House Republicans Conspiring To Push Amnesty

District of Corruption

The plan is to wait until the primary season has passed and then make a major push for amnesty in the House:

“The National Journal’s Major Garrett is out with a new report detailing how House GOP leadership plans to push an immigration bill that would grant amnesty to America’s at least 11 million illegal aliens in 2014, a bill that would move after GOP primary season and have House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) leading the way. …”

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  1. I was just listening to a clip with Texe Marrs. He said both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz bow to Israel. He’s probably right. Don’t they all? We are so screwed. I thought demographics are destiny. Weren’t we king in this country at one time? We’re now in last place. No, many spots after last place.

    Think about that second sentence above. That’s how they get us. They control every stinking on of them and we never, ever see it.

  2. To cheer you all – read the comments. Some are very good:


  3. Judeo Masonry at work as Servants of Jews and Ram Rodders and Enforcers of NWO ZOG AGENDA. Looks like all White Conscious Masons are being banned and erased. Never Forget or Forgive Criminal Regimist ANTI-WHITE HATERS!!!! LONG LIVE THE CAUSE! like David Tate says! 14 Words

  4. Weren’t we king in this country at one time? …

    Northwest european non-catholic, non-jews were, yes. If you consider that all you see now is the result of joint efforts by other groups to wipe them out, and hi-jack their country FOR OTHERS’ home countries, things make a lot better sense.

    “Wn” is not really about understanding ethnic politics. It wants to white-wash everyone as white, which pretty much sweeps all of european history under the rug (and helps the current aggressor of some whites against other whites).

    If you think of jews as white, and all the other players (who are white-looking) as white, too… why, then a different map would unfold, seems like.

  5. The traitors are, of course, attempting the LBJ gambit: “We’ll have those wetbacks voting republican for the next 200 years!” This approach has seemed obvious for some time, and I expect it to accelerate going forward. The republicans are going to be offering wholesale giveaways of our children’s inheritance. The dems own blacks; they’re bidding for browns. It will be interesting to see the auction for yellows. And to the whites exclusively responsible for their offices: republicans will shock them with ingratitude.

    And to my chagrin, it is not irrational. Whites have collectively shown no inclination to pursue, or even tolerate, expressions of self-interest. Other groups are plainly less scrupulous. And so if one is a perfectly amoral politician and whites will fire you if you support them and groups B-Z will do the same…well, whites aren’t getting political support.

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