Homeless Black Crackhead Sets Fire Which Collapses I-85 In Atlanta

This story is highly symbolic of what we have become as a nation:

“A homeless man who is accused of causing an overpass to collapse on Interstate 85 in Atlanta because of a fire he set, was allegedly high on crack cocaine at the time.

Basil Eleby was one of three people arrested in connection with the massive blaze that broke out under an interstate in Atlanta on Thursday.

The 39-year-old with a rap sheet of 19 arrests, most of which are drug-related offenses, had been smoking crack before he ‘maliciously set’ the fire, according to a police report.

He was arrested along with Sophia Bruner and Barry Thomas on Friday. Bruner and Thomas were charged with criminal trespass.

Eleby was handed an extra charge of first-degree arson on top of an earlier charge of first-degree criminal damage to property, by a Fulton County judge on Saturday. …

‘This is about as serious a transportation crisis as we can imagine,’ Mayor Kasim Reed said.

The Georgia Department of Transportation said inspectors are looking over the collapse, but there is no timeline on a fix …”

This is going to be a disaster for Atlanta.

I can’t imagine what the traffic is like there now. It was already maddening and now this happened and a huge section of I-85 has been closed in both directions in the heart of the city. Wow.

Do you want me to be brutally honest? As I wrote here last night, the ancestors of these people were brought to Georgia to work as slaves on rice and cotton plantations. The abolition of slavery was based on the assumption that a free market economy is vastly superior and that slavery was holding back our economic development. If you believe all human beings are equal interchangeable units and there are no heritable racial differences, it makes sense. But what if that isn’t true?

What if all people are not created equal? What if our ancestors were right and there really are major racial differences in intelligence and behavior? Many generations ago, Georgia’s plantation economy was violently destroyed and the ancestors of these people who were antebellum field hands were set free and were told to make their way in a modern free market economy.

Over the next 150 years, Georgia’s agricultural economy became less labor intensive to the point where only a tiny percentage of the population still works in agriculture. Manufacturing has also become less labor intensive. Fewer people work in factories. Imagine what it must be like for the bottom third of the black population which is marooned in an economy that is utterly unsuited to their abilities. Their services are no longer required for much of anything outside of sports and narcotics distribution.

The people who rule this country have no idea of what to do about this problem. They can’t even acknowledge the nature of the problem without collapsing their ideology. If it weren’t for systemic racism, this homeless bum could simply retrain and become an astrophysicist like Neil deGrasse Tyson. That’s what we are required to believe. It’s something to think about while you are stuck in Atlanta’s traffic.

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  1. The Free Market Economy was a Judeo-Masonic lie from DAY 1 Hunter and it’s amazing when you think about it, no nation in Europe had a truly Free Market until probably the Mid-1800’s,. The USA had the freest market of any nation on earth, although before the War of Northern Aggression government subsidies were much less than they were following the War.

    Being a system of thought, laissez-faire rests on the following axioms

    The individual is the basic unit in society.
    The individual has a natural right to freedom.
    The physical order of nature is a harmonious and self-regulating system.
    Corporations are creatures of the State and therefore must be watched closely by the citizenry due to their propensity to disrupt the Smithian spontaneous order

    The influence of the ideas of ADAM SMITH on the Abolitionist Movement, while little stated were large. The North seemingly believed that Negroes were individuals of a sort and that the physical order of things would assign them their place in society. While a few paternalistic leftists attempted to force equality between 1865-1875 after 1875 this project largely ended. After 1877 the Northern idea seemingly was that the Negro would remain where he was, on the bottom of society as that was the natural order. Laws against him weren’t necessary, nature would simply take its course. This is why Coon Shows and buffoonery were so popular in the North, to the Yankee the Negro was a hapless hopeless buffoon

    The Southern Man didn’t think this way. Sure he’d make jokes at the Negro’s expense but he saw the other side, the bared teeth savage waiting for a chance to strike. Therefore he made laws to keep him and the White savages ie Poor White Trash from destroying the social order.

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERY NATIONALIST READ THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X and I do so for this reason. This book gives you a look at the Negroes that few ever really notice.

    • Malcolm dictated the book to Alex Haley and in this there were some good points. One Malcolm said was in the difference between the Northern Whites and Southern Whites he said that Southern Whites basically UNDERSTOOD THE NEGRO. He described the Southern White Man as a ravenous wolf. Malcolm said that the Southern Man was honest.

      The Northern White man Malcolm said was a fox. He would come around a couple times a year, give a speech about brotherhood and give some money to a Negro charity and then leave. He made sure the Negro lived on the edges of society and tried to ignore him. The Negro Malcolm said saw this as weakness. Therefore he acts out, sells drugs, pimps, he basically becomes an integral part of the underworld, because the underworld is a world the respectable Northern White man liked to pretend didn’t exist. He said that the Ghetto Negro (at this time most ghettoes were in the North) trained in the underworld living by his wits saw his situation as having nothing to lose. Through neglect, the Northern White man had in effect raised a savage within his midst.

      • The North’s mistaken idea that life merely takes its course was challenged by Jewish Communists for the first time in the 1950s and 1960s with the Civil Rights Movement but even then the Northern Man believed that with a better chance at jobs, the Negro would go back to leaving him alone. Completely missing the point, when by 1964 the cities were burning, the Northern man asked WHY US? The Ghetto Negro responded BECAUSE WE CAN MOTHER___R. Add in a dose of White Guilt, preached in textbooks and movies starting in the 1950s that brings you to the present day.

        Unfortunately for the SOUTH, the NORTHERN MAN, still completely ignorant of the situation, gave into Jewish Pressure and passed the laws that apply to both NORTH and SOUTH. The Southern Man fought back, saying that it would bring disaster to which the North responded, NEGROES HAVE LIVED IN THE NORTH SINCE SLAVERY, WE HAVENT HAD A MAJOR DISASTER YET. This of course was a lie as while he said this, every city from Baltimore to Boston, Cleveland to Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Des Moines, Kansas City and Saint Louis were burning. The Southern Man responds, YOUR HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN, the Yankee quips, OH THATS NO BIG DEAL, WE NEED SLUM CLEARANCE ANYWAY.

        Y’all get it now? BTW FOR THIS ILLUSTRATION I ASSIGNED KANSAS CITY, SAINT LOUIS AND BALTIMORE WITH THE NORTH BECAUSE THESE CITIES WENT THROUGH THE SAME PATTERN OF LEFTIST TRUCKLING AND EXCUSE MAKING mostly because TRUE WASP Southern White Men hadn’t ruled in these cities for quite some time. They were by this time largely run by immigrants, namely Jews

        • There is a good example of this by a South African man who said White Americans (General Example but he means Yankees) typically UNDER-RESPOND to Racial violence. The Yankee does this because he holds the Negro in utter Paternalistic complete contempt. He thinks this contemptible being cannot dare oppose him, after all he gave them GIB ME DATS and Shook hands with Reverend Leroy Rufus Get Down Jackson and sang WE SHALL OVERCOME. When the Yankee sees these kind of stories, his deep contempt makes him shut them off, he sees the Negro as like a 4 year old throwing his toys.

          Southerners on the other hand and Hunter Wallace will attest DO NOT HOLD NEGROES IN COMPLETE PATERNALISTIC CONTEMPT. The Southerner always saw the Negro as a person of sorts, not his social equal but like all people capable of good and evil. This logical natural way of understanding the situation allowed the Southron to understand patterns. When Negroes acted out like Emmett Till Jesse Washington, Sam Hose etc, a Southern man says to himself, If I don’t pull evil up by the root, the evil will take over the entire field of crops. So he did this, often violently but in the South this was seen as protecting both Whites from violence and the “Good Nigras” from the contagion that could make their children go bad.

          The Civil Rights Movement one of the main problems with it was that it came into communities, riled up innocent children who had before the agitators showed up been respectful and kind and turned them criminalistic and hateful. Evil is a contagion, once introduces it spreads until it infects everyone. The Rod of Correction drives away foolishness and it also drives away evil. Of course few outside the South UNDERSTOOD THIS and THEY STILL DONT

  2. Murica! A Negro Crackhead destroys a superhighway by starting a fire! Living in Murica!

    James Brown, another Atlanta Crackhead!

  3. Burning down the white man city.what else is new that it has been going on since 1960s of force integration.

    • Atlanta Georgia, THE CITY TOO BUSY TO HATE. That’s been the city’s motto since the 1950’s. George Wallace called them fools for this, and Wallace was RIGHT

        • Altanta caved in before the North got involved because the ATL had a Pro-Growth Business association. I read books from the 1950s where they had unveiled this TOO BUSY TO HATE CRAP. Of course also remember, Atlanta was settled by alot of Northerners following the war and had a level of liberalism there, unlike say Birmingham

          • WW 2, Korean and Vietnam weaken cities and communities by shipping boys over seas. Left a labor gap shortage for blacks and northern libs.

  4. This is something which needs to be considered by those who see “cheap labor” and the “free movement of peoples” as some overarching principles. Cheap labor has costs, if not immediate then down the line. The costs come with large, dysfunctional demographics which never assimilate. The result can be the destruction of public infrastructure (whether a bridge in Atlanta or an entire city like Detroit), widescale rioting and terrorism (from London to Malmo), and sex slavery rings (see Rotherham).

    But who cares as long as FEE members can make the most amount of money at the lowest cost in labor, right?

    • Thomas Jefferson and the Democrats gave us Open Borders in 1802. 99% of these Immigrants stayed in the North, the only state below the Mason-Dixon that began to morph into a Northern State politically because of Immigration was Maryland. This was why Maryland voted for Millard Fillmore the KNOW NOTHING In 1856 in fact the Governor of MD when the War broke out was a KNOW NOTHING Unconditional Unionist who became a Republican Thomas Hicks.

      Jefferson, Madison, and the Clintons of New York saw the unwashed hordes as VOTING CATTLE to stop the Federalists. Well the plan worked, by 1820 the Federalist Party was dead. Neither Jefferson nor Madison ever thought their voting cattle would turn against the Democrats. Well a curious thing happened, as these Immigrants became successful, they began leaving the Democratic Party. By 1854 many bolted to the Republican Party. Their large numbers gave the North an inordinate amount of Electoral Votes. This is what elected Lincoln.

      No Immigration-likely no War of Northern Aggression as the South would have remained politically relevant for a long period into the future

        • This was Thomas Jefferson’s Immigration Act of 1802 which removed all the restrictions on Immigration that John Adams had placed in 1798. Under the 1798 Law you had to wait 14 years to become a US Citizen and you could be deported. The 1802 law had almost no way to deport anyone all enforcement was left up to the States. Needless to say NYC never enforced anything, Tammany Hall needed the Immigrants. The Immigration Act of 1802 wasn’t completely retired until 1924. It was amended a few times but that was it. From 1802 until 1924 our Immigration system was a shambles


  5. My only dissent is that slavery should have been ended because it was intrinsically evil – no human being has a claim on another’s life much like Abortion today. Complain that the Jews are trying to enslave Europeans? They have a higher IQ so should they be our masters?

    Even today’s immigration echoes slavery with a veneer of paying and much government programs, but H1-Bs aren’t free to change jobs, nor are the illegal aliens. Black slaves were the original (mostly) unassimilable aliens brought over here. Even Jefferson couldn’t find a solution – slavery was a problem but he didn’t think coexistence was possible. Hence Liberia.

    I find it ironic that the immigration problem today stems (or H1-B STEMs) from wanting cheap slave-like labor and that is considered a horrible threat, while the slavery of the south was the exact same thing – the plantation owners and others didn’t want to pay wages to white Europeans to do the job.

    It is also not labor but capital that was critical. There is no reason to develop inventions and machinery and do scientific research when you have slavery. When you have to pay for labor, there is a big incentive to invest in capital to make the labor as efficient as possible. Slaves were a capital good that couldn’t be improved. When they became labor, capital investment was practical.

    Though in the US there was hypocrisy by the Abolitionists. They could have raised money, bought up the slaves, and freed them after bringing them north or to Canada. The British empire compensated slave-owners. But they wanted to do it on the cheap and not have to bear the effects or incoveniences of their policies.

    I also have to hit the anarcho-libertarians here because we can recreate the slavery. Hans Herman Hoppe and Walter Block say chattel slave contracts are valid even under natural duress (disease or famine). So we just have to find someone suffering and who may die, and give them the choice to become a slave or starve to death or die of some expensive but curable condition. They have no moral problem about it.

  6. Bail was set at 200k. not an act of domestic terrorism. but the property damages done with little to no expense v. unrecovered cost economic depletion.

  7. “Imagine what it must be like for the bottom third of the black population which is marooned in an economy that is utterly unsuited to their abilities.”

    I’ve wondered whether “the blues” is simply that, a product and record of blacks’ languishing in the white world in which they’d been marooned, by the Civil War. A man I know once remarked that art is the molted carapace of a people. After the people themselves have moved on, their art preserves something of their contours …

    • Sure — while I can’t stand the googles, the fact remains that they literally have no place here. This isn’t malice on the part of today’s whites, it’s simply that the ceiling of google IQ is well below what’s needed to live in a white style society.

      Thus, everyone is pretty much screwed. The whites see their culture dragged down loathsomely in the direction of the kraal and their once-splendid cities turned into ruined hellholes, and the googles are stuck in a situation they’re unable to really compete or even coast along in.

      The only solution is separation. Send ’em all back. While they’re here, the only result is abominable suffering for all involved. They should have shipped every single one to Liberia at the end of the Civil War; to not do so was to lay the groundwork for the catastrophe now developing.

      • Part of the enthusiasm for Trump lay, I think, in an unconscious hope, on the part of some of his white supporters, that he, at last, would be the man with the strength for that great task, namely, the races’ separation. Clear-thinking whites–of whom, as I recall, there were precious few, here at Occidental Dissent–recognize that any such separation would involve action well outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution, not to mention the mental bounds of a vast number of Americans, including many whites. Whites have always produced men with the strength for (((moneymaking schemes))), such as the Caribbean sugar world and the concomitant industrializing of Negro slavery, but they continue to come up short in producing men with the strength to save them.

        • Agreed. The Whites want out of the situation, even if they don’t articulate it even to themselves, and Trump represents that almost-subconscious longing. A pity he probably isn’t up to the task.

          • We’ll see. Part of me has a comic-book mind, in which Trump is envisioned as suddenly seeing his destiny and what it requires. He pops awake in bed, strides down to the Oval Office, and begins issuing the commands that leave the Constitution behind, to be blown away like litter, down the sidewalks of history …

  8. Traffic during Friday and Saturday in Birmingham was horrible – all hotels were full of people diverted from Atlanta (I work in one of the biggest ones in the area).

    • Most negroes of this type seem to be completely ignorant of the inconveniences and troubles they cause people.

      • They were an unholy nightmare.

        No joke, some hotel rooms are going to need to be fumigated, and at least a couple were caught using stolen credit cards to pay for their rooms and amenities.

      • Lolz. I hear you. As with any BRA city, there is plenty worth seeing and takin part in. You just have to know the area. And I have friends that I will be visiting to show me around.

  9. If Diversity is such a strength why does it have to be forced, forced on White countries and only White countries?

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