The SPLC Ignores Violence Against Trump Supporters

It has always been obvious to all of us “haters” and “extremists” that the SPLC is a joke and its edicts should be taken with a big grain of salt, but after this year its credibility is shot with a much wider audience on the Right:

“It’s a dance that Donald Trump does when the subject of the violence and racism bubble up around his run for the presidency as the 2016 Republican nominee. Call it the Deniability Tango: Trump dances around the problems that come with his supporters and their frequent ugliness, which he officially disavows in certain carefully worded statements, often accompanied by a wink and a nod. …”

Ahh, violence.

1.) Trump supporters are probably already wondering … what about the mob violence we saw in Chicago and San Jose? What about the mob violence we saw in Albuquerque and all over California? Why haven’t we seen Trump supporters showing up at any Hillary Clinton rallies and violently attempting to shut down her events much less succeeding in doing so on live national television?

2.) What about Black Lives Matter? The SPLC, which blamed the Confederate flag and ALL Confederate monuments for the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston, has declared that Black Lives Matter IS NOT a hate group after it has spawned at least four deadly police shootings in New York City, Dallas, Baton Rouge, and Bristol, TN. Go read the new official Black Lives Matter platform which flatly states: we demand independent Black political power and Black self-determination in all areas of society. What a joke.

3.) Are you as surprised as I am that we have seen nothing from the SPLC about the black Trump supporter who was shot in Cleveland or the 62-year-old Trump supporter who was beaten with a crowbar in New Jersey? There have been similar politically motivated violent crimes against Trump supporters all over the country for months now. Their lives don’t count though.

4.) Why don’t we hear anything from the SPLC about the real assassination attempt on Trump in Las Vegas?

5.) Critics have long accused the SPLC of an anti-White bias and turning a blind eye to black violence. When blacks violently lash out at Whites, we can’t say anything about that because the twisted logic of “social justice” demands that blacks must always be presented as victims and Whites as victimizers. I’ve been saying for years now that the SPLC ignores the literal tsunami of black violence in Montgomery.

So guess what just happened here in Montgomery right down the road from the SPLC headquarters building?

“But in Montgomery, AL (home of the Southern Poverty Law Center), collecting rent and traveling the streets in safety is one of those things you can simply no longer do. And in modern America, the Main Stream Media, academia, and the political elite endlessly incite hatred against people like Shaw. This trickles down to the System’s client class, the seething dependents of Third World America’s urban hellholes.

Shaw was murdered, allegedly by one Corwin Walker. According to police, Walker culturally enriched Shaw in the form of stabbing him to death. [Man faces capital murder charge in Highland Ave. stabbing, by Andrew Yawn, Montgomery Advertiser, August 3, 2016]

Shaw was well known for being a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. Along with friends, he created the “Stumping for Trump” bus tour. One friend recalls …

If you exited the SPLC and walked two miles east, it would take you about 30 minutes at a brisk pace to reach the spot where 75-year-old Thomas Shaw Jr., a well known Trump supporter, was just knifed to death by a 21-year-old black male.


His name was Thomas Shaw, Jr. He was murdered on the SPLC’s own doorstep, but since he was a White Trump supporter and his murderer was a black male thug, it is politically incorrect to talk about it. Not only that, but organizations like the CofCC should be shut down for noticing it, publicizing it, and bringing it to your attention while groups like Black Lives Matter that advocate putting “pigs in a blanket” and spawn murderers who do so should be lauded and celebrated as heroes.

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  1. “The SPLC Ignores Violence Against Trump Supporters”

    Other possible formulations:

    The SPLC Jews have Concealed the Murder of a Trump Supporter.

    The SPLC Jews Condone the Murder of a Trump Supporter.

    The SPLC Jews Approve of Murdering Trump Supporters.

    The SPLC Jews are Complicit in the Murder of Trump Supporters.

    • Most of Trump’s rally attendees would not see themselves as such.

      But give it time and BLM ANTIFA antics…they soon will.

      Most of them are just civic nationalists. All you are doing is Red Pilling and radicalizing them for the nazis.

    • “White sooopremacis” is rhetoric meant to dehumanize whites and nothing more, people who use it are evil either intentionally or of the useful idiot variety.

  2. This BLM sabotaging the police to deal with Homo Africanus Criminalus in the ways you have to is unleashing a real crime wave. What I’ve read about Rio is that it has some of the worse crime in the entire world. One guy who travels a lot, wrote on a small defunct discussion board a decade back about his experience of getting robbed at gunpoint, in broad daylight, on the sidewalk right in front of his hotel. Another blogger who loves Brazil writes about being out on his motorbike and two scum of the earth favela thugs came up on a motorbike next to him with the passenger pointing a pistol at him, robbed him at a stop light, and took off. Then what a miserable bureaucratic experience it was dealing with law enforcement, who coincidentally made sure his Visa was valid or he would have been deported on the next flight back to Europe. We may think it’s bad here, but Homo Africanus Criminalus can get much much worse if BLM gets their way handing them all a “get out of jail free” card.

  3. “Ma Barker” Clinton is riding the wave of all this anti-white hatred and violence against European Americans. “Ma Barker” doesn’t want or need the endorsement of the cops since she represents all the crooks/murderers…

  4. I am not surprised nor should anyone be who practices reality politics. The SPLC is the ultimate manifestation of cultural Marxism and the living embodiment of Frankfurt school ideology. If you do not know what cultural Marxism or the Frankfurt Institute is then you wont understand the SPLC. Go to you tube and look up videos on same.

  5. They are not human. These Jews of the SPLC have no empathy, no compassion, no concern what so ever, for the murder of an innocent non-Jew. They are not like us. They are not human.

  6. Since Shaw was from Wetumpka and was in the real estate business for many years I’m sure he was a friend to the Alabama League Chairman.

  7. Absolutely vile. The SPLC aka Southern Perverted Jew Center is disgusting and its time we flush Morris Sleeze and Mark NSA MOSSAD Potok and their ilk down the sewer,

  8. The article starts with:
    “Trump supporter murdered 2 miles from SPLC”

    So, if someone is murdered within 2 miles of an organization, the organization is bad for not mentioning the murder? Is that what you mean?

    From that, the article goes on to state: “His name was Thomas Shaw, Jr. He was murdered on the SPLC’s own doorstep, but since he was a White Trump supporter and his murderer was a black male thug, it is politically incorrect to talk about it.”

    So, now “2 miles” is equivalent to “on the SPLC’s own doorstep”. They must have a really, really, long doorstep. Is anyone noticing how ridiculous this story is?

    And, it’s asserted that it’s politically incorrect to talk about this? I don’t think that’s true. Did the grocery store near there ignore the murder too? How about the dry cleaners?

    Really, this is such an obvious political attack, and a ridiculous one at that. I’ve read both good things and bad things about the SPLC, and frankly I don’t know whether they do mostly good or bad things. But I do know this article is beyond ridiculous.

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