Ain’t That America: VICE on Otherkin

Dennis Anver, aka "Stalking Cat," strongly identified as a feline American

By Hunter Wallace

Yes, this is a real thing.

In his speech at the 2015 LS National Conference last weekend, my friend Steven Ingram brought the subject up. During the protest against the communists in Tallahassee, we got into an exchange with the counter-protesters about the Otherkin movement.

I asked one dude in a dress, who was calling himself Erica, if I woke up one morning feeling like a unicorn or a werewolf whether or not I would really be one, since identity is just a social construct that has no biological antecedents in objective reality.

I was told point blank that if I feel like a werewolf then I am one … a trans werewolf:

“Otherkin are people who identify as partially or entirely nonhuman. A dragon, a lion, a fox—you name it—there is probably someone out there who feels like they are more these things than they are human. The otherkin community can be found lurking on Reddit, Tumblr, TV Tropes, and other online forums.

The popularity of the otherkin phenomena seems to have been steadily increasing—particularly on Tumblr—since 2012. But what does it mean to truly believe you’re nonhuman? Do people genuinely wake up one day and think that they are a fox or is this just a bizarre form of escapism? Is it body dysmorphia or fantasy?

I spoke to John on Reddit, a 19-year-old from Knoxville, USA, known on the web as Noslavic. He introduced himself: “I am a red fox-kin who was, as we call, awakened about a year ago.” He said that awakening felt, “at the very least, relieving,” because “everything seemed to come together for me.

“I started getting odd dreams where I would change physically into a fox, and they were very realistic—honestly. And after a while, in real life, it felt quite real, like I actually had a tail, I actually had ears, I actually had paws. …”

We’ve covered the Otherkin movement here before.

Like Rachel Dolezal, the vampires, and the transableists, the Otherkin aren’t quite as “mainstream” yet as Planned Parenthood, but we expect they will be there in a few years. Meanwhile, straight White men are increasingly controversial in the United States, at least according to the Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer, the President of the United Church of Christ, and the winner of the Shalom Award.

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  1. Like I said, that *ain’t* America. That is the degradation that results from a century of Jewish control of the cultural power nodes (Hollywood, media, academia etc.) European countries with similar Jewish power are just as bad or worse.

    By the way Hunter, you have a South African doppelganger:

    You attack American identity, he attacks Afrikaner identity. You set Southron against Yankee, he sets Boer against Cape Dutch.

    Its pathetic. His people are being murdered and raped at a higher rate than any other people group in the world, and Jews are openly plotting, in the pages of National Review, to use the predicament of his people as an excuse to carve out a multicultural, IDF controlled city state from the territory of South Africa (to prevent the Blacks from nationalizing the Jewish owned gold and diamond mines and to disrupt the BDS movement), and all he can think to do is to attack the “Cape Dutch”, i.e. his own flesh and blood.

    Narcissism of small differences gone stark raving mad!

  2. I am so sorry. I see stuff like this and I am thrown back to Monty Python and their cold and callous treatment of mice, which is a total shame, as many friends I know are mice. Okay, some of them are. Okay, one is, happy now? You are? Oh, really? And what are we eating? CHEDDAR! I thought as much!!

  3. Attention Zoo: your animals are on the loose, please come and get them. All kidding aside, these poor, demented folks need to be rounded up and given intense psychotherapy before they act on their sick fantasies in a dangerous and violent way!

  4. It does make you wonder just how far these people(?) will go to live out their delusional fantasies. Do they run through fields and actively hunt mice and other small game? Do they use an actual liter box or just drop a deuce on any patch of grass whenever the mood strikes them? When they go out of town for the weekend, do they stay in hotels or do they lock themselves in a cage and ship themselves off to the nearest kennel? Do they give themselves special ID tags or just a regular driver’s license? If a guy thinks he’s a turkey, is it legal for us to eat him on Thanksgiving day? Why do most of these freaks always seem to identify with something considered majestic, mythological, or something that humans cherish or revere in some way? Where’s the guy who thinks he’s snail, a cockroach, a mole or a sloth?

    You attack American identity, he attacks Afrikaner identity. You set Southron against Yankee, he sets Boer against Cape Dutch.

    I agree with you that it’s not the best approach—both on the South African and American landscape. I’m in the South and understand the dynamics just about as well as anyone else. I’ve known Northerners who are more “Southern” than many of the people I’ve seen in the New South.

    But this isn’t the only game in town. If it works for them and they get members, then at least those are people that won’t be fighting other sects on the most important issue—Race. It will all come together one day soon when it’s crystal clear that North vs South means very little in the context of the greater struggle, which is White vs anti-White. All hell is gonna break loose and it will really only matter that they’re White and pro-White, not where they were White and pro-White. Until that day comes, I’m fine with any regional/cultural political movement as long as nobody gets offended because I might be a racist.

  5. One of the cuck news articles critical of us was that we even knew what this was…as though we are rhe weirdos for knowing the depths of insanity in this country.

    The respectable right is and has always been out of touch. They are probably afraid of calling people mentally ill because of generations of psychobabble about “the authoritarian personality” and things like that.

  6. All right.

    Well, I for one believe it is America. I believe it is the inevitable logical conclusion of the “free society” which Plato described in The Republic and which George Fitzhugh and Thomas Carlyle were attacking in the 19th century.

  7. BTW, we’re not singling out the North here, which isn’t any crazier than, say, the Netherlands, Canada, or Sweden. The North has no other source of identity than the Americanism which Fitzhugh condemned. The South has something else in its cultural DNA that causes it to resist ineffectively, because of the Union.

  8. Jews and other self-interested minorities thrive in Fitzhugh’s “free society” because 1.) those who drink the kool aid lose all sense of themselves belonging to a greater ethnic and cultural whole and 2.) because the system removes all barriers to Jewish influence and social and economic advancement.

    I’ve studied our decline for almost 15 years now. The process was already well advanced by the 1920s and 1930s when Jews were rising into the American elite. Look no further than the destruction of the Confederacy and America’s first experiment in racial equality during Reconstruction.

    Of course, if that doesn’t satisfy you, there are always all the old posts on Haiti and the Caribbean which explain how fanatics in Europe destroyed that entire region during the Age of Revolution.

  9. There was a US Supreme Court decision citing self-definition as one of the primary American values. The delusion of other-kinism flows directly from that value.

  10. “The North has no other source of identity than Americanism”


    There is a powerful tradition of American identity rooted in blood and birth, and opposed to the ideology you wrongly choose to call “Americanism”: Federalists, implicit nationalist admirers of Andrew Jackson, Know-Nothings, the anti-reconstruction wing of the Republican party, the 2nd Klan, America First, and the supporters of George Wallace and Pat Buchanan. These movements were just the tip of the submerged iceberg of pride in American identity that always existed.

    I am proud to be an American, and proud of the glorious accomplishments of this nation, and I will never accept this lie that American identity doesn’t exist.

    A defense of Southern identity does not require these gratuitous attacks on American identity.

  11. The North has an identity. I don’t know how you could say otherwise. I’ve always gotten along with oldschool, tough-guy New Yorkers better than most because they have a good idea about where they’re from and they want people to know. They aren’t like the typical Yankee problem-child who buys into every ridiculous idea and tells everyone that. That is an old archetype which is dying off and being replaced by the culture-less sissy or the mammonist.

    There certainly was an idea of America as a white nation, fifty years ago. As we are attacked, so goes the rest of America. Gaining independence for us would be a boon to everone. Split up the Failed States and there will be no single authority to crush our people or theirs. Unless you think Minnesotans are happy to be overrun by Somalis, then you know they ultimately have the same interests as us.

  12. Also: Keep in mind, Edward Gibbon warned us about this, didn’t he? And did the Romans give a toot? As the Huns came along? The money ran out? And Constantine moved the capital? Yeah, what a load of wacky, fun times….

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