1. Great news.

    Let’s hope the Engelmeister (I dare not speak its real name!) doesn’t come here, though.

  2. If only Rand really were libertarian. Aside from the new ‘Mainstream WNs’ who fear anything that might disturb their preferred urban-cosmopolitan lifestyle, most WN would WELCOME a true libertarian shakeup of the Neocon/Talmudic/Roman system of fiat money, endless global war, all encompassing economic bureaucracy and regulation, ‘national security’ violations of our privacy and liberty, taxpayer funded ‘nonprofit’-church-assisted immigration, public education, and all kinds of ‘welfare’, etc.

  3. I never thought Rand was Ron but Rand is downright nauseating. Why is it so difficult to find a white man with loyalty, courage, conviction, historical knowledge and and a great plan to lead his people into the future? Are all these attributes a thing of the past and indicate of a generation that has passed on in life? Perhaps our leader will come from Europe because I am beginning to doubt the current America is incapable of producing a genuine leader for any people, let alone whites.

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