Atlanta: The Color of Crime


This post is dedicated to the memory of Brittany Watts.

In Atlanta, African-Americans are 54 percent of the population, but are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary.

Source: APD Uniform Crime Reports, Apr 2011 to Apr 2012

Update: I’ve emailed these numbers to the Neal Boortz Radio Show. Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Editor’s Note: OD isn’t shocked by the results of our investigation (it took an hour to crack the numbers) into the color of crime in “The City Too Busy To Hate.” Last year, we briefly took a look at three months worth of Atlanta crime statistics in “Who Are Neal Boortz’s Urban Thugs?”

From April 2011 until April 2012, now with a full year’s worth of data, we are reporting that African-Americans over the age of 17 (the “yoofs” of “Da ATL” are excluded) were responsible for 100 percent of homicide arrests in Atlanta in a full calender year.

Black people are 100 percent of the homicide problem in “The City Too Busy To Hate.” Remarkable.

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  1. Hunter- here’s a thought. You should compile this data, and release an ‘e-book’ showing the point at which ‘diversity’ of Blacks and the increasing crime rate, make percentages of blacks in any given area a ‘zero sum game.’

    Seeing the 6% /50% ratios for Wisconsin,
    and the 50%/100% ratios for Altanta,

    one could easily equate quality of life to percentage of Negroes in a given populace.
    This is easily graphed. One has to now ignore things like regional differences, because there ARE no regional differences anymore. Minnesota looks like Southern California in some respects, with its Hispandering politicians, and Mogadishu in other respects, due to her Muslim congressthings.

    Of course, you and I know this is White Genocide, pure and simple. But graphs talk. And, if the Obamanation is going to go down come November, it would be a simple ex post facto thing to point out at what point niggers affect everyone’s ‘quality of life.’

    Just a thought.

    • you suck. as a person. i hope you’ve either changed your mind or ended up incarcerated in the years since you posted this hateful ignorance

    54. ? (Hernnstein, 1994, p 456-457). If admission to medical school were determined by MCAT score, only seven blacks in the entire United States would probably be admitted to the top ten medical schools and there would be almost no black physicians. (Cross, 1997, p. 17; Dawson, 1994). Also see (La Griffe du Lion, 2000c; Gawande, 2004). The odds ratio favoring black applicants to medical schools over whites was 21 to 1 in 2005. (Clegg, R., “Discrimination Continues,” Center for Equal Opportunity, Oct. 17, 2006). Male physicians are recruited from people with an IQ of at least 114 (U.S. Dept. of Labor), which is 1.1% of the black population and 23% of the white population, so there should be 4.8 black physicians for every 100 white physicians. In 1970, there were actually 23 black physicians for every 100 white physicians and, in 1980, it had increased to 30. This means that of those 30 black physicians, 25.2 had IQs less than 114. (30 – 4.8 = 25.2). If we take 114 as the minimum IQ for competency, then 84% (25.2/30 = 0.84) of the black physicians are incompetent. (Levin, 1997, pp. 264-265; Ree, 1992). Since the 1978 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, which permitted racial discrimination in favor of blacks in medical school admissions, the percentage of whites in medical schools between 1986 and 2005 has dropped 27% while the percentage of blacks has increased 23.8%. (Association of American Medical Colleges). Moreover, basing admissions on standard tests actually results in over-representation of blacks; for the SAT test (Harvard data), 240 points would have to be subtracted from the black combined verbal and math scores to accurately predict black college performance. (Klitgaard, 1985). See (Miller, 1994b) for a proof.

    The same is true of law schools. (Heriot, G., “Affirmative Action Backfires,” The Wall St. Journal, Aug. 24, 2007). Only sixteen blacks had a GPA of 3.50 or better and an LSAT score at or above the 92.3 percentile in the 1996/1997 tests, and those scores are below the median for elite law schools (Graglia, 1998), so Affirmative Action has also produced less competent black lawyers. (Kirsanow, 2006). First-attempt law exam pass rates were 31.1% for blacks and 73.1% for whites. (Law School Admission Council, 1998). “More than 20,000 adult blacks [out of a total adult (over 18) black population of 214,700,000 in 2004 (U.S. Census, Table 1)] in the U.S. have an IQ of 130 or more, but because of affirmative action, the chance that your black lawyer will be one of them is vanishingly small.” (La Griffe du Lion, 2000a). “Currently only about one in three African-Americans who goes to an American law school passes the bar on the first attempt and a majority never become lawyers at all.” (UCLA law professor Richard Sander, Fox News, Oct.15, 2007). (Lin, A. “Judge Rejects Race Bias Suit Against DLA Piper,” The New York Law Journal, Dec. 7, 2007). Black police (Levin, 1997, pp. 81-82) and firemen are also less competent, again sacrificing lives for egalitarianism. (La Griffe du Lion, 2000c; Batz, R. “Quotas in the San Francisco Fire Department,” American Renaissance, Vol. 9, No. 9, Sept. 1998). For every 1% increase in black officers in a police department, property crime goes up 4% and violent crime goes up 4.8%.” (Lott, 2000); also, “How Whites Stack Up,” American Renaissance, Vol. 18, No. 8, Aug., 2007, p. 11). Corruption also increases. (McGowan, 2001). Black teachers fail competency exams at more than twice the rate of white teachers. (Herrnstein, 1994, p. 393). In other higher level occupations, African Americans also have lower IQs than whites. (Jensen, 1998, pp. 565-569). Far more black than white employees (44% versus 25%) work in grossly overpaid government jobs, where politics trumps competency. (The ninth annual Black Investor survey by Ariel/Schwab). Blacks are over-hired in Federal government departments by as much as 808% more than their proportion in the civilian labor force. (“Equal Opportunity vs. Equal Results,” Adversity.Net, July 23, 2007). On TV and in the movies, blacks are portrayed as highly competent professionals, but the reality is the opposite. In the military, which is disproportionately black, “White recruits are more likely to end up in highly technical fields; black recruits are more likely to end up in clerical work or the supply services.” (Seligman, 1992, p. 202). Since the low IQ of blacks makes it impossible to find enough qualified blacks, women were given “minority status” for the purposes of Affirmative Action, though women are actually a majority. Back

  3. Good move sending the data to Boortz. Although I would not be surprised to see him ignore it or even attack you because he doesnt agree with all of your opinions.

    You can never tell with him. Sometimes he will go against the flow but often he is a PC parrot like in his gay “rights” statements.

    SPDL is doing a great series of articles about BRA in Atlanta. Lots of good info there too.

  4. Wonder about other ethnic IQ figures for the Doctoring Industry, especially the India-ans, since they brought a lot of those. If anyone had asked, I would have said I assumed the average doctor was supposed to have an IQ of 130, which they obviously do not, judging by appointments.

    That explains a lot. Doctors for the state with IQs of 100… it’s a wonder anyone is alive at all, instead of just fat, undernourished from being raised on preservatives, underslept and all the rest.

    Well… it will be a cold day in hell when whites tape their mouths closed (all being rednecks, supposedly, they could use duct tape…don’t they have tons at home?)— and hold up signs with nothing more than the myriad names of the slain—- it is a good silent protest idea, but they would never do it.

  5. I agree with the fact that Kneel aBortz is the biggest DWL around. He’s nothing but a phoney with his plane, property,money and perks. The fact that he has survived on talk radio in Atlanta tells just what kind of a lawyer he is. He’s a bigot of the worst kind. He actually admits he’s nuts. I agree.

  6. I second Fr. John’s suggestion. It could be the first in a series of books that touch other subjects of Negro dysfunction. If you want help just provide the methodology that you’ve been using and the raw data and we can begin crunching the numbers.

    • negro is a spanish term used by bigots. get lost. hopefully you’ve changed but if not, i hope you lose a lot in life

  7. I’ve been steadily expanding the Color of Crime series lately … new entries include New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin, New York City and Atlanta. You can also access all the Color of Crime posts under the new tab in the header.

  8. I’ve been steadily expanding the Color of Crime series lately … new entries include New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin, New York City and Atlanta. You can also access all the Color of Crime posts under the new tab in the header.

    I noted this new header just this very morning : thanks 🙂 Saves me from having to google yer posts as needed when engaged in ‘cyber-battle’ with the anti-Whites.

  9. Boortz is a wordist (worshipper of words) who if fighting for his precious property and money like conservatives are trained. He is fighting a race war by himself basically, and going to lose.

    We are getting two faced by blacks, amongst themselves they talk about race and war and while they are in public they lie to us. This site even gets a few blacks giving us the public face, “u b raycis and shiz, an we needs to com together.”

  10. That Denver “attack” sounds like fiction to me.

    Bowing down? Pluuuueeeesseeeee. Where does this garbage come from?

  11. “It must be increasingly recognized that the Negro has already made very substantial contributions, not only in his folk-art, music especially, which has always found appreciation, but in larger, though humbler and less acknowledged ways. For generations the Negro has been the peasant matrix of that section of America which has most undervalued him, and here he has contributed not only materially in labor and in social patience, but spiritually as well. The South has unconsciously absorbed the gift of his folk-temperament. In less than half a generation it will be easier to recognize this, but the fact remains that a leaven of humor, sentiment, imagination and tropic nonchalance has gone into the making of the South from a humble, unacknowledged source.”

    —Alain Locke, “The New Negro” 1920

    Came across this (unintentionally) hilarious quote via a recommendation to read an article by some feminist nutcase (by a White man no less!) .

    Had to share it here 😉

  12. Alain Locke,

    if you can hear me now…how is that prediction of the nonchalant black turning out for you?

  13. Hunter, another great post! Thanks for the research. I’ve been passing nuggets from this website over on AT until I was kicked off for like the 10th time. I truly believe that middle of the road, white, Zionist Faileoconsvatives are our biggest obstacle. There are so many of them, assuring the Republican Party remains the party of losers.

  14. I’m on facebook arguing with a mestizo about the use of the word ‘gringo’ being offensive to whites, she insists it’s not races. LMAO!

    I am however totally feed up with the double standard though. Any non white CAN SAY ANYTHING THEY WANT.

    Sorry for being off topic..

  15. I’ve sent this data to various political reps. Full citations as to source. NO apologies offered.

    Molon – you are not off topic. It’s salient.

  16. just tell the bitch she can call us what ever she wants as ling as she does it on her side of the border

  17. Molon Labe: Only if you let them get away with it. Once the first shot is fired (calling you gringo) then let batteries be released with “Wetback”, “spic” etc. See their bluff and raise them and they will stop.

  18. Molon Labe: Another thing you can do that they hate but cannot deny is this. They are all coming to the country your WHITE ancestors settled, defended and built FOR THEIR DESCENDANTS to get away from the 3rd world cesspool their ancestors left them. If they lay down the normal “go back to Europe the Native Americans were here first” BS line, just say that immigrants aren’t coming to live in teepees, dance around the totem pole and hunt buffalos, they are coming for what your white ancestors built. Cuts to the bone, every time.

  19. The issue that gets me about mestizos is that THEY ARE PART WHITE. People from Spain are white. Mixed race folks are really messed up…like the magic mulatto in the white house..

    Oh by the way today is cinco de mayo, the day mexicans defeated the French at the battle of Puebla, so wear the Fleur de lis today…I always do..

  20. Molon: “Part white”????? That’s like saying a girl who indulged in fornication is just ‘a little bit pregnant.’

    The Spics are NOT white- What Spaniards there are, are either at the very tip top of Hispanic society, or long gone.

    The Biblical model is ‘ten generations’-’s-own-damnation/

    that old ‘one drop’ rule is gonna make a REAL big comeback once we are back in power. Ez. 9:2, doncha know.

  21. HW…R U telling me that 100% of the murders in Tlanta are done by Congoids-on-Congoids and Congoids on all else? There’s not some rounding-off going on? Not one “White” (cf.: Tulsa) struck back at a Congoid? This is truly disturbing. It’s like 35,000 white femmes being raped by niggers every year and not one, NOT ONE, she-boon is ever poked by a White. I know. They’re ugly and smell bad. BUT NOT ONE? What ails us?

  22. it’s no longer a murder if a person shoots a negro in self defense and I don’t think it would be tracked in the crime stats

  23. Boortz is a blowhard. I can’t stand him most of the time. Sometimes he really rails on a libtard caller, but often it’s just a bunch of hot air.

    I vaguely remember the Brittany Watts story. The story didn’t get nearly the coverage it deserved. I hope the animal gets the dirty needle. I wonder if it’s all because he approached her for a date and this is all the result of a fury due to being rejected because she’s “rayciss.” Just a guess.

    I hate “the city too busy to hate.” Just saying.

  24. When a spic says something like “gringo isn’t racist,” you just accuse the spic of being a racist who thinks Whites should not be able to object to terms used to refer to them, even as spics get to decide “alien” is bad and YT must now use “undocumented vibrantarian,” or whatever new euphemism they’ve cooked up in the last week.

    Or just say “alien” for every time they say “gringo.” After all, the terms are roughly equivalent.

  25. Homicide or murder?

    Either way, it’s not surprising really.

    The state has a monopoly on violence. The state is the feral nigger.

  26. the sate does not own a monopoly on violence in the usa; but it will if the leftist get their way on gun control

  27. I wouldn’t put it past the obese, ugly, incompetent sheriffs in Atlanta completely making those numbers up to stir hate. Its what people do when there’s nothing else to do but fuck your first cousin.

  28. “Or just say “alien” for every time they say “gringo.” After all, the terms are roughly equivalent.”

    I prefer the term “wetback.”

  29. Should our government spend millions investigation Zimmer, who was found not guilty, or send the money to chicago to help prevent the murder of 100’s of black children there?

    • It’s not the job of the White taxpayer to save the niggers from themselves, you idiots. We need to repatriate all niggers in the world back to Africa, isolate them, and simply allow the beasts to slaughter each other out of existence.

  30. A Black’s life has no value (to the race hustlers), unless it is taken by a White.

    These people are not anti-racist, they are anti-White.

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