Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Second Travel Ban

This doesn’t come as a surprise:

“A federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide order Wednesday evening blocking President Trump’s ban on travel from parts of the Muslim world, dealing a stinging blow to the White House and signaling that Mr. Trump will have to account in court for his heated rhetoric about Islam.

The ruling was the second major setback for Mr. Trump in his pursuit of a policy he has trumpeted as critical for national security. His first attempt to sharply limit travel from a handful of predominantly Muslim countries ended in a courtroom fiasco last month, when a federal court in Seattle halted it.

Mr. Trump had issued a new and narrower travel ban on March 6, trying to satisfy the courts by removing some of the most contentious elements of the original version. …”

Last September, I predicted that even if Donald Trump won the presidency, he wouldn’t succeed in Making America Great Again. In spite of this, I hoped that he would win the 2016 election because then the idea of “Taking Back America” would be given a fair trial.

We’ve reached the point where even the president of the United States doesn’t have the power to impose a temporary 90 day travel ban on some of the most dangerous, war torn countries in the world. It doesn’t matter that we had an election on the issue of immigration and refugees. We won the election but a federal judge has decided that doesn’t matter.

President Trump’s executive order was blocked because it is said “to disfavor a particular religion, in spite of its stated, religiously neutral purpose.” The Alt-Right rejects civic nationalism. We are willing to go far beyond President Trump on this matter. We should favor some religions over others. We should favor some races and ethnic groups over others. We should discriminate and carefully vet people who wish to enter our country just like our ancestors did in the past.

By standing firm on the principle that foreigners are sovereign, the Left is only further calling into question the legitimacy of the system. Who cares about “our values”? Who cares about constitutions? Who cares about democracy? If the people no longer have the power to exercise their sovereignty and police their borders, what does the legal edifice built on top of it matter?

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  1. I could be wrong, but did the second ban take out the clause about religious minority persecution taking president? If so, was that an anti-Christian cuckout? To me it would seem religious minorities in muslim regions would be predominantly Christian or maybe Hindu or Zoroastrians.

    • Send all of them to Hawaii, then allow it to break away. Its mostly Asian and natives anyway, thus its of no real use. Hand it over to Indonesia.

  2. “Who cares about “our values”? Who cares about constitutions? Who cares about democracy? If the people no longer have the power to exercise their sovereignty and police their borders, what does the legal edifice built on top of it matter?”

    Who cares if Federal Judges start having an extremely short life expectancy? Not I.


    There Is No Way We’re Voting Our Way Out Of This

  3. What is Trump doing about this blatant “Judicial overreach” – his words?

    For now, nothing. Congress can disband all courts inferior to the Supreme Court, and then in a lightning stroke reconstitute the courts REQUIRING ALL NEW NOMINEES. Or they can do it specifically with the 9th circuit.

    He cannot do this without Congress behind him, even to the point of using the “nuclear option” on the Filibuster so that a simple majority in the Senate can pass votes. They could even set a new precedent, making the “nuclear option” short term, say 90 days, so that new administrations can actually get something done.

    How is Trump faring with Congress. He is lost in the weeds of health care. He could have started off with infrastructure, instead he is held hostage by his own party, the actual authors of Romney Care! Trump needs to deep-six Ryan for sure, and McConnell if need be. The rank-and-file will stand with Trump IF he musters them! Which he isn’t doing!

    If the plan is to get a handle on the “Deep
    State” first, in order to be stronger later, it’s a fine idea. But he is going
    mightily slow! He does not fill all positions with nominations, he does not FORCE McConnell and Ryan to rapidly push his nominees through. It’s almost April. This should be done in February. The Deep State can be uprooted by firing people and replacing them with loyal military officers who have groaned under the weight of the Evil Wars of the New World Order and as a result know how to get things done, and also want revenge. Just put the entire Armor Corps in the Civilian Government lock, stock and 120 mm barrel if need be.

    On other fronts, where is the Wall? Don’t give me the “it takes time to build a proper wall” excuse. Order the Army Corps of Engineer Bulldozers and Army Engineering battalions to the border to put up a berm (a wall of dirt). National Guard units now do all annual training at the border. ICE agents should simply go from Home Depot to Home Depot, construction site to construction site rounding up illegals. When they cannot work, they will leave.

    Trump is playing around in Yemen and Syria, widowing people for no reason, and no amount of applause can bring back the dead who died for nothing. Those civil wars have been raging for thousands of years, and will be raging in 4 years or 8 years when Trump leaves office – that soldier died FOR NOTHING!

    He does nothing to counter the Federal Reserve’s raising interest rates
    to crash the economy. Blame the Fed early and often! This goes for the
    “alt right” as much as Trump. Cernovich and Milo don’t matter. “Metapolitics” doesn’t
    matter. If Trump goes down we lurch back PERMANENTLY to New World Order
    rule. The enemy is wide awake; there will be no second chance.

    • I agree with everything you said. He’s losing momentum and reacting to events rather than pushing them. On the other hand what he has done is magnificent and what do I know. He’s tied their asses in knots over and over and I wouldn’t count him out. He may be slowly accumulating support that at this time he judges he doesn’t have. The worse things get the more pressure on the cucks becomes. We can’t be the only people who observe who’s holding him back.

      He has several Trump cards he has not played. One he could resend the security clearances of the deep State. They lose major leverage with that. He could also remove all troops from Afghanistan and Iraq with one order. That would ruin their enslave the World plans as it would be damn near impossible to make a case for going back. It would also imply that he could do the same thing in Europe and leave NATO flapping in the wind.

      If all else fails he could easily just show films of building 7 on 9-11 and explain the impossibility of the building doing such a thing then fire the top 10% of every security organization in the US.

  4. This Asian judge is not a real Hawaiian. I’ve met a few, they look almost like Tongans. Blacks.

    He is just following suit in keeping borders open so his, and any other non-White people, can continue to remake the West in their own image. Their first goal is to undermine the existing, barely existing, White powerbase. When that is gone the assorted invaders will battle it out amongst themselves.

  5. Supposedly Henry Ford once said that his customers could have whatever colour they wanted on their car as long as it was black. I guess our “democracy” works the same way.

  6. Anti-whites should be counted on to behave in an anti-white manner. The problem is that most people don’t think about who is or isn’t anti-white. Nobody in this day and age can afford to be unaware of the real consequences of anti-whitism, and one risks such ignorance at his own peril.


  7. The American people voted for Trump, not that out of touch, overpaid ching ding. And they call America a democracy….
    Trump is trying, but like I’ve said before, he’s caught up in a system thats bigger than even him.
    Its ironic how Asians in their own countries forbid pretty much all immigration.
    The whole political structure in Western nations need a good overhaul…..before the people take matters into their own hands in order to effect real change.
    No Western nation should ever take lectures from Asians on who to let, and not let in.

  8. In a little unclear on why all it takes is ONE judge at the district level to rule this way to make the decision apply nationwide! It’s my understanding the ban passed muster in the other courts. Isn’t recognizing this judge’s supposed authority to do this effectively overruling other judges who are at an equal level in the judiciary?

    Why is it only the adverse ruling that must be obeyed? Would seem Trump can simply point to the favorable rulings and declare, accurately, that the matter is unsettled until an appeals court ruled otherwise.

    • It’s definitely a problem, but one that the SCOTUS has never addressed. Basically, District Court decisions are not binding precedent on one another. And so the Hawaiian judge is not bound to follow what was done elsewhere, unless the Circuit Court of Appeals in his Circuit or SCOTUS says otherwise. There is a legal doctrine known as “comity” which basically says that the Judge should consider the decisions of other courts in deciding similar matters so that we avoid the very dilemma you raise. However, “comity” is not a binding legal principle. It’s a small distinction but an important one to say that what the District Court is doing in this case speaks more of the remedy, than the actual reasoning. The remedy is the extraordinary relief known as an ‘injunction’, or an order saying that the President may not enforce this particular law. Ordinarily, Courts only apply an injunction to the litigants before it. However, and unfortunately, activist Courts are increasingly applying the remedy of an injunction “nationwide”, which is what this Court has done. To act in the manner you had suggested, Trump would be creating a Constitutional crisis of a president not following a Court order. This would be akin to Lincoln’s activities during the Civil War (or War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression, whatever you prefer).
      The real problem here is that Congress has conferred upon the President exclusive power to do exactly what Trump has done. Trump is acting well within his powers here, and there is decades of precedent that states that when a President is acting upon authority expressly conferred upon him, Courts are loathe to intervene, and his action will be upheld unless he and Congress have no Constitutional power to do so. His powers are even greater when we’re talking about National Security matters. His motives shouldn’t even be questioned in such cases, because he is acting within his express authority under the Constitution. To question the President about his motives, to point to things he once said, etc. is ignoring the law. To try to decipher his motives in cases such as this, usurps the power of the President and Congress and hands it to the political leanings and whims of the lifetime appointed judiciary.

      • That’s an excellent reply, thank you so much!

        If I could take advantage of having a legal mind here, please clarify something else for me. Is there ANY merit to the entire premise these courts, and these state attorneys general, seem to operating under here. When they assert this is an “establishment clause” violation, by definition, that is assuming “rights” under our First Amendment held by non-citizens who are not physically here in the US! My understanding is that is unprecedented. That no court has ever held that rights under our Constitution are enjoyed by anybody except 1) citizens, anywhere in the world there may be, or 2.) Non-citizens on US soil. That’s it!

        Tucker Carlson just interviewed one of the radical immigration lawyers who did the predictable tap dance around the question, saying that was not the court’s argument, stripped bald like that. She argued the First Amendment stated you couldn’t “disfavor” or “elevate” one religion over another. History has, as I understand it, a few examples where immigration policy did just that, by “elevating”Jews fleeing the Soviet Union over immigrants of other religions.

        Do you see ANY way this makes sense? For the govt to be “violating” rights, we have to be talking about someone who actually HOLDS these rights. Immigrants on the other side of the world do NOT. Am I missing something?

  9. This may be heresy here but Trump needs to borrow a page from Lincoln, the president libtards and contards admire above all others, and act like a dictator. There is a clause in the constitution that allows the president to suspend civil liberties in times of war and insurrection. He’d have an easy case of making the latter. The SJW’s have given it to him.

  10. Why on Earth is any-one paying attention to these alleged “judges”? They have no ahem jurisdiction over these issues. Pull them from the bench and execute them for treason.

  11. Judeomasonry (a far more accurate term than “the Cathedral” which is why you won’t hear it) has ordained that the values it holds at the moment ARE the US Constitution. With luck, Trump will steadily outmaneuver these people build momentum in opposition to them.

  12. When the next Islamic terrorist act happens in the USA, Trump needs to repeat over and over again the the judiciary is to blame.

  13. The federal judge was appointed by Obama. The jewsmedia is careful to remind readers when a federal judge who blocks Trump is appointed by a Republican president.

    • They voted 2-1 against Trump. All minorities voted Demonrat at high percentages last election. They stick together when it comes to opposing whitey.

  14. Can someone explain to me how is it legitimate that we apply the first amendment to people who aren’t even Americans? I mean who the fuck cares if Trump wanted to ban an entire religion (even if it’s not at all what he did) from entering the US. Obviously the fact that they seek entry means they do not have the right to enter like a citizen would and that means the Bill of Rights that protects their religious freedom doesn’t apply, right? RIGHT?

    I’m at a loss here.

  15. I think this is a direct attempt to entrap Trump. They completely ignore the Constitution then if Trump does a Jackson they impeach him. I would bet a fortune this what they have in mind. I’m not sure they have the votes but they might if the Jews pulled out all the stops. Therefore he must fight them obliquely. He needs to pressure Ryan and McConnell to impeach both these judges. If they refuse then he needs to go both barrels after Ryan and McConnell’s jobs. I think if he called the Republicans together and gave them a do or die stump speech he could get them to throw them out. This would put all the cucks and the Statist on the defensive. He needs to attack but not allow himself to be cornered into anything rash where they can gang up on him. Many would say this is too rash and would put Ryan and McConnel on the other side…but aren’t they there already? It’s just making the situation clear and plain. He also could rally public support this way by blaming the mass immigration on the courts and Ryan and McConnel. Making sure that everyone knew they were directly responsible.

  16. if congress had any balls they would impeach his ass. if they had any balls they would abolish the ninth circuit and re do it.

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