Syrian Refugee Suicide Bomber Strikes Wine Bar In Ansbach, Germany


It wasn’t a gas explosion. It was a 27-year-old Syrian asylum seeker who had been in Germany for two years. He had a bomb in his backpack. He went into the wine bar after he was turned away from entering that musical festival.

Update: Pledged allegiance to ISIS.

#PrayForAnsbach #PrayForMunich #PrayForWürzburg #PrayForReutlingen #PrayForNice


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  1. Yeah, I heard of the report listening to the radio. They were saying it was probably a gas leak. Can’t trust any media outlets anymore.

  2. At this point the only thing the Germans can do to redeem their country is give Merkel the Ceausescu treatment.

  3. If NATO was truly the defensive military force originally intended these “refugees” would be driven out at the point of a gun and traitors like Merkel would be under house arrest, waiting for their treason trials.

  4. I believe if things get much worse Merkel and others like her should stand trial for crimes against humanity at Nuremberg.

    • Merkel and her colleagues should be put against the wall and shot.

      These traitors and collaborators deserve death.

  5. “Despite that and despite the rejection of his asylum request he was not deported to Syria because that could only be justified if the person commits very serious crimes.”

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  7. There is an eleven minute video put out by a guy named David Wood, detailing exactly why Europe and soon “Merka are in a endless loop of Islamic jihad.
    Boils down to the only GUARANTEED way to heaven for a muslim is death/martyrdom while waging jihad against the infidels.
    So the radical clerics who stress that passage in the koran have a large enough recruitment pool for continuous attacks. And I assume that in the refugee masses all the village idiots were driven out, kind of like the Muriel boatlift for mooslims. Achmed won’t leave the goats alone and is always playing with his AK-47, perfect answer send him to Europe.

  8. Prayer without action is a lie. God helps those who help themselves. Remove all kebab from the West.

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