchanan being interviewed by Hannity provokes one to chafe as Pat must tailor his rhetoric even to be acceptable on Hannity’s show and that as Hannity pathetically interrupts him to ensure a context of an anti-racist spirit on Sean’s part leading Pat to confirm the same, which leads back full circle to the revolting spectacle that is “conservatism” in its typical and broad definition today. If Whites are to survive in future (and I am certain White America will not) they must start over (that is return to a former state of soul) and throw out this trash called “conservatism” that they have been suckered by and finally face the reality of race and the perfidy of the elites and their govt. that have been dispossessing and genociding them for more than a generation now.

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