Photos: White Man’s Revolution of 1876

South Carolina

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Back in November, we discussed the White Man’s Revolution of 1876 in South Carolina in several posts on this website. Several decades later, a monument was raised in North Augusta to McKie Meriwether who lost his life in the Battle of Hamburg.

Meriwether was the only White man who died in the Redemption of South Carolina. When White men in South Carolina summoned the will to overthrow BRA in 1876, the whole rotten edifice collapsed in a single day.

This must have been an incredibly moving scene in 1916:

“One day, fifty-one years after the liberation when the freedmen of Charleston had honored the Martyrs of the Race Course, there was another grand celebration on the streets of a South Carolina town, and school children again assembled and sang, and prayers again read and orations again delivered, and again there was a march to unveil a memorial to the dead.

The state of South Carolina had provided some of the money to erect the monument, but private donations were raised, too, and the Hon. B.R. Tillman had contributed twenty-five dollars, and Mr. Henry Getzen had too.

And on that day a thousand people came and cheered and shouted the rebel yell as the Honorable D.S. Henderson retold the stirring story of how young McKie Meriwether had “perished for the cause of liberty” in “The Battle of Hamburg.”

It was not a massacre in the brutal sense of that word, declaimed the speaker; “it was a rebellion against wrong, an armed rebuke to tyranny and oppression.”

Ignorance and vice had reigned in those dark days. The Supreme Court of the state had been given over to a “superannuated Jew, a shrewd carpetbagger and an ignorant black negro.” A Negro militia terrorized decent white people. Military satraps ruled the state at the point of a bayonet.

But there in Hamburg, “the very citadel of negro Republicanism,” the flame had been lit, and ignited “the white man’s Revolution” of 1876.

And then, at the top of a picture-perfect square at the top of the prosperous main street of North Augusta, some pretty schoolgirls in pretty dresses unveiled the obelisk, revealing carved inscriptions to “the memory of the young hero of the Hamburg riot,” who gave his life that the “civic and social institutions which the men and women of his race had struggled through the centuries to establish in South Carolina” might be passed on unimpaired, and the “supremacy” of “Anglo-Saxon civilization” assured.”

Note: Whenever you are having a bad day and start feeling like succumbing to “all is lost” fatalism (a sentiment which is common in these circles), search for this post, remember the words of Ben Tillman, and load this image of the McKie Meriwether monument.

Gaze at that monument and reflect upon how easy it was to overthrow BRA in South Carolina once White people simply decided that they had been pushed to their limit and embarked on the course of resistance over submission.

It has happened before. It can happen again.

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  1. Absolutely it can happen again. However, it can’t happen with pitchforks and shotguns this time. This time we have to take back the economy and the culture first.

  2. TV companies need to be destroyed.

    Courts must live in fear.

    Politicians sympathetic must be absolutely candid (no mere dogwhistling)

  3. HW somehow the LOS outfit that sends me a “reading packet” every month never includes anything like this.

    Thanks, maybe you could do a post 1865 history book of the South and its fight for freedom from negro rule. Everything I have seen was either written by a crazy anti-white northener or a Southener who most wanted respect from NYC, (even Lytle who wrote a bio of Forest)

  4. New spin on the Secret Service story.

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    However the story appears to be that they nigged the hooker out of $800 bucks. It’s a mix of white and black guys. SS agents and soldiers. You gotta love these cheap hypocritical bastards.

    Anyway the black press seem to be building a story that the SS let poor First black president Obama down by hiring a hooker. Are blacks really this stupid?

    Was MLK (Moloch) really being let down when he hired a gaggle of Swedish hookers?
    Or was he just a hypocrite?

  5. WRT prostitution: Always remember that if it flies, floats or tucks it’s cheaper to just rent.

    Where did this happen again? 800 bucks could have been a week of fun for the whole team. About 10 years ago in Mexico the hot waitresses and bartender’s at a place would blow you for like $10 if you were nice to them and tipped every round.

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    Point is that it sounds like they rented a whole brotherly for a week and “forgot to pay%

  6. The more I read about the actual history of the postbellum south, the less sympathy I have for the misguilded ideas of racial equality.

  7. One of the key steps towards escalation is the widespread use of jury nullification.
    Imagine if a TSA employee angers a father somewhere by inappropriately touching his wife or daughter, and the father beats the living hell out of him. Now imagine that the case goes to trial, and the jury acquits based solely on Who…Whom questions.
    I encourage all readers to ask who…whom whenever they’re in a civil or criminal jury room. It only helps us, especially if it triggers a cycle of escalation.

  8. The problem or advantage depending on how you see it to jury nullification is that widespread it will just end up with trials being suspended or nullified for security reasons.

    This could be a good thing as it will force tyranny into the open.

    After that what usually happens is the systems loses legitimacy and people start pushing back. After that you get the masked judges approach that the 3rd world loved.

    Again that escalates and using todays tech the pushback gets even uglier.

    How that plays is hard to say. A mass campaign to starve the US population as political control seems plausible but again risky, a great many military people would not be happy with that.

    Its also possible a hard push might bring the whole thing down if the foundation gets any more rotten.

    if thats the case as the guys as Sipsey put it “Got militia?”

  9. Matt,
    You get it correctly, it results in a cycle of escalation that delegitimizes the existing power structure. Authorities become frustrated that those that defy them get acquitted and start breaking more rules of engagement. This results in direct attacks on officials. It presents an opportunity of course for TPTB to deescalate, but I don’t think they have that in them. Nor do I think they have the stomach for any sort of serious conflict.

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