Lindsey Graham Addresses AIPAC, Calls For ‘Full Scale’ War With Iran

District of Corruption

In his address to AIPAC in 2010, Sen. Lindsey Graham declared that Israel is “our best friend in the world,” and endorsed a full scale attack on Iran because “sometimes it is better to go to war than to allow the Holocaust to develop a second time.”

In the second video, John McCain and Lindsey Graham warn of the “catastrophic” consequences that would follow from a vote in Congress that blocks Obama from intervening in the Syrian Civil War.

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  1. These videos would be helpful targeting anti war White liberals in South Carolina, also targeting anti Jewish, Paleo Conservatives and National Socialists in South Carolina.

    The above mentioned groups are a minority of South Carolina voters.

    But, as a very high percentage of White voters in South Carolina are Christian Zionists who’ve been convinced that God will bless those who support the Jewish Israelites in Israel and AND who “support the Troops” love Amuricah and all things involving the military, guns, war. Well, the this subject is better left alone, concentrate on Lindsey Graham being a flaming queer homosexual who’s working to flood Osuth Carolina and the entire United States with the worst non White immigrants from the third world. South Carolina Whites hate NW Muslims OK, so show them the truth that RINOLindsey Graham is working to flood South Carolina and the South with the worst Muslim extremist immigrants that won’t let us eat BBQ pork or have a beer and they I sits on the right to ape any Southern woman who doesn’t cover herself up in an Islamic burkah tent.

    Whites in South Carolina are mostly solid, simple people. Why make life complicated?
    Take the easy way, take an easy win.

    This RINO Lindsey Graham is a flaming queer homosexual working for open borders immigration, amnesty – well over 80%of Conservative White voters in South Carolina are going to oppose that. If you feel the need to include paranoid, conspiracy stuff for folks who were raised on Carto’s Spotlight Magazine, it’s an easy add on to sat, Flaming homosexual queers, working to flood the United States of America with tens of millions of third Worlders including Islamic Jihadists it’s all part of some conspiracy to make a New World Order and unite the entire world under the rule of the United Nations secretly controlled by…

    (Pick your bad guy, group)

    • Re: Jack Ryan

      1.) First, there’s no proof that Lindsey Graham is a homosexual, so focusing on that would elicit the same negative response that William Gheen received when he brought it up.

      2.) Second, 78,000 people voted for Ron Paul in the 2012 South Carolina Republican Primary, and there are many more in South Carolina who resent Graham for his position on drones, wars, wiretapping, indefinite detention, and civil liberties and Jews/Israel. We’re trying to get more than 40 people to show up.

      3.) Third, we have no reason to believe that super patriot Christian Zionists who love Lindsey Graham’s position on military, guns, and war would actually come out and participate in a League of the South demonstration, so there is no reason to even bother with those people.

      4.) Fourth, immigration will be the sole focus of the South Carolina rally like in Uvalda/Vidalia and Murfreesboro/Shelbyville.

      5.) Fifth, it is too late to bring up Graham’s position on refugees. If he has been involved with that issue, I am not aware of it and I am a political junkie, so I doubt that anyone else in South Carolina would have any clue about it.

      6.) Sixth, I agree that we should “take the easy way” … there are lots of people who despise Lindsey Graham for all kinds of reasons, not just immigration, and by throwing it all out there we can appeal to the broadest range of people and encourage the most people to show up.

      7.) Seventh, Graham has pissed off more Republicans in South Carolina over Syria than any other issue:

      “A frequently mentioned criticism of Graham was his stance in support of the Obama policy of using missiles in the Syrian crisis. A final question of the Palmetto Poll asked the GOP voters about this policy. Results showed more than two-thirds of the Republican voters (67 percent) oppose this policy and Graham’s position on the issue.”

      8.) Finally, I am simply taking Lindsey Graham at his word. I watched the videos above, listened to Graham’s position on drones and indefinite detention, and disagree with those policies. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to fold that into UFOs, fluoridated water, black helicopters and so on, you are never going to get around Graham spelling out his position on those issues on national television when anyone can watch him on YouTube.

  2. Hunter,

    We all agree that Lindsey Graham is the worst RINO in Congress, plus he’s arguably the worst Neo conservative war monger for Israel.

    Why couldn’t Harold Covington have made Lindsey Graham the bad guy, queer, Neo Con President in his latest novel instead of you?

  3. yes! i can’t waits neither till them gods chosen nuke all dem der iranians so jesus come down i get me some hevens well shucks

    i loves me jesus but i sure do loves me wwiii more! yee haw everybody!

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