#NeverTrump Has Destroyed The Republican Party

I called it on Saturday.

I said that October 8, 2016 will go down in history as The Day The Republican Party Died. It didn’t die because of any lewd comment about women that Trump made in an old tape from 11 years ago. It died because the #NeverTrump forces in the GOP establishment seized on the tape as their opportunity to make their move.

The polling over the weekend showed that the Billy Bush tape was having very little impact on voters. Focus groups and polls of Trump caucus supporters in Nevada were showing that voters thought it was being blown out of proportion:

The #NeverTrump forces didn’t wait to see what voters thought about the matter.

By Saturday afternoon, Trump was getting stabbed in the back by an avalanche of Republican senators, governors, congressmen and party officials who publicly denounced him and rescinded their endorsements. Sen. John Boozman of Arkansas even went so far as to say that he wanted knock Trump’s teeth out!

It was a total and complete contrast to what happened over the weekend in the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton was hit by an equally devastating scandal on Friday evening when Wikileaks dropped the Podesta Emails. If there was a single Democratic senator, governor, congressman or party official who publicly stabbed Hillary in the back over that, denounced her corruption, or rescinded their endorsements, I didn’t see it.

When the Democratic nominee got bad news, it was all hands on deck in the media and the party. They went all in to save Hillary by releasing the Trump Tapes. When the Republican nominee got bad news, something like a third of his party dogpiled and publicly stabbed him in the back. I was struck by it at the time and the only thing that I could compare it to was the assassination of Julius Caesar in the Roman Senate.

I knew then and there that the #NeverTrump Republicans had fatally split the party. I knew that such an unbelievable betrayal and slap in the face – coming less than 30 days before a national election against Hillary Clinton – would ignite such a furious reaction from Trump’s base that there would be no hope for reconciliation.

I knew in my gut that was it and something historic was unfolding. That was the final straw for millions of Trump’s disaffected voters. That was the confirmation of everything they had ever suspected about the Republican Party. It was if the term CUCKSERVATIVE had been etched in granite on the Republican Party’s tombstone.

Needless to say, the consequences of this will be unforgivable. There will be too much bad blood. There will be too little trust. #NeverTrump has burned bridges that they will never be able to rebuild. There is going to be a total crackup of the Republican Party.

Note: The demise of the Whigs as a national party in the 1850s heralded everything that followed. It destabilized the American political system which had contained passions and marginalized extremists.

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  1. “The #NeverTrump forces didn’t wait to see what voters thought about the matter.”

    And that’s bad, I take it …

    • The discombobulation on PBS news hour was hilarious.

      We. Have. Never. Seen.This. Before.

      • The war was fought in the schoolyard, silvio, when vicious things like you were hurling insults at your fellow whites who took their studies–and really, life in general–seriously. Now, helpless, uneducated, you realize you’re in the war; and the intelligent Jews who were encouraged, not insulted, by their fellow Jews are tearing your race to shreds.

  2. So, Roman Catholic Paul Ryan stabbed Protestant Trump in the back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    If Hillary gets elected, I agree with you, things political will fly apart.

  3. I’ll repeat here what I wrote here in another thread yesterday, because it proves HW’s point.

    I live within walking distance of Washington University, but I don’t have enough “in” or pull to get debate tickets. So, like every Presidential debate that has occurred this season, both primary and general, I have semi-crashed a viewing party held by someone else.

    Just to give you some context without giving too much away, this “someone else” is a former Republican state legislator, term limited out several years back, who didn’t feel like trying for greener pastures, and moved on to other things at least professionally. The viewing parties are attended by a hodgepodge of Republican and oriented politicos, apparatchiks, parasites like me, and ever since Trump announced, have been about evenly split between Trump supporters/leaners and Nevers.

    Last night, the atmosphere in the house was so ice cold that both sides kept to their respective sides of the house and rarely intermingled, out of fear of some punches being thrown or blood being spilled. The next civil war could have broken out in that house last night. I’m being a bit hyperbolic, but not that much. In contrast, the previous watch parties at that house were the type where the two sides could at least co-exist in each others’ personal spaces.

    Furthermore, everyone got out of there when the debate was over. No hanging around to gab, gossip, and chit chat. And that’s saying a lot, because the professional or quasi-professional political class has a reputation for spending a lot of time standing around and chit chatting.

    One thing from the debate last night: If most of those supposed undecided St. Louisans were actually St. Louisans, then I’m Donald Trump. Except for the ook they found on the corner of MLK and Newstead panhandling for pocket change for whiskey earlier in the day yesterday, they snatched him, dressed him in a suit, and gave him a question to read which he could barely read off the card. Otherwise, I doubt the rest of them are St. Louisans. The way to tell was to ask them these four questions: (1) Where did you go to school? (2) How do you cut pizza? (3) What do you call that thing underneath the bathroom and kitchen faucet? (4) What is the name of the interstate highway grade road that runs from Downtown to Chesterfield? If they didn’t give the proper answers, then you’d know they are fake.

    • Soooo, all the people who have been citing crisis actors were just theorizing, eh?

      No true undecided wouldn’t have noticed how utterly rigged the debate was. All day cable news has these so-called ‘undecideds’ lamenting Trump’s unwillingness to ‘talk about the issues’ instead of ‘looking back to the past,’ yet not one noted that CIA-connected Cooper and jewish Obama acolyte Raddatz prosecuted Trump’s past like Grand Inquisitors the entire debate. They played HRC’s attack dogs so she could claim to ‘go high,’ while he would be castrated (double entendre sorta intended) or called ‘low’ for fighting back.

      1984 is here. Only the ‘paranoid’ ‘nuts’ are sane.

      To continue denying that there is a jewish media oligopoly colluding with the political elites to complete a virtual coup reflects such a deep denial it could be called a ‘mental illness.’

  4. I think these polls are propaganda. If the electorate is D+9, and half of the electorate is younger than 45, then we are in trouble. But I doubt that will be the case, as in 2012, the electorate was older than 2008, and older than 45s outnumbered younger voters by about 30 million.

  5. These clowns attacking Trump, at the top of the ticket, are clearly signaling that Hillary Clinton is preferable. If that is so, why should we vote for them?

    They probably figure that their electoral fortunes will be adversely affected by Trump, so they’re putting distance between him and themselves. They are willing to wreck the country with Clinton in order to gain or keep a seat for themselves.

    Deny them these seats. Dump McCain, Heck, Ayotte, Portman and the rest. Kirk is dead meat anyway. So are Johnson and Toomey.

  6. The Democrats shouldn’t be celebrating.

    I’ve been saying for a few years that both of the current political parties as currently constituted are improbable aberrations, and that something was going to happen to make one of them fall apart, and once it did, the other would soon follow suit because the first one falling apart meant that the other one had no reason to stay together.

    If the Republican Party no longer exists one year from today, and I think now there’s a better than even money chance of that, and it’s just as likely to happen no matter if Trump or Cankles wins, (I might explain that later), then the Democrats have no reason to stay together. Remember, coalition of the fringes, KKKrazy Glue. Without a Republican Party, the KKKrazy Glue loses its adhesiveness. And all the obvious divisions within the Democrats and the left that the mere existence of some semblance of “normal American” political ambition has served as their Emmanuel Goldstein, will come pouring out into the open, and tear that party asunder.

    After all, look at big cities. There is only one party that matters, the Democrats, but there are plenty of acrimonious politics and divisions, and often along racial lines, but also along niche interest lines.

    • Just off the top of my head–

      Environmentalists vs open border/mass immigration advocates

      Blacks vs Hispanics

      Muslims vs Jews

      Unions vs trade deal advocates

      The leftists vs the (((Wall Street))) 1%

      Peaceniks vs warmongers

      Most blacks and Muslims against the LGBTQ (and whatever else) lobby

      • Yes, all those white, environmentalist, squeaky clean cucks living side by side with orcs who turn their countries into environmental disasters and shitholes.

    • Interesting take. We may be following the European route to a multi-party system. Factionalism may well be the future which, IMO, will lead to secession (not necessarily confined to the South) or civil war.

    • @Question Diversity:

      After all, look at big cities. There is only one party that matters,
      the Democrats, but there are plenty of acrimonious politics and
      divisions, and often along racial lines, but also along niche interest

      You got that right. Texas used to be solidly Democrat, but there was vicious infighting between Progressive Democrats and Conservative Democrats.

      I miss those days. The CDs had absolutely no problems getting down into the mud and beating the snot out of the PDs. Once the CDs became Republicans that all changed.

      I think that Ryan, McCain, et al think that they have reached some kind of “gentleman’s agreement” with the Democrats where the latter will be able to maintain control of the White House and ultimately gain full control of the Supreme Court while the Republicans continue as false opposition in the Congress.

      I guess they are counting on the idea that Americans in general have very short memories and White Americans, in particular, having no place else to go, will be desperate to believe Ryan et al’s empty promises that they will rein Hillary in.

      They don’t understand that years of playing Lucy to White America’s Charlie Brown and yanking that football out from under them is what caused Trump’s ascendancy and if they are perceived to have, in any way, great or small, engineered Trump’s defeat at Clinton’s hands, they more than any Democrats will be blamed.

      Moreover, they don’t get that once, White Americans lose any hope in the Republican Party, the Democrats won’t need to reach a bipartisan consensus with them on anything. The Republicans will be infinitely disposable to the Democrats by then.

      I am not the least bit disheartened by this. The Rainbow Coalition is very tenuous. The so-called people of color are going to take credit for Trumps defeat and their demands will be so strident, obnoxious and overbearing that White Democrats (who by their deeds have proven to be far more advanced at race realism than the Party of Lincoln) will start making overtures to disaffected Trump voters and create a true Pro-White wing.

      I have always believed that any White Nationalist movement is going to come out of the Democrat Party, but not before the Republican Party is utterly destroyed first.

  7. “Après Trump le déluge”.

    In looking at both “debates” one sees concerned negroes asking Trump if he will bow down to Hillary and help the destroyed Establishment Republicans force the Trumpeldorks to pay for the failed Democrat policies. “Please won’t you pay for the further imposition of bringing in Muslims who will kill and rape you, along with more unskilled immigrunts who will take away whatever jobs remain and save Obamacare, which is visibly failing.” Or “Together No Longer!!!???” White people are deemed to be like leprechauns — if non-whites catch one they can force them to pay out of their pot of gold taxes enough to keep a herd of them in KFC, grape drink, skittles, mentholated cigarettes, and emergency-room care for gunshot wounds and anchor-baby births.

    Empire-tards can’t understand is that Trump is only the candidate of the declining white population who wants to make the Empire great again by retrenching it back to sustainability. No Empire can afford to retrench because that is not what it is. Rather, an Empire always tries to expand into hostile territory where it will die by a thousand cuts while it is imploding at home. The end result is that the Empire is a hollow shell which is always showing cracks which grow into fissures no longer able to be papered over or healed.

    Empire-tards are gloating and concern-trolling when if they were smart, ought to be concerned over the health of the very System which for all Trump’s faults lets them live as a bed-wetting, thumb-sucking, primal-screaming suicidal hypochondriacs. Now an amoral sociopath who is incompetent in keeping the Empire alive is going to “win” responsibility for when all the chickens come home to roost, and the only means of living shall be in a civil war of each against all, and the rise of a real dictator or ten thousand of them which the survivors will insist upon to save them. None of them will be like the genial buffoonish god-Emperor Trump but more like Pol Pot.

    Trump is our weaponized buffoon to take down the System. Trump is the very last hope of a hopeless White population which will turn against the very System that is destroying them. Trump showed up last year and destroyed 17 other lying politicians and won the nomination like Godzilla. Trump is now losing the general election to the very last sick evil corrupt “president” of the Empire, who will finish it off in favor of a balkanized Amurrikwa.

    “Après Trump le déluge”.

  8. This is interesting to watch play out. I suspect that the Republican Party will never recover. I wonder what will come next? The Whig split-up presaged secession and war> Is America about to fracture in addition to the Republican Party. I do not know, but I would not be stunned.
    Somewhat connected, I was ruminating on the 2008 “Ron Paul Revolution” last night, and wrote an essay about it that I posted on my blog. Paul never had the movement behind him that Trump did, never appealed to working class whites, and utterly failed to speak about the JQ.
    14 Words

    • I think about that (break up) a lot. How do you think such a thing would go down? I am in Texas, and there’s talk, but I can’t imagine a vote. We still have enough mooches here, and a lot of the conservatives here have something to lose without the teet. I think it’s the only hope for future liberty to break up.

  9. “It didn’t die because of any lewd comment about women that Trump made in an old tape from 11 years ago. It died because the #NeverTrump forces in the GOP establishment seized on the tape as their opportunity to make their move.”

    That’s the usual Jewish tactic.

    – Likewise, Europe wasn’t invaded last year because people were deeply moved by the picture of a Kurdish boy’s body stranded on a Turkish beach. The invasion was launched at ZOG’s instigation, and the picture was simply a pretext used by the (((media))).

    Actually, Europeans don’t care about that picture any more than American voters care about the Trump video.

    – White people are not hesitant to support Trump because they want more third-world migrants. They are hesitant because the (((media))) keep hinting that you have to be an evil bastard to support him.

    – And so on.

  10. I knew bums like Pauline Ryan and Reince Prickface would stab Trump in the back the first chance they got. But they have only succeeded in destroying their own political careers. The GOP will soon be replaced by the White American Workers’ Party. As a senior WAWP official I will work to ensure that the Confederacy is officially recognized as a sovereign nation.


  11. Somehow with the death of the #CuckOldParty, I can only want to dance and try to swap a word with “Ding, dong, the Witch is dead…”.

  12. This is from the (((New York Times))):

    Democrats said they had no intention of allowing Republicans to wash out the stain of associating with Mr. Trump: “Voters will see this for the craven act of self-preservation that it is, and it won’t save them,” said Meredith Kelly, a spokeswoman for the committee.

    The Republicans against Trump are not cowards. They are controlled morons.

  13. GOP establishment never wanted Trump, albeit he won fair and square. This is a godsend excuse to distance themselves from him. Do the traitorous idiots realize that they are distancing themselves from the party’s base as well?

    Anyway, good riddance GOP!

  14. Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump
    The very foul mouthed Sen. John McCain begged for my support during his primary (I gave, he won), then dropped me over locker room remarks!

  15. Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump
    It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.

  16. Are all the main players in media jews, married to jews or cucks?

    Trump has a handful kikes on his side but other than those few all the rest are hell bent on destroying him and his supporters.

    ‘Chuck Todd, political director of NBC News, reported during Saturday’s broadcast of NBC Nightly News that the presidential race is “over,” that Donald Trump has lost to Hillary Clinton, and the Republican Party can only minimize the damage at best.

    Wiki :Todd was born on April 8, 1972,[1] in Miami, Florida, the son of Lois Cheri (née Bernstein) and Stephen Randolph Todd.[2] He is Jewish on his mother’s side, and was raised Jewish

  17. This is all based on one of Vox Day’s observations in his book SJWs Always Lie.

    SJWs would rather destroy an organization than lose control of it. That is what is happening now. NeverTrumpers know that their opposition to Trump is support for Hillary. They just don’t care. They care more about taking down Trump than they do about the party or the country. (Though I’d say many GOP politicians also care about preserving their careers.)

    We see the same phenomenon in small churches that split because someone tried to usurp authority from the pastor, and they’d rather destroy than just move on quietly. Also recall the story of Solomon and the 2 women fighting over the baby, where the one woman was willing to let the baby die to keep the other woman from getting it. I’m not much of a History student, but I’d say we can see the same behavior in the war of Northern Aggression.

  18. Trump is toxic. They’re trying to save their remaining seats during the next election. You’re putting the blame in the wrong direction.

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