The Atlantic: The Anti-Anti-Trump Right

Peter Beinart wrote this in The Atlantic in December:

“A few days after Donald Trump won the presidency, my father told me a story about his childhood.

My father grew up in Malmesbury, a rural farming town in South Africa’s Western Cape. His parents were Lithuanian immigrant Jews. Growing up Jewish in Malmesbury was not like growing up in Cape Town or Johannesburg, where Jews were more plentiful and more prosperous, and the surrounding whites were mostly of English descent. …

Obviously, Donald Trump is not D. F. Malan. But ever since my father told me that story, I’ve wondered whether the clean break he thought he made when leaving South Africa for the United States is now no longer quite so clean.On election night, I tweeted that, “I’ve never felt less American and more Jewish.” The comment reflected my particularly American self-confidence. I assumed I could question my own Americanness without inviting others to do so on my behalf. I was wrong. Over the following days, hundreds of respondents on Twitter did question whether I belonged in the United States, often in crudely anti-Semitic ways. …

The lesson of my father’s journey is not that America in 2016 is South Africa in 1948. It is that moral progress is never the permanent possession of any one land. In different moments, different people carry the torch. As a young man, my father heard Robert Kennedy tell the students of Cape Town, who saw reason and liberty besieged in their own country, that they had allies halfway across the world. Today, I look at Mmusi Maimane, and feel the same thing.”

From Lithuania to South Africa to the United States, Peter Beinart explains how Jews haven’t changed and routinely find themselves at odds with Gentiles wherever they go.

Peter Beinart writes in The Atlantic this afternoon:

“At the other extreme sit conservatives like my Atlantic colleague David Frum (Jew), Johns Hopkins School of Advanced and International Studies Professor Eliot Cohen (Jew) and New York Times columnist David Brooks (Jew), who warned against Trump during the campaign, and believe he is now vindicating their fears.

For them, conservatism is about prudence, inherited wisdom, and a government that first does no harm; they see none of those virtues in Trump. They see themselves as the inheritors of a rich conservative intellectual tradition; Trump’s ignorance embarrasses them. And they believe America should stand for ideals that transcend race, religion and geography; they fear white Christian identity politics in their bones. They are, to my mind, highly admirable. But they don’t have much of a base. They can denounce Trump because they work for institutions that don’t primarily cater to his supporters. …”

Did you know neocons like David Frum, Eliot Cohen and David Brooks stand for prudence? For some mysterious reason, these Jews have a biological aversion to White Christian identity politics. Is it anti-Semitic to read Peter Beinart and notice what these Jews are saying?

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    • Jews have no loyalty to any of the gentile countries they happen to live in. They are rootless cosmopolitans.

      • Someone once gave a speech about that, and said they appear Czech in Prague, German in Berlin, Italian in Rome, French in Paris, but underneath it they are still acting as Jews.

    • The Jew is an international creature. There is no true Jewish homeland, just a parcel of land that serves as a base of operations. The Jew will never be content to simply mind his own business in Palestine. It is in his blood to meddle and profiteer.

      • You’re very right, Mr. Gullak – the Jewish nature has been profoundly formed by being the world’s first and only globetrotter, for millenia.

        Above all, they value influence peddling to keep societies open to them, so that they can do whatever it is they are seeking from them.

        This stepping outside the box works very well in science, finance, and art, but, has horrifick qualities in politicks.

    • I agree, Mr. Finkelstein, with you; but, I note that American Jews regard this land as their land, just as much as they do Israel, maybe more so.

    • #OpenBordersForIsrael

      Because we all bleed red.
      Because the food is tasty.
      Because all around the world, Jews love diversity. Its sad they don’t get to experience the delights of diversity in Israel.
      Because muscular Black alpha men + intelligent Jewish women = A strong intelligent new coffee colored race!
      Because Jewish culture is so dull. They need more vibrancy!

    • Malan was South African. He was from Wellington in Western Cape. It’s twenty five kilometres from Malmesbury, the town Beinert mentions. Malan got involved in the anti-Apartheid movement after the war. I’d say draw the connections and draw your own conclusions.

  1. It so funny how he repeats this old song and dance “Oh, conservatives, denounce N and we will heap praise upon you. Don’t you want to be like Frum and Brooks?”. NR are still a bunch of cucks but it seems to me that at least some of them have been realizing how futile it is to suck up to the Left.Trump or not Trump. Thought it may be just my wishful thinking.

  2. I don’t get the timing here. There were no Lithuainan Jews in 1948. From 1941 to 1944 most of the territory was occupied by Germans (Holocost, ghetto, etc) and from 1944 it was a territory of Soviet Union that hardly gave visas to United Kingdom to some Jewish guy off the street. So how do Lithuanian Jews emigrate from USSR in Stalin’s time? I don’t get it.

      • Here is a Russian anecdote: long after WW2 a Lithuanian comes to his pastor and says “Forgive me father, for I have sinned, during the war I agreed to shelter a Jew”.
        Pastor says “No, my son you did a righteous thing!”.
        “But Father, I made him pay me”
        “Well, its worse, but you risked your life so I guess it’s ok.”
        “One last question, Father.”
        “Should I go tell him that the war is over?”

    • I think you’re in the wrong time period. Lithuania was among the Russian-controlled territories whence Jews migrated in substantial numbers from the 1880s to World War I. Some came to the U.S., as did other Eastern European Jews in that “Ellis Island” period. Many went to South Africa after the 1886 gold discovery there.

      • John, there was a strongly establisht Jewish community in Lithuania, on the eve of Barbarossa.

        Most disappeared.

        A few returned after the war, but, of those few that had not ‘disappeared’, most moved here or to Israel.

        I’m not speaking from written sources, but, from folks I have long known.

        So, Iron curtain is not out to lunch in his conjecture.

        Have a great day!

        • Thanks for the information, Junius. Probably, Iron Curtin was paying more attention than I was and thus realized that Mr. Beinart is of an age at which any grandfather of his would likely have lived in the period of World War II.

    • It seems every political, social and racial opinion or discussion must pass through a Semitic filter. Anything pro-White always gets trapped in the filter.

  3. Israel helped SA’s nuclear program for years. While it was run by whites.
    Note that he isn’t talking about how wonderful South Africa is now that it is run by the majority blacks and how he wants to go back as it is so much more tolerant now.
    If he feels more Israeli than American he should move there.

    • There are a lot of people who vehemently dislike Southerners, Mr. Cushman, and, perhaps most problematically, most of them are our immediate neighbours.

      Maybe there is something of the English/Irish relationship to be understood in this.

  4. I also noticed this. Jews are taking over The Atlantic magazine

    They published my comment that Beinart seems to be sent from central casting as the wandering International Jew

    • Mr. Ellis, as the natural collective Jewish reaction to the role alternative media played in propelling Trump to the White House will be to stifle it, they have two alternatives – to pay congress and judges to regulate it or to go about buying up everything that vexes them, and converting it.

      Considering the legal structure of The New England Government, probably they will focus on the latter, though, knowing them, as I do, probably they will hedge their bets and attempt both, simultaneously.

      • Auschwitz existed, Mr. Bellis – and as advertised – sadly, for all the reason that Mr. Griffin writes about here.

        • No, forced labor camp. When the German war machine broke down in the East there were lots of death through disease.

          • I’m sorry, Mr. Ellis – your information is second hand.

            I know a survivor of Auschwitz, and I know two girls who were raised up in the Polish village by that name.

            All three of their stories confirm the standard line about the death camp- not the recent vogue revisionist history.

            But, yes, those who were not executed immediately did exist in a forcet labour situation, as did my friend.

            Have a good night!

  5. ‘For some mysterious reason, these Jews have a biological aversion to White Christian identity politics.’

    Sir, because White Christian Identity Politicks threatens their cultural dominance, it seems to me that many Jews regard the loss of dominance as the same thing as extinction, or, at least, the total loss of their ability to live comfortably in a place.

    I recknon there may just be something in the collective Jewish psychology that is always playing for double or nothing.

    That’s the only thing I can think of that has led them to such pre-eminence, here, and or being kickt out of a 100+ other countries, over time.

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