Oracle Protesters Turn Back Illegal Alien Buses

I’m noticing a trend here … the Bundy Ranch, Murrieta, CA and now Oracle, AZ. Instead of putting their faith in their “elected representatives,” White people in the Southwest are starting to stand up to the federal government themselves. They are having some success with this and their actions are inspiring others elsewhere:

“Protesters waved “Return to Sender” signs, shoved a group of mariachi musicians and waited for a bus of immigrant children that the local sheriff told them would arrive. At one point, they briefly halted a bus before realizing it was carrying children from a YMCA.

The bus of Central American children never arrived, ending a day of protest in a small Arizona town that drew more than 100 people on both sides of the immigration debate. …”

Sen. Jeff Sessions, my elected representative, had this to say in an open letter which was hand delivered to every member of the US Congress:

“The action the President is reportedly contemplating would be a nullification of the Immigration and National Act by the Executive Branch of government. Indeed, it would be an executive nullification of our borders as an enforceable national boundary. By declaring whole classes of illegal immigrants beyond the reach of the law, it would remove the moral authority needed to enforce any immigration law, creating the very open-borders policy explicitly rejected by Congress and the people. And it would guarantee that the current illegal immigration disaster would only further worsen and destabilize.”

He’s right, of course, but powerless to do anything to stop the “executive nullification” of our borders. Federal judges and executives who refuse to enforce the law have destroyed any possibility of reforming the system through legislative means.

Note: The important thing here is that this needs to spread. A coalition of anti-illegal immigration groups has planned a “National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform, Amnesty, & Border Surge” on July 18 to July 19. The League of the South is not sponsoring this effort, but it might be worth checking out.

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  1. I’m starting to think maybe the Feds’ incompetence over protecting the border is a good thing. Just like when Obama was elected, it’s creating a huge dissent with our people. Southrons are waking up!

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