Amurrica Series: Episcopal Church Votes to Allow Transgender Ministers

New York

Here’s the future of the Southern Baptists and the Presbyterians:

July 8, 2012|10:00 am A day after a legislative body of the Episcopal Church voted to sell the denomination’s New York headquarters amid budget cuts and declining membership, church leaders on Saturday adopted legislation to give transgenders the right to become lay and ordained ministers….

The bishops’ move overlooks the fact that 200,000 members and 300 parishes have left the denomination in the past few years partly due to the church’s leftist policies on social and political issues. Nine years ago, the church approved its first openly gay bishop.

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  1. We have these freaks here locally and they are constantly on the lookout for anything they can debase themselves with. No honor and no pride. They remind me of some type of homosexual sado-masocists constantly waiting for their next “beatdown”.

  2. Another stage in the devolution of another state religion.

    Apostasy and abomination are not just archaic words.

  3. How much of this is to do with Federal Dollars? It looks like compliance with grant writing guidelines.

  4. There are no Episcopalians left in our family, anyway.

    But one day, I hope to hear the inside dirt about the Real Activists who set their sites on taking down that church. It was clear, from everything I’ve heard, that they made a real effort, even going back to the sixties, and were very influenced by Vatican II also. They started with “minority” stories and stories about such people finding Christ, then female ordination, expanded lay roles, etc. The gay thing came last, then the fiasco with the first one winding up in rehab. Such a joke.

    This denouement didn’t happen “naturally.”

  5. Another display of animus delendi from dog vomit “Christians.”

    Nothing natural about it. Obviously.

    Deo Vindice

  6. I had to read twice to make sure what I read in the first pass was correct.

    It appears they are DELIBERATELY self-destructing.

  7. Great news! And not a surprise at all. I recently protested at a ‘gay pride’ parade, the 2012 Kentuckiana Pride Parade in Louisville. I was the only protestor. But I saw plenty of church groups participating in the parade. I yelled at this one minister walking behind a pro-sodomite banner and said “Hey Reverend, what kind of perverse gospel are you preaching?” He gave me no answer. I saw many denominations participating in the parade. But where were the real Christians? Not to be seen. I’m serious, I was alone as a protestor. Now I’m just waiting for the next Pope to be a negro. Suggested name: Leroy Errectus I. A negro pope would be the religious version of a Trayvon mob. White Christians need to come to the understanding that Christianity nowadays is an overwhelmingly non-White thang. Hanging on to the cross will be the equivalent of having a stone tied about you and having yourself cast into a tar pit.

  8. I asked someone the other day, if they realized that white, male chauvinist, antisemitic, racist, homophobes, actually developed and built America, in it’s first 200 years?

    I then asked them, “with Jews, negroes, feminists, and fagots in charge over the last 50 years, how is that working out for you?”……….I thought that they would faint.

  9. Yes, Outlier the Christian organisations are deliberately self-destructing.

    The numbers of the infiltrators have been topping up since the time of the Apostles. Time and again they have been removed. But now they have the numbers to impose apostacy from the top. The former secretary of the Communist Party of the USA, Bella Dodd, testified under oath that her organisation alone had financed 111 men into the priesthood of the Catholic Church in response to an International Party mandate – these would have been men under Party discipline hand picked for their vices. That the Church received this donation from the International Communist Party all over the world can not be doubted.

    We are living through the time of which the Apostole Paul termed “the Great Apostasy”.

    I hope you do not imagine that the nations of the world thus ‘purged’ of the Church and Christian organisations and faith communities will then be moulded into some kind of utopian naturalistic and secular order at the hands of the dominant power base.

    Historically, that now dominant power base has scourged the nations that underwent its republican and Communist revolutions with state terror, famine, endless wars, ethnic cleansing, gulags, death camps and surveillance.

  10. Rod Dreher is reporting today that attendence in Episcopal churches has dropped dramatically since 2001, including by some 75% in Philadephia.

    Of course, this never seems to stop them.

  11. I belong to the UECNA (United Episcopal Church of Notth America). It’s a breakaway from the mainsteam church. The mainstream Episcopalians have lost their minds.

    I’m a lapsed Catholic and my husband is Protestant, but not very religious. We wanted to find a church where we would both feel at home and we joined this church because my husband came home one day and told me that he had found a church where the priest was holding a service for Confederate Memorial Day. We went to the service and we’ve been there ever since. Can’t beat a church that flies the Third National.

    Deo vindice!

  12. The catholic church has been chock full of liars, war-mongerers, degenerates*, pharisees, murderers, snake-oil salesmen, charlatans , money-grubbers , and all assorted kinds and manner of scumbags, since the very first day “she” opened her doors for business.
    * Includes men who’d rather live off the collection plate than go out and do some real constructive work. Maybe even get their hands dirty every once in awhile.
    *Also sexual degenerates hiding behind a white collar.
    *Also, many priests throughout the history of Europe sired children. Many children. Europe always suffered from an abundance of orphans because of the “celibate” priests. Of course, the orphans were treated like shit by the very same church that sired them in the first place. These orphans were always ripe for any troublemaker who came around and promised them a world where they, the orphans, would belong and be accepted.
    The catholic church itself produced the very type of white “christians” so enamored of the jews —>The ones who promised the orphans a better kind of world where they would finally be accepted —>The jews the catholic church leaders feigned to dislike so much. The orphans comprised a good percentage of “the rabble of Europe”. An expression one comes across occasionally in history books : The expression is loaded with meaning.
    Catholic church horseshit is like quick-sand. It just never ends. It’s a bottomless pit.

  13. I’m now in agreement with the majority of posters here with regard to “Joe”. That last post of his was the calling card. He’s a schizophrenic kike troll.

  14. The beginning of the end for Anglicans/Episcopalians was actually the Lambeth Conference in 1930 when they approved artificial contraception for purposes of controlling birth under some circumstances. That was the first big break with Christian tradition on moral matters.

  15. The jews do not have a monopoly on bullshit and lies– the catholic church always gave the jews a good run for the money as far as bullshit and lies are concerned. At least the jews didn’t cover up their bullshit and lies with a shroud of “holiness” and “sanctity”. The catholic church killed down tons of white Europeans throughout the history of Europe. Ostensibly for religious reasons– gotta get rid of those awful heretics– but there was always a financial motive behind the killings. Usually land grabs by the popes : many of whom were in hock to jew bankers ; jew bankers the popes loved to kibble-n’- bits, by the way—> Always have in spite of the anti-jewish papal “bulls…” issued every now and then. It’s been going on from the very first day the church opened “her” doors for business.

  16. If I appear “crazy” to anyone it’s because I majored in history. Did quite well as a student. Thank you very much. My professors always appreciated me because I always brought a different light to the subject(s) being discussed. Thank you very much.
    Did very well. Had alot fun,too. It’s very difficult for anyone to indoctrinate me into any kind of bullshit. I know my history well.

  17. your professors always appreciated you because they are as anti White as you are. Being well liked by college professors is a condemnation not an commendation

  18. @ 313Chris
    I guess you don’t have anything better to do than label anyone you disagree with a “troll”. What an easy way to avoid the subject matter. What a cop out. What bravery!

  19. joe you are clueless; me and Chris argue all the time and has never called me a troll. we call yo a troll because you are a troll

  20. How easy it easy it is to label someone a troll instead of just debating in an honorable way. But No. Just label someone you disagree with a troll and then run away. Very impressive, especially for such a tough GI Joe* military man like Stonelifter.
    * Or would it be more appropriate to label Stonelifter a tough Johnny Reb military man? I guess it doesn’t matter after all : Both kinds yell “troll” out to anyone they disagree with and then proceed to run from debate like little scared jackrabbits at the sound of a gun shot.

  21. @Stonelifter
    How presumptuous you are to label my college professors “anti-White”. A few of the professors were anti-White, not all of them. Some were very conservative and not in the least bit anti-White. Most were nuetral. A few were leftist, anti-White types, this is true.
    As it is, I was always in opposition to my leftist “anti-White” professors, and they respected me for it. I walked out of their classes having done very well and after writing many papers refuting everything they had to say.
    Still, almost every professor I had in college allowed open and free debate concerning the subject(s) at hand. For the overwhelming most part, the professors allowed and encouraged free and open debate. The few leftist professors who didn’t care for free and open debate had no choice in the matter when I sat in their classrooms : Not really. I insisted on free and open debate. At my insistence, the leftist professors then allowed free and open debate. Each and every time. They respected me for it. I walked out of their classrooms having done very well without acquiescence and without caving in to any part of their leftist “anti-White” agenda.
    You’re very presumptuous : That’s not a sign of intelligence. Quite the opposite.

  22. not presumptuous jew-joe. I went to college, a couple of them, have kids in college, graduated college etc. I’ve also well read on the topic of how liberal/ leftist college professors are and have been. None of that is presumptuous, its called being experienced and well read. You say the exact same thing those anti White college professors say and write in books. You didn’t debate them. You say the exact same thing ( minus you odd conspiracy theory stuff). Again not presumptuous, but an accurate assessment based your actions/ words here

    walk like a “duck”, quack like a “duck”… yep you’re a “duck”

  23. I find it interesting that Joe recommends the blog ‘The Thinking Housewife’ as essential reading for young White women, and yet, she is …………………*drumroll*
    a staunch Roman Catholic!!!!

    And nevermind the fact that she has already stated how she would freely choose to live in s “suicidal multicult” rather than endorse a jew-free White ethnostate.

    Bit strange that……

  24. @Mary
    I recommend The Thinking Housewife for those women ( and even men) who are tired of the 24/7 radical feminism we are all bombarded with in the media . I never suggested to any reader here, female of male , to convert to roman catholicism ( or any religion or philosophy for that matter). It’s in the realm of possibility to read a book, newspaper-magazine article, website article, and not convert to the particular religion of the author.How absurd. Nor does one have to agree with everything an author says to get something out of the author’s work. One can discern what one reads. I do : Not sure if you do, considering your inane reply to my comments about the catholic church. I never suggested to any reader to agree with everything the webmaster at Thinking Housewife says. It’s underhanded of you to accuse me of that. It’s up to any individual reader to discern and to decide what the reader agrees with or not, at Thinking Housewife and everywhere else. What an absurd point you @ Mary make. Just ridiculous. There’s nothing in anything I ever posted here at “OD” to even suggest I support the liberal/leftist/communist/ anti-White agenda ascendant in the Occident: The West. And you know it.
    Laura Wood’s article’s are not about multi-culturalism overall. She mentioned multi-culturalism once. That’s all. One doesn’t have to agree with everything an author says to get something beneficial out of an author’s work. In fact, it’s very rare for anyone to agree 100% with everything one reads. This holds true for everyone the great majority of times.
    My complaints about the church of rome are legitimate. Study the history of the church. I never said, nor ever implied, nor ever painted , the catholic laymen/lay women with the same brush I do the vatican or the church hierarchy. Never. Your point @Mary is ………… *drumroll* absurd, senseless, and laughable.

  25. @Stonelifter
    Again, only a few of my professors were radicals. Most were not. Most didn’t try to push any agenda ( left, middle, or right, or otherwise) down my throat. The few that did, I spoke up to them and I spoke my mind. A conservative mind at that. That’s all.

  26. Varina- Does your UECNA also have a ‘Whites only policy’ for their communicant membership? If not, why not? talk to your priest about that, and ask him about the anti-miscegenationist clauses in the Bible, and if he says, that’s the O.T. say to him:

    1)Matt. 5:17
    2) Ever read Greg Bahnsen’s book, ‘Theonomy in Christian Ethics’?

    If he can’t answer you straight out, he’s either clueless, or just waiting until he dies to avoid the covenantal curse over much of Christendom these days. If he DOES answer you straight out, send him my email! I’d love to talk to a ’28BCP Anglican who knows that the faith of the English Church is for the English!

  27. htp://theophanes,
    Just three of many websites about the history of the catholic church. For any readers interested. Lots of websites online about the true history of the catholic church. The history of the church of rome is very different than many think. It has always been a very corrupt institution. From the very first day it started. I stand by everything I said about the church of rome.

  28. Sorry about the links. Google them. The “reformedmediamafia” is still up. I read it today, so it’s still up. The other 2 websites are also up and running.
    Google: ” catholic church + corruption”

  29. “The beginning of the end for Anglicans/Episcopalians was actually the Lambeth Conference in 1930 when they approved artificial contraception for purposes of controlling birth under some circumstances. That was the first big break with Christian tradition on moral matters.”

    White and Confed- I would beg to differ. The Anglican communion began to unravel, when Newman poped over, believing the lies of the Roman Papacy as normative for all of Christendom, and the socialism inherent in papal encylicals took that ‘in-house care for the sick, lame, etc.’ by expanding it to non-Christendom residents; because the Tractarians began implementing the ‘universal jurisdiction’ mentality of the medieval popes when applied to the ‘dark continents’ of the Crown’s Empire, made equal citizens of those (Negroes in Africa, Indians in India, etc.) who never should have been considered so, in the first place!

    Reading Gore’s works today sounds so very, very modern, precisely because he used the foundations that later gave us Dorothy Day’s variant on Communist Socialsim, and Berrigan’s outright Bolshevism in the 1960’s, because Rome actually believes she should be the Church- not just of Christendom- but of the entire world! It is that ‘false gospel’ that caused Anglicanism to confuse Empire with Kingdom. The First is man-centered, and ultimately satanic. The second- the Kingdom of God- is specific, confined only to the Adam of God, and historically has been found within the confines of the Ecumene- i.e., White Europe.

    While Anglicans did help out with the propagation of Darwin’s faulty science, it really took the overt altruism on steroids of the ‘give me your teeming masses longing to be free’ theology of Rome’s descamisados, that readily make England ripe for the Socialist rule of the 1960’s onward. It all comes back to Rome.

    “Curse the Pope of Rome. He is the source of all problems.” – St. Kosmos Aitola

  30. The descamisados of Rome (and Argentina, and elsewhere) and the sans-culottes of Paris ( and elsewhere) exist(ed) in such large numbers precisely because the church of rome historically had a financial incentive to keep the bulk of the population poor. The descamisados and the sans-culottes served as cheap labor* for the wealthy : The church of rome always supported this economic system. Then in the 60’s, the church turned course and became commie. It goes from one extreme to another. Funny how the catholic church went commie the same time the secular jews started to push for communism so hard in the States. Funny that.
    * not slaves, but not free either. Very cheap labor as in the South’s share-cropping system : Serfs. The church always supported a serf-based economy. Again,until the 60’s. Then the same catholic church that always supported a serf-based economy goaded(s) the poor to start a revolution. What a coincidence. The church is goading on the “serfs” to rebel exactly the way the jew commies want —–> A revolution that leads to a jew commie state. What a coincidence?!

  31. I have not been here long enough to discern motives of posters or agendas.
    Every board has it’s cliques. Not sure what the deal is with Joe or his detractors, but most people are ignorant of the history of the Catholic Church. Having been raised in a Catholic home and educated in Catholic schools I was not familiar with other than what I was taught.
    After high school I became friends with a Preacher’s kid who invited me to his dad’s church. They taught from the bible. I knew little. Needless to say, my head was spinning.
    I began an extensive research into the history of the Catholic Church visiting every library in town, spending hours a day perusing old historical books. No internet forty-five years ago.
    My research left me shocked, disillusioned and somewhat angry to tell the truth.
    Why had I never heard of any of this before?

    My mother, most family members are Catholics. They are dear to me. Don’t accuse me of bashing Catholics. Church hierarchy and history are a different kettle of fish.
    I have no dogmatic axes to grind concerning religions. Have left it all behind.

    The burning at the stake of Jan Huss is but a tiny fragment of the horrific tapestry.

  32. The vatican has always worked in tandem with the big-shot jews. Always. The anti-jewish papal bulls and the vatican’s goading the poor Catholics to hate and to attack the everyday type jews in everyday life was a giant cover up . All the while the Catholic big-shots were working hand-in-glove with the big-shot jews. In the meantime, if the poor jews were starting to rebel a little bit against their own rabbinical leadership , who kept them down with millions of rules they “had” to obey, the big-shot jew leaders would call on the leaders in the church ( or a king’s court) to send in the “gentile” military to crush any jewish attempt to rebel against their own rabbinical leadership. This is the history of Europe ( to a substantial degree).
    America was a great blessing to Europe’s “teeming masses”. Unfortunately, between the collective behavior of jews and the collective behavior of christians- sincere and nominal,catholic and protestant — the country is pretty much shot. Both christians and jews suck shit for the most part.

  33. in·ane? ?[ih-neyn] Show IPA
    lacking sense, significance, or ideas; silly.
    empty; void.

    lol…you sure have a funny way of seeing your own posts there Joey. It’s your postings of late I find quite ‘inane’ and immature. A pity too since I thought you might have some good things to contribute initially.
    I noticed the change in your delivery from “that” post, the one where I challenged your recommending of Laura Wood’s blog. Your first reply was polite and quite sane, and I found no offense as I honestly assumed you had no knowledge of what she believes about jews, etc. No problem.
    Yet, a few minutes after you posted again, this time in a kind of defensive and ‘frothing at the mouth’ manner which seems to characterize most of your postings on here ever since, lol.

    And as for your claims regarding Laura Wood and “she only mentioned Multiculturalism once”….well, that is clearly a lie. Her message of ‘I would rather live in a “SUICIDAL MULTICULT than live in a jew free ethnostate” permeates quite a lot of her writings, as long as one is awake to her true loyalties, that is 😉
    And she does mention her Catholic faith very frequently in her writings, hence my bafflement that a man who would spew the kind of message you did regarding the Church above, a man who clearly HATES the Church and ALL it stands for, would be so quick to recommend others read her most very Catholic blog, lol.

    Yer good fun Joe…..a man for all seasons 😉

  34. @Mary
    Or go do some yoga. It’s good to clear out your brain cells. Plus, you might relax a little bit. You’re very fraught. And extremely tedious.

  35. Tamer Episcopalian church was out church and culture for the nation in many ways for many, many years. It’s been crap for a long time and at one point gave money to… the black panthers if I remember correctly. My family left that church in the late 70’s. Not sure of the full reasoning. My father wasn’t the type to explain much other than “the church isn’t of God any more”. Boy howdy wasn’t he ahead of the power curve.

    I can sympathize with your experience Sam. My ex-wife was Catholic, and started reading the Bible for the 1st time to prove to me the Catholic church was THE church and that our family should be Catholics vs Protestant. She was floored to find out how much of what’s in the Catholic system, what she was taught is Biblical isn’t in the Bible. It was a rough year and a half for her.

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