Amurrica Series: Federal Judge Strikes Down Virginia Gay Marriage Ban

U.S. District Judge Arenda Wright
U.S. District Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen


Just in time for Valentine’s Day

“A federal judge in Virginia has struck down the state’s prohibition on same-sex marriage, joining a growing list of state and federal courts that have granted gay and lesbian couples the right to marry following two landmark Supreme Court rulings in June. …”

Before returning to work on my book about Haiti, I will point to the actions of the federal judges in Utah and Oklahoma which heralded this decision, and reiterate that the existence of the Union is the reason why this happened.

The same thing happened when federal judges got their hands on the immigration laws that were passed in Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. It’s a waste of time to try to reform the system. This is why Southern Nationalists have focused our attention exclusively on building up public support for dissolving it.

One more thing: while we are on the subject of Haiti, I will point out that we can learn something from Haitians. Ever since it won its independence, Haiti (with two brief exceptions) has always nominally been a republic. No historian takes this seriously though because Haiti has traditionally been a military despotism.

Similarly, the United States is nominally a republic, but elections are meaningless because the actions of state legislatures and Congress are routinely nullified by executive fiat and judicial decrees. Even when that doesn’t happen, elected representatives are simply bought outright by monied interests or billionaires like Sheldon Adelson. When this kind of thing happens in Haiti, it is labeled bribery and corruption.

US elections are now about at the same level as Haitian elections … at this point, only force of habit keeps us participating in them.

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  1. Crusader- Not on your life. Haiti was French, therefore RC…
    Not even Christian, esp. in the wake of Vatican II.

    Mighy- already has. We’re in the death throes, and have been since 2008, when O’bummer was illegally installed as “Emperor Jones II.”

  2. Americans of all races have consistently voted against this kind of nonsense (including voting against immigration invasion) and these activist judges have usurped the will of the people.

    Seems to me, all of the problems in America stem from an unrepresentative judiciary, that has too much power and is unregulated.

  3. Crusader- Jeppo said it all in this comment from another post on site:

    “And while they [Haitians] might claim to be Catholics, 100% of the population practice Voodoo (Vodou), a polytheistic/animist African cult.”

    Which might, at first sight, disprove/deny my thesis. But after the 1985 J2P2 Assisi Conference, I came to understand that the Filioquist Egalitarianism of the Vat II folk, allows and even ENCOURAGES this sort of ‘religious syncretism.’

    How much you wanna bet, that the RC HIerarchy in Haiti consider their voodoo congregants to yet be, ‘good RC’s’? It’s just the way Rome thinks…. and that false systematic appropriation of truly Orthodox Christianity, is why books like Hislop’s “Two Babylons” once existed and were promulgated among the faithful in the USA last century, back when Protestants knew better than to trust Rome- even PRE-Vat II Rome.

    Of course, they were afflicted with the same mindset (filioquist egalitarianism) but that’s another post, for another day….

  4. It’s a good populist cause to have recall elections for unelected Federal judges making legislation from the bench.

    California once recalled some lib lefty women judge “rose bird” or something. She used to stop executions of te worst criminals and make a public spectacle reading stupid poems.

  5. What’s weird is that, when we were little, they talked about how important gay rights were in the schools. Well, they know only 3% of any population is actually non-heterosexual (so it’s not that many people, but when they start getting job promotions or free money, it’s more, like how Cynithia Dixon —I think that’s her name— suddenly announced herself after “sex in the city” seemingly for job reasons, or how Ellen gave the prom girl from some small town 30,000 bucks after she tried to take a same sex to the prom…) Even the hardest core homosex activists put the number at about 9%.

    Now, the idea is that even if there IS ONLY ONE gay person in the school (and often there is not even one) THAT EVERYONE HAS TO KNOW AND TALK ABOUT IT, so that ONE PERSON will feel unharmed, comfortable, like they “belong” just fine, etc.

    The ideas is that NOT EVEN ONE PERSON SHOULD EVER feel a bit uncomfortable, bad, misiftted, like an alien, etc, etc…

    Fine—- but given the fact that 96% are not homosexual, then wouldn’t it be worse to make 96% feel misfitted, alienated, sad, estranged, confused about the broader sexual world, etc…

    In banking, the ONE PERCENT is supposed to be very bad. In homosex, the ONE PERCENT is supposed to be catered to.

    No one ever discusses this basic contradiction.

    Once, when someone asked if I was for gay marriage, I asked how many gay couples were even in the u.s. The person finally guessed 50 million; in other words 100 million gays in the u.s.

    (the person was also highly educated)

  6. Main stream Christians, Protestant and Catholic, have either turned a blind eye towards or have actively participated in 3rd world immigration and White/non White race mixing.

    How these main streamers will deal with “gay marriage” should be interesting to watch. They didn’t have much trouble succumbing to miscegenational unions.

  7. I just heard Rush cover this story and he highlights the fact that this buffoon confuses the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence in her opinion.

    He avoids race, but was spot on in his overall analysis. I wonder if he reads OD.

  8. Adding insult to injury, this fool based her ruling on the claim, “Our Constitution declares that ‘all men’ are created equal. Surely this means all of us.” Of course, that’s in the Declaration of Independence (which has no legal authority), not the Constitution. But what does it matter, Her Highness has spoken!

  9. It’s a shame we can’t get Patrick Henry or Jefferson on speed dial.

    Could the Founders have even conceived of this Gay Marriage bullshit?

  10. The feds have the fbi and the national guard backing. Who’s backing the voters? Participation of the ballot box gives the feds misrules legitimacy.

  11. Mighty says:
    February 14, 2014 at 7:52 pm
    I just heard Rush cover this story and he highlights the fact that this buffoon confuses the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence in her opinion.

    He avoids race, but was spot on in his overall analysis. I wonder if he reads OD.”

    JR comments:

    Pathetic. But, I’ve always known the Declaration of Independence would come back to bite us, what with the nonsense that “we hold these TRUTHS to be self evident, that all men are created equal”

    Yeah, right guys, so the 12 th child, fathered by some low IQ Black crack addict is supposed to be our “equal”. And when little “Shiovincent” doesn’t produce equal results in school, well, the government including these affirmative action Balck judges will come up with all kinds of insane remedies.

    Whenever White Americans get emotional and start shouting about…

    THE TRUTH – becoming TRUTHERS, watch out.

  12. “we hold these TRUTHS to be self evident, that all men are created equal”

    When they wrote that pile of you know what, they were trying to impress the leftist idiots running France, so they’d help them fight the British.

    “All men are equal! Happy? Now send us the money, ya frogs!”

  13. What the hell does this “filioquist dispute” as Father John+ puts it have to do with anything? If anyone is unaware of what this is all about, it’s an 11th century dispute from competing versions of the Nicene Creed, on whether the holy spirit proceeds from the Father alone, or from the Father and the Son. So who cares??? With all due respect to Fr. John, this is taking obscurantist ancient BS to new heights. And Hunter, I thought you were going to put some controls on these theological ramblings from Fr. John &Co. Let’s have some realistic discussions of what ails us instead of refighting idiotic battles from the Council of Chalcedon in the 5th Century,

  14. Captain John..did you miss it? Right there in the Bill of Rights…The right of the People to Sodomite Matrimony shall not be infringed…pages of debates about it in Madison’s notes. On a more serious note, this sheboon is something right out of Birth of a Nation. Ship’ em back!

  15. 1776, leftist idiots were not running France. It was an absolute monarchy under King Louis XVI, who was LATER beheaded by leftist idiots.

  16. Okay,

    How do you know that it wasn’t run by lefties?

    Louis XVI was not terribly keen on provoking the colonists to shuck off their sovereign. He’s on record fretting about encouraging Republicanism.

  17. @Reynauld de Chatillon
    The DoI was penned by a French aristocrat named Marquis de Lafayette, assisted by Thomas Jefferson. Lafayette (a foreigner), was also a general in the Continental Army.

    Of course everyone knows aristocrats and nobles can’t possibly be leftist fools. Just ask our Prince Charles.

  18. And one more thing. The speeding up of the collapse started with BUSH II. Lincoln ground the ink. FDR made the paper. Lyndon Johnson wrote the prologue. Bush was Act 1. Obama is Act 2. The next clown will be Act 3, which is where the climax will be written, I’m sure.

  19. any Jew-ruled Host is the Devil’s Playground. After Ponzi-collapse, though, there will be no economic, political, or moral margin for boy’s fking boys or girls strapping it on. Practicing sodomites – like certain other of the currently group-entitled – will be exterminated root and branch.

  20. Captain John..ok let me get this clear..Louis XVI was a leftist…who let fellow leftists like Robespierre behead him and his wife…all so he couldn’t support the American Revolution..makes a lot of sense

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