Caribbean Project: Trench Town


Thie documentary below explores the life of the Black Undertow in Trench Town in post-independence Jamaica.

Trench Town, the home of DWL music legend Bob Marley, is one of the most violent ghettos in Jamaica which is the third most violent country on earth. Three of the original Wailers were shot and killed.

The neighborhood is controlled at the precinct level by dons who have perfected the fine art of warlord democracy. In Jamaica, the dons turn out the vote for the PNP and JLP – the two major political parties – who fight over control of the state for national resources can be redistributed to their followers through patronage networks.

The reality of Trench Town is something to think about next time you hear a DWL friend or acquaintance smoking ganja and jamming to the beat of Bob Marley’s “One Love”:

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  1. the Emma West tormenter on my Tram experience brings this type of world to Britain in her womb.

    “But Eyeh hamh Breeteeeshhh….” the Jamaican cleaner said as the English scrubber ranted on to her about how much her old Croydon has changed in her lifetime. My dear you are a West Indian, your kids will be rootless shifty ghetto rats most likely.


  2. Jamaica is a major exporter of criminals to the UK, U.S., and Canada. In the 1950s, 10 percent of Jamaicans left the country, most of them settling in Britain.

  3. As I watched I asked myself “what are they fighting over?”, and it is the voters themselves isn’t it? Should tourism/fungible aid to Jamaica be banned then?

  4. Jamaica should be Carpet-Bombed for at least several weeks! Afterward, some humans might be able to go there and set up some kind of Civilization!

  5. Jamaica wants Canada to help look after `cons’ it sends back-Nov 23 2007

    KINGSTON, Jamaica–They arrive on flights dubbed “Con Air,” a steady flow of Jamaicans thrown out of their adopted countries as convicted criminals.

    More than 33,000 deportees have landed during the past 15 years, almost all removed from Canada, Britain and the United States. For a country of 2.7 million people struggling with poverty, limited police resources and rampant crime, the deportations are placing added strain on an already burdened society, Jamaican officials say.

    After years of lobbying Canada and others to end the practice, Jamaica recently changed tactics. It’s now pushing for funds to set up programs that help deportees re-integrate into a land some haven’t seen since childhood.

    The U.S. and Britain, which by far expel the most ex-offenders, recently made financial offers. But Canada has apparently remained silent.


    Paying Jamaica to take them back?

    So the (incorrect) premise is: they were “criminalize” in the US, UK and Canada, and its not genetic.

  6. Good lord. Well, so at least the UK does deport filth. It’s a start. Give the pilot a parachute…and not enough fuel to get there.

  7. I watched the whole documentary. Thanks for posting it Hunter.

    I just wish the cameramen had found a don to interview. That would’ve been a colorful one-on-one.

  8. Just finished watching it as well. All black nations, cities, ect. all look the same. Trash everywhere, poverty and violence.

  9. I never got the whole Marley thing. I still don’t. I mean I don’t get what white kids got out of it. It always seemed to me like they were making themselves like it.

  10. Google Marty Nemko What Its Like To Teach Black Students to see why Zimmerman headbutted St Trayvon’s fist and then shot him.

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