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  1. I wonder if Louis Theroux and Piers Morgan are related? They both have have that same obnoxious, arrogant, condescending manner about them.

    As for the film, well, it goes without saying that this is what inevitably happens when you use niggers to do your labor for you.

  2. Nope.

    This is just another example of the United States and Britain imposing their own stupid and self righteous ideas about race on foreign countries. South Africa had survived 25 years of BRA before the U.S. and U.K. finally had no need for apartheid after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  3. Was the Civil Rights Act of 1964 inevitable? No, a Yankee bipartisan supermajority in Congress had to overcome a filibuster and 9 to 1 Southern opposition to get that passed here.

  4. You think voting for RINO Romney will lead to South Africa, but not Obumbles getting a second term. Look at how much damage that Darkie has done in less than four years when he was worried about being re-elected! Now imagine what the Darkie will do if he has nothing left to LOSE!

    That Darkie has nothing but ego and desire and not one ounce of brain!

    Only a Fool thinks that Worse is Better! Better for whom?

  5. What a disturbing video. LOL at around 9:00 on video, the talked about one of the building hijackers who called himself “Hitler.” As for the buildings themselves, they are in such disrepair, they ought to be condemned, anyway. What a terrible place.

  6. What disturbed me the most was not the obviously crumbling state of South Africa. I expected that. And I was happy to see that the White South Africans in the video are tough-minded and realistic. But look at the ridiculously naive and weak reporter. He sounds like your typical liberal, post-modern pacifist White ‘man.’ People like him are handing over our civilisation. They are so removed from the natural world and have no experience dealing with Third Worlders that they are have become incredibly weak.

  7. I think Sheldon Adelson is willing to spend millions of dollars to buy Romney’s support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and for the U.S. to support Israel in the event that it decides to attack Iran.

    As for whether Romney loses, it makes no difference to me, as he supports more wars, more free trade, and more immigration, while offering me no reason to vote for him in November.

  8. Listen to me. Romney Wins, Darkies Riot like Ape City. Chimpout Galore.

    Civil War II starts with Race Riots.

    Darkie wins, four more years of your BRA meme, and slouching towards Socialism.

    Two very different Outcomes. Isn’treal is Doomed anyway! One Billion Mooslies vs Six Million Holohoaxers? Not Even Close. Let them destroy each other.

  9. Watching the third video … they are now in one of Johannesburg’s infamous Third World marooned skyscrapers with shit and urine in the stairwells. This is Atlanta in 25 years.

  10. All those Joburg niggers are descended from bush niggers who were hired by whites to work their farms and clean their houses.

    Atlanta in 25 years indeed.

  11. Were it not for the federal government, we would have long ago chased all the niggers out of Detroit and back to Dixie where they belong.

  12. Yankees invaded the South, abolished slavery, repealed their own black codes, made blacks into citizens, passed civil rights laws, invited blacks to live in Michigan, and then they passed federal civil rights laws to overthrow Jim Crow.

    What would happen if Yankees stopped deifying and promoting and lionizing niggers? For like just five years? What if they stopped doing it?

  13. The enemy is FEDGOV. Their troops and weapons trained at you and yours is what makes what you call BRA or ZOG possible.

    Let RINO Romney send these troops to Iran. If they’re there then they’re not here.

    FEDGOV must collapse. They can’t keep running Trillion Dollar Deficits forever!

    With the Military occupied overseas, Civil War II will just be Whites vs dieversities. Let them send FEDGOV troops to Iran or Syria or Anywhere Else but HERE!

  14. I have seen most of Louis’s docs.
    He is indeed a eunuch: but I do find his goofy libtardian ways entertaining from time to time. He is so out of touch with reality it’s like a car crash—you just can’t look away.

    You can see here where he meets April Gaede and her daughters, and Tom Metzger too, among others, lol….
    “Louis and the Nazis”

    He also did one where he stayed with the Phelps family for an extended period…..I think that one was the weirdest one of all. Fred Phelps was repulsed by him and told him that to his face, lol, refusing to meet him again after being introduced.
    He did form a strange bond with his daughters, however….

  15. Dr. Doom said:

    Listen to me. Romney Wins, Darkies Riot like Ape City. Chimpout Galore.

    Civil War II starts with Race Riots.

    Darkie wins, four more years of your BRA meme, and slouching towards Socialism.

    People almost had me convinced to vote for the Darkie, but after the Affirmative Action Education Initiative Executive Order ….. I can’t do it. Let the niggers riot. By the time Ohomo gets done there will be nothing left to fight for.

    The fucking HNIC is saying to your white kids you have to be suspended for who knows what minor infraction so that the white suspension rate equals the black suspension rate … this is your kids people.

    (vi) reducing the dropout rate of African American students and helping African American students graduate from high school prepared for college and a career, in part by promoting a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools, and by supporting successful and innovative dropout prevention and recovery strategies that better engage African American youths in their learning, help them catch up academically, and provide those who have left the educational system with pathways to reentry;


  16. RJP: Thanks for the post. This nothing short of admission that blacks need help in academics. Such an executive order should be all over the news, but I’ve not heard a peep from the piss stream media. Like they kept the Israeli deportations hush hush, and the historic white children becoming minorities in their own country (aside from the usual backslapping, then zilch).
    Of course none of this really matters to modern Judeo-christian conservitards (yes, the “c” is not capitalized to further symbolize the butt sucking effect of modern Christians) all for multiculturalism, MLK, war for Israel. Racial purity for Israel, to Hell with everybody else. They are ready to sacrifice their own children on the alter of Diversity to the Holy God of Equality. It’s faith for them, stronger than any form of Christianity they could muster.

  17. There’s a great vid of Louis meeting AWB leader Eugene Terre’ Blanche
    before he was murdered. ET puts that dweeb in his place.

  18. Was reading some British press articles about Romney’s “world tour”. Man, they hate Romney. They really hate him over in Europe. Though I’m pretty sure Obama is and has always been more popular there than here.

  19. So there is something to your view Hunter, that close proximity to blacks tends to harden racial views, but I don’t think it’s a viable long-term solution to live alongside the buggers in a strict caste system. Invariably you get some egalitarian dweeb who comes along thinking the caste system is what causes black behavior, not that it is the result of it, and you end up with “experiments” like BRA or “brilliant” theory like liberally applied environmental determinism. My solution goes something like this: separation, marginalization, isolation, and annihilation (at the hands of one-another and their environment). But one must keep the do-gooders and bleeding hearts at bay while nature takes her course. Perhaps we can convince the Luis Theroux’s of this world to join their stricken emotional offspring in their new life.

  20. Reporter: “They were burning people?! Who was burning people?”

    Local Black man: “The mob. I guess you could say the community.”

    Ahh, the vaunted black community. Did this community have an organizer? I feel we may have one who will be looking for a new position come this November.

  21. “Man, they hate Romney. They really hate him over there.”

    Because Romney is a true Yankee. The living embodiment of everything they envy, and everything that they know is their better. And if he gets elected, hordes of those same euro-trash hypocrites will be beating down the door to try and emigrate here. I fucking hate Europeans.

  22. “And if he gets elected, hordes of those same euro-trash hypocrites will be beating down the door to try and emigrate here. I fucking hate Europeans.”

    For all the ripping on Americans they do, they still would be hard pressed to equal the quality of life of the average Billy Bob redneck, whom they love to deride. And yes, I’ve been all over Europe, I know exactly how they live. I don’t want me none of that. Europeans love to heap scorn on us, yet their problems are far deeper than our current turd-world infestation, serious as it may be.

  23. @ “Louis theroux is the worlds favorite British eunuch,” and etc.

    This is why wn and southern nationalism LACKS read credibility. They HATE “anglos” more than they love their own people, and it’s all about “the Puritans made me do it! The Puritans made me do it!!!

    They say a REAL Southerner always asks about the person’s Grandaddy.

    So here you go, not real Southerners:

    Theroux is the youngest son of the American travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux (who is of French-Canadian and Italian descent).[4] His (British) mother, Anne Castle, was Paul’s first wife. His elder brother is the writer and television presenter Marcel Theroux.[2] He is the cousin of American actor Justin Theroux. He moved to the UK when he was four, and was brought up in London.

    FRENCH CANADIAN AND ITALIAN…. if the names “Theroux” and “Marcel” did not CLUE YOU IN (wow, that’s so English!)

    Um… Tarantino, Napolitano, Reno, Romney (mexican), DeNiro, DeCaprio, Garafalo, Pelosi, etc, etc, etc.

    Everyone WATCHES wn and southern n try to pass of NON-BRITs as British all the time. It’s disgraceful, imo.

    This should be embarrassing, to do that. “The anglo elites this, the anglos elites that…” “the Puritans this…” When IT’S OBVIOUSLY A BUNCH OF italians, frenchmen, irish (with their baggage), etc.

    I’ll come right out with it: it makes you look stupid!

    If anyone GOES STRAIGHT TO the background of at least six generations— it’s A REAL SOUTHERNER. And everyone knows this.

  24. And hey— wonder who Daddy-O married after he pumped out one kid with a Brit? Surely daddy of Marcel found himself a French wife like him.

  25. Well, he IS french and Eye-taliano.

    Which is why Southern girls should never moved to current Big Cities of any kind. This is the kind of French-eye-taliano hybrid you would have to DATE. Seeing as wasps are only 4% of the population of the northeast, (back in REALITY).

    Not that wn and southern n care about that—- as it gets in the way of the myth of their “anglo elites.” (lmao).

    Meantime, back in reality, real English were broke after WWII and got shit on. Which is more probably why all this is happening, and the Jews got israel, and the kennedys got their open border to their people in south america (those are their real people, not the americans).

  26. Yes… can you imagine the children, the half-breeds from Louis (my, again, what an anglo name).

    Lord have mercy!

  27. I get so confused when I read southern nationalism—- Italy is in Britain in this cosmology. Gosh, you learn something new every day!

  28. Oh, and the FRENCH-ITALIAN man, louis— makes a show of playing up the literary figure of the naif. Like he doesn’t know anything. Actually, by playing dumb he gets more information out there than most.

    But he’s still a eunuch. Even playing one for literary purposes is a bad idea, imo.

    And the main problem is that schools that are said to be good are in the Northeast (like Harvard and Yale)—- and so even Southern women from decent families could wind up in places like that— AND HAVE ONLY LOUISES TO DATE.

    that’s the real problem

    Genocide by eunuch’s assimilation.

  29. Theroux knows what he’s doing with the act.

    As you point out he’s fundamentally an American with paternal Franco-Italian ancestry. He’s a wild colonial who Learned his English accent at Oxford. He’s got more in common with Terre Blanche than you know.

  30. “Rudel says:
    August 1, 2012 at 12:24 am
    The dumbshit doesn’t know the difference between a “bullet” and a shotgun shell.”

    Good. Do you WANT him to know the difference?

  31. Voting for Romney is not about “what he will do” – it’s about what he won’t do.

    I cannot understand why alleged Racialists don’t understand this.

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