Tempe Shooting


I’ve never heard of “Nipsey Hussle” before, but I can imagine why one of his shows would end in violence.

In his music video “Hussle In The House,” Mr. Hussle seems to spend an inordinate amount of time posing in front of a Mercedes-Benz or being seen in a Mercedes with various women. It reminded me of some of the African counties that I researched for Black History Month 2012:

“The proceeds were spent on luxury items, with imports of Mercedes-Benz hitting an African record one year after Zaireanisation.Ordinary Zaireans, supposed beneficiaries of the process, watched in shock as businesses closed, prices rose, jobs were doled out by new bosses on purely nepotistic lines, and shelves emptied. After a few weeks, the Big Vegetables could be heard asking when the Portuguese and Greek businessmen who had left the country would be coming back to restock the warehouses.”
– Michela Wrong, In the Footsteps of Mr. Kurtz, p.98

There seems to be a remarkable correlation with racial ancestry:

“The wealth the new elite acquired was ostentatiously displayed in grand houses, luxury cars and lavish lifestyles – ‘platinum life’, it was called in Abidjan. In East Africa, a new tribe appeared, cynically known as the WaBenzi, in description of rich politicians, officials and businessmen who drove around in expensive Mercedes-Benz cars.”
– Martin Meredith, The Fate of Africa, p.171

It is amazing how the system reproduces itself across continents:

“The blight of corruption, meanwhile, spread even further, most noticeably in West Africa at first, then to other areas. In many parts of West Africa there had been a long tradition of ‘dash’ – of gift-giving for services rendered. The bigger the man, the bigger the ‘dash’ for the favour received. The “Big Man” became an accepted feature of West African life, a patron fostering his followers by his fame and fortune.”
– Meredith, p.172

It also spans across time and history such as when Mansa Musa went on a hajj to Mecca with bling bling:

“Mansa Musa is mostly remembered for his extravagant hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca with, according to the Arab historian al-Umari, 100 camel-loads of gold, each weighing 300 lbs.; 500 slaves, each carrying a 4 lb. gold staff; thousands of his subjects; as well as his senior wife, with her 500 attendants. With his lavish spending and generosity in Cairo and Mecca, he ran out of money and had to borrow at usurious rates of interest for the return trip. Al-Umari also states that Mansa Musa and his retinue “gave out so much gold that they depressed its value in Egypt and caused its value to fall.”

The Arabs believed that the blacks had a peculiar nature:

“Galen says that merriment dominates the black man because of his defective brain, whence also the weakness of his intelligence.”
-Mas`udi (d. 956 AD), Muruj al-dhahab

“Therefore, the Negro nation are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because [Negroes] have little [that is essentially] human and have attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals, as we have stated.”
-Ibn Khaldun, Muqaddimah, 14th century AD

“We know that the Zanj (blacks) are the least intelligent and the least discerning of mankind, and the least capable of understanding the consequences of actions.”
– Jahiz (d. 868 AD), Kitab al-Bukhala

Note: In December, the artist known as “Slim Dunkin” was killed in Atlanta over a piece of candy.

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  1. When NWA did what this young man is doing, they did it better, they did it 25+ years earlier, and at least one member of the band who was rapping about crime actually had a criminal background. This guy? Had to ask for it to find trouble, and it’s a trouble that was mapped out before he was even born.


  2. The Car-go Cult.

    Here tongue in cheek, I must blame the Germans. They bankrupt many suckers with their beautiful vehicles. They make tidy cars with powerful engines. Balancing elegance and raw power in one irresistable package.
    I understand the Romans sought out metal smiths from the Rhine area then as now to ornament chariots and make bridles and harnesses. Look at what happened to them! Nothing has changed in two millenia.

  3. I endured the rap video that accompanies the post. It’s amusing how the (c)rapper has a little self-pitying whine about how he’s seen a lot of death but then promotes the same retarded, urbanzee lifestyle. Truly the spawn of Satan

  4. All true. But our real problem is how Little Man spenderism has infected much of the u.s.— the white imports in the “New South,” like the people who drive around in MBenz cars (here it’s the bmw) with vanity plates stating “retired” or “boss” with emblems from their big city life (e.g.: nyc, detroit stickers and baseball caps)– then park them in front of McMansions the mexican crews have done slap-paint jobs on, and planted invasive weeds that have pretty flowers long enough to sell the palace.

    The big city life emblems are meant to say “I am a survivor.” It is a sign (supposedly) that you are tough. But REALLY it’s exactly like Ole Bob’s “Weakest Generation.” If you were so tough, why bother to put yourself through the boot camp of a city, lol. If you were so smart why is your claim to fame that you were “tough and could take the beating.” A surviving masochist–woo woo.

    Even worse, are the progressive white reactionaries to this– like skinny women with crew cuts, boy bodies, no bras endlessly professing to “not care about money,” while they soak the tax payers, that sort of thing. Or really rich guys in old trucks. –Everyone trying to hide, to bury how they got tainted, or showing it off like a prize.

    The only way to tell who’s who is by constant questioning and throwing out stories to see how people react, since you always know a man by his reaction to your stories.

    What a mess.

  5. Hunter

    I just wanted to let you know that you did an admirable job putting GL’s nonsense to rest at MR. Congratulations on counteracting his arrogance with factual rebuttals. Europe is no better off than here; in many ways they are worse off for the various reasons you mentioned. I would actually argue that America has done very well considering the fact that we have many more nonwhites to deal with. Add to this the fact that there are practical limits to what the managerial state here can accomplish due to shortfalls in resources and the resistance of communities against the FedGov’s tyrannical agenda, and you have some cause for optimism.

    Now, I would not go so far as to say we’re in “good shape” here, but I do not believe things are as bad as is commonly believed. If anything, I would say that white cohesion is rising as we diminish in numbers, since it is becoming clear that the FedGov is committed fanatically to our displacement.

  6. Anyone heard about a bit of a scandal in Chicago? Turns out Rahm Emanuel’s private attitudes about black academic potential is little different from what you’d expect to find in the pages of SBPDL. He privately told the big fat negress who heads the Chicago Educational Racket that there is a limit to how much money you can throw down the sinkhole of the school system and face the facts that “some kids just aren’t going to amount to anything in life.” To the fat, dread-locked, mulatto, lesbian running the educational racket such remarks were heresey, though just common sense to the average Joe on the street.

  7. I encourage everyone reading on here to click over to theroot.com – the 24/7 blame whitey site founded by Louis “Yo Mama” Gates of the beer summit fame.

    Please leave sensible, well-reasoned comments. You will find, alas, that the rebuttals will be lacking in depth. For example, to the comment I posted below, the only answer from the great minds at Da Root was: “Two words: Moron alert.”


    Here’s my comment to the Root on “When Sorry Isn’t Enough For Racism”. (Btw: how many of you reading on here have noticed the peculiar black affinity for writing convoluted, barely logical sentences? Even the title of the root article I mention reveals this unique negro attribute: in just a few short words, the writer makes it clear to non-blacks that he (or she) struggles with the most basic meaning of the words being used. “When Sorry Isn’t Enough For Racism”: okay, you get what they’re trying to say. But with black writing there is Always, ALWAYS this slightly awkward stringing together of words. It’s like they’re fighting with the concepts the words represent. What’s truly amazing is that EVERY article on the Root has this exact same pattern. No further proof needed that this stuff is hard-wired.

    Check it out and report back.


    – Arturo

    My comment on the Root (and yeah, I know it’s a little mean. I don’t like being a dick. But I swear if you go the root and read all the blame-whitey comments, they just kind of get you in a vendetta kind of mood):


    It is highly entertaining to observe lesser-evolved humanoids on this site comment on the state of “white racism” in the US today. They are children in adults’ bodies; the peculiarly unique way they write is one of the many, many things that makes this abundantly clear.

    I don’t hate blacks, I hate black behaviour (TNB) and the outrageous uppitiness of blacks, that is inspired by a hatred for his father – the white man – and a raging jealousy of the White Man’s achievements, and resentment towards the White Man’s munificence and paternalistic ways.

    Whites have spent a trillion dollars trying to uplift blacks since the invidious Snivel Rights era, and the results in 2012 are an irrefutable indictment of the good-natured gullibility of Whites, and the monumental stupidity, violence, and unassimilability of blacks.

    Were Africa not in our midst, we might well have made it to Mars by now with that trillion blown on blacks.

    Yes, if I were black I would rag on whites too – what else can they do? Say ‘thank you for saving us from the Stone Age’? Not likely to happen.

    The only way negroes can affirm some sort of positive identity is in a calculus of rebellion and resentment. Blacks are the way that they are because they are biologically different from other races – a full-blooded negro’s brain is some 120 grams lighter than the brain of a White Man or a Chinaman. The reasons for this disparity were common knowledge in the mid-19th and early-20th century, the heyday of so-called scientific racism; one need only glance at the works of Samuel Morton, Arthur de Gobineau, Madison Grant, William Hannibal Thomas, Hesketh Prichard and the like, to see what we’re talking about here. Back in the day, it was commonly accepted that negroes were from an evolutionary point of view, one hundred to one hundred and fifty thousand years behind other races, and hence midway in their physical and cognitive development between the White Man and the higher primates, a common-sense fact that is confirmed by simple observation. In effect the works of Samuel Morton told us that the negro cranium, while 20% less voluminous than the White Man’s, also exhibits a slope (prognathous – thrusting forward of the lower jaw) of some 72 degrees, as compared with 80 degrees on average for the White Man, and 60 degrees for the gorilla. Simple observation of a negro profile will confirm this today, even though American africans are on average endowed with 17% White European DNA: while the “double chin” is common in the white man, in the negro profile, one tends to see the chin sloping the other way, namely *upward* from the tip of the chin to the point where the jaw meets the neck. Look for yourselves next time you’re in Wal Mart.

    None of this is presented here for purposes of hatred or division; rather, these undeniable statements of fact are part of the “Discussion On Race” that Eric “My People” Holder is insisting we have.

    We want blacks to live alongside other races in a more civil manner; in order for this to be possible, certain indivisible realities must be acknowledged first.

  8. Without the trillion or so thrown away on the genetic throwbacks since 1945: No trillion dollar debt. A Mars colony. A managable black Population at perhaps 5%.
    Beautiful inner city areas. Taxes halved.

    Just give me a few supertankers and I’ll ship all 40 million of them back.

    Africa would still be run by Europeans. Perhaps the black population there would half what it is now. White colonies all over the Congo basin. All over Nigieria. All over Lake Victoria.

  9. In furtherance of my observations on negro literation, consider this little gem published 2005 in the Guardian and Mail Online by a prominent South African “intellectual” and medical researcher :

    “Wrath of dethroned white males”

    source : http://mg.co.za/article/2005-03-25-wrath-of-dethroned-white-males

    H/t : Mike Smith Political Commentary dot kalm

    Sincerely from beautiful short-sleeves New Orleans,

    – Arturo



    Wrath of dethroned white males
    by MALEGAPURU MAKGOBA Mar 25 2005

    A critical factor of human development and leadership is “our primate heritage” as defined in the book Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership, by Howard Gardner, Harvard University’s distinguished psychologist and professor of education.

    In the primate family, to which humankind belongs, there are certain heritage features which display “clear dominance relationships among members, and the proclivity to imitate”, hence such terms as “aping and monkey business”.

    These heritage features are most pronounced in males who compete for control of the social cluster, for protection of offspring and possession of the most desirable females.

    Baboons or bonobos, for example, are often headed by a dominant male with pretenders to the throne hanging around. The dominant male ensures that progeny are not only his through reproduction, but also that all members of the colony imitate him. He becomes the “gold standard”. Ultimately the dominant male is dethroned by a younger and fitter male, only to repeat another variation cycle of hierarchy, dominance and imitation.

    The dethroned male becomes depressed, quarrelsome and a spoiler of the new order until he gets ostracised from the colony to lead a frustrated, lonely and unhappy life. This is our “primate heritage”.

    I use this example because baboons are familiar to most South Africans; they are among our closest primate relatives genetically and a totem for some Africans. African people have been referred to as bobbejaan and at times shot and killed by certain white males who apparently “confuse or mistake” us for baboons.

    More importantly, I use this example because humankind is reflective and should do better than our primate relatives; also because the dethroned white male in South Africa is playing the same role as dethroned baboon troop leaders do.

    The primate practice teaches us that information is not sufficient to bring about change; that change often only occurs when it is enforced on even such a highly sophisticated species as humankind.

    A group of dethroned white males called “Die Boeremag” are recently alleged to have been plotting a coup and even entertaining the exciting thought of assembling all Africans on the N1 and then chasing or marching them to Zimbabwe. In their naïve logic, Zimbabwe belongs to Africans and South Africa belongs to whites.

    Another group of white males are languishing in a Zimbabwean jail for masterminding a coup in Equatorial Guinea; a group of white male farmers have emigrated to Nigeria; and some white males are alleged to be causing “instability in the Free State”.

    Recently, Justice John Hlophe to his credit raised the issue of racism within the Cape Division of the judiciary as largely ascribed to and associated with white males. Many prominent Africans have complained repeatedly and with increasing frequency over the decade about “alienation and institutionalised racism” within the academic, church, corporate, media, sports and public/government sectors of our country.

    As the transformation of our society deepens, like the peeling of an onion, more racist white males are being caught, fingered out and revealed. Surely we must by now recognise and respect that Africans who have been victims of racism over centuries and generations understand better than the perpetrators about what racism is, means and feels.

    We must equally accept that 350 years of racist experiences and socialisation cannot be overcome in 10 years of freedom. The request for “reconciliation” and “forgiveness” masquerades as a quest for memory loss. Regrettably, whenever an African raises this issue, the white male response has been “to play the man rather than the ball”.

    Racism, a socially constructed phenomenon with no biological basis, is a complex system of symbols and meanings that continues to modify over time as a consequence of both societal structural changes and political struggles. A segment of white males continues to deny the collective body of African experiences and instead wants to monopolise and to dictate the definition and appropriate meaning to racism. If and when they do accept the existence of racism, it is often detached and projected. Lately, many African students at campuses of higher learning are complaining about “racism, alienation and social exclusion”. The main culprits are the younger generation of white males imitating their elders.

    Similar symptoms of the dethroned are evident in the caustic, negative terms in which the debate about black economic empowerment is framed; in the ways in which black executives are vilified; and in the way in which employment equity is always viewed through the prism of its impact on the longevity and well-being of the (dethroned) white male.

    The dawn of the new dispensation has retired a segment of previously dominant and ambitious white males prematurely. This segment has lost its power, authority and a sense of purpose in society. Whether intended or unintended, conscious or unconscious, a sector of white males have an adaptation problem.

    They have become bitter; but this also has become a serious problem for our society and a major obstacle to our democratic transformation. Some members of this group, which is out of kilter with the mindset of liberated African society, have become spoilers — across a wide range of activities. It has become not only ungrateful but also oblivious to Ubuntu. This group does not seem to understand the word “reconciliation”.

    All these take place in the midst of a society making every effort to reconcile its horrible past and to transform itself into a just, equitable and non-racial society. The creation of a non-racist society will emerge to a large extent through the conscious confrontation of the current pervasive racism by all.

    It is crucial here to indicate that not all white males display this obnoxious, arrogant, racist behaviour we continue to experience 10 years after liberation. In fact, to the contrary, many white males have made great strides, great sacrifices and significant contributions to this evolving equitable, non-racist and non-sexist South Africa we are creating through our Constitution and our African renaissance vision.

    But the group of spoiler white males, just like the male baboon or bonobo, was once a dominant force through colonial and apartheid conquests. Over centuries this group defined that which was civilisation as opposed to that which was barbarism. He defined that which was liberal as opposed to that which was autocratic. Even when he excluded women, blacks and the uneducated classes in society, he still called this liberal philosophy.

    He defined culture, morality, ethics and the shape and form of wealth distribution according to the way it suited and advantaged him. He created and bequeathed the world an illiberal, unjust, unequal, racist and sexist society. Over centuries and through dominant enforcement he ensured that his mindset or world view was imitated without question by those he presided over. This dominant white male has had an unparalleled and unrivalled opportunity in which to shape the history and future of the world and humankind according to his image.

    But as history and nature would have it, unfortunately the white male in his prime was never able to conquer everyone. The great Arab and Chinese histories and cultures continued to challenge the monolithic culture of the white male. The indestructible and experiential cultures of the Africans remained impervious and alive despite centuries of imperial invasion and concerted efforts to obliterate these.

    With the demise of the empires and of Western values, even the stiff upper lips of these white males begun to quiver. This white male feels ostracised from society and is leading “a frustrated, lonely and an unhappy life away from the herd”.

    We now have a predominantly African government presiding over an African country and a predominantly African society with dominant African values. This African force will follow our primate heritage of cultural social clusters, dominance and imitation, with modifications made by our Constitution, which respects human dignity, diversity and non-sexism. It will also be influenced by the context of the 21st century, globalisation and the greater mosaic of interdependent cultures.

    Africans will transform and reconcile this society by ensuring that the fingerprints of their African culture, value and knowledge systems and notions of social order are embedded in and are the blueprints of a future South African society.

    Africans will not transform this country through previously dominant foreign rules, values or cultures. No dominant group ever transforms society through subservience and alien values. This would simply be against our primate heritage. When the English were dominant we were anglicised, when the Afrikaners were dominant we were Europeanised, now that Africans are dominant we must Africanise and not apologise for our Africanness.

    The white male should instead be excited by the new prospects of imitating Africans. When we say “Mayibuye iAfrika” we mean it and mean business. Democratic governments are representative of the will, values and aspirations of the majority and not the will and aspirations of a whingeing white male minority.

    While Ubuntu will continue to influence our drive for reconciliation, let there be no doubt that sooner or later African dominance and the imitation of most that is African shall permeate all spheres of South African society

    This message should be loud and clear just as the writing is on the wall for all to whom South Africa belongs. All modern democratic societies celebrate diversity around a common vision, in our case an African vision. It should therefore become common sense that the white male soon learns to speak, write and spell in an African language; that he, like Johnny Clegg, learns to dance and sing like Ladysmith Black Mambazo. He should learn kwaito, dance like Lebo, dress like Madiba, enjoy eating “smiley and walkies” and attend ‘”lekgotla” and socialise at our taverns.

    He must soon accept, value and imitate the things that matter dearly to Africans. The sooner this white male gets out of his denial mode, the sooner he will receive treatment and proper African rehabilitation. Surely, our white male group can and should do better than the baboon or the bonobo.

    Malegapuru Makgoba is the vice-chancellor of the University of KwaZulu-Natal and writes in his personal capacity

  10. The letter by this University President fills me with a strange sense of dread. Yet, if the nigger wishes to kill the goose that lays the golden egg (white civ) he can watch his his country fall apart at my leisure.

    This idiot thinks African Blacks have anything to teach anyone? My god the arrogance. The fool actually thinks civilization is about musical dancing styles. That it’s about bonobo clan dominance. These poor niggers are going to starve or slit their own throats.

  11. This letter requires serious explication.

    It exposes the HNIC mindset of the black. Even a University President can’t get beyond
    the jungle rules. It’s just in them.

    Does he really think that civilization springs from imitating an oafish political leader? That it’s just a bunch of learned mannerisms stemming from a muh dikin’ Thug goon? That place is in more serious trouble than I ever though possible. This letter was written by a member of their highly functioning elite! They guy has no
    conception of abstract thought. They won’t have roads within two decades. A civil war
    will break out and we will be forced to provide billions in aid to feed them.

  12. This letter calls for that good old “Authenticite” Mbuto called for in Congo. Goodbye sweet Natal…Addio South Africa.

  13. Here a university vp revels in telling bright young white men that they need not apply to his institution.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but college is the refuge of the bright from the tyranny of the brawny. It’s supposed to be a place for the sparky among us to think up new things and advance civilization a bit. Improve technology a little. Here El Presidente Mbonobo McChimpanzee Muhdikasezulu informs us that white fellows, you know, the lions share of Nobel Science Prize winners are an Alien outside influence.

    Who among us is going to apply to this prestigeous university with a faculty of advanced scientists and engineers in Natal? Or send out daughters there to be dominated by the Head Bonobo?

  14. John- the entire letter was probably drafted by some Kike. Kikes are always behind the Nogs, filling their nappy heads with fanicful notions. The Nog’s letter is chock full of Marxist boilerplate.

    You, my dear fellow, are making a fatal error. You wonder as what Mbonobo McChimpanzee (luv it!) is actually thinking.

    He’s NOT thinking. Not in the way you think. Process and ponder ideas and concepts, etc. Nigras are marvelous mimics. They have learned all these Magick Mojo words. Big White Man Magick, that brings them wonderful cargo! Haven’t you noticed how Barry Soetero hisself starts stammering and stumbling over SIMPLE words, in seimple sentences, the moment he goes off script? He’s only half Jungle Bunny, himself. He sounds wonderful when he repeats with 110% confidence, the Jew Mojo Words that have been given him. The Jew Serpent slithers up to them, and give them “ideas”. The Nigras now “think” the ideas are all their very own. They now HAVE White Man Mojo.

    I had a fascinating conversation, many years ago, with a Jewish professor, who teaches at a South African University. He asserted that ALL Negroes, no matter where they are, or where they were born, believe in magic. Every last one. He said that even though they are busily killing off Whites, they relentlessly “ape” Whites, even though they have no idea as to why they are doing what they are doing. It’s all about getting Mojo, by any means necessary,

    Think about it. Everything in that “letter” is simply Mojo Magic. It’s an incantation.

  15. P.S. – Haven’t you noticed how Barry Soetero hisself starts stammering and stumbling over SIMPLE words, in simple sentences, the moment he goes off script? He’s only half Jungle Bunny, himself. He sounds wonderful when he repeats, with 110% confidence, the Jew Mojo Words that have been given him.

  16. The Irish have an imported Negro Problem.


    one of the blacks calls on the Irish to end their racist ways! Lol. The irony here, you could press shirts with it. The Irish exchanged the English with something much much worse.

    Denise, I know he doesn’t think. I’d assume a college president would spend all his efforts on telling the intellectual world that they must come to his university to teach and study in a safe, encouraging, supportive place. Instead he tells white brainiacs that they are slated for extinction. What a fucking moron. You don’t chase off Intellectually alpha male talent in academia if you want research money, endowments and high standards.

    Utter moron.

  17. Denise — yes, yep, uh-huh…

    “Of course, of course.”
    — Captain Beefheart

    But you gotta remember, always, (for both blacks and J’s) that they aren’t interested in progress, beneficence, morality, justice, peace, advancing the interests of their alleged university, whatever.

    They’re only interested in Revenge.

    Oh and plus also, stickin dey dick in yo wimmins. J’s, too. They don’t even view that as a subcategory of Revenge (which would be logical); dey jus wanna get dem summadat white pussy.

    Adjust your calculations accordingly.

    “Homeowners unite.”
    — James Dickey, “The Firebombing”

  18. “We must equally accept that 350 years of racist experiences and socialisation cannot be overcome in 10 years of freedom.”
    How true, nature will take atleast another century to totally reclaim SA.

    “The white male should instead be excited by the new prospects of imitating Africans. When we say “Mayibuye iAfrika” we mean it and mean business. Democratic governments….”
    Why don’t you have an authentic african government? How can you contradict yourself like that in the very next sentence?

    “It should therefore become common sense that the white male soon learns to speak, write and spell in an African language”
    Not too terribly difficult, you never invented a written language, and your spoken ones fill a paperback. Unfortunately the concepts that make South Africa work require a little more sophistication.

  19. 350 years of the introduction of farming, the alphabet, the wheel…yeis dese wundahs ob waiht magic ah “stubborn things”. No matter how much the black resisted these oppressive technologies the white never learned.

  20. Kasimir,

    As bad as things are here, I would never consider moving to Europe to be an option. The only positive thing that can be said about America is that we still have the choice of opting out of the system.

    In the United States, we still have the physical means to defend ourselves and the right to speak our minds without fear of being molested by the government. There is far more space to move around here which gives us more time to fallback and organize resistance against the status quo.

  21. This message should be loud and clear just as the writing is on the wall for all to whom South Africa belongs. All modern democratic societies celebrate diversity around a common vision, in our case an African vision. It should therefore become common sense that the white male soon learns to speak, write and spell in an African language; that he, like Johnny Clegg, learns to dance and sing like Ladysmith Black Mambazo. He should learn kwaito, dance like Lebo, dress like Madiba, enjoy eating “smiley and walkies” and attend ‘”lekgotla” and socialise at our taverns.

    He must soon accept, value and imitate the things that matter dearly to Africans. The sooner this white male gets out of his denial mode, the sooner he will receive treatment and proper African rehabilitation. Surely, our white male group can and should do better than the baboon or the bonobo.

    Very big on “minority rights,” this nigger, I see.

    “Fuck off, nigger,” is the only response necessary to the worthless nigger animal that penned this screed. Unfortunately, way, way, way too many whites (indeed, non-niggers of all sorts of varieties) are only too willing to listen to and carefully consider the mumbo jumbo churned out by afrobaboons. Worse, they will adamantly refuse to call out the most blatant transgressions against hallowed minority rights values provided the transgressors are niggers. God it’s frustrating.

    I used to think speaking so forcefully against niggers was a bad idea because it would scare the pants off white niggerlovers, which would only strengthen their niggerloving resolve. But now I think that they’re already fanatically committed to sacrificing everything they are (and had the chance to be) in the name of uplifting the worthless, utterly worthless, nigger animals of apefreaka that people should speak their minds. Fuck niggers and fuck niggerlovers.

    “The Only Rap Fan that Reads Occidental Dissent ”

    FWIW, I knew “straight outta Slauson” was a play on straight outta Compton. And I knew Slauson was a street in South LA too.

  22. Silver: Coming along nicely, there. By George, I think he’s got it!

    I didn’t read the Babuntu’s masterpiece – I’ve learned that they have nothing worthwhile to say, and don’t waste my time. I think I got the sense of it from the piece that Silver quoted, and it’s standard kaffir crap. I once read a similar thing where the kaffir concluded by saying something like “your biggest mistake was to ‘teach’ us to read”. Complete with the scare quotes, implying that we didn’t really teach them to read. They hate the truth, and their standard response to it is to “reject” it. As Denise said, that’s a White man’s mojo word that makes all the nasty facts go away.

    To hell with Africans and everything dear to them. I for one can do better than baboons (or Babuntus) and have no wish to emulate them. Incidentally, you know what a smiley is? It’s a sheep’s or pig’s head which is boiled and served whole on a platter. As the dinner guests pick away the lips and cheeks, the smile is revealed. You gotta love it – at least, if you want that “proper African rehabilitation”.

    I say, rehabilitate Africa through quarantine.

  23. Silver: dude, I totally get where you’re coming from, but you have to understand:

    1) The game (as proposed) isn’t worth the candle, and

    2) It would be far better to propose a brand new game, with different rules.

    There’s really no point at all in giving the time of day to these parodistic chimps, much less in spending useful energy trying to refute them. They can’t and won’t be refuted because they haven’t got a serious adult argument, only a parody, so it can’t and doesn’t matter. Nothing will ever matter in their (anti)context, more than just gibsmedat. I mean really, go back and try to read what that creature wrote, it’s just cargo-cult BS, it’s preposterous.

    Put it this way: in my younger days I was a fairly serious student of early Chinese philosophy from, say, circa the so-called “Spring and Autumn” and Warring States periods. But imagine if I just put all that aside and spit out a pair of vaudeville buck teeth and pulled my eyelids up to slits and spouted some sort of corny nonsense like: “Confucius say — one man’s floor is another man’s ceiling!” That wouldn’t be a serious man’s game, right? But it’s about the level intellectually of what our “dethroned” friend is gassing on about, so leave it lie.

    I actually think these monkeys are making a valid point in spite of themselves. It’s rather obvious, and it should be, that White people have no serious future in Africa. Well and good. I agree.

    So let the Boers and the other SA and Rhodesian white gentiles (and NOT the jews, let them sleep in the glorious multi-culti bed they made, although they never will and never ever do) come back home to the West as refugees, where they have their proper business; BUT let us also acknowledge that, correspondingly, African blacks have no business whatsoever in Europe or North America or Australia, and let them therefore be DENIED, categorically and for any and all reasons, any immigration status, refugee status, asylum-seeker status, student visa status, etc etc, forever. Let us acknowledge frankly and purposefully that, just as the White man has no proper business in the Black man’s lands, so too does the Black man have no proper business, NONE WHATSOEVER, in perpetuity, in the White man’s lands.

    Hey, I think I could live with that!

  24. I agree with Denise 100%, there is no black intellectual anything on the Left and what black intellectual stirrings there are it is faintly on the Right.

    Blacks are literally the Left’s house niggers, Blacks + Liberalism + Democratic party = 85IQ “racists” and nothing more.

  25. The Irish exchanged the English with something much much worse….

    Their hatred of the English –carried over also when they arrived in america— has not served them well in the long run. Wrath is a Deadly Sin. It’s when you cut off your nose to spite your face. First the rule of the pope, then this. Sadly.

  26. John – Listen to Oscar.

    I am having success, in bringing DWL’s and Conservatards “over”. I’ts one step forward, 8 steps back, etc. I’ll drag White folks kickng and screaming, nd whining, casye “Racism’s not nice”. Blech.

    The HARDEST part is getting any type of Whites to grasp the idea that Nig’s and J DO NOT HAVE THE SAME THOUGHT PROCESSES that Whites do. It’s a whole completely different mental landscape.

    Revenge, and dat White pussy.

    That’s about it. Jews are simply Niggers that CAN think. This is why they are far more dangerous. As far was what they want out of life – they wnt immediate physicl gratification, and

    Understand this…

    Grasp this….

    They want to make themselves shiny.

    They want others to pay for their stuff.

    But the MAIN goal is:

    Making themselves shiny.

    That’s it. That’s all their is to it.

  27. Some shines got dem selvs a million dolla hous for nothing. They never even made one payment on their 4900 square foot house.

  28. @John

    In America, we sometimes call niggers “shines”. It was more popular back in the 1960’s, but is seldom used these days.

    Other names for niggers include: spook, spade, jiggaboo, coon, shitskin, bubble-lip, shovel-snout, crisco-head, moon-cricket, porch-monkey, jungle-bunny, tree-hanger, Leroy, and junebug. There are many others, too.

  29. I meant, by the word “shiny” – that groids and their Hebenvermin Maters literally liek to make themselves shiny.

    As in wearing loud, flashy clothing – shining fabrics like lame, gold, silver, sparkles, jewelry, boddy glitter the hair and on the skin, mettalic make-up, flashy dyed blond hair, or weaves, etc.

    They make their envoronment that way as well.

    John – have oyu ever sene a movie called “Married to the Mob”? With Michelle Pfieffer? The “Italian” mob was largely Jewish. Anyway – the actors and actresses in the “Mob” are dressed in super flashy, super big hair, and all kinds of tacky, flashy outfits.

    I grew up in Pennsylvania, and I’ve live in Joisey, and all verious cities in the NorthEart corridor. John – when that movie come out, my pals and I wer in hysterics, becuase the “look” of that film was DEAD on target. The Guido/Judaic crowd looked EXACTLY like the characters inthe movie, and still DO.

    If you’ve ever seen any of “The Sporanos” episodes (one show I never watched) – the producers actually downplayed the general freakishness of the way the Mobsters, and their women, actually dress. I lived in NJ for 4 horrific years, and worked very close to fiolming locations. We used to see the company film, at varous sites. OMG. Whatever is depicted on film or TV doesn’t begin to appreach the sheer visual garishness of REALITY.

    I also lived in Philedelphia, PA, for years, and one becomes intimately aquinted with the mores of the Africanus Absurdus, when one see [it] up close, and personal.

    The stories I could tell………

    One of my pals “taught” at an Inner City High School (Pre Prison Holding tank) for Urban Youfs. She served as Chaperone/Prison Matron at one of the annual proms. She invited me. Had I known then what I know now – I would have taken tons of pics. I was astonished by the sheer outrageousness of the get ups. Words fail me. For once. Everything was glitter fake hair fake nails (the longer the better) metallics insane color schemes more glitter yards of fake and real gold gold gold rhinstone rhinstone rhinstone jewelry and embellishment, on every inch available of them. The Youfs spent a fortune on their outfits. I kept expressing my amazement at the extreme lavishness of the clothing, and my pal finally replied, “Well – they don’t get married…” and trailed off.

    Jews do the same thing.

    When I used the word “shiny” I meant literally “shiny”. I’m certain that’s the origin of the pejorative.

  30. John – that’s really interesting info. I would have to concurr. I’ve seen it. The Whites I know, (especially the men) who are excellent in whatever field of endeavor, tend to be very modest about thier abilities, and will underplay, or vrush off accomplishments.

    Not so the Nigras.

    It’s all talk talk talk. Most “rap” songs revolve around boasting, or threats. But mainly boasting. the thing is – they truly do believe their own hype. This is why it’s so easy to manipulate them, if one is inclined to do so. They have no real basis of comparison. The concept of excellence does not have a strong perch in the African brain pan. If that which that are bragging about doesn’t work out – then there’s some reason as to “why”.

    I have known very intelligent, decent Negroes in my life. John, I generally like most people I meet, as people. I possess no illusions about the fact that the vast majority of Negroes are not worth the best of them. As Whites, we truly want to give every-one the benefit of the doubt, as individuals – but this is always ill-advised, wth Blacks, since the “good ones” invariably bring the rest with them.

  31. Denise,

    Since you like art I thought I’d post a video of me playing guitar for your enjoyment.


  32. Here “El Presidente Mbonobo McChimpanzee Muhdikasezulu”…


    That’s right up there with “President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho”.

    God bless ol’ Mike Judge. I’m convinced he’s a racialist. How can you make a movie like Idiocracy and NOT beleive in Eugenics?

  33. Landshark,

    That video is amusing for about 30 seconds.

    So…uhhh..thanks for the insight into your psyche.

  34. Yt,

    That Zero Hedge site is terrific! Looks like you can say just about anything in the Comments. Short of “Shove the Yids in the ovens NOW. Make up for lost time!”

    Or can you say things like that?

    My favorite sort of place. Yay!

  35. uh as an “irish-american” i resent the usage of Mc in the term McChimpanzee! niggerss do not deserve the crude anglicized term “son-of” due to the fact that they do not form clans or even nuclear families, therefore the term “Mc” is another incantation of whiteman juju. but that is still quite good!
    idiocracy was definately snuck in under the radar, they made a nigger president in that movie, you’d think the kikes would freak out and ban it, but thank god it still blesses the airwaves on occasion!

  36. I’m a “Mc” myself as Hunter can attest.

    The Scots and Irish, what must they think of McDonalds for heaven’s sake?

  37. Denise,

    I think so. There’s plenty of jew bashing there. It IS an unmoderated (or at least lightly moderated) finance/trading blog. So lots of jew lovers and haters mixed in.

    I’ve read it for the content and the hilarious comments for a few years now. That particular thread had me laughing for hours….that was rare form. I read ZH enough to know of that trav7777 guy was a race realist but when I saw CF jumping in I thought I’d come over here and let him know it was appreciated.

  38. YT, you have a higher BS tolerance threshold than I have. Tried to follow that thread but got really irritated with reading single-word-width columns. Hell with that, life is too short.

  39. YT – I’ve been busy over the past few days – but I love that site. I’ll have to chime in.

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