Mutually Assured Destruction

A few weeks ago, I predicted that no matter what the result of the presidential election that the inevitable result would be a destabilization of our political system.

I had not anticipated the #NeverTrump coup on Saturday. I didn’t expect the Republican Party to disintegrate so rapidly a month before the election. If Trump lost the election, the polling indicated it would be a narrow loss and that the #NeverTrump crowd would restrain themselves for the sake of down ballot races. After the election, I expected there would be a settling scores and a failed purge.

In that scenario, no one faction would have emerged victorious. The establishment wing would have blamed Trump and his Alt-Right supporters. The #TruCons would have blamed the establishment for creating the conditions that led to the rise of Trump. They would have been able to say that Cruz had come around late, endorsed Trump, and that they were good soldiers. Trump would have blamed the establishment and the #TruCons for hamstringing his candidacy. Each faction would have returned to its side of the ring. If the #NeverTrump coup had failed at the convention, what sense did it make to have one now?

It was far too late for a coup to succeed. It seemed like an irrational, improbable, far fetched scenario. And yet, someone in the #NeverTrump camp got a hold of the nuclear launch codes – and launched the nukes at their own party. Stunned by a nuclear first strike from #NeverTrump, Trump has launched his own nukes.

Can you believe it?

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  1. “If the #NeverTrump coup failed at the convention what sense did it make to have one now?”

    Revenge from Casa de Boosh?

  2. I’m going to have my revenge on the cucks next month. I’ve voting Trump, then straight ticket democrat. Buh bye cucks.

  3. My guess it’s about Bankster campaign funds, Ryan created some space hoping to lure in the loot.

    That is my alternative hypothesis, but I have no evidence save that Trump is not bringing in wall Street bucks

  4. Bob Bentley has said he would not vote for him. Though I suspect any bama folks in the southern nationalist/alt right camp said to hell with Bentley just over a year ago.

    • Who is Bentley to judge since he cheated on his wife with a whore, then gave the whore a big raise. His first choice was Kasick.

      • And is just an all around tool from what some friends in Montgomery tell me. Lord to have been able to explain to that man that what “a flag” represents is worth FAR more than a job. More than his, I would have added.

  5. It is the revenge and retaliation of the neocohen scumbags. Since the rank and file republicans rejected them and refused to support wars for Israel they have decided to destroy the republican party. Dan Senor, foreign policy adviser to Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney was behind the release of the tape.

  6. I write all kinds of things, but the Hebes will NOT recede quietly and politely. They were going ot take Trump down one way or another. They have no party/National loyalty, They never did. They have Hillary, who will do EVERYTHING they want.
    She most likely will be installed as POTUS. She will not live much longer. Kaine will be POTUS. And they will hunt us down and destroy us. To the LAST White, no matter if you are a Knaaazeee or a Cuck.
    Get ready.

    • I don’t think that will be successful Denise UNLESS they use exotic weapons. There is no way they can hunt us down and destroy us, any attempt will start a rebellion they won’t be able to win but with exotic weapons. So unless I see laser weapons Nukes etc. they won’t win. We will eventually triumph but likely by then even if it is over a Radioactive Hell

      • They are already doing it on the installment plan: Diversity chasing down the last White person. Their exotic weapons are 3rd worlders, over running our countries and forcing us to integrate and assimilate with them.

        • This program is stalling as we speak and now the explosion is here. The Skypes needed the Googles not to chimp out of control but now the Googles are burning down their banks costing them $$$. Oh well bring on RaHoWa

    • If (((they))) want to hunt down the last White, they’ll have to start WWIII with Russia, the last White Christian power.

      You could see in the second debate where Cankles was threatening to shoot down Russian planes in Syria.

  7. We have now arrived at a set of circumstances where some desirable circumstance is inevitable. Option one is that we get a serviceable President, something we haven’t had in a very long time. Option two is that the Republican Party falls apart, and it’s the artery-clogging cholesterol that had to be cleared out of the way before any other good thing could happen. I think it’s possible that both happens.

  8. Thanks to the Neo-Cohens illegally putting Ohio and certain other states under Voting Pre-Clearance which was SUPPOSEDLY thrown out by the USSC, these states cannot even change their voting laws without a lawsuit. I guaranteed to everyone who would listen on OD that Trump would lose for this very reason. FRAUD. Free and Fair elections are impossible. If we had a FREE AND FAIR one we would have Trump. Voter Fraud will elect Hildabeast, the Demonic Lesbian who drinks blood.

      • How well did that work out last time around? Clintons killed plenty of civilians consoder Weaver’s wife while she held her baby, yet not a damn person was experienced trouble.

      • It could be that a new wave of militia activity will emerge. I am sure that would fire up Mark Koernke, a pro-militia radio personalty that I used to listed to.
        As Charles Martel notes below, the Clinton’s killed a few armed dissidents, but it was at the tragedy at Waco, Texas. Ruby Ridge actually occurred in 1992 during the last year of George H. W. Bush’s tenure. I have an essay up on my WordPress blog “Putnam Liberty Notes” entitled “Ruby Ridge, Twenty Four Years Later”. I posted it on September 5th, so those interested will have to check it out by clicking on my archives.
        It appears to me that the 1990’s militia movement, along with the Tea Party and the Ron Paul “revolution” had several flaws. Perhaps the two biggest flaws usually held by all three of these are (1) they were never supported by mainstream, working class Americans, and (2) they all failed to openly advocate White Nationalism.
        Just a few thoughts.
        14 Words

        • That’s what I was getting at — those flaws you mentioned could be rectified in the militia movement if Trump loses, especially if there is blatant widespread vote-fraud in top of the constant biased media.

        • Mark very openly speaks of the Kosher crowd on his show. If you start listening to him again, you’ll hear it.

    • What do they have against Ohio. It is not a southern ex slavery state. Must be because they are beginning to see the light, and for Hillary calls them white trash.

    • If Trump wins some Bush-appointed Federal judge with a name like Feinberg or Lowenthal will rule the election results were “unconstitutional” because of slavery or disproportional representation – you know how good the jews are when it comes to manipulation of language!

      • People can’t seem to accept this reality. They’re still clinging to the old paradigms that proved to be dead ends a long time ago. Denial is the stubbornest of human defenses.

        The war will be an indirect one. They’ll come at whites via ‘helping’ us, starting with kids in schools, who will suddenly need ‘treatment’ if their parents don’t hand over their guns and stop posting white advocacy on the net.

        • I actually think the Googles have made this impossible with their incessant chimping out. If there were no Niggers in the USA i think this plan would work but its obvious the Nigs are becoming uncontrollable. I dont think they can put the chain back on a rabid dog

    • I hope not. But the realities of multicultural diversity and history suggest another civil war or breakup is someday inevitable.

  9. Donald J. Trump

    It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.
    7:00 AM – 11 Oct 2016

    And now it starts. First attack is on McCain and Ryan. Pass the popcorn.

    • A very positive secondary effect of this weekend’s events is that GOPe have left themselves completely exposed in the event of a Trump loss. By bailing
      on him so rashly and so publicly the Re-cuck-licans essentially made an
      all-in bet that Trump was finished, setting themselves up to take the sole blame if he loses.

      Quite foolish on their part since they could have just laid low for a few days and seen how things shook out at the debate and, given Trump’s strong success, joined him in doubling-down on his anti-media populism (Undermining the credibility of the establishment media is a great thing for anyone on the right, worldwide).

      Instead they sided with the media in tearing down their own popular nominee, thus making it clear to everyone that they are part of the same anti-American, neoliberal globalist establishment. Good thing to know.

  10. Two weeks ago it was announced that neo-cohen, Charlie Sykes ((())) was retiring from his talk show .

    Hie has had many disputes with callers who support Trump. Charlie being a Nevertrumtard is now appearing on lefty programs bashing right wingers, claiming far too many are misogynistic, xenophobic, racist and anti-semitic.

    Before becoming a conservative he was a flaming liberal.

    Interesting how many like Charlie conveniently shifted sides in order to advance the war agenda for Israel but all of a sudden have changed hats again.

    He is in the process of writing a book criticizing right wing media for helping to advance Trump and his supporters.

  11. Donald J. Trump ? @realDonaldTrump
    Despite winning the second debate in a landslide (every poll), it is hard to do well when Paul Ryan and others give zero support!

    • Good. It’s a real tragedy that Orcs Behave Badly over every little, often non-existent thing, and Whites swallow EVERY poisoned pills handed to us.

  12. Everyone panic. Personally, I will be sitting back in a recliner watching the returns come in for a Trump presidency whille drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and toasting to Tim Wise.

  13. It’s been said Liberal Democracy has ruled the West.

    If so, why does US take orders from Israel, a fascist-democracy?

    Israel is democratic ethno-state; US Jews support it via AIPAC & Zionist-controlled media that favors Shabbos Goyim shills like Bush family, John McCain, Hillary, and etc.

    ‘Liberal Democracy’ takes orders from a fascist-democracy. Americans are ruled by ethnocentrist Jews.

    US may in principle be a ‘liberal democracy’ but, in practice, it takes orders from ethno-conscious rule of Jewish racialists.

    If US as liberal democracy takes orders from Jews & Israel who are committed to ethno-democracy, then fascism is the most powerful force in the world.

    If liberal democracy is dominant, then Israel should dump its fascist-democracy and become like EU. But US obeys Israel.

    A fascist-democracy has elections & rule of law but its core constitution is explicitly & thematically rooted in identity-heritage- territory. Israel is such a nation. A racial-cultural-national democracy.

    Israel is a fascist-democracy like Turkey. US Jews push lib democracy onto whites but embrace ethno-democracy for themselves.

    If US Jews are into lib democracy, they’d pressure Israel like they pressure Poland and Hungary. But no pressure for Israel to take refugees. Jewish ‘liberals’ pressure the smallest European nation to give up racial-national-territorial integrity and open up its legs to take in tons of Muslims and Africans. But Jews, even ‘liberal’ ones in the West, fully support Israel’s ‘right to exist’ as a racial-cultural-historical-territorial entity. If white gentile nations practice what Israel does, the Jewish-run press would condemn it as ‘fascist’ and ‘far right’. But when Jews do it, Jews expect every US congressmen to pledge even more aid to Israel and uphold Israel’s right to exist as a ‘Jewish State’. Well, if it is ‘fascist’ for Hungarians and Poles, it must be fascist when such is the norm in Israel. Anyway, since American Jews and Israeli Jews are agreed on the need for Jewish identity, Jewish consciousness, and Jewish nationhood, they must be fascists. Since they rule America and the West, we gentiles are not living under liberal democracy but Jewish fascist democracy. Now, Jewish fascist-democracy is fine as long as Jews practice it for themselves in their own nation. It is problematic when Jews practice fascism over non-Jews. Each nation should have a fascist-democracy of its own. Hungary for Hungarians, Poland for Poles, just like Israel for Jews. But Jews want power not only in Israel but in gentile nations. Jews know that fascist-democracy is a great formula for national unity, and so they love it for Israel. But they hate it for gentile nations because it means, say, Polish unity against Jewish control or Hungarian unity against the likes of venal Soros. So, Jews push ‘liberal democracy’ on goyim while maintaining fascist-democracy for themselves.

    Jewish War on Russia isnt about liberalism vs autocracy. It is Jewish ethno-centrism vs Russia nationalism. Jews are pissed because Jews raped and plundered Russia in the 90s and nearly took over the whole nation. Putin then came along and took back some of the plunder and control, and Jews hate him for it. Jews fear that what Putin did for Russia may spread to other white nations. This is why Jews hate Trump. Even though Trump, like Putin, isn’t anti-Jewish, his themes of Americanism vs globalism makes Jews angry since Jews use anti-nationalist globalism to weaken every gentile nation. (Of course, Jews support fascism and nationalism in Israel. Jews also want to empty Syria so that they can push Palestinians into it and grab all of West Bank. Because nationalism and fascism are particularist, they are fine as long as they remain confined to national borders. The problem is when it violates other national borders. Tragically, Jewish nationalist-fascism of Zionism is violating other borders. Jews control the US and use American money and military might to smash all Arab/Muslim nations hated by Israel. But Jews are so sneaky. Even though their wars have created the refugee crisis, they pretend to be ‘humanitarians’ by aiding the refugees get to the West.)

    White Nationalists have most problem with globalist Jews, but their ideal is closest to Israel, a fascist-ethno-democracy beloved by Jews.

    Jews have hard fascist-democracy for themselves but push flaccid liberal-demcracy on whites. Whites want fascist-democracy too.


  14. I agree with the author of this post that it seemed irrational for the mainstream Republicans to #NeverTrump a month before the election. It is as if they are purposely destroying their own party. Why? Without being too conspiratorial, perhaps they work for (((some people))) higher than the Republican Party who simply use it for their own will?
    14 Words

  15. Because the establishment GOP is 100% globalist. And thus they hate Trump’s semi-nationalist/populist campaign. It is the only real threat in the race – not Hillary, Stein or the dude who doesn’t know where Syria is but is totally cool with mass immigration.

    • Great list. I think Portman should be in the list of senators rather than in the one of govt officials. That would make it easier for people in Ohio to see him.

      Could someone change that?

  16. I don’t see how this will destroy the GOP, in and of itself. There has to be something to step into the power vacuum after the election, assuming Trump loses. If that “something” does not materialize, then the GOP will just regroup.

    I certainly hope that if Trump loses he will start a third party, but that remains to be seen.

  17. If anyone has ever met any of these nevertrumpers or any of the others who are opposed to Trump, are not all that. Much of these folks can barely wipe their butt without their handlers. Most of them are complete pussies on their own. If one would point a weapon or even sling a crossbow near them, you’d be slipping in their shit they left behind on the ground.

    Let’s say things got really ugly. No power, no foods leaving the shelves, no gasoline, no ATM’s, the cities would be starved out in a few weeks. Most people around me have gardens, guns and big dogs, really big dogs. The fat cucks and the unhealthy googles wouldn’t be able to walk to the small town to forage anything.

    The left can talk about FEMA camps, knocking off right wing patriots, etc. But how are they going to get to the rural areas? Does anyone really think that the 500 pound Shaniqua is going to come to your area?

  18. It seemed appropriate to post this under “mutually assured destruction.”

    Jew neocon Carl Gershman is clamouring for the US to “summon the will” to bring regime change to Russia.

    Evil bastards.

    • Blacks hate Trump, and everyone is looking for a rational reason as he’s a celebrity New Yorker who never ran an anti black campaign. Problem is a lot of whites here are trying to explain something rational that is guttural. Blacks see him rallying the type of whites they are afraid of, that’s why most of them hated his candidacy from the get go, if he would win they fear he’d empower the type of white guy who wouldn’t take their shit.

    • Moral Philosopher Russell Brand also disapproves, at least he’s consistent:

      There’s no biological reason why a man shouldn’t just try to have sex
      with every woman he meets – all of them get pregnant and your genetics
      are winning.

      While stern Victorian prude Miley Cyrus is also offended by Trump’s words, as well she might:

      • Not exactly to your point, but perhaps to Schlomo’s about Crowley’s imagery. When I first saw this I thought of something roughly similar Till Lindemann does in Rammstein’s shows. But how, while it is … hmm, very provocative, it isn’t at all like this. Miley is lewd and degenerate and offers nothing but further debasement of the culture; while there is something restorative about Lindemann’s use of the profane. Hers is a degradation of women into idiot bestiality who will exercise no discernment in whom they copulate with, while his is an affirmation of manhood by means of literal and unambiguous restoration of the vital organ to repressed and beaten White men.

          • Yes. I had you in mind when I made comment about redemption. I believe it do you? You want me to know you without somehow actually knowing you.

          • No. In a word.

            This is a peculiarity of your personality type. In which I am now an effing expert. It is not truth. You have it wrong. I will email. And you will respond. Have to go now.

          • I’m the one that’s introduced her to it. It should in no way reflect negatively on her.
            That said, the art is not what it seems. Praise abort is quite possibly the most horrible portrayal of the subject ever depicted. A study in hypocrisy. One day soon we’re going to discover that Up is Down, and Down is Up and all hell is going to break loose.

          • Boris cannot imagine anything reflecting negatively on Lady Theodora. She is sui generis.

            As for your introductions, Boris “understands” but still prefers seeing the Commandante drag the murderous and licentious Don Juan into hell screaming and writhing in agony.
            That may be Boris’ dark side: one should never take delight in the tribulations and tragedies which others suffer but when perfect justice is involved, it can be … scrumptious.

          • Thank you, dear Boris.

            I’m still working out what I think about Mr Lindemann’s art. I know the poor Germans have been through the wood shredder for better than a century – Mr Lindemann himself grew up in East Germany – and I tend to grant a lot of latitude in what they, all of us, may need to do recover from the trauma. What reunification with primal energies they may need to effect. I also think Schlomo’s right; what it looks like may be deceptive. In this debased culture, anything that doesn’t have the semblance of being likewise debased will not get through a reverse kind of censorship. But it may be Rammstein takes the aesthetics of the dominant culture and goes somewhere else with it. There is a series of essays Greg Johnson at Counter Currents wrote I will look for and provide you tomorrow.

          • This paragraph from the first essay is partly what prompted my thinking about the censorship question; although I think it works in the way that I said too – with regard to the cultural decadence.

            This is why Rammstein gets such bad press. Groups like the
            Anti-Defamation League fear that any little loose end might unravel the
            whole fabric of Jewish control, which is why they seemingly overreact to
            every little challenge to their worldview. Till Lindemann just has to
            roll his “r”s and Abe Foxman starts schwitzing. That’s why
            Jews try to keep groups like Rammstein obscure. Believe me, if the right
            journalist or record producer had seen Rammstein coming, Lindemann and
            Kruspe would be washing cars and waiting tables in Berlin today. But
            they slipped through and got too big, too fast, to simply disappear.

            In my recent travels I met with a German friend who told me he had a number of copies of the Fred Leuchter Report- they were just something he picked up for a bargain at a bookshop. But that if the authorities knew he had these his apartment would be searched. Can you imagine?




          • Yes, of course you have. Often. I just want you to listen to me. Let me know you listen. Care what I say, how I feel, am. I need words.

          • It is too morbid and it is about you, although I also understand what makes you that way. You think you’re not entitled to breathe on your own; must crawl incessantly back under kikeroche. Until it gets so bad you really do feel yourself suffocating and so dash out in brief forays into sunlight. Or are drawn out just as briefly by some flighty banality or flight of fancy. Until such time as you inevitably feel exposed, or in fact are. Then you dash back in again. And the conclusion you come to is that the world doesn’t make a place for you that genuinely suits – that the stars don’t line up for you is your gestalt; and rather you must accommodate to it- take kikeroche with you.

          • But, as you’re seeking annihilation … for having misunderstood goodness as nihilism aimed at oneself … why would it matter how you find things or what you think?

          • What a humbug you are. If you don’t like the subject change it. Tell me something funny or interesting. Non-political preferred. 🙂

          • Pinocchio nose grows in tandem with telling lies- like fish-tales of the size of the one that got away- because of nagging doubts about his vital organ. He must be first cousin to Braggadochio.

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