Beefs In The WN Movement

Get your popcorn.

Check out this partial list of ongoing current beefs:

Greg Johnson vs. Daily Stormer

Greg Johnson vs. Richard Spencer

Alternative Right vs. Daily Stormer

Alex Linder vs. Jared Taylor

Alex Linder vs. Greg Johnson

Ramzpaul vs. Robert Ransdell

Daily Stormer vs. Ramzpaul

Greg Johnson vs. Matt Parrott

Bob Whitaker vs. Stormfront

Alex Linder vs. Bob Whitaker

Sebastian Ronin vs. Countless People

My Picks For Most Intense Beef

Hadding vs. Harold Covington

Will Williams vs. Harold Covington

Axis Sally vs. Harold Covington

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  1. I quit reading bullshit like this a while ago. I will say while we are on the topic that I tend to disagree with Andrew Anglin and his commenters on style not substance, just as I have always disagreed with Alex Linder in the same way. While DS isn’t to my tastes stylistically, I find Andrew Anglin quite intelligent and interesting. He has more interesting things to say in one posts that in a month of insomnia-curing, often tepid, output found at alternative right, Radix (Greg Hood being the exception).

  2. If what Greg says about Spencer is true, it would seem a very basic, old right vanguardist position has been vindicated yet again- -paraphrasing- -**never** trust or take seriously anyone in these circles who doesn’t exclude Jews in his dealings without exception or apology.

  3. @Greg

    Those are harsh words about Spencer. I hope whatever happened between you to was serious enough to warrant that comment. I hope it is not the typical, petty WN drama.

  4. “Celestial Time says:
    October 11, 2014 at 1:56 am

    Worked for Rosa Parks didn’t it?

    How about being more relative with an example that gives better insight into this specific kind of pompous, egotistical activism…… has the globetrotting and cries of persecution while being arrested or deported worked for David Duke after all these years?”

    Pointing out the double standards works, because White people don’t like them. It white ants the foundations of the system.

    Ranting about Jews does not work, because they have billions of dollars of Holocaust propaganda protecting them. David Duke is a never was and a never will be, because he doesn’t understand basic propaganda. Sorry to say that about David, but the truth is hard thing.

  5. Student threatened with ISIS-style execution after paper publishes ‘white student union’ rant

    Have you seen anyone threatened with beheading, for talking about a non-White student union? I haven’t either. This kind of thing is only done to Whites. Its a double standard you can point out.

  6. Brad: can you run this version rather than the above? I want to correct an overstatement.

    DD: What happened between me and Spencer is right out on the surface: I stated publicly the reasons why I thought it too risky to attend the NPI conference in Budapest, revealing facts that Spencer had not yet revealed.

    His response was to lie and say that my facts were wrong and I was passing speculation off as fact. His clear intention had been to keep people in the dark about the dangers he was putting them in, so they would continue going to Budapest. By casting doubt on my veracity, he wanted to continue bamboozling people into attending.

    I now know of two others besides Richard Spencer and Bill Regnery who were arrested and deported from Hungary and have been banned from the Schengen zone for three years.

    Their only connection to the conference was to register at the Novotel. Also, apparently they were arrested because they were already banned from the Schengen zone.

    That means that the Hungarian government took a list of conference attendees and entered them in the Schengen Information System, which means that whoever is on that list can be arrested and expelled for trying to enter any Schengen countries (basically, all of Western Europe except Ireland and the UK — although they too have access to the ban list, apparently).

    Of course only people from outside the Schengen zone can be banned in such a way. That applies mostly to Americans and Canadians, but there were probably other non-Schengen zone citizens registered as well.

    This means that people could continue to be arrested for the next three years because of NPI as they try to enter the Schengen zone, perhaps on a business trip or a family vacation.

    They know this at NPI. They knew it before I did. Don’t you think that NPI should have leveled with people who registered about this uncomfortable fact by now?

    Again: anyone who registered at the Budapest Novotel or who is otherwise known to have been attending the NPI conference, and who is not a citizen of a Schengen zone country, could already have been banned from the Schengen zone for the next three years and could be arrested and deported for trying to enter any such country during that period.

    There is an ethical void at the heart of NPI. Spencer had a reputation for being dishonest and exploitative, but I basically ignored it because (1) I like to make up my own mind about people, and (2) I think he is intelligent and likable. But he falsely accused me of spreading false information so he could manipulate and exploit people for his own selfish ends.

    Well, I can’t say I wasn’t warned. And now you can’t say so either.

    • Greg,

      I think you are overstating the case against Richard.

      Personally, it would have never occurred to me to hold a conference in Hungary, much less spend thousands of dollars which I don’t have to travel there. It would have definitely been a nice place to visit, but it is up to Hungarians and Europeans to save themselves.

      From what I gather, the idea was to hold an Amren-style conference in Europe to discuss metapolitics and share ideas (that’s not a bad idea, you were originally supposed to go yourself), and it was the decisive influence of Arktos (John Morgan, who was at the Amren conference) that resulted in the decision to locate the conference in Budapest. On the surface, this seems like a wise choice for a European conference: Arktos is based there, Jobbik was supposed to have a representative there, the Orban government is pro-Russia, so why would it have a problem with NPI and Alexander Dugin?

      Predictably, “anti-fascist” groups like the Hungarian Socialist Party and their American allies began to put pressure on the Orban government, which triangulated against Richard and NPI in order to impress liberals in America and Western Europe and score points against Jobbik. The hotel folded and the Orban government took the extraordinary step of banning the conference. It is hardly the first time that a conference has been cancelled like this. I was at the 2010 Amren conference which DLJ and Jeffrey Imm shutdown in 2010. There was also the 2011 Amren conference in Charlotte that was a bust.

      Whether it is in Europe or America, the opposition is always going to harass the hotel, make death threats, and apply political pressure. That’s what happened to Jared in Charlotte in 2011. The CofCC and the League have both had this problem on occasion and have found ways to deal with it. It’s something to be expected – I have no idea why the threat was taken so lightly this time when the last NPI conference was held on government property in DC. Hell, didn’t you say on Counter-Currents that you were driven out of San Francisco by anti-fa harassment?

      Everything seemed fine up until the point where the Orban government banned the conference. Knowing Richard, I think he made the decision to salvage what he could of the conference rather than write it off as a total loss. Jared made the same decision at the 2010 Amren conference although he wasn’t dealing with a government ban. It wasn’t just Spencer, but Jared, Paul Fromm, Tomislav Sunic and lots of other people who we know who decided that they, too, would put together something in Budapest, come hell or high water. Jared seems to have essentially stepped in for Richard in the vacuum of his arrest.

      Now, it is obvious in hindsight that Richard downplayed the threat made by the Hungarian government to ban the conference, and he seriously underestimated the turbulence he would have to face there from the outset. I agree with you on that point. I just don’t see people who I know who were there, and who know far more about what transpired, particularly Jared, reacting in the same way you are here.

      Basically, I think this just fell through on him at the last minute, and he was engaged in damage control. There’s nothing unusual about going out for drinks on the night before a conference. That’s what always happens.

  7. Hunter, you are using an apples to oranges comparison when talking about NPI in Europe and the pressures faced by organizations, groups and individuals who try to hold conferences and meetings here in the states. AmRen, CoCC, LoS, etc. all face opposition that is loosely organized and based around the various ragtag antifa spread throughout the states. You attend a conference here with expectations that there will be at least a few antifa rallying against you and trying to get your event shut down by contacting the private businesses you are dealing with. You definitely expect it to at least some degree. What you DO NOT expect to have happen is for Tennessee State Troopers to bust in to your AmRen gathering and target you for harassment. You DO NOT expect a federal task force being sent in to round you up, put you on a list and ban you from the city, state or region for X amount of years. I’m pretty sure that if you were to catch wind that this might be a very likely outcome for yourself and your attendees, it would be a point that you would make crystal clear to everyone involved who might get caught up in the whirlwind of BS. That is just what mature, sincere and responsible do.

    I just don’t see how Greg is overstating the case when all he is saying is that there was extremely valuable information that was purposely being ignored and hidden from people who were investing their time, money and energy. When he tried to bring this information to light, he was called a liar.

    • Celestial Time,

      There’s no doubt that Richard downplayed the risks of going forward with the conference. It seems to me that oppression goes with the territory in Europe. Hungary already has crazy laws against Holocaust denial. Nick Griffin was once prosecuted for Islamopobia. There are other people like members of Golden Dawn who come to mind who are rotting in prison for thought crimes.

  8. Greg,

    The bad guys here on the Hungarian government, Antifa forces banning people, persecuting White race realists, not NPI for daring try to hold a conference.

    The same thing was happening here in the USA when Black government leaders and Antifa forces were using dirty tricks to harass, ban American Renaissance conferences in places like Charlotte N.C. Amren persevered and we have had many successful conferences since then. I hope the same will happen in places like Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, maybe even in Merry Old England.

    Look at France – the Front National is the #1 party in France, do some research. The French National party has faced lots of government, anti White harassment, they didn’t give up or turn on their own activists for daring to try and hold a conference.

    Come on man, stop being a wimp. Stop blaming our people who are resisting .

  9. I think Greg’s hysterical overreaction has probably something to do with trying to kill off his competition for donations, etc. and not solely a righteous indignation regarding Richard’s actions. After all, Richard didn’t have a crystal ball and didn’t know exactly things were going to play out on the ground. At any rate, he showed some pluck and personally paid the price.

    • Greg has a lot more in common with Richard than I do:

      1.) They are both focused on metapolitics.
      2.) They are both self avowed elitists.
      3.) They are both White Nationalists who incline toward a broader view of the struggle (i.e., focus on the decline of our civilization as a whole rather than any part of it, which is “petty nationalism”).
      4.) They are both vanguardists.
      5.) They are both heavily influenced by Nietzsche.
      6.) They are both critical of Christianity.
      7.) They are both into fascism, not the straight out Hitlerian Der Sturmer “populist” stripe, but lesser known, more intellectual varieties.
      8.) They are both intellectuals. They both take their ideas very seriously.
      9.) They both share a disdain for conservatism.
      10.) They both downplay the Jewish Question relative to other White Nationalists, not to the extent that Amren does, but their position on that issue is very similar.

      Aside from being on opposite sides of the Ukraine vs. Russia conflict, Greg and Richard have a lot in common, ideologically speaking. They have similar personalities.

      Radix and Counter-Currents appeal to the same audience. I think this conflict has a lot to do with being so similar that they step on each other’s toes.

  10. ““I’m surprised nobody has tried to start a beef with me personally.”

    Closely question “Fr.” John or Mosin about their religious beliefs.

    How about questioning ‘RUDE’-l about his ontological existence as a human being?

    You’d get more interesting answers. (Not that Mosin and I aren’t interesting, mind you, but the dichotomy is greater with space alien lifeforms like RUDE.)

  11. “Brad, as I hear it, your advice is to think globally (about whites) and act locally. That is sound, honest, and authentic: we have stronger attachments to our families, friends, and local communities than to wider communities and identities.”

    Isn’t this just logical common sense? Do we really need to indulge in accusations, and second guessing, when this is exactly what AH stated in numerous speeches, tracts, and laws in Germany, @1935?

    Is this so novel a concept, that we have forgotten it?

    Just asking….

  12. FB: It is a classic rookie move to think you can cut into someone’s donor base by launching a public attack. The person launching the attack actually has more to lose than the object of the attack. Indeed, it can be very expensive. So why do it? It is too expensive for mere personal disputes. But there are matters of principle here.

    As I constantly repeat, I do not think this movement will grow unless we accept the principle of allowing each individual to determine his own level of involvement and explicitness, and Spencer violated that principle by keeping people in the dark about the risks they were facing by going to the Budapest conference after it was banned by the Hungarian government.

    I don’t blame Spencer for not having a crystal ball. I blame him for keeping information to himself that would have allowed others to make informed choices.

  13. I give little attention or care to the beefs in the pathetically small sphere of race realist whites. Of course I’ve not met any fellow crimethinkers in person. And perhaps the two are nonetheless related. As mostly a lurker except for posting for a while at CoCC under a different name and AmRen, TakiMag, Countenance, Nick Stix, and some others more recently, I’ve seen the constant infighting. And surely it has done nothing to encourage a more personal engagement with like minded individuals.

    We are already media and political pariahs. We fear being exposed because our enemies will try to destroy us economically. Who can afford to lose his job these days? So we hide in anonymity on the web. And with the infighting we must fear not just the Marxists and antifa nutjobs, but also our fellow racial realists. How can I be sure somebody at an AmRen conference won’t “out” me as a crimethinker whereupon the $PLC types will see to my economic ruin.

    Lastly, off topic but somebody else here mentioned propaganda, my old friend Bob Miles was the master of psy-ops. He did so much with so little it was astounding. But Bob was comfortably retired before he could become a public persona and I’m sure even back then in pre-Internet days there were beefs and I know the government worked hard to infiltrate.

    Anyway, back to my point, unless and until we have the courage to stand together and help and protect one another, we will continue losing.

  14. @Hunter

    Exactly and thus nothing can change. The “movement” hit its zenith with Miles in the 1970’s & 1980’s. That’s also when the Feds were most obviously active in attacking leadership. The sedition charges and $PLC lawsuit were the closing act.

    Today we are left to hunker down, move further and further out into the sticks, and wait for the regime to collapse while they assemble dossiers on everyone who ever commented on any of our message forums. The beefs are pointless and silly like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic aren’t they?

  15. Stan, I think there are other options.

    Implicit WN – working locally through existing institutions, doing “green” activism, removing underclass housing for parks , bird sanctuaries etc.

  16. As I understand it, this infighting is nothing new. The fighting must be directed outward at an appropriate non-white target. Get it together guys and agree on a target.

    • It’s not.

      It has been going on for as long as I can remember and I started paying attention to the WN movement in 2001. When I was involved in WN, I participated in all kinds of feuds. Having beefs seems to go with the territory. It got to the point where Harold Covington wrote an entire novel about me in which “Hunter Wallace” was his arch enemy and he defeated me with his legions of NVA sock puppets. I was assassinated by my mistress in the Oval Office with a pencil!

  17. @ “Fr.” John

    “How about questioning ‘RUDE’-l about his ontological existence as a human being?”

    I am human right enough but bogus metaphysical concepts like “ontology” have nothing to do with it.

  18. “Hunter Wallace says:
    October 12, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    It got to the point where Harold Covington wrote an entire novel about me in which “Hunter Wallace” was his arch enemy and he defeated me with his legions of NVA sock puppets. I was assassinated by my mistress in the Oval Office with a pencil!”


    He sounds like he has too much time on his hands. I saw a video where Axis Sally claimed, he fills his days commenting on discussion forums or playing video games. Idle hands and mischief.

  19. ” I was assassinated by my mistress in the Oval Office with a pencil!”

    G. Gordon Liddy used to occasionally describe how to kill someone with a pencil on his old radio show.

  20. HAC has himself commented on the character issues and dysfunctionality of many people on the White Right, and in this he is correct, even as he himself has shown many of these pathologies. Essentially, he’s correct as to the reasons why, and they are the same reasons why prior to the American Revolution, most people in the colonies who advocated separation from the Crown were correctly considered cranks and losers by most of their compatriots.

    Most of the people who are active in white nationalism today are by the broader standards of society, to one degree or another, “cranks and losers”. I do not exempt myself at all from this. While I am a gainfully employed person never convicted of any felony or misdemeanor beyond a traffic ticket, not on welfare or disability, not a mooch, have had successful relationships with women, have cars and am buying a house, etc., no one would confuse me with a member of any elite. I think a person who had known me in high school or college would have thought I would be making a lot more money now than I am, for one thing.

    Most whites are not interested in white nationalism or white separatism or politically incorrect thinking for one of two reasons: either they are beneficiaries of the system on one level or another, and realize it, or they have something to lose. They have families, mortgages, and responsibilities and saying or writing the stuff we do would have negative repercussions if Heidi Beirich got wind of it. Or, they are too dumb or too indoctrinated to even think in the terms we think at all.

    This again parallels the situation in the colonies in 1760. More people in 1760 in the 13 colonies in North America now part of the United States were born in the colonies of two parents also born in the colonies than in the United States today. Three of my four grandparents were born in the US, but of those two had a foreign born parent themselves. Almost no one in the colonies had ever even been to England, and they really were not English (or Scots or Irish or Welsh) _except_ by race. The time was right for separation from the Crown, but only after severe provocation was separation even thinkable to more than one or two percent of the population. Even when it happened, only a small percent of the population were really in favor of it and almost as many were actively opposed to it: most didn’t particularly care.

    For now, I choose to adopt “no enemies on the White” as a modus vivendi. If and when this thing of ours actually happens….we’ll deal with this when it happens.

  21. @hunter

    The internal squabbling precedes the 21st century by at least two decades I know and probably from the moment there was a nation as Vendikar notes.

    In our modern surveillance state however, if there are more than two people involved there is probably a government agent. And certainly anything written or transmitted is read and saved for future reference. In this context then it seems to me the only chance for progress is for the system to collapse under its own weight. The african chaos and hatred for all things white combined with the impossible debt burden and voodoo economics of the federal reserve will bring down the house of cards. Perhaps we will see an American Pinochet rise (and I think legitimate fears of this drove Barakabama’s purges) or perhaps any number of things spur the Africans to riot nationwide or perhaps we enter hyper inflation and see food riots. One way or another, collapse I think is inevitable. So the question really is how can we hope to organize in preparation for this or do we simply wait and try to organize from the chaos?

  22. Greg, I think the dangers were known in advance. I knew about them and I’m just a casual observer without a network or connections. So we can blame Spencer for not providing a clear warning but anyone with access to the Internet and some familiarity with WN events knew that there will be no conference in Budapest, etc. Additionally, I don’t see people who were on the ground in Hungary hysterically lashing out at Spencer in the same fashion you do and you werent even there. Is Taylor penning bitter attacks on Spencer? No, on the contrary but he’s a gentleman. This is in part why I suspect some ulterior motives at work.

  23. You mean you wouldn’t gain from Spencer imploding because of this failed conference? Com’ on, man! Who’s being dishonest? Everyone knows the facts and can make up their own minds without you piling on with a litany of over – the – top epithets.

  24. I don’t really have a beef against Tubby. I think you have more of an actual “beef” there, HW.

    I just didn’t like it that he was telling nasty lies about people and others were believing it. It was necessary that somebody do something about it.

    I actually find Tubby kind of funny. He’s like a buzzing bee in a jar that can’t hurt me.

    But here’s something interesting about Tubby’s number-one fan-boi:

  25. “Hadding says:

    ‘But here’s something interesting about Tubby’s number-one fan-boi:‘

    Or dear, not Hadding again! Didn’t know he was NS, but now I do, it explains Everything.

    Hadding from day one, fought the White Genocide Mantra. He does not want this issue discussed for some reason. Its one thing to say, you don’t think the mantra works and to go and do your own Pro White thing.

    But its quite another to actively try and prevent people using it. White Genocide is an issue that affects all Whites globally. So why would any Pro White want to keep Whites in the dark about it?

    This is yet another example of the WN beefs Hunter is talking about. None of these people real jobs, so they spend all their time getting up to mischief.

  26. @Hunter
    What is your opinion of my theory? You say there are endless Beefs in WN because of the Internet, but could it also be the fact they are not gainfully employed?

  27. This is in part why I suspect some ulterior motives at work.

    There’s also the possibility that the conference (and Spencer) was sabotaged by an insider.

  28. EricD says:
    “Hadding says:

    ‘But here’s something interesting about Tubby’s number-one fan-boi:‘”

    ‘Hadding from day one, fought the White Genocide Mantra. He does not want this issue discussed for some reason. Its one thing to say, you don’t think the mantra works and to go and do your own Pro White thing.

    But its quite another to actively try and prevent people using it. White Genocide is an issue that affects all Whites globally. So why would any Pro White want to keep Whites in the dark about it?’

    I didn’t read anything about him preventing people from using the mantra or keeping Whites in the dark about it.

    He does believe, however, that deflecting criticism from and avoiding the culpability of jews ( tactic often promoted by jews ) is not a strategy he advocates.

  29. My conflict with BUGS started with BUGSter “Jason” (who I understand is really Bob Whitaker’s assistant Laura, who is married to a Jew) constantly using emotive ad hominem rhetoric in the comments section of The Occidental Observer to try to prevent discussion certain topics. There were a number of commenters on TOO who thought that this Jason person must be a Jew.

    At that point I didn’t realize that “Jason” was part of the larger problem called BUGS. But then an article appeared on TOO that promoted BUGS and their Mantra. The BUGSters got very angry with me because I tried to have a discussion with them about whether their Mantra might not always be the best form of rhetoric in all situations. They also got angry at me because I pointed out that some statements in Whitaker’s Mantra were not strictly true. (Cultivation of credibility is crucial for effectively challenging mass-media, but the BUGSters don’t seem to appreciate that.)

    There is a marathon thread on Stormfront called The New Mantra, which I joined because BUGSters were attacking me there for the criticisms of their bizarre “Anti-Racist Hitler” cartoon that I had posted on Ramzpaul’s blog.

    In that thread, the BUGSters were so insistent in the imputation that criticizing Jews was bad for White people that I started strongly suspecting that the group was permeated with Jews. It turns out now that there is at least one in a key position.

  30. This is veering off now into an area I don’t believe productive (ie “its all the Jews all the time”) but before I go I have one more comment. Given the documented lengthy history of infiltration by government and what we know of the modern surveillance state, I think it highly probable that at least some of the “beefs” are instigated by political opponents. Nothing makes a political movement more unattractive to outsiders than constant internal name-calling and bickering. Who needs that in their life? If these folks can’t even agree what they’re about, why would I want to join them?

    No doubt jews have done more than their share of harm to western civilization. But then they’ve also done more than their share of good haven’t they? That’s what happens with a cognitive elite. I’ll guarantee the smartest Presbyterian and episcopalians have done the same. Get over it. You want to help? Convert and infiltrate the Jews so you can make sure they’re not conspiring against us. Meanwhile, tone down the bickering and keep a VERY close eye on those who seem to find the most use in it.

  31. Stan Mute says:

    ‘Nothing makes a political movement more unattractive to outsiders than constant internal name-calling and bickering.’

    I have to laugh at people getting bent out of shape because of bickering.

    Such is life.

    Usually they cry the blues because one of their sacred cows is being skewered or they can’t defend some untenable position in a no-holds barred debate, which frustrates them’ At that point they either demand to have the opposition silenced or they cut and run.

    Stan Mute says: ‘Who needs that in their life?’

    It all depends on what one values.

    Last Sunday I was at a family gathering. A Packer game was on and you would not believe how upset football fans can get debating strategies, players, coaches, refs and so on. The level of hostility was astounding. Grudges run deep and for many years. Cheering for negro felons in uniforms is a religion in this country.

    These idiots will not think twice about engendering strife and alienating family members who disagree with them on the most discussed subject in Wisconsin – da Packers.

    But in the more important serious matters of life we are to be -above- bickering and disputations.

    Stan Mute says: ‘If these folks can’t even agree what they’re about, why would I want to join them?’

    There are plenty of groups and cults who do not tolerate disagreements. Their ranks are filled with slavish lemmings. Free thinkers enjoy challenges.

    Stan Mute says: No doubt jews have done more than their share of harm to western civilization. But then they’ve also done more than their share of good haven’t they?

    Now you’re just pulling our chains.

    Stan Mute says: ‘ You want to help? Convert and infiltrate the Jews so you can make sure they’re not conspiring against us.’

    Good luck on that strategy.

  32. ‘in the more important serious matters of life we are to be above bickering and disputations’:

    Sam, I agree fully about our responsibility for relentless pursuit and no-holds-barred defense of truth and right.

  33. He’s right, though. There is a subversive tactic used by the government where in they infiltrate a political movement, and then start a schism/infighting/or make the group out to be insane to weaken it and keep them from gaining new members and power. I don’t want to sound crazy or conspiratorial, but it is possible for this to happen, not saying this *is what is happening.

  34. I would be more inclined to treat Stan Mute’s comment with respect if it hadn’t begun with an exaggerated complaint about criticism of Jews. That seemed to be his real problem, which shows either wrong thinking or bad motives.

    I don’t care if others use an approach that’s different from mine, if they are not also trying to keep me from doing what I do. For example, I think Christian Identity is hopeless as a general solution to racial problems, but I don’t bother those people because they don’t bother me. I don’t worry about Jared Taylor either, because while he has a limited focus, he doesn’t say that everybody else should have the same limited focus.

    BUGSters on the other hand have gone out of their way to bother me, by trying to pressure everyone to wear their absurd rhetorical straitjacket.

    Greg Johnson has gone out of his way to bother me, for example, by writing a long essay arguing that nobody should question the Holocaust. Did you get that? He didn’t make a personal choice not to question it; he is advocating that nobody should question that centerpiece of all Zionist and anti-White propaganda. He can express such an opinion, but that raises the question of whether his opinion is worthy of respect, and that is a question that I have addressed to some extent.

    Nick Griffin has revealed that the BNP was offered money to bring its message in line with Zionist interests. We have to be aware that there is some probability of that, and other forms of corruption, being attempted here too.

  35. This list would be much, much more valuable if it actually listed the substance and content of the disputes, not merely the names of the disputants.

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