In Praise of #Calexit

As someone who has always supported the dissolution of the Union, I heartily endorse #Calexit:

“”Calexit” is swiftly taking over social media.

After Donald Trump won the race to the White House, people across California took to social media Tuesday night to call for “Calexit,” recalling Brexit in its push to leave the union.

As the topic continues to trend on Twitter, Californians in favor of seceeding from the US will gather today on the steps of the capitol in Sacramento. …

They’re absolutely right. We’re too different to share the same national government!

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  1. Let them go. They’ve only got a few good years left, anyway. Once liberals have finally destroyed California, we can recolonize.

    • What’s so shocking to me is how Greens etc. absolutely cannot follow simple logic.

      They can’t understand the notion of a market wage. And they just assume I’m a cuck since I hate war and bad trade deals. When I start explaining how Trump actually helps workers, they just seem to glaze over and go quiet.

      The Left is an unthinking, uneducated, overconfident mass. Some of them view politics as international socialism vs. national socialism; others think it’s socialism vs. capitalism. They’ve no ability to think outside that. There’s no pause to access the brain.

      So, the lesson I suppose is the Left is defined by whoever controls the media orgs and schools that program them. They can be thought of as mindless machines that lack all sense of ethnicity and faith and are thus readily programmed by whatever “rational” elite is so willing and able.

      • Hmm–“the notion of a market wage.” I wonder how much enthusiasm there is for that at this “populist” website.

        • Lots of enthusiasm. This isn’t exactly a “populist” site as you’re thinking of the term, despite the site’s claim.

          “Populists” as you mean the term are the dumb, unskilled former factory workers who haven’t been brainwashed by a university. They’re guided by real life experience but haven’t read much.

          Most posting here have gone to college, grad school. However, they reject materialism and question their university programming. Many books are read by posters at a site like this, and it tends to bleed into Chronicles where one finds everyone reading ancient Greek and Latin… I never learned Greek and Latin, but I’ve read some of the English translations at least.

          It takes education like that to take a stand, to be one’s own master.

          We here tend to view the excellent sheep of the universities as puppets, lemmings. We don’t acknowledge them as our superiors, nor do we even respect them.

          • Anything I say? If you can muster up an argument for why I’m mistaken, please do so.

            A few years back, I mentioned Aristotle here. A guy replied. He was slightly wrong about Aristotle, but it was clear he’d read and likely studied Aristotle in a classroom setting. The reply was that Aristotle wanted a mixed system as opposed to one of the 6 forms of government (monarchy, aristocracy, constitutional democracy and their negative alternatives), but in truth every mixed form is dominated by one or another.

            But I did get the reply even if it was slightly wrong.

            And another time I’ve mentioned here “elites”, and I got some interesting replies. Elite theory I believe is easily misunderstood, because you still have balances of power and multiple groups. So, there isn’t likely to be one unified elite with total power. But no one here would ever claim each individual has equal influence.

            Hunter Wallace likes to read Alasdair MacIntyre. That’s very high level material. You can pretend you’re his better, but you’d need to prove yourself for me to agree to that.

            Things I’ve argued well over a decade ago are that race should be viewed as a tradition and also that writing on black crime isn’t enough to create a sense of ethnic attachment. Acknowledgement that race exists could lead one to pursue evolutionary “progress”, Genghis Khan type breeding, or ethnic attachment – any of those 3. So, to create actual ethnic attachment, you have to create/preserve distinct culture, traditions. And we see that here.

            I have books by socialists. I read other views. We just have our own rebuttals. Chronicles used to argue “Small is Beautiful”, that if elites rule every society then it’s best to have localised elites who are tied to those they rule and balanced in power as is possible. And GK Chesterton’s Patriotic Idea is a wonderful ideological declaration for preserving small nationalities. AK Chesterton and many others would point out that large states are the trend, dominate the current world. So, an argument could be made there for largeness. But we have all those same ideas. I would say we actually debate these various possibilities, whereas more mainstream types aren’t even aware there is a debate to be had.

          • I’m afraid you’re the one who has to “muster up an argument,” Weaver. I wondered how much enthusiasm there is, at this website, for the notion of a “market wage.” You responded that there is “lots of enthusiasm.” Your evidence consisted of general remarks on the mental type of the site’s commenters.

          • Sorry, I thought you meant the site is stupid, wouldn’t understand the market wage.

            Populists are generally thought to want high wages.

            Sanders tried telling his populist followers they needed a higher minimum wage, other government services, because capitalism had failed.

            Trump promised a higher market wage (via immigration / trade policies) and less foreign spending.

            If you’re saying that populists don’t want higher wages, that makes no sense.

            You could argue that this particular site rejects material concerns, but populists generally do seek better pay, including better pay for the rest of society.

            We’ve seen how proletariats (who tend to be linked to populism) tend to be nationalist, which Marxists didn’t expect (Marxists thought the global proletariat would unite). But proletariats also tend to want greater wealth.

            And an old distributist criticism of capitalism (probably Belloc) is that it will only be supported by workers so long as their wages and general well being are improving. If capitalism begins to worsen their lives, then they’ll rebel.

            And partly why so many whites in the West and in the US especially have refused to fight is we’ve been so well off. Now that problems are forced upon us, not only material concerns but also the growing discrimination against whites and Christians and the rapidly changing demographics, whites are now “waking up”. So, the market wage matters.

            Partly why CofCC style racialism was so repulsive is it was infected by classical liberalism and Social Darwinism. Nationalists tend to desire the well-being of members of their nation, and great inequality disrupts that harmony, especially when those at the very top in wealth in this society are heavily Jewish, not white. And those whites at the top tend to be traitors.

            You don’t find that same classical liberalism / Social Darwinism.

            Similarly, a reason monogamy is better than polygamy is the former reduces competition in society among the males. The negative is the dysgenic impact, but harmony matters.

            This website has never been much infected by the Enlightenment that I’ve seen, so it’s much better than the previous racial sites, such as CofCC.

          • If Trump calls for elimination of Social Security, Obamacare, Medicare, government support of labor unions, and a few other things, without losing a substantial portion of his white followers, Weaver, I’ll start considering the possibility that so-called populism supports a “market wage.”

          • Quite the opposite. In effect, Trump told his white working-class followers that he could bring America’s corporate enterprises back to the U.S. without eliminating all the labor laws etc. that had driven them out of the country in the first place.

          • Whenever I was arguing for Trump, I was arguing that he wanted to improve market wage verses Bernie who wanted to raise minimum wage, increase unemployment, then offer government jobs to make us dependent.

            NumbersUSA, others made immigration-wage argument. Example:

            Trump very frequently said he wanted to bring the best workers here. His later speeches got more detailed, and I haven’t read most of them yet. But repeatedly from the very beginning he has called for retaining foreigners trained at our top schools and otherwise bringing in the best talent.

            Trade protectionists obviously make wage argument. Trump though is a “fair trader” who wants to “make free trade work for us”, which is no more nonsensical than current talk of “free trade”.

            The problem currently with US trade policy is 1. our trading partners use border adjusted VAT against us. 2. currency devaluation of course. 3. US factories move overseas to then sell to the US market, bypassing a number of American costs, one being cost of labour.

            And the fake Saul Alinsky quotes were frequently used during Trump campaign that contrast very well with Trump’s platform. They deal with creating poverty:

            Note: Trump did argue wages are too high during an early primary debate. He said during that debate that he wanted the US to be more competitive. However, he quickly caught on that calling for lower wages was a mistake, and he began supporting states raising the minimum wage and otherwise championing wages. I would need to read his later speeches to know whether he championed the market wage specifically, but his supporters did understand that.

            Posters at this particular website are focused on ethnicity and faith. This is not a representative website of Trump supporters. But Trump supporters as a whole, at least the ones I talked with, did value market wages. And there was cross over support from the “Left” in part due to a desire for better wages. Union bosses tended to support Clinton, but union members supported Trump.

            I saw a very clear contrast between Trump supporters and Bernie supporters. Trump ran on Pat Buchanan’s platform essentially with the support of “Middle American Radicals”.

          • Although I’m not sure everything you’ve said indicates there was enthusiasm, among Trump supporters, for a “market wage,” Weaver, I enjoyed reading what you said and was pleased you linked that National Review article, from this past September. Personally, I’m among this website’s commenters who are focused on ethnicity, as you say, or race, as I would say. That means I’m hoping mostly that Trump will build the wall, eject the illegals, and keep out Muslims. Should he do all those things, in the face of what will probably be intense opposition, he’ll have been a tremendous president, I’d say. The other subjects are things that, wisely or not, I’ve given little attention.

            Anyway–peace. I’ve enjoyed this exchange.

          • Thanks. I’d have replied better earlier if I’d not mistaken you for a mainstream troll. I agree with what you say.

            My online mindset is more from the early 00s, so I’m always ready to battle and to chip away at cuck armour.

            If you check out Bannon’s latest comments, he’s focusing on economic improvement. That’s also been my preferred argument to hide under, especially since Democrats/Socialists champion the working poor.

            While I believe Trump will help the working poor, I’m a hardcore nationalist at heart. I don’t care a whit if I somehow fell into poverty. In fact, I expect poverty once this dollar standard bursts, or when other bubbles burst. And obviously I aim for a moderate degree of self-sufficiency for such scenario.

          • I wasn’t “alerting” you on Bannon though. I believe the economic justification is the right public position.

            As Hillary said: One must have a public position and a private position.

            As Sam Francis said: Ideologies tend to serve one’s interests.

            Economic nationalism / Civic nationalism is probably the best potential vehicle for white interests. We should ensure education is decentralised, which Trump wish to do. And we should ensure internet freedom is protected, which Trump also wishes for.

            As I’ve said before, it is better to pay a tribute to nonwhites than to have them force more mass immigration upon us. Neither for economics nor for other reasons does mass immigration serve our interests.

            If the power balance shifts, then we could pursue a different position. If California wishes to secede, it should be encouraged.

          • Don’t worry, Weaver, I understood you. When I said “alert,” I didn’t mean “warn.” I simply meant that you were letting me know what tack Bannon was taking.

      • They couldn’t care less about workers, or wages or any of that. They’re only interested in power. Nobody willingly supports Communism unless they expect to benefit from it personally. You think Jane Fonda wants to be a peasant on a collective farm? Hell, no. She wants to be a Kommissar or First Secretary of The Party. Same goes for those pseudointellectual dipshits rioting over Trump’s victory right now.

  2. Let em all get annexed by Mexico.. Mexifornia celebrities whining.

    Patton Oswalt ? @pattonoswalt
    What I’ve learned so far tonight: America is WAAAAAAAAY more sexist than it is racist. And it’s pretty fucking racist.

    Adam McKay ? @GhostPanther
    Biggest loser tonight is the human race. Cause climate change is gone as an issue in Trump America.

    Judd Apatow ? @JuddApatow
    After the wonderful Obamas it is going to be horrifying to see that awful family in the White House. It’s like a John Waters movie.

    christina applegate ? @1capplegate
    I went to sleep early. Woke up to this. To my fellow humans outside of the US. We don’t want this. And we are heartbroken.

    Will Arnett™ ? @arnettwill
    How do we explain this to future generations of women? And minorities?

    rose mcgowan ? @rosemcgowan
    The hatred for women is so deep, so real. It must be dealt with immediately.It must excised. FUCK OFF MISOGYNISTS

  3. MicroTurkeyLeaks™ @WDFx2EU8
    THE BACKPEDALING BEGINS: Amy Schumer says she was never serious that she would move if Trump elected, calls ppl suggesting this disgusting.

  4. I’m not in a position to help these people with either time, money or energy right now, but I hope they are serious and sustain the effort.

    I hope what we are doing will intensify the pain on the Left and lead to genuine desire to fracture. Once ANY key state goes, the political balance will be upset and the like minded states MUST follow suit! Imagine the Dems with out Cali’d 55 electoral votes!

    So yes, help them by AMPING UP THE PAIN!

    • They are not the slightest bit serious. This is saber-rattling, a bluff that says, if you don’t continue to give us everything we want then we will riot.

      California can’t stand on its own. Who would fight the jews’ wars? The gangbanger ‘soldiers’ in east LA? Who would pay for their social security?

      The white middle class is holding everyone up. The notion that Diversity, Inc. wants to be liberated from being held captive by it is pure Joker schtick.

  5. Start by letting the northern counties have their own state called “Jefferson”. Let the eastern side counties choose. Then take the coastal strip from Sacramento to San Diego and let it be its own country (the wall just got 1000 miles longer and would have a detour, but a 35% tariff for stuff made there will help pay down the debt).
    Then all the sillycon valley types, and the Hollywierdos who threatened to leave for Canada can stay.
    The earthquakes and Tsunamis are on the coastal side anyway.
    Oh, and put a big energy export tax so they can see if they can build enough windmills and solar to keep their Teslas running.

  6. Why not…let the Jihadis slip a few nukes through the cordon and glass Philly, SF, Detroit, Newark…demographics solved.

    Calexit is similar.

  7. That’s right. Ship all of the godless Moslems, and every other foreign ethnos, and faggot out of California, and turn it back into the white Midwestern-transplant state it was in the 1960s, and you know what? It will be a red state, it’ll be a great state, and it will be America again.

    Because it’s not your effing state, it’s ours:
    those are our states now:
    those are our planes now:
    those are our armies now:
    those are our bombs now…

    Get it? Good!

    Start packing, and get your visa in order. Because the only collected you guys are going to get, is we kicking your sorry butt across the border.

    • Who do you think he’s working for Denise? He clearly has some backing from someone important.

      My gut instinct is that GCHQ (look that up) uses him as an asset. The Ecuador embassy thing is probably a cover. Every night he beds down in Belgravia or Knightsbridge. These dissidents are too useful to the deep state to be imprisoned.

  8. Trump better have em open up all the windows in the white house tomorrow because it’ll take at least 2 months to remove the nagger stank out that bitch.

  9. They may want to secede but they’ll scream and riot if the goodies stop coming from DC. Maybe they could be like a second Israel and have the best of both worlds.

  10. Nothing would please me more than to be rid of that leftist cesspool hanging around our neck. They can join with Mexico.

  11. They could join up with Oregon and Washington State and form Cascadia. However, the traditionalists in the inland empire might object to being ruled by urban Communists in the coastal cities.

    • We already are !(Wa.Ore.)
      N.California wants to have its distinct sovereignty from S California for some time now,S California is a tax suckin beast.

  12. The Redwood parks, vast mineral and timber wealth in the Sierras, the military/security need for maintaining control over your coasts not to mention the major navy base in San Diego, all those cool towns and the rolling hill farmland along the coast, the huge agriculture industry and all the vineyards…

    No, I don’t think so. We don’t hand the 8th largest economy and some of the greatest natural treasures in the world over to anyone, we reclaim it for our own.

    It would be really nice to see California cleaned up and returned to American culture.

    • Back to the age of the Jack Webb LA County shows. Dragnet, Emergency, Adam 12.
      Back when LA was like, Dallas and California was the other Texas.

      • With all the Southern Whites that hit California after 1934 and kept coming till the 1960s that was quite a scene out there, Never forget Buck Owens was a Texan

        • I’m from Sherman, Texas. So is Buck Owens. The main road through Sherman is called Buck Owens Freeway. My wife is from Oklahoma. She spent time with her family around Bakersfield. A friend of mine lived there a couple of years in the mid 80’s. Another friend said LA reminded him of Dallas or Fort Worth. People in El Paso go to the beach in LA because it’s closer than Galveston. California used to be just a part of the Southwest. The second Texas. You’re not saying anything I hadn’t seen or heard before.

          • I remember Brian Wilson of the Beach Boy’s first wife who was a Jewess btw saying that when she first went to where the Beach Boys all grew up in Hawthorne, most everyone there was from the Midwest originally and that it was little different than any place in the Midwest in fact most of the people in that area were from there,

            Typically you see this a lot in areas that were settled in the west or otther places POST WW2 that were high growth. The Southrons usually have their own neighborhoods, the people from other places have their own. In OH, normally the original Southron neighborhoods were on the edge of town because they could get around all the city code violations if it was unincorporated. Sometimes these neighborhoods adjoined the Negro section as well.

            There is a place nearby that was literally between 1946 and 1960 built out of nothing. The Southrons arrived and needed their own place to live so this farmer began selling them lots, nothing had any hookups or anything. They built the same type of 3 and 4 room unpainted pineboard houses you saw down South, many of the coalpatch style of house, quickly put up, The earliest had no plumbing as this entire area was without sewer lines for years, eventually they got septic tanks as they made money. This area was highly transient, as brothers and cousins would move up for a spell, make some money and move home and lots of people after saving some money moved on.

            These neighborhoods just like a Little Italy were usually nicknamed by what state the people in the area came from. From Cincinnati to Saginaw and all over Indiana, there were literally hundreds of Little Kentuckies and between the Ohio River and Cleveland OH and in Pittsburgh area, Little West Virginias.

  13. I strongly believe that Trump overwhelmingly won the popular vote. I watched Fox online and they would get new results in and Trump’s numbers exceeded The Beast’s by 200,000 or 300,000 or more each time and then the page would reset on its own and his numbers were closer to her’s or vice versa. Within the first hour I’d say, they removed the popular vote counter. His support was so overwhelming the cheats couldn’t steal it!

  14. We have got to rid the educational institutions of the commies they are infected with. Infected with pinkos, reds, and everything Left of them.

  15. It is inevitable that California some day breaks away to form the Republica del Norte or some such. A Mexican majority is coming. Most of them are taught in schools that the land was stolen and belongs to them. I remember a sign carried at the San Jose anti-Trump riot which said to Trump that he was not welcome there “on Mexican soil.” Triuwida pointed out what would be lost, but it will be lost anyway because of the criminal actions of the govt in refusing to enforce federal law over many decades.

    Let them go before they do any more damage to us.

    • There will be some disagreements between Mexicans and Chicanos over the direction as some Mexicans will want the State reabsorbed by Mexico and the Mexico City government, but the Chicanos will want it to be its own nation as they see the Mexican government as a Spanish Colonialist Cabal. A lot of people misunderstand the entire idea of Reconquista and think the Mexicans are united, they aren’t.

      Typically what you see is the Mexicans will fly the Mexican Flag as some show of Ethnic Identity, but few want to be part of a nation their grandparents and parents fled from however some do. If California became Mexico again, you would see 50 million plus Mexicans leaving California for Oregon and the East because they dont want to live under the oppresive boot of Mexico City. A Mexican typically wants to be Mexican without being a Mexican Citizen.

    • Calexit? More like LABayAreaExit. The rest of the state would go US leaving behind city states. Imagine an independent LA region surrounded by US territory like West Berlin! They’d have to negotiate access to water, electricity, food, everything. They’d be a province of the US in all but name but without rights or representation.
      If they stay nonviolent and are patient I think Trump would magnanimously increase their self rule. If they become violent and impatient, they will be crushed and lose everything. To make sure they can never be a threat again, it may even be desirable to goad them into overextending to get the mandate needed to dispossess them.
      Forget this sad sense of resignation, we’ve won! Cali has some of the best ports, fisheries, farmland, wealth in the world. Would be insane not to take it back.

  16. The odd part of this entire thing is that with Californias {DIE-VERS-ITY) every group out there would eventually turn on one another and the state would devour itself. Everything from Monterey to the Border would be Mexico, everything from Monterey to Oregon would be some Marxist hellhole run from Berkeley. I could just see it, the Berkeley Marxists would demand the end of private property and civil war would erupt. No one would serve in the Army as everyone would be peacenicks, hoping that their solutions would be implemented. The Marxists would then be forced to hire some squad of Antifascist Commie bully boys and the state would be placed under martial law. The consumption of meat, the wearing of leather would be illegal so everyone would be down to rope shoes and sandals. The animal populations with hunting oultawed would overrun everywhere. Child Molestation would become a Holy Sacrament. Eventually with all the chaos, there would be such a mass die off Northern California would be left unpopulated.

    Southern California would be Mexico and the Mexicans would basically enslave the Negroes or kill them outright. Other minorities would be marginalized and Spanish would be the Official Language. The Mexicans would leave the Wealthy Whites alone, as they would pay them off but Common Whites would suffer physically economically except for those of course who joined themselves to the Mexicans in Marriage, they would be fine. In other words, they would encourage the White Males to take Mexican Wives and the White women to take Mexican husbands. In Fifteen years everyone would be a Mexican of some stripe

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