The Childfree Life

Aging White liberal women wrestle with "the childfree" life.
Aging White liberal women wrestle with “the childfree” life.


Time magazine has dedicated its latest issue to reassuring infertile White liberals that living “the childfree life” in a dense urban area is superior to raising children in the suburbs.

See “Childfree Adults Are Not Selfish” and “I Just Don’t Want To Have a Child” and “The Declining Birthrate Doesn’t Spell Disaster” and “Do Children Bring Happiness – or Misery?”

Southern Nationalists and White Nationalists spend a lot of time bickering in the OD comments about small points of disagreement, but this is one issue on which there should be a broad consensus.

A White Nationalist is someone who believes in the 14 Words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.” A Southern Nationalist is someone who believes in “the survival, well being, and independence of the Southern people.”

Therefore, the single most important thing that a White Nationalist or a Southern Nationalist can do to further the White race or the survival of the Southern people is to become the mothers and fathers of the next generation of White children. It is also the most positive and practical way to advance either cause.

Is this an issue in our own movement? Does our own personal behavior conform to our most fundamental beliefs about White survival? Are we too guilty of living “the childfree life” like the decadent liberals on the Time magazine cover?

In Defending The Master Race: Conservatism, Eugenics, and the Legacy of Madison Grant, Jonathan Spiro quipped that the majority of America’s most prominent eugenicists in the 1920s and 1930s were themselves childless:

“It is wondrous to witness the vehemence with which such childless figures as Madison Grant, Harry H. Laughlin, Charles W. Gould, Wickliffe P. Draper, Henry H. Goddard, C.M. Goethe, A.E. Wiggam, Frederick Adams Woods, Kenneth Roberts, Seth K. Humphrey, Francis H. Kinnicutt, John Harvey Kellogg, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, and Charles Stewart Davison set about attacking the genitals of the lower breeds.”

In our own times, Pat Buchanan who is the author of The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization and Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive Until 2025? is himself childless. Sam Francis and many other prominent nationalists never had children.

In a Southern Republic or a White ethnostate, would birth control and abortion be illegal? Would the divorce laws be changed? Would our culture continue to treat sex as a recreational activity – like in the modern United States and elsewhere in the post-Christian West – or would it be a procreative activity like it was in the past?

What are the long term social and economic consequences of fifty years of “the childfree life”? Is this sterile way of life even sustainable in the long run? If not, how should we replace it after we take power?

Note: I’ve turned the comment moderation system off for now. Please keep the OD comments civil and productive. I’m sure that everyone is getting sick and tired of having to wait for me to approve every comment.

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  1. “If you find you are not getting dates it is because the competition is willing to settle for less than you are.
    If that turns out to be the case, to be brutally honest about it you will have to avoid pricing yourself out of the market.
    There is also the possibility that you are one of those persons who find’s making a life altering decision, like marriage, is scary. Don’t be afraid to take the leap.”

    Wow, sounds like you are a little bit insecure. I have never had a problem getting boyfriends. I just haven’t met the right one yet.

    Some people on here assume everyone else is as miserable and desperate as they are.

  2. Whoops it is late. I have a typo in my last post. I meant to say up until my boyfriend I have now, I didn’t meet the right one. Sleepy….

  3. “Go back three years ago and read through the 300+ comments that followed the article that Denise wrote about women and the White Nationalist movement:

    Hunter, wow. I started reading that. Wow. I have a lot of respect for Denise, but wow, I don’t think I could ever stomach putting up a piece like that on any website in this movement.

    I don’t agree with a lot of what she says in it (need to read more, but I get the main idea), but I still give her credit for doing it, and respect her for it.

  4. The more relevant question, PGRT, is where did you ever get this idea that you have no moral obligation to give life, as life was given to you?

  5. @Caldwell
    You are tailgating.

    PGRT is telling *Whites* not to have children, for the purposes of White Genocide.

    He is spreading anti-White propaganda.

    This message is directed at White people and only White people. There are no Blacks or Asian couples on the cover.

  6. I want non-whites to have fewer children as well. I don’t like overpopulation. My message is for all who will listen. As Jesus said, whoever has ears, let them hear. I don’t care who does or does not have children as long as people don’t prevent children through abortion, try to avoid having children if they have abusive personalities and or mental illnesses, and don’t use artificial incemination if they are infertile. Creating life is not the duty of all people. Our duty is to try to leave the world in a better place than we found it, to obey God, to be a positive presence in the lives of those we love, to work hard and be productive, and, if at all possible to enjoy ourselves while taking on these responsibilities. For some people this involves creating life; for others it does not. There is no shortage of life right now.

  7. That was a great peace by Denise. I hesitate to talk about her when she appears to be not here right now, but I find it sad that she comes so close to finding the truth about white nationalism. Does she not think, for a minute, that white nationalist men will turn on her (yes, even her, the one who acts like every white man’s big sister)? Does she not realize that she will be better off in a multiracial society than any possible society governed under ethnonationalism? This is inevitable because of the overlap between mysogeny and ethnonationalism, including white nationalism. Southern nationalism does seem to have fewer of these problems for some reason, but look at how Connie C is being treated.

  8. Okay, I just read Denise’s piece. There were some points I don’t agree with, like in some parts of the essay it looked like she was saying women should be doing what men are allowed to do.

    But once I got past all that, I have to say I agree with everything else she said. She nailed the problems with this movement, and I am glad she did it, even if she was harsh at times, and even if she stepped on peoples’ toes. She did dirty work that I wouldn’t want to have to do, but that I think about in my head.

    I really loved her bit on old women and how they “disappear from society”. So true, and it is very sad. There were lots of phrases that were spot on in that piece.

    Thank you, Denise

  9. PGRT,

    I don’t agree with most of your points, and you have already pointed out to me that I am over sensitive, which is okay….I have been told that I am over sensitive my entire life. I don’t let that critique get to me at all. It is who I am. I think God creates all of us with at least one short coming, and that is mine.

    In any case, I will say this…..I respect White Nationalism and what it is doing, but for reasons I have gone into, Denise has gone into, and Jack Ryan and Hunter have also gone into etc……., I really feel that the state of this movement the way it is now, just isn’t an appealing environment for women. I have never been among any group where I see such hurtful things said to other people, and I have been noticing this since 2004 when I first got involved.

    Every now and then, I will get pushed over the top and insult people, but it is usually because…..well….they pushed me over the top. Denise went into this in her piece, by going into how women react when they feel like they are getting cornered and bullied on websites. But I don’t insult people very often, and at least try not to.

    Even men in the movement agree with me about the hostility; they just don’t let it get to them as much.

    Whether that gets changed or not,…..that isn’t up to me…that is up to the male leaders and what they decide to do. Maybe it isn’t really necessary for women to be involved…..I really don’t know, and at this point, I don’t care.

    I am going to continue to try to be supportive, but refrain from commenting on websites as much as I do. I will say this, ……..the white men that I interact with in person at conferences are always such gentlemen, and they act nothing like what represents the movement on the internet.

  10. “I don’t think it’s any longer your parents fault that you’re 31, unmarried, a virgin, and focusing on a “boyfriend” who’s safely 4,000 miles away.”

    I didn’t necessarily say it was entirely their fault. I am blaming the way society is structured now.

    In today’s society, young people who grew up in my social class are pretty much expected to go to college. I didn’t finish school until my mid 20’s. So after that point, we are talking about 6 short years of investing in different relationships that either didn’t last because it was the man’s fault or my fault. It is a common situation in this day and age, regardless of how you want to make me feel about it.

    And I find it funny that you throw the “virgin” bit into your list there as if it is a bad thing. I guess women in this movement never win on anything.

    As for your opinions on my boyfriend, that is irrelevant to me. What kind of a person spends his life on the internet telling other people how they should feel about their relationships? I am glad you are so concerned.

  11. If, PGRT, you don’t like “overpopulation”, then why don’t you simply remove yourself from the planet? Why do you insist others should be denied life, while you are entitled to it? Here again, if you truly believe “overpopulation” is a problem, why do not remove yourself from the population?

  12. PGRT, are you really this fucking stupid?

    I’ve been around poor blacks pretty often. I was at a work conference recently in New York and we were sharing a hotel with a black church conference. No problems. Also I’ve talked to some of the black people who work in airports and stores. No problems there either.

    So, because you know a handful of good token well-screened blacks in your privileged world, There are not 2,000,000 violent blacks in prison, 1,000,000 violent black destroying Atlanta, 1,000,000 violent blacks destroying Detroit, etc etc ???????

    Hunter why do you allow trolls here, they already have like 1,000,000,000 other internet sites, and every single mainstream site on the planet where they can go and stroke each other. Southern Nationalists have 1 site, which is yours.

  13. This entire tennis match between the ‘men of OD’ and Courtney (who sounds like a nice, but typical, woman) merely exemplifies what I wrote about in my latest post over on my blog:

    I’m saying what needs to be said. Women cannot enter into a ‘man’s world’ and maintain their equilibrium. Even Denise went ballistic with Stone (but he really, really pushed her!), and that’s because a woman needs- yes, needs a male headship figure.

    We are facing an uphill battle. We have men who won’t change their self-centered lives to be the men that we say we revere who lived in past ages, but God forbid, we avoid anything that might lead us learning how they acted, or becoming like them, today. Thus, you have PigRot, 313 Chris, Stone, and the other misfits on this forum.

    We also wish women wouldn’t change, yet we don’t offer them the arm of a cavalier, to hold up their innate frailty, in the arena of emtional/intellectual argument- but, when it comes to dealing with pain of a physical nature, women have it all OVER men-just look at standard childbirth, for crying out loud! And we encourage them to enter into ‘debate’ when it was custom for men to do their debating over cigars and port, and the women would ‘retire’ until the men were done- there’s a reason for that!

    Courtney, any man who would give his life for this sorry country, is a fool. Marrying- or hoping to marry- such a man, guarantees you very little- esp. if we start another ‘war for Israel/Bankers/ZioNazis.’ Better to find a solid, but somewhat nerdish man who has a job, a sense of morality, and the ability to change, than look for a Prince Charming. Today’s military breeds soulless killing machines. I would discourage ANY women who was sane, of reproductive age, and pretty to avoid these ‘Rambos’. They all are trained psychotic machines, and many of them are inherent psychopaths.

    Just some pastoral advice… you understand.

  14. PGRT,

    Strolling the street at night. Pack of young aa walking toward you.. 1,do you proceed to walk in their direction.2,cross the street.3, turn around and walk the other way.

  15. This has been an interesting comment thread, and I appreciate the fact that it hasn’t degenerated into “all American women are whores” statements.

    I have a few thoughts:

    (1) Having a comfortable, affordable single-family home in a safe neighborhood with “good enough” schools used to achievable by run-of-the-mill men by the time they were in their early to mid 20s, except in a few coastal cities. As the population darkens with increased numbers of blacks and with border-jumpers, it is MUCH tougher. And HUD has some huge new social engineering project that they are rolling out to make it impossible for ordinary people to get away from dysfunctional minorities. A major reason that the age of marriage has been increasing since the 60s is that people want to get away from minority areas BEFORE they have kids, and this is now extremely difficult/expensive.

    (2) In the mid 70s, when I graduated from high school, everybody with a high school diploma was being encouraged to go to college AND being encouraged to travel the world before they settled down and had children. I got married at 19 and my husband would have delayed children indefinitely if he could have — there were so many things he wanted to do and see first. Our first child was born five and a half years into our marriage. At first the delay seemed reasonable to me, but after a while I realized that he had grown so comfortable having two incomes and no children that I began to suspect that he never actually intended to have any if he could help it. The dual-income no kids lifestyle is very hard for some people to give up, and I think that it contributes to the high divorce rate. People end up grumbling about the good old days when they could afford trips to Europe and five-star restaurants, and the birth of a child destroys the artificial lifestyle that the couple had developed.

    (3) The age difference between husband and wife in white Christian cultures varies mostly because of economic conditions. When times are extremely hard, the older children remaining unmarried means that their income can feed the younger children. When housing costs are extremely high, men have to save for years to afford to get married, and when they finally get married, they sometimes choose someone much younger. In the 1950s, teenage couples could afford to get married right out of high school. Over the course of history, I don’t think that teenage marriage was often a realistic possibility, except for the nobility, etc. Well-paid factory jobs for unskilled workers were widely available in the 1950s, but are now a thing of the past.

    (4) I think that there is a growing recognition among 20 and 30-somethings that college is not for everybody, that student loans are a dreadful burden, and that postponing marriage endlessly doesn’t work out well, especially for women. I think that the generation graduating from high school now is more realistic about the future than some previous generations. They need to be realistic — bad times are coming soon.

  16. Caldwell, a life that does not exist yet, is not deprived of anything. You are very dense. Fr John, you actually make a lot of good points; the fact that you put me in the same category as Chris and Stone (and put them in the same category as well!) is hilarious. I am sure your wife loves you, but most women are never going to accept being marginalized again. This is, of course, because they know men will never provide the benevolent dictatorship that the radical anti-feminist women would expect. Peak Finance, the fact that not all blacks are violent shows that even if there are a lot of violent blacks, we cannot discriminate against them. Many blacks have avoided violence; therefore there is some hope that through generations of education and unpacking white privilege, we can catch them up. Courtney, I understand and agree that we all have one short-coming. My shortcoming is enjoying reading and posting on these websites without agreeing with them.

  17. PGRT, your life also did not exist at one time. The same, of course, is true of all seven billion people now living. You are comically obtuse.

  18. I’m middle age now, and after living these decades feel I am justified in asserting about a dozen observations as certified facts regarding this life and world we live on. One of these observations is the following:

    Most serious problems are internal.

    For example, our problems of the white race are most likely actually internal, and not The Jews, or Them, or [fill in the blank]. Another example would be if you are forever failing in relationships, can’t get or keep lovers, etc., the problem is most likely you and not [fill in the blank]. You get the idea.

    Somebody complained above about harsh talk, and we hear similar complaints frequently, complaints like “It’s not our fault; it has been done to us! Stop with the blaming white people! We are victims!”

    But most serious problems are internal. As I stated, after living this long, I am solidly convinced of the validity and truth of my assertion. It therefore stands to reason that some people are going to realize this AND thus tell us to look in the mirror. You are going to hear some harsh criticism; personal criticism. Generalized criticism.

    And it is most likely valid. And don’t we resent the most that which we know is true about ourselves and hear another tell us? We stamp our feet and whine and complain. That’s natural. It is. The trick is, the mark of maturity and ability to learn, is to suck it in and to BE ABLE TO FACE THESE NEGATIVE FACTS AND CHANGE. That is the true litmus test for the higher caliber man and woman. The great run of people, though, the yahoos and “the crowd,” instead just seek comfort from those who they can always count on to give it, and will fail to face up to their inner weaknesses and problems. They don’t modify their behavior or thinking. They don’t have the maturity to do so.

  19. Caldwell, if you like overpopulation so much, move to India. I am an only child; so does that mean my mother deprived 30 of my potential siblings of life, if she had about 30 years of possible pregnancies? Or is 20 children enough for you? I pray for your children (unless, of course, you don’t have any).

  20. PGRT, I pity your parents. Truly pity them. But, like I said, if you don’t like “overpopulation”, have the decency to act on your convictions and remove yourself from the population. Otherwise you are nothing more than another loud and empty hypocrite.

  21. Safe and sound community is fertile. Future historian evaluate the decline of the American lifestyle:

  22. PGRT,

    What is your solution to the “white privilege” problem? Should we change the law so that every black vote counts 10x? Seize 15% of every white person’s income for the next 50 years and redistribute it to “people of color”? Cede all white-owned property in the southwest to Mexico with no compensation for the White owners? Amend the Constitution so that white men are no longer eligible to run for federal office? What’s the solution? Be SPECIFIC. Tell us exactly what you believe should be done TO whites to end WP once and for all.

  23. Since I am about to change the topic in regards to what Fr. John just posted, and since I have taken a break and cooled off, I think it is safe for me to comment again:

    “Courtney, any man who would give his life for this sorry country, is a fool. Marrying- or hoping to marry- such a man, guarantees you very little- esp. if we start another ‘war for Israel/Bankers/ZioNazis.’ Better to find a solid, but somewhat nerdish man who has a job, a sense of morality, and the ability to change, than look for a Prince Charming. Today’s military breeds soulless killing machines. I would discourage ANY women who was sane, of reproductive age, and pretty to avoid these ‘Rambos’. They all are trained psychotic machines, and many of them are inherent psychopaths.”

    Here I am not taking anything personally, since this is a new fresh topic, but in regards to everything you just said…..those are a lot of generalizations there.

    I am aware of the problems with the military and I don’t support what it does. But I don’t care. If the man I am compatible with is in the military, I am not going to dump him over it. He is a hard worker, and he is good with money, responsible, as well as many other good traits. He isn’t a big clumsy “Rambo” who is unable to think past the next few months, and unable to decipher whether or not his actions have consequences. He has both Beta and Alpha qualities.

    There are a lot of good men in the military who mean well. We can agree to disagree on that, and I think it would be silly to let opinions on a forum dictate who I choose as my partner.

    Just saying. But thanks for being concerned. I know you meant well with your post.

  24. Brutus,

    “Another example would be if you are forever failing in relationships, can’t get or keep lovers, etc., the problem is most likely you and not [fill in the blank]. You get the idea. ”

    The only way someone is “forever failing in relationships” is if they are dead and they made it from birth to death without once having a lasting relationship. I don’t think anybody on this forum has reached that point yet. If you are speaking specifically of the duration of a woman’s fertility, once again, nobody on here has reached the point of infertility without having a successful relationship first.

    I am a good Christian person who has made mistakes just like everyone else, but who has tried my best to do the right thing. Most people in this movement seem to ignore the idea that God finds someone for you at the right time in your life, and that includes being able to have kids with that person. Let’s not get so hung up on the age element in this movement when it comes to when someone gets married. It is definitely something to go by and it is important, but it isn’t the only thing that is important.

    There are plenty of women I have known within the church who were my age and older when they got married, and they went on to have 4 children. They were between 30 and 40 when they got married. There are plenty of men within the church who got married between the ages of 40 and 50 and they did the same.

    People in this movement are so hung up on age, yet most divorces occur in marriages in the under 25 range, yet the people on this forum are quicker to ridicule the responsible women who happen to be 35 when they have a kid.

    When we return our society to the perfect state it is meant to be in, where people are having babies between 18 and 25, then we can all celebrate. But since most Western marriages now are based on love instead of survival or an arrangement by the parents, let’s not be so quick to dismiss people who for whatever reason get married after 30.

  25. “Some people on here assume everyone else is as miserable and desperate as they are.”

    Courtney, take it from an old, happily married (25 years this year) broad. The 30s go by fast.

    Doll, the White world *needs* your babies, (and so do you, though you don’t realize it) and sad fact is, once past 35, (not 42 — at 42 its pritnear impossible) getting preggers is hard — particularly if you’ve never conceived before. Get your boyfriend home, this month, get married and get pregnant. Just do it. Get pregnant now, so you have the option of having more than one (or even having just one).

    Don’t be like *my* sister who waited til 38 to make the first baby. — She’d been married since 25 but hubby didn’t want kids and it took her 13 years to convince him. So Baby Number One got borneded, with just a bit of struggle, and hubby was to his surprise beside himself with delight. But guess what? Baby Number Two refused to be conceived, despite 4 years of hard trying. How does she feel? Heartbroken. How did it affect Baby Number One? Her whole life she’s wished so hard she had a baby brother.

  26. “I never understood why so many WNs were into the “manosphere.”

    May I get back on my soapbox? Manosphere guys are anti-White. Because what could be more anti-White than teaching young guys that White women are all sluts, not marriage material, and thereby assuring that fewer White kids get conceived and reared well?

  27. For a successful marriage, each person’s commitment to the idea of marriage must be stronger than their commitment to the other person. No single person is going to “complete” another person. What completes a person in marriage is selfless devotion to an ideal which is apart from anyone’s personal “love” of someone’s looks, habits, accomplishments, or feats in the boudoir.

    You spend enough time with anyone you’re going to see them for the wretched piece of humanity they are (for we’re all wretched in some respect). Wretchedness completes nobody. Selfless alignment with the ideal does. Marriage and family completes us because it is selfless, and through its selflessness we get to touch the timeless, and that makes us happy. Not Yuppie happy, but Western Civilization “happy.”

    Everything we are taught about modern relationships is a lie. Find someone that understands this and you can embark on a fruitful marriage.

  28. Regarding child bearing as a function of age, there is a matter that is well known among the medical community and biological aging researchers, but is seldom talked about. The “Lansing Effect,” in which there is an inverse relationship between the mother’s age at the birth of her offspring and the life span of that offspring. That is, there is statistical evidence revealing that the older a mother is when she gives birth, the shorter the lifespan of that particular offspring. Likewise, the younger the mother at pregnancy, the longer the lifespan of the child.

    The context and occasion of the observation of the Lansing Effect, BTW, had nothing to do with current “hot topics” like we are discussing here, i.e., romance, poor replacement levels, trouble with modern men and women and the like. It was brought up concerning research in biological aging and its specific causes.

    I couldn’t help but be interested when I first came across a reference to the Lansing Effect, in an article from the department of physics , United States Air Force, by Major Donald G. Carpenter and Captain John E. Wrobel, JR., titled, “Is Biological Aging Inevitable.” Immediately thought of my father. His mother was in her late forties when she gave birth to him, her seventh child. He was forty six when he died in 1984. His oldest sister, the first born, died just a couple of years ago in her late nineties.

  29. I think some of you are missing my point still.

    I never said I am just going to sit around til I am 38 or 40.

    My whole point is that this movement is obsessed with age, and scaring people and rushing them to have babies, and it only makes people desperate, and they never find the right person to marry in the first place. Men can sense when women are desperate and it is extremely unattractive to them.

    As I said, it is best to be aware of the time limit (who on here isn’t?), but at the same time live your life as God wants you to, be joyful (in a religious sense), and He will bring you the right person.

    These scare tactics used on these websites about rushing people to have babies, only keeps people from getting married.

    I pick and choose where to get advice from on this topic. The WN movement makes good points to be aware of on this topic, but so does the church, which says “trust in God to bring you the right person”.

    As I said before, if we aren’t going to go back to arranged marriages, or at least the healthy system we had in the 1950s and before where adults married out of high school at like 18 or 19, it doesn’t do us any good right now to rush people to get married young based on scare tactics. Scare tactics are part of the reason women are going into their 40s single. These women, due to scare tactics, scare every man off that they date, because they are desperate.

    I refuse to be that type of woman. I will remain happy with where God has me in life, and trust that He will find me the right person. Being a feminist keeps women single into their 40s, but so does being scared and desperate. At the young age of 31, and having had the goal to have kids for a while, I refuse to go either route (feminism or desperation).

    Please don’t make the leap of logic in your head, that just because I don’t have kids at 31, that somehow means I still won’t have them at 38, 39, or 40. You get my drift?

    Good night everyone!

  30. “Doll, the White world *needs* your babies, (and so do you, though you don’t realize it)….”

    Comments like this are what have been throwing me off the whole time. I never said I don’t want children. In fact, I made it clear in most of my comments, that I do. Goodness gracious.

  31. Lew, I admit that the government cannot provide a solution to white privilege. Perhaps a tax on the wealthiest whites would be acceptable. As you have more leftist economic leanings than most here, perhaps you would be more ok with that. My main solution though is to continue the educational propaganda upon white children to make sure they keep feeling white guilt, to make sure that they do not discriminate against other races no matter what their personal experiences of these races are, to avidly seek relationships with people of other races, and to always ensure that people of other races are given chances to succeed by white adults. There is much research showing that black people or foreign-named people get turned down for loans or other services at high rates. Whites must educate themselves to avoid doing this.

  32. Barb, there is a site I’ve been trolling called, an attack site against the manosphere run by a man from a feminist perspective. You should go post there; their reaction to you would be quite interesting.

  33. The crucial point to remember regarding white privilege is that it is natural, just, proper, orderly, efficient, civil, and conceptually perfect. Negroes are naturally lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, unintelligent, undisciplined, impetuous, impulsive, violent, dangerous, and altogether inferior. Ideally, civil society would be thoroughly segregated, but as that is not possible, negroes should be thoroughly and legally subordinated to whites. Within that social and legal context, however, whites do have the responsibility to be decent and generous. It really is that simple.

  34. “There is much research showing that black people or foreign-named people get turned down for loans or other services at high rates. Whites must educate themselves to avoid doing this.

    Exactly wrong numbnuts. It is precisely because the Republicrats sought to loosen standards on home loans made to the lower orders that helped bring about The Great Recession. Fannie and Freddie still have these bad loans on their books. We will not have a meaningful recovery (one that includes jobs) until this bad debt is written off. Many will be bankrupt and homeless in the process unless the FED radically inflates in which case all of us will pay dearly through the wiping out of our savings.

  35. Blacks don’t care about paying off debts, they know YT will foot the bill. The population in africa has exploded because of foreign aid from White nations. They are subsidized to breed, in fact, they know if they don’t shit out offspring, the aid stops.

  36. Courtney, the point I’m inartfully trying to make is that 31 isn’t so young, and in your 30s, time FLIES. It’s amazing how fast 31 becomes 38.

    I know it hurts to hear this, but the greater hurt would be if I didn’t tell you, and allowed you to remain misguidedly thinking you’re young, you have plenty of time.

    You don’t. If you want kids (plural) you need to get one in the oven, realistically, before 35. 21 is young. 31 is 10 years of eggs gone (12 / year X 10 years) that’s 120 eggs gone. With maybe 90 healthy (declining numbers of ovulations until 41, after which it’s quite likely that of the ones you do ovulate many won’t be viable, or have Down’s) left to go.
    I’m telling you this because I care about you. Reality bites for women. It’s unfair, but it is what it is.

    If your boyfriend loves you, tell him it’s time sh** or get off the pot. Yes, an ultimatum can backfire. You may in fact scare him away. It’s a risk.
    But the flipside risk is that he, because he has the luxury of years and years of time, may not decide what he wants of his own accord until it’s too late for you.
    Sadly the sick society we live in has caused so many men to, justifiably maybe, not want to marry, ever, and that a good portion of ’em have to be forced to choose whether he can live without the woman he loves, or not, or he will just let the status quo remain until she has no eggs left.
    You just don’t have the time, doll, to allow him several more years to dither.
    Desperation is unattractive, true, to a guy that really doesn’t love you. If he loves you, he will hear you and understand that you haven’t years and years left. If he doesn’t love you and splits, and you’re forced to look again, well, are you worse off than had he played you for five more years?

  37. Barb,

    I think you mean well, but I want to make something clear. Once again, I never said anything above that implied I am just sitting around waiting until I am 38. You continue to talk to me like that is what I am doing. I am aware of the timeline. It has been my goal for a while to have kids before 35. My boyfriend comes home in 3 months.

    I have a timeline in my head and I am aware of what needs to be done. I don’t agree with you at all that 31 is old. You are the first to ever say that to me. If I was 36, I could understand your point and honest urgency in regards to me wanting to have kids and start a family.

    I know plenty of women my age (most actually) who are still having kids with no problem, and they are continuing to do so into their late 30’s. These women did nothing wrong in their lives. Some of them didn’t get married until they were my age. They are good Christian women, and their marriages are some of the most stable that I have ever seen, and their kids are very intelligent.

    What I have learned from this discussion, is that there are all sorts of people giving input who have their own backgrounds and experiences, and they are trying to make themselves feel better about them by lecturing me about mine. Brutus is a fine example. He kept spouting a bunch of stats about all the bad things that happen when women have children “late” (what is the definition of late?). But then I saw in another discussion where he was bragging about all the children he has produced from one night stands. I quickly learned that I shouldn’t take his advice personally.

    In this day and age, based on statistics I just read, most women who are having kids under 25 either do it out of wedlock or they get married under that age, and the marriage doesn’t last. These women may be more fertile than I am, and they may be having kids at “the right time”, but I don’t see how their situation is better than mine. Neither my situation nor theirs’ is ideal. But most whites these days don’t seem to be in ideal situations.

    I know very few people who are in happy relationships or lasting marriages. A lot of them got married in their 20s. If that is the case, then why only give someone like me a hard time?

    This is why I am saying we need to change society instead of judging individuals when we don’t know their situations.

    I know you mean well Barb, but I don’t agree with everything you said. I understand what you are trying to say, and trust me, ….I am aware of a deadline. Don’t worry.

  38. Barb, there was another Barb who used to post on The Political Cesspool, and I always thought she sounded like a raging feminist. For the sake of this discussion, I really hope that wasn’t you. I don’t see how it possibly could be, but I just want to make sure.

  39. “But the flipside risk is that he, because he has the luxury of years and years of time, may not decide what he wants of his own accord until it’s too late for you.”

    I don’t agree with this statement. Men don’t have “years and years” of time. Most men don’t seem to have the desire to be old fathers, past the age of 45. My boyfriend seems to be at the point in his life where he wants to settle and have kids, and he isn’t 40 yet.

  40. “If he loves you, he will hear you and understand that you haven’t years and years left. ”

    I agree with this point.

  41. Barb, in regards to 31 being young or not, you have already admitted that you are from another generation older than me. What is considered old and young changes with each generation. It is relative.

    I appreciate your advice, and even if I don’t see it, I am sure you mean well. I have just learned from this discussion that everyone is giving their input and advice based on their own experiences, and some of the people are trying to justifying their own mistakes by doing so.

    I have learned from this discussion to not take opinions on the internet seriously.

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