Russell Moore: Can The Religious Right Be Saved?

For those who still don’t get it, this mewling battle cry from Russell Moore kind of sums up why so many people have completely rejected Christianity:

” Why was there no word for people in the historical shadow of Jim Crow on racial justice and unity? I was left with the increasingly cynical feeling— actually an existential threat to my entire sense of myself and the world — that Christianity was just a means to an end—a way to shore up southern honor culture, to mobilize voters for political allies, and a way to market products to a gullible audience. I was ready to escape — and I did. …”

[T]he driving force of Christian orthodoxy and spiritual energy is not white , in any sector of Christianity. If left to some Western Europeans and North Americans, the Roman Catholic Church would be the United Church of Christ, with better real estate. But there are the Africans and the Asians. The United Methodist Church is pulling, erratically, back toward orthodoxy, largely due to African Methodists who hold closer to the supernatural vision of the Bible than their American or European counterparts. And where is the evangelistic energy within evangelicalism: with immigrant churches, whether Dominican or Cambodian or Nigerian or Iranian. …”

When Russell Moore comes to the podium and starts to speak about Christianity, it is like the dinner bell goes off in your mind. That’s the signal to rise from your chair, let out a guffaw from the depths of your soul, and exit the building.

200,000 Southern Baptists left the church last year alone. This was the ninth straight year the Southern Baptist Convention has lost members. It should be interesting to see what the numbers from this year look like in light of all that has happened.

I have a lot of patience for folks who are alienated from Christianity. In light of my own experience, I completely understand where they are coming from. Their institutions have been systematically rotted from within by anti-Southern cultural maggots like Russell Moore. In order to develop an interest in and appreciation for Christianity, there is so much you have to look past from its American representatives.

Anyway, I read something the other day that struck a chord with me on this subject:

“But one of the major differences between the alt-right and the old Klan regards religion. For the Klan, white nationalism was attached to Protestant Christianity. The 1920s Klan offered up theological arguments to support their positions on race, gender, and nationalism. In the pages of The Imperial Night-Hawk, a Klan newspaper, leaders encouraged members to emulate Jesus because he should be the masculine role model for all of their actions. Klan fliers urged Klansmen to go to church, and Klansmen relied on their Bibles (one of the seven symbols of the Klan, alongside the cross) to legitimate their racism and support their concerns about “miscegenation.”

A century ago, the Second Klan held Jesus up as the masculine role model for all of their actions. Now, the Jesus Christ of Russell Moore comes across as this self-hating, cucked social worker. This Jesus is against “misogyny” and “nationalism” and “honor culture.” He preens at you about “racism” and “sexism.”

Where did the oldtime Jesus go? The Jesus that men wanted to hear more about? Is he stashed away in the basement of the Southern Baptist Convention?

Note: If you want to waste your time, you can watch the whole speech at the link. It will give you some insight into why the Southern Baptists are crumbling in Dixie.

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  1. Russel Moore is a Soros evangelical. He sold his soul to George Soros and substituted Soros’s Open Society for a Christian Society.

      • Sir, it does not explain it nearly so much as that Dr. Moore was orphaned, at a young age, and was adopted and raised by a Jewish family.

        If you want a smoking gun, there it is : An unconscious reform Jew is in charge of the SBC.

        That said, credit the board, as they hired him with, ‘a change in mind’.

        • Dollars to Doughnuts Mr. Russell More like Billy the traitor Graham is a Freemason probably a 33rd Degree.

        • Freemasonry is the vector through which the Jewish poison enters the bloodstream. Vast amounts of Baptists are Freemasons, literally oodles of them. Freemasonry in Dixie was once as warmly regarded in some places as Mama. I don’t know if this still is the case, but it was once upon a time. Odd to me how the most Leftist Politician and the Most Conservative one who are Brother Masons will break bread inside the Lodge

  2. I still consider myself ethnically Southern Baptist even if my beliefs are heterodox at best. Sad to see this happening. A sure sign that the SBC was a goner was when they apologized for slavery–they should have done the proper Baptist thing and made it clear that it’s on the slave-owners and slave traders to repent, but they went with the faux display of preening self-righteousness.

    • The nice thing about my group (CofC) btw is that there is no board offering “suggestions” as to what our seperate congregations must or must not teach. In Tennessee and Texas, notedly in the urban areas there are plenty of C of C churches that went hard left, but the vast majority are conservative to moderate. I do not approve of all of the overseas mission work to Africa and India today because its North America that needs it the most now. However too many people are slow to change this.

      The only way to keep your church somewhat insulated is to attend INDEPENDENT Churches. You must keep out all Lesson Books UNLESS said lesson book is written by a noted Conservative. Preferrably it is best for everyone to teach directly from the Bible and let it speak for itself as every time you interject man’s opinions, you get the above mess

    • While I would not wan to own a slave of any race, i would point out that the New Testament -let alone the OT, never condemns slavery. as long as the master was benevolent, and the slave was acquired through just war or voluntary indenture, perhaps the Bible considers that there is nothing to repent of?

    • Hitler’s separation of church from state was the healthiest Christianity would probably ever be,outside of the Roman and Russian Kingdoms,not that they were perfect.
      Its not Christianity the jews sought out to destroy at first,it was the rank and file social system in my opinion.

  3. Ever since the Roman rank and file Christianity was destroyed,the stock market, usery put in place,the dark powers have always hidden behind christians,in my mind, organized Christians are basically 0 degree freemasons,the Mormons maybe 10 degree so to speak,right where the demonic powers want people.
    It truly is an extension of the welfare state,and a system of control that turns us in to mutton heads.I truly believe, the second coming people have been waiting for,is the Prince of Darkness.Just like a Jew,love you to your face,stab you in the back.Its Demonic.
    How do you like them apples.

    • All would have been impossible without the Freemasons blessing and funding them the entire time. There is a reason Hitler banned Freemasonry in Germany.

  4. While promoting this nonsense, Moore takes money from the Jew hedge fund owner and vulture capitalist Paul Singer. Singer is in favor as a Jew of every anti-Christian principle such as abortion and gay marraige. Moore is both a cause and a symptom of the rot. He is true Judas and perhaps a candidate for the Christian segment of the alt right to pay more attention to.

    To their credit, the old-line evangelical leaders like Falwell, Jr. and Franklin Graham, along with most of the evangelical rank and file, have been solid on Trump.

  5. Sir, it’s a great article you wrote, and something that, so central to our culture, is worthy of steady attention.

    Dr. Moore, as my wife says, is a Yankee plant’ …

  6. Where did the oldtime Jesus go?

    He went, Sir, with the way of the 5th Gospel according to Marx.

    The Son, of our great Trinity, once stated that he was vine from which all branches grow, and in the light of which any Christian endeavour must be judged.

    Today, the vine is new trinity Godhead of Rothschild, The New England Government, and the Gospel according to Marx, whence all branches shall arise…

    • The South bears some responsibility for this because of the Baptists and so many Denominations refusing to bar Freemasons. The Freemasonic Order has been the best infiltration tool the Jews ever had. Look it up most Jewish businessmen become Freemasons at some point, especially in the Southern States. Freemasonry in Dixie was considered a good thing, heck most of the CSA was run by Masons. The thing was most of these honorable men didn’t really pay close attention to the Masonic beliefs, to them it was merely a social club. Confederate General Albert Pike, was a native of Massachusetts, leader of the KKK and a noted 19th Century Satanist. How could a man fighting for Southern Honor which in Dixie meant GOD be a Satanist? Answer in Freemasonry its all relative

      A bizarre sidenote is that it was in the North especially NY and New England that became extremely Anti-Masonic especially between 1820-1850.

      During and after the War for Southern Independence and look this up if you want, Yankee Freemasons and Southern Freemasons were often brothers in the same lodge, sometimes even Carpetbagger and Confederate in the same lodge. This has been the big problem all along. Freemasons at some level like JEWS, as Freemasonry is Judaism for the Gentile, see their brother Freemasons as brothers, no matter if that brother Freemason is a pedophile, a race integrationist or what have you, they will still support him in the lodge.

      The “Yankee” would have been of no consequence if not for treacherous Freemasons in the South allowing him in in the first place. Unfortunately even the Good Freemasons and Lee Forrest and many were, somehow overlooked this.

      • I am on the outside looking in on this,my CSA ancestors ended up in Hawaii,I can tell you all about how freemasonry took over the Hawaiian islands,for example,King Kalakuawa was a 33rd degree mason surrounded by jews and anglos.I could go on and on like you can about the south.
        I am no stranger to being a minority.
        The same thing could be said of Christian “churches”.which are no better then synagogues,the same integration is evident.
        Here out west,all the lodges sprang up during and after the civil war,some were even started by Africans.
        Now,if we started meeting in secret outside of that institution,they would throw us in a communist dungeon.The inquisition would seem merciful by comparison.

        • Pike had a couple good points he did embrace total war and allowed a couple isolated incidences of Cherokees castrating and scalping dead Yankee soldiers. He also wrote the other lyrics to Dixie. However Pike was a Satanist and Morals and Dogma proves it

      • Dear Mr. Jenkins,

        You certainly do not have to sell me on the Freemasons. My older brother is one, and he and I fell out over it.

        On another note, I thank you for your even-handed appraisal of who has complicity in what.

        It is tiring to watch folks repeatedly cast the exclusive blame to Freemasons, Jews, Yankees, and negroes, when just as much goes to us and ours.

        It’s a complicated collusion that defies easy analysis.

        That said, I will say this : it’s always been a battle between Nationalism and Univrsalism; and, until recent years, they lived in a heirachical kind of uneasy harmony, with Nationalism being the governing part of that.

        An exception to this was the failed Soviet experiment, something which has permanently innoculated Easter Europe against any kind of One World Order mess – whether that comes shrink-wrappt as New England Liberalism, White Nationalism, Jew Messianism, or Capitalist Corporatism, or the Marxist/Socialist version.

        For those of us who prefer Nationalism, we will have to focus on making attractive arguments, because, in the long run, that is how Nationalism will survive, and, most importantly to me, The South; which, in my view, has been torn apart by these Universalist views – no matter which lodge proliferates them.

        On a final note, Sir – your ironick commentary, about anti-Freemasonry sentiment, in New England, reminds me of the ancient Hindu philosophy that ideas are like people, and can travel; they, for a time, flourishing here, then dying, then being reborn, elsewhere.

        Thank you, as always, for your deep, informed, and interesting thinking. It’s a pleasure to behold, especially in a fellow Southerner.

        • My grandparents father and his five brothers are the Southerners, I was born in the diaspora in OH. However as much of my family is still there I am deeply concerned with what happens in DIXIE as Southern Freedom would be a game changer and I want to see it happen.

          • Dear Mr. Jenkins,
            I thank you for the length, depth and width of your commentary. Although I am not an ignorant fellow, I think that in this particular department, I am barely fit to hold your robes, if I may.
            Although history is fascinating for what it tells us, in the end, it does not tell us how to deal with a particular problem, and that is : how does a society, baset on a nation-state (any state you wish) protect itself, when much of it’s own population has no interest in seeing it perpetuated; and, many of those who do, are content to stay strictly within the limits of solicitousy prayer and voting.
            I see activism growing, but, it is still rather miniscule to the task.
            So, I spend my time thinking about that – encouraging people to give more to our Southern community – to actually ponder the seemingly revolutionary notion that they are, Southron, indeed.
            On an interesting side-note, I am acquainted with quite many Buckeye Confederates, although quite a large amount of them are of the modern love-everybody equally theoretical mould, which, as well, is a complicating factor.
            Too, many of our organizations (SCV, UDC, other Heritage groups) have been so intimidated on a variety of subjects, that the Confederate flag, as a traditional Southerner might see it, has been entirely reconceptualized, in their minds, to the point where he can barely recognize it.
            I think that the Trump candidacy is tthe attempt of the mainstream to throw together a rebellion of sorts, if you will, though, as content as they seem to be with that, I rather think it is a bit pale to the task they assign it.
            I hope they are vastly wiser than I. How wonderful it would be to be wrong, in this instance – that The South is salvageable and survivable by electing Mr. Trump, and a succession of like candidates.
            One thing is for sure : I don’t see the GOP surviving this, (there will be a prominent nationalist party – Trump win or not) and that is a good thing. They are, truly, a wretched organization – the Bolshevik American’s best friend.

            A good night to you, Sir!

          • I remember a few years ago when the SCV did this multicultural outreach thing and was really pushing the Jewish Confederates/Negro Confederates et al and I thought what the _____ is going on here? As I read it I couldn’t believe it. They tried to almost apologize for the cause on a couple SCV websites by saying, “Oh we weren’t Racists but the Yankees were” and crap like that.

            The point is this. if you fly a Confederate Flag, your enemies will classify you with Dylann Roof and say you want to shove Jews into woodchippers. That being said IF THEY ARE GOING TO CALL YOU ALL OF THOSE THINGS, then give the people what they want. This was why George Lincoln Rockwell put on the Nazi gear. He said that if the Jews were going to call him a Nazi, he would be a real Nazi

        • The thing was if we rewind to 1861, few in the South had any clue that the Jews or the Freemasons were enemies. Under 1790 Immigration Law Jews Gypsies, Arabs, Turks were all classified as White as we inherited said definitions from English Law. This was never changed. First two West Point Cadets, one was a Jew. Southern Jews always put themselves out as the paragons of virtue and defenders of the Southern Cause. The truth was they were all out for themselves. According to History the Southern Treasury just disappeared in 1865, I seriously doubt that happened. It disappeared about the time Judah P Benjamin left Richmond and went to England. I wonder how much Southern Money went into the Palestine project.

          The Freemasons, who have been allies with the Jews for many years as both Jews and Freemasonry are both enemies of Christianity. Many of the Confederate Generals were Masons, the original Klan was a Masonic organization set up to auspiciously protect Christian virtue and most Klansmen believed they were doing just that. This is because it is not until you get into the higest degrees of Masonry you see who the real master was. I have read some very old books that say that Guisseppi Mazzini in Italy was the successor of Adam Weishaupt and took over leadership of the Illuminati in 1834 or so. Mazzini’s second in Command was Gen. Albert Pike. Pike was a sort of hero in the South but he camoflagued his true beliefs for years so that no one knew he was truly evil.

  7. The Southern Baptist (in name only) traitor Russell Moore holds identical, anti small town Southern Christian views as arch cultural marxist Tim Wise.

    Both share a vicious hatred of the world of the Andy Griffith Show – prefer the world of Quentin Tarrantino and the Weinstein Brothers opening “D’jango Unchained” on Christmas Day.

    Here’s Russell Moore on the Andy Griffith show.

    ““… American Christians who respond to cultural tumult with nostalgia fail to do this. They are blinding themselves to the injustices faced by their black and brown brothers and sisters in the supposedly idyllic Mayberry of white Christian America. That world was murder, sometimes literally, for minority evangelicals.”

    Jack Ryan comments:

    This comment by Russell Moore references the beloved Mayberry NC of the Andy Griffith show. Russell’s comments are as vicious as anything Tim Wise wrote about the Andy Griffith show – small town Southern White America. Yeah right Russell – 1950s small town Southern Christian America was all about terrorizing and murdering large numbers of sainted Black and Brown Evangelical Christians and honest Muslim immigrants. WT*?

    Russell Moore next proceeds to echo the Black Liberation Theology screeds of Obama’s BRA cult minister Jeremiah Wright who insisted Jesus was a poor Black man oppressed and murdered by evil White racists – the Romans!

    Russell writes:

    “A vast majority of Christians, on earth and in heaven, are not white and have never spoken English. A white American Christian who disregards nativist language is in for a shock. The man on the throne in heaven is a dark-skinned, Aramaic-speaking “foreigner” who is probably not all that impressed by chants of “Make America great again.

    • Mount Airy NC is in the Appalachian region of NC, there isn’t that many Negroes there. Why is it everyone talks about the South like every place is the Alabama Black belt or the Mississippi Delta? My dads family came from Appalachia (BELL CO KY) there were Negroes there and the town was Integrated in the 1940s because it was too broke to provide Seperate facilities and the United Mine Workers after a horrendous mine explosion in 1945 forced the integration of the hospital because a Negro miner saved a bunch of White miners lives.

      The County School remained All-White but the town Schools were integrated. Even so certain lines weren’t crossed. Kentucky never had universal Jim Crow, it had local Jim Crow each county had to decide for itself what to allow and what to outlaw. Of course certain things like IR Marriage were illegal.

      Whats sad is in the Southern Diaspora in the North most of the (Hillbilly) as the locals called them Neighborhoods were in the Negro section or adjacent to it. After about 2 generations there are quite a few girls from those families with Mulatto children. I could go on about this for quite awhile but I wont bore yall with the details

    • Except of course there are first century accountants that describe him as being fair, blue eyed, and reddish-blond hair. But even if you discount all that there is still Saint Bridget’s vision of the first nativity(In a cave not a barn) while on a pilgrimage to the Vatican in which Mary was blond and gave birth to Jesus while squatting while her arms were held between two midwifes. The visions met with scorn from some sectors who considered such a manner of birth repulsive until we leaned that was exactly how children were born in the 1st century, with the woman squatting, not laying down flat like modern day.

      And of course there is “Galilee of the Gentiles” a region despised by those who live in Judea (Judeans…Jews) because it was settled by gentiles, more especially the people known as Philistines who, according to Egyptian mural (who called them the people of the sea as they were the Vikings of the biblical times) were tall, fair, and blond amd worshiped a half man/half fist god called Dagon which sounds a lot like the Greek beings known as Tritons.

      • And Jesus was born in Galilee and understanding the animosity between the two regions-and their ethnic differences- gives new light as to way Jesus would not walk in Jewry (Judea) anymore. There was no united nation in Jesus day, it was Judea, Samaria, and Galiliee

  8. The Jesus in the Gospels is plenty harsh. He’s been turned into a doe-eyed simpering creature. I’m sorry but men who worship THAT Jesus have to be a little gay. At least. “Love, love, love” — thats all modern day fancy footwork from people who aren’t religious. Very little of it in the books of any of the great religions, really.

    This was the most important news story about race in the last 20 years so naturally it got virtually no news coverage and I never saw it on TV news “Thats for 400 years of slavery, you bitch” as he urinated on the unconscious white girl’s face. Note that statement on the recording was NOT played in court. The prosecutor and judge covered up that it was a racist hate crime.

  9. Even in St. Paul’s epistles there was no insistence of freeing slaves.
    It is hard to know what my position would have been back then because there is very little narrative free history. Now that the PC crowd is insisting that Washington and Jefferson are practically the KKK since they owned slaves, I don’t know what to make of things.
    But one thing I can say – is that if Jim Crow was a problem, the solution would have been to pull blacks up past whites if possible – make them more virtuous, more educated. That may have taken the dozen of centuries the whites (remember the Gauls, Germans, Vikings were “barbarians”) were steeped in Christianity – how many generation did it take for Whites to become “civilized” well beyond the Pagans (Greece, Rome). And only a mature, strong Christianity could end slavery.
    Instead, even now, Blacks are being abandoned to the devil. There are a few churches but they have to fight. And the problem is maybe you can only begin after three generations of a Christian, obedient to God’s commandments, nuclear family.
    One simple counter is God really does judge on the content of our character – how many of your children are born out of wedlock?

    This is one subtle thing missed about “white nationalism”. It isn’t about knocking up as many women as possible to produce white babies, it is about forming large, traditional, Christian, nuclear families.
    One can look back at the Civil Right’s movement, but it caused the thing it said it hated. The Black family is destroyed, and Feminists have abandoned femininity. Originally they asked to be treated with dignity, but somewhere that was perverted so they have no dignity, and it is irrational to treat some vain, vicious animal who is given to their passions with any.

    If the left says black’s can’t, then that is far more racist than anything I’ve heard out of Nazis. If they say they won’t it is the same thing, unless the Left is so racist they are paying them to be rabbits instead of humans.
    God is no respecter of persons. Nor of races or nations as such. He does respect and bless those who obey his commandments.

    • Your missing the whole point,that was the white man’s burden,the slave trade was sold as a crusade to bring the black heathen to Christian social morals and society,the one percent who profited have never missed a beat,now,we are all unchained slaves of these crafty demons,all this immigration now, is the same exact human trafficking,they still are profiting from it all over the world.The south gets such a bad rap for this,we need to expose this evil for all to see,they demonize the south almost as much as Hitler’s Germany.
      Read the chapter on religion in this book,
      “The Dutch seaborne empire”CR Boxer
      It will clear it all up.

  10. Reverend Charles Finney one of the radical Abolitionists at Oberlin College wrote a book on Freemasonry in the 1860s. While his abolitionist beliefs were horrible and disgusting, I think the book on Freemasonry should be required reading for every White Nationalist. Skim it do with it what you will BUT this should show you where the real problem with the Jew has been all along. Adam Weishaupt said in 1776 the Freemasonic Order would be their path to World Domination,.

  11. Christianity’s mission has always been to protect the faithful from Jew predation. The church, the religion, has lost its way. It no longer protects Christians but instead promotes the new Jew religion of multiculturalism. Disgusting.

    • No Christianity was founded to protect the Jews. Just like a child standing up to his father Christianity is standing up and protecting Judaism. Else Judaism would have been long extinct. Only way to stop the Jew is to abolish worshipping and praising jewsus and getting back to pagan faith or hell better we be atheist. nine if Christ yards can hold a debate with an atheist

  12. The best way to study Christianity, without anti-white racial bias, is to study men who have been dead for a century or more. And then you will often get better doctrine in all areas to boot! Maybe even learn about God’s Sovereignty.

  13. I still say we need a Southern Nationalist denomination. Then we can give unreconstructed Southerners somewhere to go, and take their tithes and children to an SN church rather than a cuck-church. Also, if we have a denomination then we can do church run ethnic schools like the jews do.

  14. Jewish infiltration by surrogates and virtuals. In the case of the Mormons, it was Gold In Sacks coming to town and corrupting them with new treasures. Same with the Kock (Kuck) Brothers. The Jews made sociopaths and narcissists of the entire lot. Bill Gates fell like a quaaludes overdose into a pile of horse manure.

    • The Mormon Church is an extension of the ILLUMINATI always has been. Mormonism came from Freemasonry.

        • J. Edgar Hoover actively recruited Mormons as FBI Agents as most Mormons were literate, achieved a college education and they didn’t have any real moral weaknesses. Most were also Freemasons as well as Freemasonry IS Mormonism and Mormonism IS Freemasonry

  15. Modern apostate even-jelly-goo Xtianity is as completely devoid of the Holy Spirit of God, as Anton LeVay was.

    This bastard [ Hebrews 12:8 ] Mooreis an implicit did not hear of the incarnation; because Jesus Christ, the preexistent Son of the father, forever incarnated his divinity into one ethnos for all Eternity, and the angel Gabriel clearly pointed out that he-meaning Jesus, was to “save his people from their sins.” [ Matthew 1:21]

    That people was defined by Saint Paul, as the residents of Judaea, and the residents of the Greco/Hellenic world – what the Bible calls “the Jew first, and then the Greek.” And no one else. Not the aborigine, not the Amerindian, not the Mestizo, not the Eskimo, not the African. And most decidedly not the Neanderthal or the Khazar!!!

    Russell Moore is engaging in the apostate multicultural Satanic heresy, given form and shape by the godless Jews of the communist era of the 1920s, and he’s too damn stupid to even know what he’s preaching!

    The man should be tarred and feathered, and only then, excommunicated.

    • Hey church faggot, Christianity is for pussies. Your carpenter fag religion is emasculating white men. Look at you, referencing cuck fags like Matthew, Paul, Thomas et all. These are fictios if imagination of all the yesteryear Jews to fool over all the gentiles. Jesus was a jew. the whole Bible is a fucking myth psy op to control goyim minds. And church faggots like you keep believing such nonsense and fooling around. You know what lots of whites are detesting Christianity which is a good thing. Whites should better go back to their pagan roots to reclaim masculinity

  16. On examination of history I have concluded that Zoroastrianism and Christianity had much more in common than Christian and Judaism- after all which is Judaism but modern version of the Pharisees? That is, after all, exactly how Rabbit Stephen Wise described modern Judaism. And we all know the force behind the Crucifixion? For some reason over turning tables of ill gotten commerce tends to piss them off. Yesterday it was tables in the temple- today it is Goldman Sacs and Kuhn and Loeb, and other international banks. There more things change, the more they stay the same

  17. Race & Nation > Religion(especially a “we’re all God’s children” religion)
    Race & Nation > “democracy” & muh rights
    Race & Nation > silly notions of universal freedoms and equality

    Without a consensus on racial preservation and an uncompromising view of what defines us as a Nation, all the other shit just doesn’t matter. Gay marriage, abortion, and all of the other minutia that might fit inside of a nation should NEVER be a distraction from preserving the racial core of that nation. But they are.

    You can’t preserve something if everyone is too busy bickering about the smaller things and still can’t agree on what exactly you are preserving as a nation. The enemies of Racialism and White Identity don’t have this problem.

    Religion is a weak link in the Racialist/Nationalist universe when it isn’t centered on race and nation. Ever since I can remember, the Religious Right has been doing everything in its power to distance itself from any kind of Racialism. That’s the simple and succinct diagnosis of what’s wrong with the Religious Right and why their existence is not only, it’s dangerous if left unchecked.

  18. I really like Southern Baptists and the theology overall. I was raised as a Catholic and the change is so refreshing and definitely speaks to me in a spiritual and intellectual way.

    The huge difference between Southern Baptists and Catholics is that I have yet to meet a SB who believes anything this guy says – most have no idea who he is to begin with. But their beliefs are antithetical to this guy. Catholics follow the pope and his anti Christ teachings 100% and vote along the same lines.

    If Southern Baptists leave the SBC they move to non denominational places like Church of the Highlands, all of whom have Baptist based platforms/services. From what I have seen it more has to do with the particular pastor/type of service they prefer and not that they don’t see themselves as Baptists.

  19. Around 1960 the SBC was claiming a membership of 22 million. Today they claim 15 million (in round numbers).. I think the true, sustaining, participating membership is more realistically 8 million. At any rate, 200K plus loss last year indicates an acceleration of its losses. Like the Methodist, I think the SBC will be numerically irrelevant in another two generations.

  20. The Southern Baptist Church is one of the most liberal denominations in America. The SBC should be honest and admit it’s now a liberal / secular denominations and opposes right wing conservative values. It’s another “enemy” of Christianity and White Americans. All should put Christianity before a Church (Social Club) that opposes the survival of Western Civilization. Yahweh Bless !

  21. Where did the old time Jesus go? Exactly Russell Moore’s point of view. The Jesus that men want to hear has been stashed away in the basement far too long. He’s coming upstairs. The maggots need to go.

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