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  1. Page is a typical example of the neonazi, white nationalist strain of though you find in the North and North West. Recent history is littered with these nincompoops, unfortunately. And finally I’m addressing Chris not you. Uncle Sam is the Pan White empire already. America is about as White Nationalist as it’ll ever get. An undifferentiated hodgepodge of deracinated empire builders.

  2. Deepdixie,

    the Confederacy is a way to unplug from those wider esoteric issues. Dixiegirl has a lot of interesting ways of expressing the ideas.

    Germany ain’t your fault. No
    matter what happened there. Who cares?

  3. No, I’m not a Christian. I was raised Lutheran, and for a while I was attracted to Catholicism, but I never really believed that Jesus was God, or “God” was God, for that matter. What I am is a Traditionalist, and I believe that the core of Tradition is identical with non-dualistic Vedanta, which is a mystical spirituality that is also a form of atheism, as all gods are ultimately demoted to the level of symbols, albeit important ones. As a European nationalist with a recognition of the importance of the social and civic functions of religion, I am attracted to European ne0-paganism. I think that Biblical monotheism is what Jan Assman calls “counter-religion,” even though it might accidentally incorporate elements of genuine Tradition.

    Here are parts of a letter to a friend who asked me about the Swedenborg connection:

    Regarding your question about my relationship to Swedenborgianism, first let me just register that if somebody is really interested in my relations with the Swedenborgians, he would ask me. The fact that he did not ask me, but asked others, is an act of grandstanding, and given the kinds of people in our cause, it is almost certainly born of malicious intent.

    My doctoral dissertation dealt extensively with Swedenborg from a theologically neutral, history of ideas perspective. In January of 2002, I began teaching at the Swedenborgian House of Studies (a seminary program) at the Pacific School of Religion. I told them that I was not a Swedenborgian, or even a Christian, but they told me that for purposes of accreditation, they needed a person with a Ph.D. to teach Swedenborg to their students, and since I had no other offers, I accepted. PSR turned out to be unbelievably PC, and when they realized that I had not interest in writing and teaching from a perspective that put race, sex, gender, and social justice issues in the fore, they bought out the remainder of my contract and I left their employ in 2005.

    But the Swedenborgians are really nice people, and after I departed PSR, I still retained friends within the Swedenborgian world, including former students of mine. Swedenborgianism is a Christian theology (or better, a post-Christian one, since like Mormonism, they accept a further revelation). But most Swedenborgians today are not narrowly Christian. They are very open-minded, intensely interested in religion, philosophy, and spirituality, and they see Swedenborg as part of a large perennial philosophy. Some are even into the Traditionalism of Guenon and Evola. (I actually taught an Evola book in one of my seminars at PSR.) One Icelandic Swedenborgian minister actually practices Asatru. So as a Traditionalist with pagan leanings, I could feel spiritually quite at home among the Swedenborgians.

    Once at PSR, I was asked to give lectures and adult education classes at various Swedenborgian events and churches, and I was also asked to deliver “Sunday Messages” at Swedenborgian churches in the SF and Cambridge, Mass. I have done so five times now. The Swedenborgians regularly have non-Swedenborgians (Buddhists, Steinerites, indigenous shamans, etc.) give guest “Sunday Messages” (they don’t call them sermons), so I had no problem doing so, and they had no problem with me doing so. I gave two such Sunday Messages when I was at PSR, and three more in the years since then.

    When these invitations came in, I was faced with a problem of what to say. The bible really isn’t my cup of tea. Fortunately, Christian churches have a “lectionary,” a liturgical calendar specifying parallel verses from the Old and New Testaments that serve as the basis of every Sunday sermon. Although I was told I did not have to follow the lectionary, I thought it a useful discipline to do so — and to use Swedenborg as much as possible to illuminate the connection between the parallel verses — and it was welcomed by the congregations, who actually want to hear about the bible from time to time.

    So although I am not a Swedenborgian minister, I did a pretty good imitation of one from time to time.

    When I moved into open White Nationalism, I wanted to maintain a separation between Greg Johnson the White Nationalist and my earlier intellectual interests and affiliations, for the simple reason that it is not fair to bring down the terror of political correctness on perfectly nice people who associated with me in good faith before my awakening. I wanted to use my own name, but maintain some of the benefits of anonymity for the sake of friends, family, and past associates.

    Of course, I knew it was only a matter of time before these connections came out. But I was not eager to hasten that day. I also knew that they would in all likelihood come out because of malicious mental defectives in the White Nationalist camp, and I was right.

    What kind of swine will profess White Nationalism on the one hand and yet go tattle on fellow White Nationalists or their past non-White Nationalist associates, in order to harm them, merely to satisfy personal grudges? If we really believe that our ideas are good, then we need to be working to roll back the stigma attached to White Nationalism, not exploiting and reinforcing that stigma to harm others in our cause whenever it suits us. It sickens me that people who were actually quite nice to me were exposed to “the Terror” of Political Correctness just to indulge the petty malice of creeps.

    “Outing” fellow White Nationalists to harm them is probably the single worst thing we can tolerate if we want to attract people to this movement who have something to lose. People who engage in outing should, therefore, be completely shunned. They should be publicly exposed and pilloried, expelled from any WN membership organizations, and never be invited to speak at AmRen and other such conferences.

  4. Lew and Chechar are chronic apologists for Greg Johnson.

    Being Christian out of one side of his mouth and vehemently anti-Christian out the other would not be the only wild self-contradiction in Greg Johnson’s public career.

    Greg Johnson likes to copy Jonathan Bowden’s turns of phrase, thus conveying the false impression that he has derived an idea from Bowden, but he doesn’t seem to pay attention to what Bowden actually says:


    “The interesting thing about these crimes and the memory and the historical narrative through which they are institutionalized is that they began affecting a particular nation-state and its warrior-elite at a particular time; then it extended to some of the allied nationalities; then it extended out to, reflexively, the nationalities of people who destroyed that country. Now, if somebody who’s English asserts themselves in an ethnic manner with a little bit too much militancy, they will be accused of spiritually being aligned to those forces, when they are descended from men who flew planes that obliterated the cities of that government. What has happened is it’s become a generic form of thought-criminality which extends out to almost all Caucasians, and then beyond, including in the victor and successor states. So it’s become a generalized negative propaganda against all of us, stretching from Iceland to Australia. Nobody’s immune from the taint of this retrospective “criminality”; so it’s been used as an extraordinarily effective thought-weapon and ideological buttress.” – Jonathan Bowden

    After that Bowden suggests that revisionism has indeed been effective at eroding belief in the Holocaust Myth.

  5. “I believe that the core of Tradition is identical with non-dualistic Vedanta, which is a mystical spirituality that is also a form of atheism”

    You delete every post that promotes atheism and ban anyone who takes that position in the comments section of your website all the while promoting the most absurd and nonsensical mysticism and ridiculous “Continental” philosophies. A mysticism BTW, which is a cultural dead-end to the white race.

  6. The above comments, the one’s like those of “Hadding”, display the anti-White nature of those who write them.

    How? By honing their focus on divisive attacks against anyone who has a difference of opinion, and making it a personal attack.

    In spite of the sometimes good work of “Hadding” and “Carolyn” and “Tan” at the so-called “White Network”, they are rapidly outing themselves as being more concerned about attacking anyone who has an opinion they don’t find “pure” enough. In fact, they are doing serious damage to that network of people who are doing good work for the ongoing project of stopping White Genocide. Maybe they should change the name of their site to the “anti-Greg J. site”, or the “anti-anyone without a nazi fetish” site?

    It’s rapidly becoming apparent to a growing number of people that their goal is division, destruction and demoralization. They are definitely not pro-White.

  7. I got onto “Greg Johnson the Christian” after two people that don’t know each other tipped me off separately.

    To me it’s just a particularly clear illustration of Johnson’s pattern of inconsistency that is also apparent in his actions and statements within the White Nationalist milieu.

    This is extremely recent:


    Hear “Still and Always”
    Spiritual Message by Gregory Johnson, Ph.D., December 19, 2010
    Scripture readings: Isaiah 7:10-18 and Luke 2:1-20
    Gregory R. Johnson, Ph.D., is a Swedenborg scholar living in San Francisco. He is the author of the introductions to Swedenborg’s Divine Love and Wisdom, Divine Providence, and The Soul-Body Interaction in the Swedenborg Foundation’s New Century Edition of Swedenborg’s works. He is currently working on introductions and annotations to Swedenborg’s New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine, Last Judgment, White Horse, and Other Planets for the New Century Edition. He is the editor and principal translator of Kant on Swedenborg: Dreams of a Spirit-Seer and Other Works (The Swedenborg Foundation, 2003) and the author of many scholarly articles, including “Swedenborg and Swedenborgianism” for the forthcoming Cambridge Handbook of Western Mysticism and Esotericism and “Emanuel Swedenborg” in the forthcoming Continuum Kant Companion. He has delivered Sunday messages at Swedenborgian churches both here in San Francisco and in Cambridge, Mass. and lectured on Swedenborg in the US, Canada, and Germany.

  8. I was just genuinely curious.

    I’m sure everyone on the internet was under the impression you were not a Christian. You’re aren’t being outed as a non-Christian because, as far I was know, no one had any reason to believe you were a Christian, including the Swedenborgians according to your own testimony, and you even said above in your own name that you are not a Christian.

    If Linder was moonlighting at a Missouri synagogue, that would be pretty interesting too.

  9. No, Hunter, if you were curious you would have contacted me.

    Your instincts regarding my “Dealing with the Holocaust” essay are sound. It would be child’s play for you to clean Linder and Hadding’s clocks. I am weary of them and working on other projects.

    Let’s go back to ignoring one another, shall we?

  10. Well anyway, I hadn’t seen the big brouhaha over the Holocaust at TOO and VNN Forum until this morning. I don’t write about the subject because that line of revisionism doesn’t interest me. I tried many years ago to study the Holocaust when I was running a vBulletin forum and found it too boring to research.

  11. For the record, I regretted starting this thread, and was going to take it down, but it had already generated 10 to 15 responses. I don’t see why it is a big deal because according to you everyone knows you are not a Christian including the Swedenborgs.

  12. As for the Holocaust, I disagree with the idea that the Holocaust is the foundation of White guilt. While I will grant that is true in Germany, I would argue that it is not true of the United States.

    The United States fought on the Allied side in WW2 and the U.S. military liberated several of those German concentration camps. White Americans feel much more guilty about slavery, Jim Crow, the Klan, and Indian Removal than the Holocaust.

    Pity the Poor Negro is far, far, far more of a trump card – the moral foundation of BRA, which legitimizes the whole system which began with the Voting Rights Act of 1965 – than the Holocaust in the United States.

  13. What’s more, the Whites who feel the guiltiest about slavery, segregation, and “white privilege” and so forth are overwhelmingly Yankees who live in places like Vermont or Duluth, MN.

    In Chicago, Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy blames the Pilgrims and Sarah Palin for gun violence among the Black Undertow.

  14. If Hitler had never existed and the Holocaust had never happened, Jews like Eric Foner, Kevin Levin, Eric Wittenberg, Nicholas Lemann, and Stephen Budiansky would still be pushing the White guilt angle over slavery and segregation.

    Here’s Kevin Levin’s Civil War Memory blog which I read daily:


    Here’s the link to his new book Remembering the Battle of the Crater: War as Murder


  15. And yes, Hunter, you are right: even if the Second World War never happened, whites would be dealing with emotional blackmail for slavery, the American Indians, and the passenger pigeon. Thus, as I argued, the key to saving our race is to deal with our moral and psychological vulnerabilities that make us susceptible to such debilitating BS.

  16. “Hunter, do me a favor and delete this thread. The title alone is deeply distasteful to me.”

    That’s only fair, Hunter. Give the man his due.

    Deo Vindice

  17. Greg I think you could avoid discomfort much more efficiently by deleting some of your own efforts instead of asking other to delete what they have to say about what you’ve done.

  18. Hadding wrote:

    Lew and Chechar are chronic apologists for Greg Johnson.

    No, for the record, I found GJ’s arguments more convincing than Hadding’s. That’s the extent of it.

    But, for Hadding, this is not a disagreement over ideas. Notice how he likes to make it personal.

    It is perfectly clear he is motivated by personal animus so intense it clouds his intellectual judgment. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so quick with foolish statements like this one (my emphasis):

    Greggy nobody except your tiny Counter-Currents clique and a couple of psycho semi-Covingtonistas (whose poor judgment is already manifest) would say that your “[Not] Dealing with the Holocaust” withstands scrutiny.

    Except Kevin MacDonald published Dealing with the Holocaust under the imprimatur of The Occidental Observer.

    From this, I think it’s reasonable to infer Kevin MacDonald found the essay convincing. And, obviously, he is not part of any clique or a psycho semi-Covingtonista.

  19. Lew, you have no arguments except strawmen. Linder slaps you down for using your strawman argument on VNN Forum and you take it over to The White Network and try it again. You’re not sincere.

  20. I believe that the core of Tradition is identical with non-dualistic Vedanta, which is a mystical spirituality that is also a form of atheism, as all gods are ultimately demoted to the level of symbols, albeit important ones. As a European nationalist with a recognition of the importance of the social and civic functions of religion, I am attracted to European ne0-paganism.

    Anything but the uncomfortable truth, eh, Mr. Johnson?

    @John: August 7, 2012 at 2:08 am: I hate continental philosophers more than N—-’s.

    You and me both, John. I’d rather spend a month hanging out with with the blackest spades in Haiti than five minutes with those mincing “neo-pagan” fruitballs. At least the brothers still like girls.

  21. Greg is obviously interested in Swedenbourg because of his larger interest in esoteric religion and spirituality. Like that Rene Guenon guy who was into all that stuff from Sufi Islam to Catholicism to Hinduism.

  22. I get the Traditionalism part, I’m a big fan of Cutsinger. But dammit, Greg, you gotta admit this is confusing as all get-out.

  23. I’m involved in that thread under another name.
    Who cares about the holocaust? I didn’t do it. No one in my family did it and many grandparents were involved in getting it stopped.

    The Nazis were also very inefficient. They did not apply themselves to the task effectively enough.

  24. Hadding,

    So Alex Linder slapped me down. I guess that’s the end of it then. LOL, lord, thanks, truly, for the belly laugh.

    From what I can tell, Alex Linder busts on damn near everybody from time-to-time. I don’t take shit personal like you do. Moreover, I’m not required to agree with him on every point, though I do agree with him on many points, many more than I disagree with. I’ll continue to think on Alex Linder’s ideas re: the holocaust. In your case, I won’t.

    You say I’m not sincere? Do you purport to read minds now? Your overly suspicious nature, what appears to verge on genuine paranoia about people who disagree with you, is approaching J Richards proportions. The only person besides you who has ever questioned my sincerity is the uber-troll J Richards who operates at Majority Rights and who once suggested I am in his words “controlled opposition.”

    It’s worthless exchanging words with you because you don’t appear to get that it’s possible to disagree with you without something going on other than disagreement.

  25. The TOO Holocaust debate does concern the Southland.

    You have Holocaust Memorial museus and projects in
    San Antonio
    Kennesaw, Ga
    Miami Beach

    These museums / foundations service schools, charities, churches, community groups and universities.

    The Jewish narrative of the sufferring holy people and their ‘holocaust’ is becoming the civic religion for the goyim. There is no separation between synagogue and state in the USA. Homage to this religion is so important that it dictates that the Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour and King be shrouded in the presence of the delegations of the suffering holy people and their holocaust reparation and shakedown racket.

    Michael Hoffman’s text: The Great Holocaust Trial is essential reading for the new millenium. In 1985, Ernst Zundel put the Holocaust narrative itself on trial in Canada. The Courtroom process allowed Zundel (facing 2 years jail) in Toronto Canada to subpoena witnesses and discover classified documents. He established irrefutably the myth of German homicidal gas chambers essential to the Holocaust narrative. This trial was completely blacked out by all Western Media.

    Michael Hoffman covered that trial in Toronto and his work The Great Holocaust Trial has now gone into a 25th edition and can be ordered from the bookstore at:

  26. “You say I’m not sincere? Do you purport to read minds now? ”

    No, I read what people say. You use arguments that don’t make any sense. Then when somebody points out that your argument doesn’t make sense,
    you make an excuse. Then you go somewhere else and do it again.
    If you are not insincere, you are a very slow learner.

  27. Lew:

    No, I do not read minds. I read what people say. I can tell when somebody’s statements are inconsistent that he can’t possibly mean all of them.

  28. Good heavens, there’s more catty small-time bitching around here than the dressing room of a bloody strip club. Why don’t you knuckleheads quit your sniping and pissing and moaning, and find some basic common ground, so you can make some actual progress?

    There’s a war on, you know.

    In case you haven’t noticed.

  29. I will edit the OP and turn this into a response to the Holocaust debate at TOO. We can sandbox the thread later or prune out the Swedenborg stuff.

    Hunter, this sounds like a good idea. I would appreciate it.

  30. So now Greg Johnson’s a Christian, or at he pretends to be one in real life. Yet he writes all this neo-pagan Nietzschean shit on the web.

    It’s interesting, because he also used to pretend to be a woman named “The Cat Lady” when he wrote articles for VNN around 9-10 years ago, despite actually being a homosexual male.

    Here’s a Stormfront thread about “The Cat Lady” from 2003:


    This is from a thread on “The Matrix”, where the topic began (http://www.stormfront.org/forum/sho…&threadid=69194). What is this deal with VNN and women? I’ve seen other posts referring to their version of Misogyny 101 ( http://www.stormfront.org/forum/sho…&threadid=65718 for one, but there have been others ). Why is it women are described with such venom here?

    I also thought it ironic that the writer, a woman appropriately named “The Cat Lady” bashes “career twats” (I saw not one) in one paragraph, yet extols half-Asian Keanu Reeves as “tall and handsome”, “Serb”, and “Superman” (read the thread). And why is it I think esteemed Cat Lady has her own version of self-loathing and penis-envy going on underneath her own apron to be so critical of women but so worshipping of a half-breed man? But, hey, that’s just me.

  31. “In Chicago, Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy blames the Pilgrims and Sarah Palin for gun violence among the Black Undertow.”

    Rest assured that the overwhelmingly vast majority of white folks in Chicago (especially those in the police department) put the blame for the gun violence among the “Black Undertow” squarely where it belongs: the fucking niggers.

  32. “In our case, the Pity the Poor Negro club is the preferred weapon of choice, and it is invoked far more often than the Holocaust.”

    My kids were of course subject to the “Pity the Poor Negro” propaganda on most pages of their history textbooks but there was also a “Holocaust” section taught to them every fucking year from 1st through 12th grade. It was mandated as part of the Oregon state education curriculum.

    Frankly I think this sort of indoctrination overkill by the powers that be is starting to backfire. My son caused quite a stir (mostly positive) when he showed up in high school wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “White Pride.” They also didn’t do anything to him for having a Stars and Bars faceplate on his cell phone either.

    But then again he went to a mostly white high school except for a smattering of the children of Chinese engineers.

  33. Fascinating that ‘comments are closed’ over at TOO.
    But the author comes to the crux (ave, o spes unica!) of the matter, when he notes:
    “The real problem of the Holocaust is moral and psychological, and historical revisionism simply does not address it. It is a problem that can only be addressed by moral and psychological means.”

    This is why my entire analysis of the problem [That Ungrateful Christendom] centered around one simple fact- “Are the Jews the people of God, or is Christendom?” My conclusion. The Church is Israel now. Forever. Judaism/Talmudism/JEWS as a race/religion/philosophy have had their ‘candle removed’- forever.

    And the ‘people’ that are mentioned in Rom. 9-11 as the ‘all Israel’ shall be saved, are the “Lost tribes”- comprised of the men/tribes/nations/tongues of Europe ONLY, clearly corroborated by:
    a) Christ never rescinding his statement of Matt. 15:24;
    b) the H.S. turning the Apostles BACK from Asia in the expansion of the Church, in the book of Acts [Acts. 16:6] to preach ONLY to EUROPE the “Good News.”
    (b- sub-point #1)- Historical Ecumenical (following the Ecumenical Councils) Christianity remaining/retaining that Roman Empire boundary for over 1000 years!
    c) the use of two words- and ONLY two [Strong’s #1484, 1672] in the N.T. to denote who the ‘two branches’ [Heb. 8:8 ff.] ALONE [Amos 3:2] that were to be the recipients of the Gospel. These two words, written by the Holy Spirit through the hands of European Men [II Tim 3:16] corresponded to both 1) racial and 2) exact GEOGRAPHICAL areas of the then ‘known world’ – Ioudais (Judea, not JEW) and Ethne/Hellene [ Hellene- i.e., Greco-Roman, not ‘all nations of the globe’].
    d) Finally, the calling of the entire Church, as if it were the ‘two branches of the House of Judah [Judea] and Israel [Gentiles/Hellenes] as one’ in Jas. 1:1 and I Pet. 1:1 utterly mitigates against the fallacy of later post-papal schism claims for ‘universal salvation/jurisdiction. That is the ‘Israel of God’ [Gal. 6:16, that is why ‘The Church is Israel Now’- coincidentally the title of a small book by Chas. Provan. ]

    Until and unless Rome (for one) removes the added ‘scripture’ to the modernist Bible/Libel- ‘The Holocaust really happened,’ and restore the one verse it has excised, ‘His blood be upon us and upon our children,’ [Matt. 27:25]- we will FOREVER be at the mercy of the Christ-killers.

    And this man’s article (I believe) intentionally misses that point. Though the 750 comments certainly didn’t. The modernist Whore of babylon (whoever you consider her to be) is the Jew’s bitch. If that’s flaming, then ‘flame on!’

  34. “….In my opinion, Carolyn Yeager has been fearless in taking Greg on, and a lot of this current focus is down to her :…”

    One day, on one of her programs, she actually advocated ONE RELIGION for the u.s. She came out with it.

    =Persona non gratis. I used to listen because she was female, but decided she was like the Rachel Maddow of wn or something, just her tone.

    Michelle Renouf would be more of a role model, just comparing them.

    TOO banned me a long time ago and I never used a bad word, not one. lol

  35. Lady Renouf is smart, poised, well-dressed and doesn’t have a whacked-up hair do. I think she would be more in the direction of what a woman might try to be.

  36. Mary said,

    “…I feel much of the Anti-White sentiment we are all dealing with now is rooted in the many lies of the ‘Holocaust’ and until we are able to talk about it to other Whites…”

    For a woman’s read, I kind of liked this book: http://books.google.com/books/about/American_Dreams_and_Nazi_Nightmares.html?id=31JEAHwiZ_EC

    this talks about jewish women projecting their holocaust ideas and war experience onto the unsuspecting american family.

    About Shatter: this is the sad thing with the Irish, imo. Sure, the “evil anglos” did horrid things, but then, rolling over for Rome, did not make the Irish anymore Irish. THEN, in fact, once they were conquered by a “universalism,” it made it EASIER to conquer them for another universalism, (s/a communism/ leftist idealism, etc.)

    In fact, that’s my (unpopular) theory on all of Europe.

    The hard part—- is conquering history, heritage, generational reality, etc.—

    But once that was done with a non-ethnic-based christianity (where universalism was seen as an “either-or” with family ties—- Once Europe became THAT— then the door was open for communism.

    Christianity (in a “either-or” pro-universalist form) made communism (the internationalist character, cosmopolitanism, etc.) possible.

    Conquering anyone for a “universalism”— was the big step.

    Right above here —forget who— but was a very succinct laying out of this problem. Things got laid out as “either or”—–

    Even MARX would have called Christianity VERSUS Race a “false dichotomy” probably.

    Find a quick, succinct way to communicate that Good Christians are NOT necessarily Anti White, and many things would solve. All is an attempt to work this out— e.g., Christian Identity, “we are the real israel and therefore tribal christians” is one example)

  37. @ Lynda:

    “….The TOO Holocaust debate does concern the Southland.

    You have Holocaust Memorial museus and projects in
    San Antonio….”

    Lynda, imo you’re thinking of the South as a yankee might, as a LOCATION.

    The “South” IS A PEOPLE. The South location was burned in the War Between the States. The Northeast people (jews AND others) put up all kinds of stuff, lol.

  38. Oh—-

    and about that Nazi Nightmares book— you always have to read these things “deconstructively” (as they teach in school)— “against the grain” of what they are openly saying, in other words, in terms of how it affects you and your own family.

    This is about other groups, total foreigners, making THEIR reality into what you’re supposed to acknowledge as your own reality.

    That is subjugation. That is what subjugation (slavery) IS. It’s as old as the hills; the book of Daniel is all about it.

    Shatter is saying: the Irish shall not exist. Others should bring their Realities (music, arts, languages, ideologies, historical philosophies)— and impose them. And make them so omnipresent that the Irish will have not enough free association to reproduce themselves.


  39. The better metaphysical term afai am concerned for Advaita Vedanta
    and Perennialism/Traditionalism is panentheist, (not atheist.)

  40. Rome is not going to do shit for the White Race. The Vatican is going through yet another banking scandal. The Catholic Church owns Her own “blessed and holy” bank — Creditio Artigiano — the Vatican owned bank is as corrupt, if not even more corrupt, than the Jew banks in London and New York.

    The Catholic Church is not going to do shit for the White Race. Fuggedaboudit.

    Google :
    ” Vatican + Banking Scandal (s) ”
    ” Creditio Artiagiano + Vatican + Banking Scandal ”
    ( or scandals, there’s been so many).

    ” Vatican + Eternal Banking Scandals”
    [ just a joke, but a joke based on truth]

  41. Greg and Hunter,

    I’ve only scanned comments on this thread, and if I’ve missed any statements any-one has made about the point I am about to make – apologies – but here it is:

    Yes, Organized Jewry would be trying to manipulate Whites about slavery, etc, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as pervasive, or effective, because there’s no film footage of slave plantations, that can be run endlessly, on TalmudVision, day and night. Oh – there are pictures, and books – but no endless films of terrible White overseerers, whipping dem po’ in-cent Darkies. And most people don’t read history books, unless forced to do so.

    Negro violence, now that they’ve been unleashed, is escalating. You both must be aware of the growing trends in “Conservative” media outlets, of reporting on Black violence and pathology. The VAST majority of Americans have no direct experience with genuine German Nazis. Most American soldiers, in WWII, did not. (And when they did, they tended to….not similarities, and..ahhhh…like them). Millions of Americans have direct experience with Negroes As They Are. The scales are falling away.

    Jews don’t engage in flash mobs. Jews just make excuses, shield the public from Negro reality, as best they can, and serve as legal counsel for the Oppressed Urban Youf’s. So it’s not as easy to literally see the TJB, as it it to witness and experience the TNB.

    The Nazi Narrative has the luxe benefits of tons of thrilling newsreel footage. You can SEE Hitler in color! You can add any perspective into that footage that you want. And will any-one dispute the exclusive Kosher Kontrol of “Western ” media?

    Also – the Brave American GI’s fighting them Rotten Nazis – well – the whole Holocaust (TM) insutry didn’t really ramp up until the 1970’s. It’s so romantic! The poor, noble, kindly, funny Jews, picked on and poisecuted by the Evil Nazis!!! It was all so long ago….and Dad and Grand-dad have greeat stories about how they served, in WWII, to defend America and Freedom!

    The Negro Worship has been vaunted aloft by the Nazi Narrative, Negro Worship would have fallen flat ages ago, without the “help” of the visions of God’s Chosen, and the attendent Demonization of the Aryan.

  42. I became acquainted with the Swedenborg movement as a result of the interest I took in Helen Keller after seeing the wonderful film of her early life starring Patty Duke. http://www.amazon.com/The-Miracle-Worker-Anne-Bancroft/dp/B000056HEB

    Here’s a source: http://crossroad.to/Quotes/occult/swedenborg-keller.htm
    Preface: “Light in My Darkness is a revision of My Religion, a book originally published in 1927, when Helen Keller was forty-seven years old….”

    Introduction: Helen Keller’s words: “Swedenborg teaches us that love makes us free, and I can bear witness to its power of lifting us out of the isolation to which we seem condemned. When the idea of an active, all-controlling love lays hold of us, we become masters, creators of good, helpers of our kind. It is as if the dark had sent forth a star to draw us to heaven. We discover in ourselves many undeveloped resources of will and thought…. (more – interesting article)

    Swedenborg : A Biography by Jane K. Williams-Hogan, Ph.D. Bryn Athyn College of the New Church taken from: http://www.glencairnmuseum.org/jkwh.html

    The last line of the above article reads: “Shortly after the publication of The True Christian Religion in Amsterdam in 1771, Swedenborg left the Netherlands and went toEngland. He suffered a stroke in December 1771 and died on March 29, 1772. ”

    I have the entire lengthy Quadrant Magazine review cited below with first paragraph, no longer available online:
    Quadrant Magazine Volume XLVIII Number 4 – April 2004
    Shadows from a Black Sun
    Tom Gibbons

    THE ORIGINAL hard-cover edition of Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke’s Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity was published by New York University Press in 2002. Goodrick-Clarke is best known for The Occult Roots of Nazism: The Ariosophists of Austria and Germany 1890 – 1935 (1985). Since 1985 he has also published Paracelsus: Essential Readings (1990), and Hitler’s Priestess: Savitri Devi, the Hindu-Aryan Myth, and Neo-Nazism (1998), as well as translating two works on Emanuel Swedenborg. Both Paracelsus and Swedenborg are major figures of the Western Esoteric Tradition which is currently achieving long overdue academic investigation and respectability.

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