Disqus Censors Occidental Dissent

You people are deplorable.

I got an email from Disqus this evening about your activities in the comment section. They said that you are so terrible that Disqus is terminating our ability to use their discussion services. Your mean-spirited comments were found to be in conflict with their values:

“Hi there,

We wanted to reach out to inform you that your site has been found to be in conflict with the values and terms of use of Disqus. Because of this, Disqus is unable to offer your site continued discussion services past the next 30 days.

Site activity or content that can result in the termination of discussion services include:
– Technical misuse of Disqus services: generating a large amount of nonsense threads, posts, or other objects.
– Featuring copyrighted material, which results in DMCA takedown requests.
– Adult-oriented sites which result in abuse complaints, users with inappropriate avatars or behavior visiting other Disqus sites in an unwelcome way, or are otherwise misusing Disqus services.
– Using Disqus on pages that contain hate speech, which violates Disqus’ Terms of Service and results in abuse complaints.

Additional information on these Basic Rules may be found here …”

Look at what you have done.

How do you sleep at night? How do you look at yourself in the mirror? Have you no sense of decency? You’ve made some SJW tattle-tale cry and report us to the hall monitor for “hate speech.” You’re guilty of racism, sexism, nativism, classism, ableism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, white privilege, misogyny, etc.

Anyway, I never really cared for Disqus. I only turned the Disqus comments back on because the WordPress comment system malfunctioned. The small amount of ad revenue it generated wasn’t worth the annoyance and the drag on the site of having to load all of their stupid pop up ads.

In light of this SJW attack, we are going to double down on discourse poisoning. If we can raise $175 (click the PayPal link on the sidebar to donate), I will install a free speech forum on this website. SJWs won’t be able to take the forum down by crying TOS violation. The forum can be used to generate fresh content and share memes, videos, links, news stories and so forth throughout the day.

Note: We have a month to switch from Disqus. We should be able to add a forum within days.

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  1. The establishment is moving towards the ‘silence the opposition’ stage – a sure sign that they’re losing control of the narrative.

    Doesn’t it feel good to know that our enemies are afraid of us?

    • I’m sick of those liberal techie nerds and faggots in Semitic Silicon Valley trying to shut off free speech. There are more of us than there are of them. And we have lots of sticks.

      • Hate to break it to you, but Silicon Valley is mostly Asian-dominated, not “Semitic”.

        For instance, the founder and CEO of Disqus is Daniel Ha, who is Chinese. He co-founded it with Jason Yan, who is also Chinese.

        In obsessing so much about Jooos, you miss out on who 80+% of the globalist enemies and cucks really are.

        • Not once in that thread did either Alex or Putnam blame the Jews for this ban.

          • Not once in that thread did either Alex or Putnam blame the Jews for this ban.


            liberal techie nerds and faggots in Semitic Silicon Valley trying to shut off free speech.

          • Ever hear of Larry Page, Larry Ellison, Sergei Brin or Marc Zuckerberg? Schmuck.


            For instance, the founder and CEO of Disqus is Daniel Ha, who is Chinese. He co-founded it with Jason Yan, who is also Chinese.

            In obsessing so much about Jooos, you miss out on who 80+% of the globalist enemies and cucks really are.

            Obviously some obsession over Jews is warranted. Just don’t ignore the rest of the problem!

          • I skipped that word somehow. Perhaps he meant Arabs anyway.

            Hmmmm….well my apologies.

          • No doubt it starts with either the SPLC, ADL, and or JDL – or all three.

            That said, Captain, they are only proxies for the Jew England Government, as a whole.

  2. Well, just like Daily Stormer you got a lot of us racists posting and so they decided to try to shut you down. We need to move away from jew-run social media to Gab or our own media bases.

    V-bulletin 4.2.x and 5.x.x costs $250 for a new license and it sucks. I can only use my 2009-2010 license on an older server which doesn’t insist that I upgrade to past php 5.3. My old software shall eventually not work anywhere at all in a few more years.

    You might prefer to buy Xenforo or use free MyBB or Simple Machines Forum. Your friend Daryl knows how to make MyBB look like v-bulletin 3.x.x and has ample experience in working with databases as you well know. He could “upgrade” your forum database to work from 2005 to later years and possibly merge your blog.

    I wouldn’t go with expensive forum software that you have to keep on putting money in to in order to “rent” it like Invision or v-bulletin. Open-source is kept up by hobbyists and your database can be moved to a new platform as opposed to orphan commercial software.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

      • Agreed, v-bulletin sucks ever since they sold it to some English corporation, shut down v3.8.x and brought out v4.x and 5.x.

        Hopefully you will go with MyBB or SMF or some other open-source forum software instead of something which keeps on charging you for a new license every few years or so. One should not keep on becoming under the control of anyone else having a kill switch over your communications. As John Adams said “There is no such thing as “Free Speech”. He would know. He had passed the Alien & Sedition Acts to keep Massa Thomas Jefferson and his Democrats and his bought lie-papers from causing trouble for the Federalists.

        Your quarter-jew friend Daryl knows how to set up a forum, especially with a pilfered database. Some of your posts from 2005 are still around.


        Hail Victory!!!

        Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
        Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  3. I predicted this day would come and I was laffed at. My, how they laffed! I shall never forget it.

    Only $175 to have guaranteed free speech? Oy, such a deal!

  4. Maybe it was the activities of some of your site users in trashing a rival Disqus channel that has prompted Disqus to terminate their agreement with your website.

      • The link is that a number of posters on here are unhappy with the creator & mods on on a rival channel. These things do not occur in a vacuum . I cant be more specific because I don’t as yet have enough pieces of the puzzle .
        I just thought you might have read some strange exchanges between regular posters on here referring to the recent events on a rival far right channel that got trashed .
        Feel free to remove my posts & ban me if you wish.

        • How is OD responsible for “regular posters” when those posters are using the Disqus system outside of OD? If there was really a problem with individual commenters or a rash of “hate speech” comments, then it’s a simple matter of Disqus removing the commenters, not removing OD’s ability to use the comment system.

          Plain and simple, this is about removing pro-White views and voices under the guise of “hate speech” TOS.

          • Does he mean the Libertarian site that belched forth at Spencer?

            I only raided once and it was spontaneous.

            No plan or coordination.

          • I am the original & genuine thegreenthingymybob, not the clone that acted as a diversion on sage grass to blind you to the insertion of the Daisy clone. In blaming me for your own stupidity of letting in a Trojan Horse from a rival N@zi faction you have made me into an active & implacable foe of all your identities when I come across them outside of your forum. Unlike you I have friends that I can trust.

          • I didn’t say that OD is responsible for the actions of “regular posters” elsewhere on the net , but some of them have a beef with a rival channel & may have been passing surreptitious messages on OD hinting about the goings on on that channel which could indicate prior knowledge of the trashing of that channel.

            I am just interested in following up leads , the trail has lead me to here but has not proven conclusive, however I still think that somebody at Disqus has decided to slowly eliminate all sites that do not push the common purpose Left wing multicultural pro-Muslim and pro-illegal migration agenda so I see Disqus using a divide and conquer policy to either deny the use of its software platform to sites like OD and the deliberate causing of mayhem on Disqus forums that do not push the common purpose agenda in the hope that they will cease functioning as an outlet to express dissent with the MSM .

  5. ” You’re guilty of racism, sexism, nativism, classism, ableism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, white privilege, misogyny, etc.”

    The RSNCAASHXTIWPM community.

  6. Do you think the complaint was actually an SJW though?

    Or have you just become prominent enough to have an algorithm shut it down?

  7. Censorship creates market opportunities.

    Someone will develop a Disqus competitor.

    Support them when you find them.

  8. This looks like a great site. Don’t know how I missed it before.

    Ironically, I only found out about it because of Disqus’s proposed realtalk ban.

    LOL thanks Disqus, I owe you one.

  9. Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’. Diversity just means White Genocide.

    Freedom now from this enforced, coercive, parasitic, anti-white, genocidal diversity. Its a crime, not a ‘policy option’

    Every authoritarian state always begins by silencing all criticism of its doctrine but it’s never just to be mean. It ALWAYS gives a Reason.

  10. Contemporary Cultural Libralism seems to be a contrived jumble of perverse contradictions, based on Left-wing dogma rather than observable real world realities.

    One minute they are pleading for fifteen year olds to be allowed to vote in Britains Brexit Referendum, the next they are arguing that 17.5 million adults didn’t understand the issues!

    One minute they are arguing the merits of mass cheap labour Immigration from the third world, the next they are complaining how low wages are!

    One minute they are pleading for greater child protection, the next they are arguing for the rights of grown men to use the girls toilets!

    One minute they are arguing for unilateral nuclear disarmament, the next they are telling us how dangerous Russia is!

    I guess, when your ideological world view can not withstand the slightest critical scrutiny without unraveling, censorship is your only defence.


    • We must protect women’s rights…but we also have to allow millions of Mohammedans into our countries so they can rape our women and force them to wear black bedsheets over their heads.

      We must also protect “gay” rights…but once again, we also have to allow millions of Mohammedans into our countries so they can open fire on our fags in “gay” nightclubs.

      We have to save the earth from “climate change” but at the same time we must not do anything to reduce third world population growth, even though it is causing tremendous damage to the environment.

      The list of libtard contradictions goes on and on………..

      • It’s not just the ‘libturds’, Mr. Delarge – it’s the entire Jew England Governmental system.

        You see – it goes back centuries, if not millennia, and has to do with New England Puritan culture and the Jews in their neverending diaspora.

        The ‘libturds’ are just products of them – like a Robin lays eggs.

      • It’s all explained in BWN or 1984.

        Alice in Wonderland also points out that the Red Queen “believes several impossible things before breakfast.”

    • The CCL is riddled with contradictions and nonsense. It is our job to call it out and thereby discredit it.

    • As funny and accurate as is this photo, Mr. THOUGHT CRIMINAL, it would be a bit more accurate if pictured were a row of folks out in the sand – some with heads in, and others digging a hole for their heads, all while a black-leathered Kommissar on the left, stands over them with a pistol…

  11. The same thing happened to me at Facebook –

    For 8 years I was there, made no political activity, and never facet a single solitary criticism.

    In my 9th years I raised the Confederate flag and set up the North Carolina Secessionists.

    Generating copy for that growing group, I posted ever polite reports criticizing The New England Government, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, and, yes, the Jewish, Negro, and LGBT communities.

    Conversely I posted polite praise of The League of The South, supportive articles about the Southern KKK, The White Race,
    and, in general, corrections to our much maligned Southron history – particularly about what occurred and resulted during the years 1861-1876.

    One day in my 9th year at Facebook, without warning, I was gone.

    And so I have done at Discus – polite comments in favour of Secession, Southern Nationalism, Trump, Farage & Brexit, Le Pen, Orban, and stinging criticism of Merkel, Obama, H. Clinton, Republicans, and those of my fellow Southerners who continued to live in a narcoleptick slumber in Yankee-Doodle-Dandy land.

    I’m sorry, Mr. Griffin.

    I do use Discus as a weapon – a polite weapon, but, a weapon, nonetheless – much as you have Occidental Dissent.

    Are you going in and take the loyalty pledge, Mr. Josey Wales?

    No, not ever.

  12. Congratulations for standing up for our people enough to get noticed Mr. Wallace. I already blog with WordPress, so I suppose that I will still be able to comment here, even if Disqus pulls the plug early.
    I am actually working up a post for the next week or so on free speech, the internet, and toleration -and how White Nationalists do not get protected by it. I will have to mention Disqus’ discrimination against OD in piece.

        • Yes, Mr. Griffin, now and then, when I want to send you something, I refuse to use anything like the very same PayPal that is part of boycotting NC, because we don’t let confused narcisstick cross-dressing males potty with our wives and daughters.

          So, an address would be helpful – though, at the same time, I worry about your safety, when you go there.

  13. Well, Hunter, the good news, they’re noticing you. That means they consider you a threat. God Bless you and keep up the good work.

  14. “Hate Speech”……………

    Look around at the world we’ve been living in for the past decade or two. The MSM, social media and all of the other self-anointed gatekeepers of civilized society have been trying to use “hate speech” as a way to shut down any opposition to Globalists and Leftists. Contrary to their intended actions, the sanitizing and policing of speech has caused Nationalism and pro-White sentiments around the world to GROW, not decline. This is precisely why pro-White people have to be fluid and think laterally. The more options you allow for yourself, the harder it is for them to get a firm grip on you. They grab you with their hands and squeeze tighter, not realizing that the tighter they squeeze the more they lose. Be fearless and bold, but remain fluid.

    Personally, I like the Disqus system. But I don’t need to help prop up another anti-White entity.

  15. @Mr. Griffin…

    Being old and an untechnical rural cretin, Sir, I ask that, whatever you do to change this forum, you spell it out, in advance, in such clear steps, that even the entire negro population of the NC maximum security prison would get it.

    Oh, wait – that was not nice.

    I apologize, Mr. Discus. I spoke as we speak, in The South, and have spoken for 4 centuries.

    I reckon this one world euphoria just ain’t gonna work…

  16. @Mr. Griffin…

    Sir, they’ve already started to remove you, as. just an hour back, when I went to the menu of marquises – you know, the one that is your first page for sites most often used.

    Well, I pressed on it, and it said there was no connection.

    That’s the first time that’s ever happened in several years, – and that’s Google.

      • I sure do agree, Miss Denise, It’s all going to come back on our enemies – and soon,

        I remember back in 19 & 72, when the first New York Times’s reports of the Watergate Break-in began to make a buzz

        By the summer of 19 & 73, the hearings were underway, and, each night, many in each of the 50 states, watched the bizarre carnival on PBS, as a country lawyer, heavy-smoking North Carolina Senator, Sam Ervin, questioned one Nixon administration official after another – they, with each lie and half-lie, sinking deeper and deeper into the muck; only, this time, it is a whole government and it’s ‘system’, if I dare call such a band of lawless beaurocrats that.

        That’s why we voted Trump in- to act as a wrecking ball for this system.

        But, if that don’t work, thar’ will be as much rope and buckshot to help our president get this job done.

        The folks who are ag’in’ him, do not realize the menu being offered – surrender, now, and live, or keep doublin’ down, and die suddenly.

        • The Watergate break-in had “CIA” written all over it. It featured the same cast of characters that were in Dallas 9 years earlier and the Bay of Pigs two years before that.

          • That well could be, Mr. Delarge. Certainly I am not well informed about these things, until recently.

            My answer to all of it, however, is my avatar.

      • Sir, when you turn on your computer, and tap on the FireFox icon, the new screen replaces my desktop view.

        On it, I will see three columns of squares – all of which represent my most frequently visited sites.

        When I press on your particular square, it no longer takes me there, but to a new page with a few words, they telling me that I have reacht a disconnet.

  17. Looks like Occidental Dissent has joined the Daily Stormer as one of the very few sites which Disqus has banned from its use. I cannot wait until the day we no longer need or want the use of these so called “mainstream” comment technologies. They are all part of a system that seeks to suppress the free discussion of ideas that threaten the (((powers))) that be in continuing their march to completely destabilize and destroy previously white societies in favor of collections of minorities, none of which will have an absolute majority. In essence, this is a remaking of the world to the way of the Jew, which has lived amongst societies comprised of “outgroup” majorities in which they seek to critique and subvert the mainstream culture as they squeeze shekels from it in the process. Whites are so individualistic as to be completely helpless in such societies, while these are the very types of societies in with the highly ethnocentric Jews thrive. Just think how much easier it will be to compete as a well-organized group within a sea of individuals incapable of ever again rising up to put a stop to their subversion and subjugation. The one saving grace we may have is the fact that (((they))) always tend to overreach in their goals, doing too much too fast. If there is one thing history can show us, it is that we do not need anywhere near a majority of OUR people to foment change for the good. However, we do need to be organized and productive out in the real world (as opposed to mere online presence) if we wish to bring about the changes that are imperative for our survival.

  18. Many don’t understand Freedom of Speech. The Corporate System creates social media, Forums, Discussion Threads, and so on. However can’t stand the idea of Individual Freedom of Speech. Just a sad reality. Our educational system doesn’t teach the Constitution and Bill of Rights and basic Human Rights. However censorship from Corporate America and Social Media shows the Liberal Ideology that dominates our Society. However I’ll mention your not being a “Liberal” if you don’t support Free Speech. Your just being a Marxist! We represent the 1st Amendment and Human Rights. WPWW !

  19. What I don’t understand is if homosexuals can force a public service, bakery, to bake cakes for homosexuals regardless of whether it violates their terms of service or not then how can internet sites ban people or sites? I wonder of someone could sue them on the exact same grounds?

  20. Well, I will have to comment as “Xopher Halftongue” in the new comments section… or perhaps as “John Scalzi.”

  21. Maybe start a board at 8Chan, then have people comment under the O.P. of each thread, which would be the articles like are here at the website.

  22. Meanwhile, my comments are still “Waiting to be approved” at AltRight.com and its Disqus stays up. Hm…

    In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost,


  23. contain hate speech,

    We can differentiate between two kinds of hatred. The one may be called character conditioned or irrational hatred, the other reactive or rational. By reactive hatred is meant a hatred which arises when one is exposed to attack. That attack maybe directed against one’s own live or freedom, against those whom one loves or with whom one is identified, or against moral and spiritual values which are part of one’s personality. I call this kind of hatred reactive because it comes into existence as a reaction to an attack and ends with the cessation of this attack. The premise of such hatred is an affirmative attitude toward life, physically and spiritually. If there is a strong affirmation of life, a strong hatred necessarily is aroused if life is attacked. If there is love, hatred is inevitably provoked if the loved one is attacked. If there is faith in ideals and values, hatred must be incited if these values are attacked. There is no passionate striving for anything which does not necessitate hatred if the object of this striving is attacked. Such hatred is the counterpoint of life. It is rooted in the affirmation of life; it results in action for the defense of life; and, in principle, it ends when the attacker is defeated.
    Should We Hate Hitler? (1942)
    By Erich Fromm

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