Selma 2015: An Overview

selma-movie“Selma,” the Hollywood fairytale produced by Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt, is now playing in theaters.

I don’t have any plans to see the movie. No work of fiction will ever change my opinion of the real Selma which is based on my impressions of the town from the numerous times I have had to travel through there over the years.

A few years ago, I traveled to Selma to snap some photos of all the ways the city has declined since the SJW victory in the Civil Rights Movement. As Google Maps will show, it’s the same Selma three years later: a poor, grimy city of blighted homes, abandoned and moldering businesses, weeds in the medians, trash and potholes in the streets, billboards about diseases like HIV and syphilis, a rundown downtown business district which looks like it was hit by a Soviet neutron bomb, etc.

Every year the media comes to Selma for celebrities and politicians like Al Sharpton and John Lewis can be seen in photo ops marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The reporters don’t stop to investigate and give a full account of what has happened to Selma since the cameras left in 1965. They will just mention in passing that Selma has “suffered from white flight since segregation ended.”

Here’s a brief overview of Selma in 2015:

So, the new and improved Selma in 2015 is plagued by extreme poverty, STDs, high crime, terrible schools, a terrible business climate, high unemployment, low property value, low civic engagement and racial strife by the likes of Faya Rose Toure. Yet the Voting Rights Act was unquestionably a huge success in Selma where blacks now occupy every public office which their numbers allow them to dominate.

If the Mississippi Delta has been “ravaged” by white flight and Selma has “suffered” from white flight, what can we realistically expect to happen when the White population nationwide begins to diminish in absolute numbers? What will become of Selma as it transitions from 80 percent black to 100 percent black? Why has this happened if SJWs are correct and blacks have exactly the same capacities to maintain and advance civilization as Whites?

Maybe former Selma City Councilman Jim Durry has a point: in 2015, Selma is “too black” to be prosperous.

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  1. Or how about #IamnotEssexCounty.

    Essex County is the jewish-run county, seat of Newark, NJ, where blacks pick out anglo celts to murder amidst a majority of jews.

  2. “Why has this happened if SJWs are correct and blacks have exactly the same capacities to maintain and advance civilization as Whites?” – Because of wreckers like you comrade.

  3. I think the three main reasons why a movie about Selma is coming out now is:

    1. This year is the 50th anniversary (that’s the easiest most “duh” reason)

    2. The Democrat nominee for President next year is unlikely to be black, so they have to keep reminding old black women that there were once these “evil white people,” so it’s imperative that they go out to vote in 2016

    3. And most subtle, this movie portrays the notion that the blacks did it all by themselves in the face of a 100% hostile white political establishment. Which we all know wasn’t true. In fact, I’m sure you saw on CofCC that the Jews are starting to kvetch about this movie for that very reason.

  4. Hunter, the Selma movie opens up a real opportunity. People will be doing websearches for “Selma.” An enterprising Southern Nationalist to put up a site on the real Selma. It could include such things as:
    * The white Southern narrative for the civil rights struggle in Selma.
    * Some background on the civil rights movement–the communist influence, the corruption among its leaders, the cynical manipulation of civil disobedience tactics.
    * The disintegration of the city since blacks took it over.
    * The continuing dispossession of white people due to black crime, black educational failure, black demagoguery, etc.

    I’d especially like to see a list of quotes from white leaders (Connor, Faubus, G. Wallce, etc.) predicting what would happen if segregation ended, like the general collapse of white civilization.

    This would get people thinking…

  5. And most subtle, this movie portrays the notion that the blacks did it all by themselves in the face of a 100% hostile white political establishment. Which we all know wasn’t true.

    Yep. Look at the post World War II civil rights movement. It was a front for the white liberal establishment.
    * Four presidents supported it: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and LBJ (five, if you add Nixon’s support for affirmative action).
    * Earl Warren (white guy) and his court handed down de-segregation orders.
    * Federal troops and marshals (mostly white) marched into Southern states to enforce de-segregation court orders.
    * The mainstream media were behind it, to the point of using the then-new media of television to provide agitprop.

    Now you have to ask yourself, were it not for all that, how far would MLK and the blacks have gotten?

    But you also have to ask, if white people could get their own government, armed forces and media behind them–the time of liberation would be at hand.

  6. The movie Selma is out now. It is misnamed. The movie should be named my Love Affair With the Black Messiah. Of course that would imply his actions actually achieved something possitive. That would work against liberals who believe the condition of blacks has not changed much from the days of slavery and or the Jim Crow South. It would also work against liberals who might have to acknowledge that the black struggle for equal rights is over and now the plight of blacks is somehow the fault of blacks themselves.

    Many people on the alternative right are using the current existence of Selma to point out that clearly disaster befalls any city turned over to black rule causing white flight further exacerbating the situation. I lived through the decline of Selma. While i will not debate the fact that Selma is a tragic consequence of the black man’s inability to achieve a high degree of order in a modern Western society, i recognize the fact that much of the current condition of Selma is also the direct result of economics.

    In 1977 Craig AFB just outside Selma closed. Dan River cotton mill closed in the early 80s. The lawn mower manufacture left town. The white people really didn’t have much to fight for. As the whites left, the blacks rapidly gained power. Now the city is so corrupt and crime ridden that no company would seriously consider locating there.

    Now that leaves me to wonder just what is currently happening in the coty of Prattville. I travel there often to visit my grandmother in a nursing home. Prattville built up to fill the need of the whites fleeing Montgomery. But everywhere i go inclduing the nursing home i see very few whites working. I am not exaggerating this when i say it is an overwhelmingly black work force. Now i give credit to the blacks for this. They are working even at the fast food places. Why the hell don’t i see some young white kids working in the fast food places or whites earning a living in the nursing home? This i absolutely cannot figure out. It is as if they are allowing the blacks to come in get the jobs and drive them away again.

    Hunter, you live in the area. Why is this happening?

  7. Here is the latest news about Jessica Chambers.
    . Jessica Chambers updates.

    I doubt Holders FBI will do anything. I can’t see a federal crime except for a RICO charge. But as far as I know only Whites have ever been charged with racketeering and organized crime associated murder.

    Richard Nixon was one of the worst anti White Presidents, far worse than Kennedy and as bad as LBJ. He, not LBJ was the affirmative action President. He also created the Hispanic race in time for the 1970 census and by another executive order gave Hispanics affirmative action status. Section 8 was another thing Nixon did. The cities were not that bad when they were confined to the high rise projects. Now the ADL is spreading section 8 apartments all over nice White suburban and rural areas using the taxpayers money.

    In 1968 affirmative action mandated percentage of population quotas. Nixon turned it into no Whites need apply.

  8. I love to hear the reasons and excuses people give. Fact is, this will ALWAYS happen. Any location that increases it’s black population increases it’s crime, poverty, beauty, safety, productivity. It always has, always will.

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