Angela Merkel and François Hollande Criticize President Trump’s Refugee Ban

Well played, President Bannon:

“BERLIN — Reflecting mounting European anger and astonishment at President Trump, several countries on Sunday rejected — sometimes in blunt terms — his ban on all refugees and the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries entering the United States.

The spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said there was no justification for the policy — not even the fight against terrorism — of refusing to admit refugees fleeing war. Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain revised her stance on the American directive to take a harder line, while Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni of Italy said that Mr. Trump’s approach ran counter to basic European principles. …

The comments came a day after President François Hollande of France, who unlike Ms. Merkel is not running for re-election this year, said he had reminded Mr. Trump of his “conviction that the ongoing fight to defend our democracy will be effective only if we sign up to respect to the founding principles and, in particular, the welcoming of refugees.” …

Mr. Trump’s executive order was preceded on Friday by an emotional appeal from the mayor of Berlin, related to another proposal by Mr. Trump that has proved polarizing — the construction of a wall along the United States border with Mexico.

“Berlin, the city of Europe’s division, the city of Europe’s freedom, cannot silently look on as a country sets about building a new wall,” the mayor, Michael Müller, said in a statement. …”

Domestically, President Trump can point and laugh at Angela Merkel and François Hollande, as France and Germany have been repeatedly attacked by Muslim refugees under their failed leadership. Internationally, Angela Merkel and François Hollande’s attacks open the debate in their own countries, which paves the way for Marine Le Pen and Frauke Petry in France and Germany’s upcoming elections. 93% of Muslims in France voted for Hollande who has a 4% approval rating.

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  1. Actually. While two of the terrorists who self detonated at the Stade de France (stadium) were Iraqis. The rest of the terrorists of the Bataclan and the parisian bars were ‘French born’. Which is an even bigger issue. Charlie, Nice, the executed priest terrorists were also all ‘French’..
    As for Germany, aye, true about the Berlin Christmas market, and other less bloody attacks in summer 2016.
    I’m actually puzzled that Germany taking 1 million more refugees has not been attacked by undercover terrorists more often.

  2. You really want to put pressure on European politicians? Pressure Trump to bring the troops home. Trust me on this, the moment America’s military bases – which are spread across Europe – are shuttered is the moment that things will start to get very interesting.

    For example, the only reason why Golden Dawn hasn’t just marched through Athens and overthrown the Greek government is that they’re afraid NATO will bomb them just like America bombed Serbia.

    So all you really have to do is get America out of Europe. Once that happens, the Europeans will start to get their affairs in order.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. Get the American military TOTALLY out of Europe–and then the Middle East, Japan, and Korea. Let these freeloaders defend themselves.

      • The US has been the occupying engine of race mixing and national dissolution…nigger please.

  3. Pertaining to the issue of ‘refugee’ politics.

    Patriots need to go on the offensive and mention the J-factor and American neo-imperialism.

    Progs and so many Jews feign compassion and humanitarianism for the ‘refugees’, but they never address the issue of why ‘refugees’ exist in the first place.

    It is because of Wars for Israel and American neo-imperialist strategy in the Middle East and North Africa. US foreign policy is Babelian. Smash other nations, shatter and scatter the native peoples, and then take them in as ‘refugees’ as a form of pubic relations and bribery. It’s like bribery because the ‘refugees’ who are allowed into the US are so impressed by material rewards that they soon become mum about what the US did to their nations.

    American message is, “We destroy your country, but just forget about it. We let you in and give you free stuff.” Since humans are organisms and since organisms prefer comfort and convenience above all else, a lot of ‘refugees’ who should be angry at the US just keep mum and look forward to all the goodies promised to them by the US government.

    Of course, the US also feeds on much internecine tensions in places like the Middle East. As there’s plenty of corruption, oppression, and nastiness among all the various tribes, clans, sects, and ethnic groups, it’s never difficult for the US to win over allies and collaborators who figure even the neo-imperialist US is better than native enemies or oppressors. Narcissism of small differences.

    But Americans are like that too. Prog whites hate patriotic whites(deplorables) so much that they are willing to side with foreigners to destroy ‘racist’ White America. And even feminists are willing to side with Muslims(semi-officially recognized as the new victim group) against the ‘patriarchy’ of Trump.

    The best way is, of course, for the US to stop meddling in the Middle East. But as long as Jewish Globalists are powerful in both parties — even in Trump’s administration — , the danger remains. Because both parties are so beholden to Jewish Power, no one is willing to say Jewish-controlled foreign policy is largely, though not entirely, responsible for the Mess in MENA that led to this ‘refugee’ crisis — of course, many economic migrants are merely using the crisis as pretext to move to the West for better material life.

    Patriots need to go on the moral offensive. If they just say, “We don’t want Muslim refugees because they are terrorists”, they come across as mean, paranoid, and cold-hearted.

    So, it’s much better to frame the argument in favor of Muslims. First and foremost, patriots must say the Muslims are on the move and they’re angry as hell because of neo-imperialist US foreign policy.

    Patriotism isn’t “my country right or wrong”. True patriotism is a universal defense of the sovereignty of every nation. So, an American patriot should defend the right of other nations to mind their own business and not be destroyed by US invasions, bombs, and proxy wars. A true patriot denounces the policies of his own nation IF it is immoral and imperialist.

    Offense is the best defense. The main issue for the patriots should be the question, “Why are there so many refugees in the first place?” That question will expose the GLOB for what it is. WHO CREATED THE REFUGEE CRISIS? The Globalists!!

    Hell Cometh to the Middle East, Welcometh to the West.

    So, why are the ‘refugees’ on the move?

    Gee, maybe because of policies like this and this and this?

    If Seymour Hersh is right, some decent US military guys prevented the total collapse of Syria and its takeover by Jihadis. Those were true patriots.

    Trump should say he is working with Russia to defeat the Jihadis so that order can prevail in Syria so that the refugees can return home.

    In contrast, the GLOB is for the further destruction of Syria by working with Saudis to fund the Jihadis and then masking its warmongering with bogus humanitarian gesture of ‘caring’ about ‘refugees’. It’s amazing that so many suckers fell for this.

    The truly moral position is not to take in refugees but to ensure that people are not turned into refugees. Why were so many people in MENA(middle east and north africa) turned into refugees? Because of neo-imperialist policies of America controlled by the GLOB dominated by Jews.


  4. “BERLIN — Reflecting mounting European anger and astonishment at
    President Trump, several countries on Sunday rejected — sometimes in
    blunt terms — his ban on all refugees and the citizens of seven
    Muslim-majority countries entering the United States.”

    They are afraid that their own people will begin to ask of them “Why aren’t we doing this too!?”

  5. “Angela Merkel and François Hollande Criticize President Trump’s Refugee Ban”

    Which is why their respective political careers are probably over in the long run.

    • Catholicism of today is judaized. Since I’ve stopped practicing almost five decades ago, my “traditional” eye easily catches the after Vatican II introduced adjustments, .i.e. before the followers of Judaism were uplifted to “elder brothers in faith”.

  6. Why don’t we offer to send those refugees to France and Germany, instead. Trump could say that publicly so as to humilate them when they back down – both countries have elections coming up and neither will accept more refugees as it will sink their party’s chances. Be smart Trump…humiliate them by exposing their hypocrisy.

  7. The more of a wedge that can be driven through the relationship between Jew-puppet and white genocider Theresa May and Der Trumpenfuhrer the better.

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