August 24th: Uvalda, GA Demonstration Against Southern Demographic Displacement


Editor’s Note: I’m crossposting this from SNN. I will be participating in this demonstration.


SNN and the League of the South would like to announce an upcoming demonstration against Southern demographic displacement in Uvalda, Georgia. The mayor of the town is Paul Bridges, an activist for Third World immigration and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

He ran as a Republican and a conservative and snuck into office before his anti-Southern views on this all-important issue were discovered. Mayor Bridges has since taken his anti-Southern activism to the US media, the White House and sided with Leftist groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union in a law suit against the State of Georgia over its strict immigration law (which was over-turned by a Federal court). He is thankfully opposed by the town council, the police chief and most of the people in the local area. Information on this major Southern nationalist event can be found below. As of the time of the writing of this post we already have more than two dozen people coming and expect many more. Many leaders of the Southern nationalist movement, such as Dr Michael Hill (president of the LS), Ed Wolfe (chairman of the Georgia LS), Michael Tubbs (chairman of the Florida LS), Hunter Wallace (editor of Occidental Dissent) and others will be present. The police chief has expressed his support for the demonstration and asks that we bring as many people as possible. He assures us that the people of Uvalda do not support illegal immigration and amnesty and he believes that we will be warmly welcomed by the people of the community. After the Uvalda rally we will head to nearby Vidalia, Georgia (a much larger town), enjoy dinner together, demonstrate against Southern demographic displacement there and then retire for the afternoon. League members and friends and supporters will get together that evening for fun and socialisation!

See our Facebook ‘event’ page for the demonstration and if you are a Facebook user who plans on attending the demonstration please indicate so on that page so we know roughly how many people to anticipate.

Time and Place: 24 August 2013. 9: 30 AM downtown Uvalda, Georgia.

Dress Code: No t-shirts. Shirts must be tucked in. Belt needed. No belt buckles with pictures, flags or messages. The same goes for hats. No old or holey jeans. No re-enactment paraphernalia. Do not bring flags or signs – we will provide these. Please be ready to smile and make a positive, friendly first impression of the League of the South and Southern nationalism!

Lodging: We have arranged for the Quality Inn and Suites in Vidalia, GA to be our HQ hotel. The address is 2619 E. 1st St. 30474 and the phone # for reservations is 912.537.9000. Our people need to say they are with the League of the South in order to get the special rooms rates of $67 for a king or double and $85 for a suite. That rates applies for the nights of the 23rd and 24th of August. We encourage you to go ahead and book your reservation as soon as possible while there is still room at the hotel.

Note: We have purchased four large ‘For the Southern people!’ banners (see picture below) that will be displayed at the demonstrations. These are impressive banners that convey a simple, easily understood and positive message. We will also have signs and flags. Please do not bring your own. We want to communicate a consistent message in our symbolism just as we do with our talking points. Thank you!

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  1. I wish you well. Please study on effective street protests, what cag go right and wrong. Study EDL, they’ve had success. Produce your own media. Please do not do any taped interviews with hostile press, MSM. I live interview with our side’s best spokesman can work OK.

    Be ready for infiltration, Leftists dressed as NAZIs.

    Please work to get new local contacts – get e-mail addresses, write thank you follow up notes.

  2. Thanks for promoting the demonstration, HW. I’m looking forward to it and to hanging out with everyone (we have a mostly young crowd coming) and having some fun after the demonstration. Hopefully some of the OD folks can make it!

  3. Who’s this guy shilling for? Is there some local or outsider business interest with an interest in overrunning that community? If so, put some heat on them too. Maybe he is doing it on principle because he hates white folks, or perhaps there is some other interest behind him.

    PP, best of luck.

  4. Study EDL, they’ve had success.

    Please don’t study the EDL unless it’s to learn how not to behave in public. They are football hooligans.

    Please do not do any taped interviews with hostile press, MSM.

    I think a spokesman should be designated to give interviews. Dr. Hill will be present. I know he has done interviews in the past. Having your comments selectively edited isn’t as bad as allowing the media to report that the participants refused to speak to them.

  5. I thought that LS guy who protested that “atheist monument” in Florida did a pretty decent job talking to the media. It was obvious he wasn’t some polished PR spin agent, but he spoke plainly, to the point, and stayed on message.

  6. Stay on message. Any lefty protestors can probably be tracked thru Daily Kos, and they will more than likely be “professionals” meaning paycheck liberals.

  7. Perhaps this explains Paul Bridges’ viewpoint:

    Personally, I think I could rough him up a bit and I am a petite woman. And, I’d love to do just that!

    We need a study done on the emasculation of the American male. It is high time we question the real motives behind the over-promotion and glorification of homosexuality and metro-sexuality. Who knew that the lowly Jheri curl and marshmallow shoes (I’m talking 70’s versions here) would later lead to full bleach jobs, earrings, chest waxes, groin waxes, manicures, pedicures, thongs, and pink shirts? Is it coincidence or is there something more diabolical going on? Between the low testosterone and the sedating effects of fluoride, is there any wonder why there’s no fight left in most white men?

  8. Good old big ag once again screwing Americans, figured that out since you mentioned Vidalia (onions).

    Wish you well, sounds very professional.

  9. Thanks for the heads up. I hope to be able to attend from central Florida.
    Unfortunately I’m nose deep in an Atlanta federal appellate court fight with SPLC. I don’t know if I’ll be free on the date.

  10. Steve E

    Agreed. Peter Brimelow is one of my heroes, role models. He manages to get, wed beautiful American women, has stunningly beautiful children. I think it’s the Brit accent.

  11. Don’t mean to cause problems, but about this rule here:

    Shirts must be tucked in.

    Umm, There is a very good reason I walk around with my shirt un-tucked, do I need to say it publicly? I’d rather not. This means I would need to wear a suit jacket? Ugg.

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