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  1. States need to be run for the benefit of the people–their language, culture, and well being, not playgrounds for rootless, culture-killing corporations. Corporations should not be people and should have no rights. Ownership of property should be restricted to citizens. Office should be held by only native born children whose great-grandfathers were both native born. Voting should be restricted to men of at least 30 years of age in good standing who pay net taxes and can pass a literacy test.

  2. One should have 5 or more generations behind them before being citizen and getting the vote. Past that, Wayne is ball on

  3. “I believe that true freedom can only exist in rural republics where every man is free to speak his mind. I don’t envy the rich or pity the poor, but a true nation should exist for the benefit of it’s citizens, not the economy, trade, growth, or what not.”

    Spoken like a true Jeffersonian and with which I have nothing to argue with. Also re: restricting the franchise. As it was in the beginning (both North and South) the vote should be restricted to free White taxpaying citizens over the age of 30 but additionally those who derive none of their income from the government as this would be the most base of conflicts of interest.

    I would also advocate also restricting the franchise to veterans (two years in the peacetime National Guard would do although I think the Swiss have it right in including every able bodied man in the Ready Reserve.)

    Active government employees (including soldiers) should probably be restricted from voting also.

  4. The fly in that ointment is that you’d quickly build a black economy with a servile class of laborers. It would essentially replicate the slave system.

    You could just take the vote away from women and have a literacy test for men. That would get rid of enough blacks and liberals to consolidate a conservative regime.

  5. Stonelifter – this is AWESOME!!!! I love these guys.


    The comments are great.

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    They? suck”

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    So? does your mom, but I ain’t complaining.
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  6. RobRoySimmons says:
    April 11, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    Is Rand Paul good for whites?

    The only question we need to consider. Thanks for asking it, RRS.

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