Caribbean Project: Georgia: The Failed White Utopia


Here’s an excerpt from Cultivating Race: The Expansion of Slavery in Georgia, 1750-1860:

“The trustees envisioned Georgia as a refuge for the common man. They consciously rejected the path toward cash crops and plantation slavery in place in much of British North America and the West Indies. Instead, they planned to base Georgia’s economy around the production and export of silk and wine, two high-value commodities that would promote England’s mercantalist interests but would not require slave labor to be profitable …

The trustees purposely avoided the introduction of a cash crop in Georgia because they feared it would lead to the emergence of plantation slavery and, inevitably, to the concentration of land and wealth in the hands of a few colonists, thus undermining the entire project. To avoid such an outcome, they enacted a land policy that limited most migrants to fifty acres.In addition, the trustees banned slavery in Georgia altogether, making it the only colony in British North America to impose such a prohibition …

Instead, the trustees’ opposition to the introduction of slavery in Georgia stemmed from their apprehension over the institution’s impact on the colony’s white population. …

For the trustees, then, slavery posed a threat to the creation of their utopian society, a place where, under the tutelage and guidance of paternalistic elites, white commoners could find a semblance of equality.”

Note: The original plan for Georgia sounds almost identical to the sort of White Nationalist utopia envisioned by Greg Johnson in his recent interview with Robert Stark. Nueva Germania in Paraguay was another failed Aryan utopia.

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  1. “… the WalMarts of yesteryear …”
    Big cash flow versus small cash flow – guess which the big boys will choose.
    Cheap labour versus expensive labour – what can be done about this?
    In the mid-1990s, Walmart had a “Buy American” campaign. Yet by 2005, about 60% of Walmart’s merchandise was imported, compared to 6% in 1995.
    “The Constitution was intended for a highly developed society. When we are forced to live with savages, the Constitution was intended for a highly developed society. When we are forced to live with savages, the Constitution can no longer apply. We have sacrificed our liberty on the alter of diversity and the only way to get it back is to dismantle said diversity.” – JewAmongYou
    Jews and Orientals threaten us at the high end of IQ. Blacks and Muslims threaten us at the low end of IQ. We are forced to share our world with blacks, mulattoes and Muslims. The savages outside the borders are still savages who might buy nuclear weapons and bioweapons. The world contains economic, military, and demographic competition which is often brutal. Small WN states in the Appalachian Mountains or Rocky Mountains might become reservations where mestizos and mulattoes sell wood carvings to Oriental tourists. I suggest the use of human cloning and genetic engineering to create a White super race that can outcompete Jews, Orientals, and race traitors. The Chinese are already working on improving themselves genetically through science and technology. It is unwise to fight today’s war with yesteryear’s weapons.

  2. “… failed Aryan utopia …” There are two extremes: try to conquer the world or try to flee from the world.
    “During the purges of the 1930s, with Christianity itself under assault, a Communist patrol had shot Lykov’s brother on the outskirts of their village while Lykov knelt working beside him. He had responded by scooping up his familty and bolting into forest.” – Mike Dash

  3. From what I’ve read, the early promoters of Georgia thought that slavery would discourage White English labor from settling in Georgia if they had to compete with slave labor.

    There are old historical claims, that Georgia was used as an English penal colony, before the American Revolution & Australia.

  4. Reading about the “Aryan” colonial experiment, I mean really who would have thought ideology and megalomania would synthesize?

    Blood, Soil and Tradition with ideology/theology kept on very short leashes.

  5. It’s pity that the Georgia experiment didn’t work out. I t could have caused the reduction of the use of slaves in the other colonies.

  6. So I guess Canada Australia, New Zealand the Mid-Western and North Eastern states plus California all count as an “Aryan Utopia” cause all of those areas of the globe were built without black labor. Why were those White settlers successful in building White societies while Southerners failed.

  7. Yes Canada would be nothing today if it wasn’t for those 5,000 blacks that the British sent to Nova Scotia. Prior to the current Pax Judaica that we live under Whites North of the Mason Dixon line knew importing large number of blacks to your communities was baaaaaad news despite whatever riches the top two percent of the population receive from negro labor.

  8. Thank God for the Georgia trustees, American Quakers like Woolman and British evangelicals like Wilberforce!

    If the disproportionately Jewish slave merchants had everything there own way, if the trans-Atlantic slave trade had been embraced without question and allowed to continue forever, the South as we know it, with a White American majority, would not exist. Instead, there would be a gigantic Jamaica on this continent.

    The vision of the Georgia trustees and Greg Johnson, the vision of a *relatively* egalitarian White society, is not utopian. This has been the defacto norm in many White countries, for centuries: Switzerland, Norway, Frisia, and America (outside of the plantation districts) from earliest colonial times right up through the Jackson era.

  9. Hunter,

    I just hope you don’t ask yourself where these neo-levelers come from.

    Hire a mexican to trim your blogroll for goodness’ sake!

  10. Also even if all the whites in the North East and Mid West were a bunch of race traitor Yankee commie scum they still went into unsettled lands and built advanced societies without negro labor why did they succeed and Southerners fail?

  11. 1.) First, Canada was never a White utopia. In fact, it was the terminus of the Underground Railroad.

    2.) Second, the only Northern states that ever prohibited free negroes were Ohio, Illinois, and Oregon, and those states opened their borders to negroes after the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was passed.

    3.) Third, the Northern states actually did import large numbers of blacks from the South to work in their factories during WW1 and WW2, which is why 45% of the black population now lives outside the South.

  12. I’m guessing that it has something to do with the fact that the sort of agriculture practiced in the North (as well as vast swathes of the South) didn’t require large numbers of gang laborers at the time.

  13. “I’m guessing that it has something to do with the fact that the sort of agriculture practiced in the North (as well as vast swathes of the South) didn’t require large numbers of gang laborers at the time.”

    Apparently that’s the key to the connection between sugar and slavery which existed for millenia.

    “The crucial problem with sugar production was that it was highly labour-intensive in both growing and processing. Because of the huge weight and bulk of the raw cane it was very costly to transport, especially by land, and therefore each estate had to have its own factory. There the cane had to be crushed to extract the juices, which were boiled to concentrate them, in a series of backbreaking and intensive operations lasting many hours. However, once it had been processed and concentrated, the sugar had a very high value for its bulk and could be traded over long distances by ship at a considerable profit. The [European sugar] industry only began on a major scale after the loss of the Levant to a resurgent Islam and the shift of production to Cyprus under a mixture of Crusader aristocrats and Venetian merchants. The local population on Cyprus spent most of their time growing their own food and few would work on the sugar estates. The owners therefore brought in slaves from the Black Sea area (and a few from Africa) to do most of the work. The level of demand and production was low and therefore so was the trade in slaves — no more than about a thousand people a year. It was little greater when sugar production began in Sicily. In the Atlantic islands [the Canaries, Madeira, and the Cape Verde Islands], once the initial exploitation of the timber and raw materials was over, it rapidly became clear that sugar production would be the most profitable way of using the new territories. The problem was the heavy labour involved — the Europeans refused to work as more than supervisors. The solution was to bring in slaves from Africa. The crucial developments in this trade began in the 1440s…”

    (note the original Slav trade as the source of workers for the sugar plantations on Cyprus run by “Venetian” merchants.)

    “With the European colonization of the Americas, the Caribbean became the world’s largest source of sugar. These islands could supply sugarcane using slave labor and produce sugar at prices vastly lower than those of cane sugar imported from the East.”

    Interestingly enough sugar came to the western world from India via Yemen which is probably where the 3000 year Jewish connection began.

  14. As a non-political aside Georgia’s experience shows how having an immediately profitable colonial economy is a major determinant of survival especially in the very unhealthy tropical regions – and sugar plantations provided that because of the huge price of sugar from India.

    It makes you wonder if any attempted colonization without sugar would have worked (in that climate range).

  15. “Georgia was the Nueva Germania….”

    “Nueva Germania” in Paraguay, like the Welsh colony in Patagonia (Argentina), was bound to fail because it was under-populated, and surrounded by vastly greater numbers of hostile extra-ethnics and extra-racials. Georgia, however, though under-populated was part of a white-settled coastline, not entirely surrounded by hostile elements.

  16. Re: “the connection between sugar and slavery which existed for millenia”:

    Not to mention the connexion between sugar and tooth decay (“English teeth”), diabetes, etc. Opium, sugar, tobacco, rum, all things we don’t need that lead to wars and slavery, etc.

  17. “So a race does best in the climate it evolved in

    More importantly, a race does worst when exposed to diseases which it has not evolved to cope with.

    European diseases like small pox decimated the American Indians.

    Similarly, African diseases like malaria took a disproportionately high toll on the original White settlers of places like Barbados.

    Here is how the White colonies of the Caribean were destroyed by the trans-Atlantic slave trade:
    1. African diseases arrive with the slaves and begin to take their toll.
    2. As plantation agriculture takes root, land prices increase until yeoman farming becomes impossible. At the same time, slave labor fills more and more economic niches. Afforable family formation becomes difficult for non-elite Whites.
    3. The White minority must devote so much resources to controlling the Black majority, it has difficulty defending itself from external threats. Majority White mainland colonies can defy George III, or any other unwelcome metropolitan authority. The islands dare not.
    4. In a worst case scenario, the White population is completely exterminated by a Black uprising, such as in Haiti – which was once a 100% White French colony.
    5. The Sephardic slave merchants laugh all the way to the bank.

  18. From a climate standpoint, the South wasn’t a good place for white settlement. Any place cold enough to be healthy for whites developed pretty well.

  19. On the other hand, letting other imperial powers develop the sub-tropical area (e.g. Spain, which itself introduced African slaves) would have left a long land border in productive country.  This is a recipe for endless conflict, much worse than USA v. Mexico.  Any alternate history has to take that into account.

  20. Nunez the Marrano physician was among the first to enter, and soon the first synagogue sprang up in Georgia: Soon many of the white settlers were clamoring for Oglethorpe to allow the establishment in Georgia of the “Golden Circle” multiracial caste system of slavery and exploitation to create immense wealth for a Talmudic and white ELITE.

  21. Soon what loyal OD’ers consider the REAL Southron Utopia came to be established in Georgia.

  22. The “BRA” meme is objectionable because it is “suggestive” — and the premise it represents is wrong: America is NOT “Black-run” at all, but BANKER-run!

  23. The 1971, escape from the planet of the apes. Represented the South who had more slaves then all the western countries combine.

  24. The modus operandi of the Banker Runners of Amerika (and of other countries) is much different, much more intelligent, much less obvious than the Thugs’!

  25. Back on topic: There are still no challengers of the position (see above) that the Christian “utopia” began to fail due to Oglethorpe’s VIOLATION within months of the first settlement — making room for the establishment of the “Golden,” multiracial, Talmudistic utopia in its place.

  26. Islamic slavery has not been unknown even in the United States. When the Saudi national Homaidan Al-Turki was imprisoned for holding a woman as a slave in Colorado, he complained that “the state has criminalized these basic Muslim behaviors. Attacking traditional Muslim behaviors was the focal point of the prosecution.” Where did he get the idea that slavery was a “traditional Muslim behavior”? From the Qur’an.

  27. It might be a traditional behavior for Muslims and many other unbelievers, but this land is or was intended to be a CHRISTIAN commonwealth, not for unbelievers — and that is the point resident trustee Oglethorpe failed to grasp fully, and hence the destruction of the first utopia.

  28. I often hear it implied (as our friend in this very discussion has done), that whites “failed” with slavery, or that the bringing of negros to this continent was a very stupid idea.

    I’d like to argue to the contrary. It wasn’t slavery that lead to our current racial strife – it was the breakdown of Southern (and antique European) social hierarchy and order, forcefully removed at bayonet point, that has lead to our situation.

    The failure of Georgian economic order as highlighted in this blog post, proves Fitzhugh’s point that men of the same race cannot serve as slaves to each other – which is what would occur in a “free-market” … and is what we have today. Far better to have a well ordered hierarchy than an anarchical free labor market.

  29. The failure of the original Georgia “utopia” began within months of the first landing at Savannah, as I explained. The SECOND, “Golden,” multiracial, caste, slavery system utopia actually began to develop at that point.

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