New York City: The Color of Crime

New York

In New York City, African-Americans are 25.5 percent of the population, but are responsible for 55.5 percent of homicide, 45.5 percent of rape, 63.5 percent of robbery, and 52.8 percent of aggravated assault.

Note: In New York City, Hispanics are 28.6 percent of the population, but are responsible for 33.8 percent of homicide, 43.1 percent of rape,  29.1 percent of robbery, 33.8 percent of aggravated assault.

Source: Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City, 2011

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  1. What % of the population are Hispanics? The statistics for Hispanic crime are worthless without this statistic.

  2. Those are puerto ricans and dominicans. Many are mixed with black, pretty much just as criminal as them.

  3. Wow, that’s a really elite black population in NYC, I guess. 1/4 of the population, but only 1/2 of the murders? That’s really low, compared to, say, Wisconsin (6.3% and 57%, respectively).

  4. Are the Hispanic stats complex to untangle. I understand that they are alternately white or whatever for purposes of perps and Latino/Hispanic when victims.

    Good point about Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. They are Afro-Hispanic. Basically black. What about Jamaicans? I bet they are the worst of the nigs.

  5. Jamaicans? I once had a wrestling match w one at Park/57th, after using my bike lock to smash his cab mirror; congoid had muscles like piano wire. While we were thus engaged, one of my bike-messenger friends lifted the radio out of his cab…he said “I give up”, and returned to his native archipelago. This alone prolly reduced the future NYC Black Crime Rate by a point or 2.

  6. Many, many highly esteemed intellectuals have analyzed the causes of disproportionate rates incarceration amongst ‘so called’ minorities in this country. It is widely agreed upon, by intellects far superior to your own, that the traditions of racism, segregation, and slavery in this country has resulted in the systematic oppression of brown skinned people. So, while it’s easy to selectively ignore these undeniable facts about our past, it’s hard to ignore the fact that ethnic Darwinism is restructuring the racial hierarchy of the world. Take heed white folk! It was fun while it lasted but the ride is over.

  7. Behold your new God, America:

    ” intellects far superior to your own ”

    Why it’s “self-evident”. ‘Don’t get it’? Looks like someone was sleeping in geometry class! Euclid and Lincoln made an airtight case against Negro slavery that was just over your head because you have an inferior intellect, dummies!

  8. @ Tamer of Savages: Lincoln allegedly recognized that slavery was devoid of logic regardless of who is being enslaved. To justify the enslavement of another based on color, class, religion, intelligence, etc. is to justify the enslavement of yourself.
    Allow me to ‘demonstrate’ my point in a concise manner: an enslaved people who have fullfilled their intellectual potential, surpassing that of their captors, has the right to enslave those captors. I think that’s why Lincoln opposed slavery, no?
    Have I at least partially addressed the point you were making here?

    “Behold your new God, America:

    ” intellects far superior to your own ”

    Why it’s “self-evident”. ‘Don’t get it’? Looks like someone was sleeping in geometry class! Euclid and Lincoln made an airtight case against Negro slavery that was just over your head because you have an inferior intellect, dummies!”

  9. Survivalofthefittest: Hey jackass, the only thing that keeps us or our descendents from being enslaved is our own strength. There is nothing intellectual about it. Might makes right in this world. Catch a clue, dumbass!

  10. “Allow me to ‘demonstrate’ my point in a concise manner: an enslaved people who have fullfilled their intellectual potential, surpassing that of their captors, has the right to enslave those captors. I think that’s why Lincoln opposed slavery, no?”

    That’s actually a great question, no joke. But the answer is no. That maxim you put forth is infact true and was demomstrated in many cultures a good example being Mamluks in the old sultanates of what is now modern Egypt. After first winning respect through generations of devoted service, then other accolades including high military/political/science honors until they eventually formed their own “slave group” that was superior to freemen.

    Negroes were utterly incapable of making such an impression on their captors much less demonstrating a non-existant superiority. Freeing Negro slaves was a decision made by a white man prepared to slaughter hundreds of thousands of other white men in cold blood. The Negroes need only riot, kill their masters and become agents of oppression against former masters and poor whites alike.

  11. The real argument that stands to be made is that Negroes (understood as southern and westernly Africans) corrupted the institution of slavery like every other form of social organization they’ve ever been exposed to. I’d love to debate either side of that argument with a competent opponent.

  12. What is Ethnic Darwinism? This is a new term. Social Dawinist, I’ve heard this term.

    Ethnic Dawinism? Wtf is that supposed to mean? Surely it’s more germane to point out that blacks are engaged in political gamesmanship along with DWL and Jewish vanguards?

  13. Ethnic Darwinism is when Negroes mistake over-the-top tolerance of Whites for Negro superiority. Probably because they’ve never looked up the definition of a favorite buzzword in a dictionary and might be shocked if they did.

    1. capacity to endure pain or hardship : endurance, fortitude, stamina

    2a : sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own b : the act of allowing something : toleration

    3: the allowable deviation from a standard; especially : the range of variation permitted in maintaining a specified dimension in machining a piece

    4a (1) : the capacity of the body to endure or become less responsive to a substance (as a drug) or a physiological insult especially with repeated use or exposure ; also : the immunological state marked by unresponsiveness to a specific antigen (2) : relative capacity of an organism to grow or thrive when subjected to an unfavorable environmental factor

    b : the maximum amount of a pesticide residue that may lawfully remain on or in food

  14. Negroes in BRA are to borrow Shahak’s terminology, administering oppression on behalf of their northern liberators. An under-policed negro criminal element ethnically cleanses urban areas and votes negro politicians into city and congressional offices. In turn these elected negroes and their populare allies distribute the resources of white families to the negro underclass. This system was not devised by Negroes nor consented to by the Southern population. It is a Yankee method of oppression.

  15. ” intellects far superior to your own ”

    Never let a liberal fool browbeat you by making such appeals. In ancient times the glorious Romans appealed to the superior intellects of THEIR ancestors to justify mass capital punishment of slaves that tolerated a murderer in their midst. From the hero Gaius Cassius Longinus to the Senate:

    43. “Often have I been present, Senators, in this assembly when new decrees were demanded from us contrary to the customs and laws of our ancestors, and I have refrained from opposition, not because I doubted but that in all matters the arrangements of the past were better and fairer and that all changes were for the worse, but that I might not seem to be exalting my own profession out of an excessive partiality for ancient precedent. At the same time I thought that any influence I possess ought not to be destroyed by incessant protests, wishing that it might remain unimpaired, should the State ever need my counsels. To-day this has come to pass, since an ex-consul has been murdered in his house by the treachery of slaves, which not one hindered or divulged, though the Senate’s decree, which threatens the entire slave-establishment with execution, has been till now unshaken. Vote impunity, in heaven’s name, and then who will be protected by his rank, when the prefecture of the capital has been of no avail to its holder? Who will be kept safe by the number of his slaves when four hundred have not protected Pedanius Secundus? Which of us will be rescued by his domestics, who, even with the dread of punishment before them, regard not our dangers? Was the murderer, as some do not blush to pretend, avenging his wrongs because he had bargained about money from his father or because a family-slave was taken from him? Let us actually decide that the master was justly slain.

    Is it your pleasure to search for arguments in a matter already weighed in the deliberations of wiser men than ourselves? Even if we had now for the first time to come to a decision, do you believe that a slave took courage to murder his master without letting fall a threatening word or uttering a rash syllable? Granted that he concealed his purpose, that he procured his weapon without his fellows’ knowledge. Could he pass the night-guard, could he open the doors of the chamber, carry in a light, and accomplish the murder, while all were in ignorance? There are many preliminaries to guilt; if these are divulged by slaves, we may live singly amid numbers, safe among a trembling throng; lastly, if we must perish, it will be with vengeance on the guilty. Our ancestors always suspected the temper of their slaves, even when they were born on the same estates, or in the same houses with themselves and thus inherited from their birth an affection for their masters. But now that we have in our households nations with different customs to our own, with a foreign worship or none at all, it is only by terror you can hold in such a motley rabble. But, it will be said, the innocent will perish. Well, even in a beaten army when every tenth man is felled by the club, the lot falls also on the brave. There is some injustice in every great precedent, which, though injurious to individuals, has its compensation in the public advantage.”

    So the anonymous superior intellects (ostensibly Lincoln and Douglass, that is a tyrant and a mulatto) can take a seat unless someone is to claim they are greater intellectual representations of western culture snd statecraft than a man like Longinus and the entirety of the Roman Senate. Draw some historical nourishment from classical civilization you Lincoln worshipping scum.

  16. What a bunch of bull! I watch religiously shows like CSI: NY and Law and Order: SVU so I know for a fact that blacks NEVER commit homicides or rapes.

  17. wow, what a bunch of ignorant uneducated morons you are, its obvious this was written by a white person, also 87% of minorities are harrassed and discriminated against, (FACT) how about putting the real figures up here, such as who the sex offenders ,the serial killers and the real drug sellers are, these numbers are false idiots! get your life and grab a reliable sourse and stop quoting wikipedia or how ever you wanna spell it lol!!!and all of you men who are speaking against puerto ricans dominicans and blacks, i bet half of you have no problem sleeping with them because your women ass is like a door, flat ha ha ha ha i cant, ha ha ha

  18. Back to the stats, which are intriguing as NYC indeed has apes with less predatory nature than the nation. FBI stats in 2012, peg the chimp populace at 13%, with 48.9% of all murders, and slightly over 50% of rapes committed by them.

    The primary cause of this racial difference is not slavery or oppression, it is the over 1000 academic research papers pegging their IQ 15% lower than the average white. Black women even lower.

    Now, back to the crime stats. Niggers lack impulse control. They are unable to compete intellectually, but the feral fuckers can jump! So, violent crime. The other interesting variable goes back to intelligence. The morons get caught more often than whites, they are not as smart, and the impulse control means they can not plan.

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