Tales From Detroit: The Day Freedom Failed In Detroit


I was on the road yesterday when the word got back to me that the day Paul Kersey had predicted would happen in Escape From Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis had finally arrived after a year of the Michigan state government kicking the can down the road out of fear of being tarred with accusations of “racism.”

Note: If something can’t go on forever, it will stop … one day. Yesterday, the D’s financial heart stopped beating and a 40 year experiment in black empowerment was officially declared a failure due to the fatal combination (CIC = C) of crime, incompetence, and corruption that eventually brought about the collapse.

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  1. Lincoln tortured and killed thousands of southerners for daring to think they could govern themselves better than any Union President.

  2. “The Czars were decent fellows. They were improving all through the 1880s…

    It’s astonishing that history classes don’t side with them. Well no obviously I know who writes the text.”

    In 1914 Russia was one of the world’s fastest growing economies and they were industrializing fast. Trotsky goes on at length about the steam engine his father imported from Illinois in order to drive the grain mill on their large working farm. He also mentions modern industrial factories being built in Kiev even at the time of the 1905 revolution.

  3. And it was ruined mostly because your precious Czar couldn’t figure out a way to persuade his cousin the Kaiser not to start a disasterous and pointless world war. Which was by the way a real white genocide.

  4. PGRT: America entered that war on a lie. The Lusitania WAS illegally carrying ammunition as proven recently by submersible. Britain and France were as much at fault as any other nation during that war, there is zero reason America should have entered on either side, but we did, skewing the outcome in favor of one party. The bumbling Presbyterian fool Wilson arrived at the peace negotiations with his League of Nations monstrosity, but was railroaded by the French and British delegations, who, in their ultimate wisdom, placed 100% of the blame on Germany and Austria-Hungary. America’s bungled foreign policy was a DIRECT contribution to WWII.

  5. Chris 313: Don’t you know Crispus Attucks beat the British and drafted the Declaration of Independence for Jefferson???
    This freedom and democracy as an excuse for the Revolution is pure bunk. That was moral candy coating that gets put on every war, just as freeing slaves was during the War Between the States.
    And any way you slice it, the Yankees killed the Republic. Since then it has become an empire and a social democracy.
    If you want to know what a democracy is, just look at the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea. It is accurately named.

  6. Wilson unleashed the idea of Nationalism, petty nationalism is Europe. Thus creating Poland and Czechoslovakia. Two states the Brits initially tried to prevent the formation of.

  7. Richard III rode with William The Bastard at Lexington in 1066 during the war of the Roses. St George cornered him at Saratoga where the Royal Navy was blocked from resupplying the army so Lord Napoleon surrendered to Old Hickory. And that’s why granddad stormed Omaha beach in Patton’s 7th Cavalry.

    ‘orrible ‘istories.

  8. I actually agree with you Wayne about WwI. But it’s initial causes before July 31 1914 were based in strong monarchies; Serbia, Austria, Germany and Russia.

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