Rand Paul Suspends Presidential Campaign

We’re waking up to the news that Rand Paul has tapped out of the 2016 presidential race:

“Rand Paul on Wednesday dropped out of the race for president, saying he will now focus on his reelection to the U.S. Senate.

“It’s been an incredible honor to run a principled campaign for the White House. Today, I will end where I began, ready and willing to fight for the cause of Liberty,” Paul said in a statement.

“Across the country thousands upon thousands of young people flocked to our message of limited government, privacy, criminal justice reform and a reasonable foreign policy. Brushfires of Liberty were ignited, and those will carry on, as will I.” …

Paul, a freshman senator and the son of former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, has a large libertarian following but failed to gain traction in the presidential race. He had become an increasingly marginal figure in the still-sprawling GOP field. He finished fifth in Iowa, with less than 5 percent of the vote, but was projected to do much worse in next week’s New Hampshire primary, with recent polls showing him in ninth place.”

In Iowa, Rand Paul won 8,481 votes, 4.5 percent of the total. In 2012, Ron Paul won 26,036 votes, which was 21.43 percent of the total. In 2016, Republican turnout was 186,874, which was up 50 percent from 122,255 in 2012.

Did the Liberty vote show up for Rand Paul? The NBC exit polls show that Rand Paul only won 13 percent of 17 to 24 years olds and 9 percent of 30 to 44 year olds. In 2012, Ron Paul won 50 percent of voters 17 to 27, 45 percent of voters 25 to 29, and 34 percent of voters 30 to 39. Rand lost to Cruz and Trump in every age group.

No one running for the Republican presidential nomination pandered harder to non-Whites than Rand Paul. Among other things, he called himself a “Detroit Republican,” courted Al Sharpton, ran on a platform of criminal justice reform, demonized the militarized police in Ferguson, attacked Cruz for backing away from amnesty in the last debate, celebrated the life of Nelson Mandela, and took a highly publicized break from the campaign trail to perform eye surgery on poor Haitians.

On the morning of the Iowa caucuses, Rand Paul went on MSNBC to publicly attack Trump yet again for chasing away non-Whites and turning the GOP into “a lily white party.” The NBC exit polls show that Rand Paul won 5 percent of the non-White vote in Iowa compared to Cruz who won 28 percent, Trump who won 24 percent, Rubio who won 23 percent, and Carson who won 9 percent.

Goodbye, Rand Paul. As the archetype of the goofy libertarian, you ran for president, wrecked the Liberty movement, and all you have to show for your ridiculous pandering is this certificate as White Renegade of the Year.

Note: It could have been worse. Your underling Jack Hunter was publicly stripped of his manhood. Talk about taking one for the team!

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  1. Libertarianism was nothing more than a stepping stone for white identity politics. The movement and Paul himself have served their purpose.

    • You’d think so. After all, there is enormous overlap between libertarianism and the kind of classical liberalism common at the American founding, to which many white patriot types feel an emotional connection. That’s why it’s not at all uncommon to find libertarians who have seen through the smoke-screen on a large number of taboo issues. How is it, then, that Rand could turn into such an ignoble, pandering faggot? Serious head-scratcher.

      • He is weak. He knows it. Bunning, his predecessor, was much stronger. But McConnell and the Senate Republican re-election committee did him in.

  2. Mr Detroit Republican who adopted William Kristol’s foreign policy, who offered a pinch of incense to the Holy state of Israel, who got his photo op with Al Sharpton, who promoted open borders immigration could only muster a fraction of the support his dad had.

    How did the outreach effort work for ya Rand?

  3. What makes me angry about Rand is that he considers himself a Detroit Republican but will likely keep his Senate seat because Kentucky is 86% White and the Democrats are the de facto anti-White party.

    • That’s pretty much of an interstate Limousine Liberal – Leonard Bernstein did this from his Park Avenue Apartment giving fund raising parties for the Black Panthers.

      Jack Kemp did this living in an exclusive All White gated community in California but doing photo ops with Blacks in Section 8 housing.

  4. I am rarely surprised about American politics. This was a surprise as I assumed the Ron and Rand Paul race denying, Libertarian Constitutionalist true believer cult would fight to the end with the goal of being given a live speaking spot at the GOP presidential convention in PRIME TIME and then somehow Rand Paul would deliver a “Who is John Galt” speech to.. the entire nation, to the entire WORLD and the true would set everyone free – would almost overnight deliver a Libertarian version of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Image” – imagine a utopian WORLD where everyone was free to pursue their own personal utility free of government regulation – the free movement of goods, services, ideas and most of all the free movement of….


    thousands, tens of thousands, millions tens of millions, hundreds of millions of people from all over the world voting with their feet, choosing freedom and liberty and justice for all people…..

    (This is just a slight spin on that cursed Zionist Yid’s poem put on our Statue of Liberty where were supposed to welcome the huddled masses of the entire world and somehow this all good for us).

    Well, looks like Rand Paul did one decent thing, the first decent thing in about 4 years. And he’s in for a tough re election fight against some out of the closet flaming poofter queer challenger – hard to pick a side in that one.

    Thanks everyone here at OD and in the Alt Right world for opposing and defeating this latest Rand Paul, Ron Paul Libertarian loon Presidential campaign.

    Well done.

      • And if the Dems can defeat Rand in the Kentucky Senate race, they’ll probably have someone like Jim Gray to look forward to. And Gray is gay… very GAY. Jim “Gay” Gray

        Politics has become nothing more than affirmative action Dindus, Cucks and Faggots fighting it out.

    • Since this fellow is going to pound this subject into the ground until the cows come home from Mars, let me just make a point about it.

      Was Rand Paul worth supporting any more than Rafael, pool boy, Yeb or any of the others this time? No. He was a complete cuck.

      Was his father, Ron, worth supporting more than McCain or Romney, in 08 & 12, respectively? You’re damn right he was! Was he perfect? Is any candidate perfect? No. Are we going to hear a never ending assault on Trump on the grounds that he isn’t pure enough for this guy?

      This constant and never ending attempt to lump Ron Paul in with his cuckish son is very dishonest. And frankly it smells of shame. Possibly for having supported McCain & Romney?

      I’m no fan of libertarianism but Ron Paul’s version was certainly a valiant effort to dislodge the (((establishment))) and can’t honestly be compared to Rand Paul’s campaign or policies in any way.

      • True. Ron Paul’s Libertarianism was blind as a bat when it came to racial realities. That’s one reason I could never fully support him or get overly optimistic about him winning. I could, however, support many of his positions as separate entities from his colorblind utopianism that would inevitably doom all of his other views and policies if he were to ever see them to fruition. Ron never changed course on his views and stances—he had the same ones for many years. You have to give him credit for that.

        But Rand is nothing more than a sycophantic cuck who dips his toes into the political waters to gauge a reaction, then becomes “bold and courageous” when he believes the PC tide is moving with him. He’s really bad at gauging sentiment, even though he tries like hell to make himself and his positions fit an audience. He’s a typical slimy politician. Ron Paul was not.

        • I can’t count the number of people I’ve moved from Rand to Trump after explaining to them that Rand was nothing like his father.

          We need to pick up those homeless Rand supporters now. They’ve been working under the delusion that Rand was going to outmaneuver (((the establishment))) and then implement his father’s policies. Let’s not needlessly aggravate them, however wrong they may have been. We need to welcome them to the only campaign that’s really anti-(((establishment))).

      • Marc writes:

        “Was his father, Ron, worth supporting more than McCain or Romney, in 08 & 12, respectively? You’re damn right he was! Was he perfect? Is
        any candidate perfect? ”

        I respond;

        No not perfect. Ron Paul lacked a few things – like a working penis or a set of balls.

        Don t you think these are sort of basic things to look for in a White man?

        We re facing Haiti Algeria Zimbabwe style racial and cultural genocide and this old castrated Libertarian loon Ron Paul and his brat son Rand Paul are breaking down crying and going over to the other side just because someone called them “racist”.

        Please find me a single Japanese nationalist leader that does this.

        Why do you waste your time and our time with these castrated cowards?

      • I have to disagree, there was no bigger cuck than Ron Paul.

        You know his vote counters really went to bat for him, to the extent that after the Rupubs failed to make them leave with threats they were beaten down by police and forcibly removed from the vote counting process. If you were a financial contributor to Ron Paul’s campaign you would remember that well.

        What did Ron Paul do about that? Other than smile and pocket all that campaign money? Not a damn thing.

        And that was hardly my first clue that Ron Paul was controlled opposition.

    • Mr. Ellis – I certainly hope you write for a living, because, your comment is painfully witty. Ouch!

      • Thank you for the kind words. No i don’t get paid for any of my writing – I usually have to pay to even play – sort of like a stripper who has to pay to dance and then try to make it up in tips.

        I have a few loyal readers just a few. I am more proud that I started certain Alt Right movements like outing Rand Paul. I got Amren to restart the Instauration Magazine White traitor of the year award in 2013 and make Rand Paul the winner/loser.

        I also tend to piss some people off.

        • You’re very welcome, Mr. Ellis. Your writing is good, and, in consideration of your unique perspectives, I really think you ought consider being a novelist. If you have the ability to focus yourself on a particular project, and do it, you have every other quality.

          As to ‘vexing folks’, I don’t doubt it. You see too deeply, and express too directly, or, that is, for those not at all accustomed to such; which, by the way, quite possibly would be 98 out of every 100 people.

          Obviously you’re quite at home with us here, politicks aside, – a motley collection of brusque and iconocastick invectors.

          • Thanks again brother. Can I send you are “Best of Occidental Dissent” glossy magazine? It features some of the best book reviews and commentary by our Hunter Wallace and also some of my OD blogs. I write under a few pen names. Our enemies know them, I hope our/my readers get to know them – I have a rather unique, consistent perspective, sense of humor etc.

            Take care


          • That’s very generous of you, Mr. Ellis. Mr. Griffin shall have my address shortly, and from there you may proceed. All the best, Junius

          • Does Mr. Griffin have your physical address now?

            I am eager to get some of these hard copy best of OD magazines out to the public.

  5. My prediction:
    Trump, if nominated, will receive a larger share of the Black vote in the presidential election than Paul does in the Kentucky Senate election.
    Trump’s civic nationalism is economically beneficial to the lower middle class. Paul’s libertarianism is not. Goofy photo ops with Al Sharpton can’t change this simple fact.

  6. Libertarianism is not about freedom it’s about jobs for kooks. I want my freedom from BRA, you ever hear that mentioned?

    Here is a test you can administer to help you evaluate someone or something, ask if they or it believe in the Blank Slate Theory it is the gateway to tyranny

  7. Man, you really summed up Rand Paul’s epic fail so eloquently. He went “full cuck” and look how bad he failed.

  8. Liberty in a majority non-white society? It’s never been seen. Liberty, a worthy ideal, has always been courtesy of the white man’s arms: from Cyrus the Great to the present time.

    To its credit, the alt right has put this idea forward, and the libertarians have not mustered any response. This is heartening, as it shows that ideas can shape political outcomes.

    Here is my argument that no one on the alt right has ever mustered any response: if our stronger, flintier ancestors could not take back America since the upheavals of the 60s, how can we when the demographics are much worse for us? (Hint: we can’t)

    We need the Byzantine option, namely to carve away the viable state from the dead and move on.

    Today we watch the sun set on the Libertarian gambit; in 10 months we will do the same with the Alt Right and say goodbye to pick up artists, Hitler hagiography, jokes about gassing people, burning them alive, and dropping them out of helicopters and other evil notions.

    Will folks rally to the banner of Partition? Separate or die is powerful motivator.

    • ‘Liberty in a majority non-white society?’

      Any minority could utter this. Certainly my daddy’s Jewish folks taught me to advocate for myself, because, as was the premise they had derived from being a minority for a couple of millennia : if someone else does your advocating, you won’t be happy with the result…

    • Aside from his foreign policy, Santorum really wasn’t that bad. He called for a significant reduction in legal immigration (something I don’t think Trump has proposed) and was rock solid on social issues.

      • Let him endorse Trump I guess, Santorum alone stood no chance… the more GOP candidates dropout, the more power to DT. Jeb! Should probably quit too after SC maybe.

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