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  1. The Twelve Daze of ZOGmass:


    On the 1st Day of ZOGmass —> Jeromy Visser (Sephardic melungeon meth-goober pretending to be a CI pastor) gave to me: “A Pisser-Possum in a Persimmon Tree.”

    On the 2d Day of ZOGmass —> Bryan Reo (a.k.a “SwordBrethren” the Mamzer from Mentor that took down my web pages) gave to me: “Two Nigger-Lips”

    On the 3rd Day of ZOGmass —> David Duke (Everyone in WN knows “The Duck”) gave to me: “Three French Whores”

    On the 4th Day of ZOGmass —> Bill Finck (Murderous Jersey City jewboy pig playing “No-Devil” CI pastor) gave to me: “Four papist-preterists”

    On the 5th Day of ZOGmass —> Klunt (Debbie) Downey (No-Devil Adulterous whore of the Sapphiracy of Klunt) gave to me: “Five Herpes Sores”

    On the 6th Day of ZOGmass —> [Traitor]Glenn Miller (drunken Lumbee melungeon ZOGbot rat) gave to me: “Six grand jury indictments”

    On the 7th Day of ZOGmass —> April Gaede (tedious hiberniggress attention whore) gave to me: “Seven anal warts”

    On the 8th Day of ZOGmass —> Axis Skanky (mongrel porn whore) gave to me: “Eight hand jobs”

    On the 9th Day of ZOGmass —> Kevin Strom (whigger pervert) gave to me: “Nine kiddie porn pics”

    On the 10th Day of ZOGmass —> Alex Linder (jewboy with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS) gave to me: “Ten colostomy bags”

    On the 11th Day of ZOGmass —> CornCobb (Schidzo jewboy @ 14% nigger) he gave to me: “Eleven years hard labor”

    On the 12th Day of ZOGmass —> Eliar James (Chicago Sephardic jewboy pretending to be a CI pastor) gave to me: “Twelve Mamzers in CI”

  2. Merry ZOGmass/Nimrod’s Birthday

    I had been thinking about this parody song for a couple of weeks, so this morning I decided to make it using my mp3 player. Got it done “good enough” in three takes. “Good Enough” is good enough. Just git ‘er done. And I laughed all the while I was doing this song, so it was fun.

    According to a number of Protestant scholars, ZOGmass is NOT Christ’s birthday (Christ was born in late September to November when the sheep were in the fields and not brought in for the winter.) But also ZOGmass is pagan to the core, and actually is Nimrod’s birthday.

    And it is also mine. I was born in the flood-tide of the Baby Boom on Dec. 25, 1957. I’ve never particularly liked ZOGmass for a number of reasons including getting screwed by Satan Claws in the loot department.

    You evaluated your life three years ago, lost weight, gained confidence, continued blogging, decided who you were, got married and started a family. You decided to do what most people refuse to do: make an evaluation, and then a plan, and then implement that plan to harvest the rewards. Knowing yourself is the first step to knowing others for good and/or evil.

    Congratulations my friend.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  3. Congratulations. Well done! Please encourage your wife to nurse. The health and IQ maximizing effects are staggering.
    Also, co-sleeping benefits the whole family if done safely.
    A good solution imo is the sidecar arrangement, where one side of crib is removed and the crib and mattress shoved up tight to the parental bed, with any gaps filled with rolled up towels, so NO GAPS. See the pictures / explanations in the link below.

    Or, you could just put the parental mattress on the floor, and the baby-crib mattress next to it.

  4. Congratulations.

    I also concur on the circumcision thing. Apparently sexual mutilation is routine in America, so some people may not be aware of this, but when he’s a bit older you’ll need to stretch that foreskin by pulling it back over the glans. That’s important.

  5. “Also, co-sleeping benefits the whole family if done safely.”

    I strongly disagree. It ruins the breadwinners sleep. If you are too poor to enlist the services of a full time nurse or nanny then I suggest the child be cared for on alternate nights by each parent. Plus if they are crying and you check and comfort them and they aren’t dirty or hungry then you should go back to bed and let them cry themselves to sleep.

    For extreme colic a half teaspoon of whiskey does the trick well enough.

  6. “And, work now, so that your son will never have to fear being fodder for Isra-Hell’s wars.”

    How the fuck does circumcision have anything to do with draft registration?

  7. Merry Christmas (belated) and congratulations to Hunter Wallace and bride!

    Pastor Lindstedt: You operate your church somewhere near Joplin, MO? I was borned-and-bred in the Jasper County briar patch. Amazed I had never heard of you?

  8. Belated congratulations Hunter and Rene! Was it a Christmas baby?

    By the way…good on you for leading by example!

  9. AnalogMan – what the Hell are you talking about, saying that the baby’s or child’s foreskin should be stretched over the glans? That is a recipe for disaster! For example, pain, bleeding, trauma, followed by “need” for “therapeutic” circumcision to undo the damage done by stretching and fooling with it! For God’s sake, do some reading – just leave the damn foreskin alone! Don’t stretch, don’t pull, don’t do anything. It will loosen on its own. Jeezus…

  10. Rudel – you don’t know what you are talking about when you say a baby should be allowed to cry himself to sleep. If older members of your household (spouse, teenager, older child, guest, parent) were crying themselves to sleep, would you just shut your door and ignore them?

    Babies don’t cry only out of pain/sickness/hunger/wet diaper. They are programmed by nature to want human companionship, a parent’s bodily warmth, and closeness. No mammal that I know of, shit, not even birds or chickens, leave their young ones all alone to try to desperately calm and secure themselves. What damage you are doing, saying something like this!

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