Confederate Monument Defended With AR-15 In Denton, TX

Confederate monument in Denton, TX vandalized by #BlackLivesMatter supporters

By Hunter Wallace

“It is not for me to predict and prophecy; it is not for me to hold up to this intelligent community anything that is calculated to save on their judgement and better feelings, but I beseech you, my friends of the Lincoln party, in the name of all that is valuable in our institutions, stay your hand.

Do not destroy our self-respect; do us not that injustice, which, when done to the brute creation, gives evidence of some sort of resistance; do not overtax our manliness … Do not walk in a field and tread on a caterpillar or the poor creature will turn on your boot and try to sting you.”
– William Lowndes Yancey, 1860

God bless, Stephen Passariello:

“Later that day, a 69-year-old Denton man named William Hudspeth went to the statue with cardboard signs that read “Please move the statute to a confederate museum,” the North Texas Daily reported. Another resident met him there armed with an assault rifle. Oklahoma State student and Denton local Stephen Passariello brandished the loaded AR-15 while entering into a verbal altercation with Hudspeth.

I predict we are going to see more of these armed patrols of Confederate monuments. It was only a matter of time before the guns came out. I’ve already heard of similar patrols in other states of groups which are protecting Confederate monuments.

I can’t emphasize enough how volatile this situation is becoming. Apparently, the Obama administration has decided to look the other way while a whole class of citizens are abandoned by the law. They’ve decided that it is a “hate crime” when, say, the James Meredith statue is vandalized with a noose in a prank at Ole Miss, but when when dozens, if not hundreds of Confederate monuments are vandalized by #BlackLivesMatter supporters, well, it is nothing to be concerned about.

Is it going to continue to be open season on White people in America? How long is that realistically going to last before the inevitable upheaval comes? Are black mobs going to continue to be allowed to burn down major cities? Also, I see that CNN is already trying to stir up another black mob against the police in Texas.

Note: The White South is almost certainly the most heavily armed civilian population in the world. There are people who have been preparing for years for some kind of inevitable showdown with the government. Is it not obvious that provoking such a showdown would end badly? If so, then why continue to do it?

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  1. Props to the man with the AR.

    Nice casual beach wear and cap!
    The black guy must have been shitting himself.

  2. Black lives matter…,

    Until they run afoul of Leftist/Yankee rights and interests.

    Until they’re no longer useful as political weapons against white Southerners.

  3. South Africa finally coming to the USSA. It’s been slow going, but it’s picking up steam. It stated with the Bolshevik Eisenhower and the initial Southern backlash knocked it on its heels for a while – but the Northeast, North and West were eager supporters of Negro Rule. Now we have it, and like S Africa, all monuments to the previous White civilization must go in the most degrading manner. BTW, we already have the car jackings, home invasions and out of control rape. But don’t worry, some old Southern White hag will release another fiction novel justifying all this and glorying the enablers.

  4. I’m not sure the shorts and flip flops is the appropriate attire to wield an AR 15 to defend Southern Confederate graves, monuments – but, maybe this shows even the most laid back California style “dude” guys in Texas are armed to defend.

  5. I’d say the two men in that video clip had a remarkably civil exchange.

  6. Then again, someone could well be using blacks to get that they want the same as the NVA used the VC for cannon fodder. We shall have to see……

  7. Also please spread the truth that these “Blacklivesmatter” folks are Black street gangs, funded by Soros lib Marxists.

    If anyone needs info on Chicago gangs I’m the expert , I can send you to places with info on East coast West coast gangs.

  8. Please contact the mayor’s office of Denton TX and ask them/him why they allow low life punk gang members to deface historical monuments.

    Mayor Chris Watts
    PrintFeedbackShare & BookmarkFont Size:+-
    215 E. McKinney Street
    Denton, TX 76201
    Phone: (940) 349-7717
    Fax: (940) 349-8596

  9. Though I grew up hunting on my granddaddy’s farm, since I left the Yankee army, many many years ago, I have not toucht a weapon. I don’t like what they do and what they stand for.

    That said – I’m saddened to the fact that, with the decades long betrayal of our people by our elected officials and oligarchs, the alternatives to guns, for true Southerners, grow smaller and smaller every day.

  10. @BGriffin…

    Sir, I agree – God bless, Stephen Passariello.

    I am heartened to see people like him reappearing. I had begun to think that the Southerners attending Occidental Dissent, and a few like-minded websites, were relicks of natural history museums…

  11. This racist animal, Stephen Passariello, assaulted me on Oct. 8th in Mt. Enterprise an then passed by home afterwards three times. He clearly expressed to me “he’s ready ready to kill a nigger”.

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