Syrian “Moderate Rebels” Massacre Shiite Civilians in Aleppo

Take a hard look at what the “moderate rebels” did this morning in Syria:

“A bomb blast hit a bus convoy waiting to enter Aleppo on Saturday, killing and wounding dozens of people after an evacuation deal between Syria’s warring sides halted and stranded thousands at two transit points on the city outskirts.

Pro-Damascus media outlets said a suicide attacker had detonated a car bomb and killed at least 22 people. Images posted by the outlets showed bodies lying next to charred buses with their windows blown out, and flaming vehicles belching out thick black smoke.

British-based monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights counted 24 dead and dozens more wounded.

The blast hit buses in the Rashidin area on Aleppo’s outskirts, which had been waiting to cross from rebel-held territory into the government-controlled city itself, carrying people evacuated from two Shi’ite villages on Friday.

The residents, alongside hundreds of pro-government fighters, had left the two rebel-besieged villages in northwest Idlib province under a deal where in exchange, hundreds of Sunni insurgents and their families moved out of a government-besieged area near Damascus. …”

Even if Assad did use chemical weapons on these savages, can you blame him?

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  1. Even Hitler didn’t use Sarin (and he’s the only one who had it at the time).

  2. Holy cow—when I saw that dead boy’s body, hanging out of that bus window, I was momentarily horrified, by the thought that the child had been hit by Sarin gas; but upon a closer look, I realized he’d merely been charred, maimed, and half-blown-open, by high explosives. Thank God for small mercies.

  3. Westerns no longer have to worship If by divine intervention an asteroid wipe out stinking hole tel aviv.

  4. A good day’s work by the Yankee Empire’s boys…

    3 cheers for McCain, Graham, Obama, and any others who put their heart and soul into this!!!

    Murder Inc. – since 1861.

  5. Not to beat a dead horse here folks (I hope the horse is alive and well!)

    but not only has Trump ceded national populism to us, he is also ceding Good and God.

    What we see in our world today is wide spread Evil filling the vacuum left by the “death of God” and the attempt to replace Him with the “super man”.

    Why oppose a world where 4D chess leads to the incineration (look carefully at this picture) of children? Because we’re Good and they’re Evil.

    Why oppose a world where people are paid a prince’s ransom to peddle lies and obscure truths? Because we’re Good and they are Evil.

    The gears of history are turning, a new epoch approaches. A great cleansing and reckoning is at hand.

  6. Is anyone at the United Nations going to be waving pictures of that burned little boy around? I hope the Russian representative does. This is disgusting. Mrs. Kushner, we’d appreciate knowing your feelings about this. Since it’s all about “the children,” where your tender sensibilities are concerned, isn’t it?

  7. Nikki Haley will be brandishing photos of the dead children of this atrocity right after she does so with the photo of little Ebba Akerlund, the little Swedish girl shorn in half by the Muslim-piloted truck in Stockholm. Oh, wait a minute…Sunnis did those crimes…Never mind.

  8. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

    It’s become so unprincipled that you can have doubt that another massive attack is coming.

    The Russians won’t give any pro-tips the Chinese will look elsewhere the Israelis will see it as an opportunity and Muslims will be stoked to Jihad.


  9. Blow them up, burn them up, rip them apart with shrapnel and bullets….But gassing them is over a red line.

  10. Putin should have sunk those 2 Zionist…’scuse me, ‘Murkan….destroyers that fired the missiles. He had the means, but failed to act. After Trump tames the Norks (or not) he’ll soon be doing more dirty work for the Sunni’s in Syria. Putin better man up and soon. Stop over-thinking. Strike back at the (((Empire))).

  11. From my post “Hunter Wallace’s War on Terror”:

    ‘The astounding thing is that the death toll of even a hundred Rashidin bombings wouldn’t approach the number of those killed by Assad, which now approaches the hundreds of thousands. The wave of rapes, tortures and murders performed by Assad is unprecedented in Arab history, and, thanks to the widespread use of social media and smart phones in the Syrian conflict, most of the atrocities are immediately verifiable. To say the least, none of this constitutes a ‘good look’ for the Alt Right, for Western nationalists, for Southern nationalists. By supporting Assad, we are placing ourselves in the same position as those communists in the West who supported the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. Those leftists downplayed the atrocities of the regime, and after its crimes were exposed to the world, were made to look either grossly callous or grossly ignorant. My prediction is that the Assadists and Putinistas in the West will end up looking the same way.’

    ‘On the surface of it, one finds it hard to understand the newfound concern of Wallace with Syrian politics and the numbers of Syrians killed through violence. Wallace and the other ‘non-interventionist’ opponents of Trump pretend as though the Shayrat airfield bombing was the first air-strike carried out in Syria by the US. It wasn’t: the US has launched over 8000 airstrikes since 2014. Civilian casualties from these have been significant and continue to mount. The US bombed a mosque in Al Jinnah and killed dozens in March. Why didn’t we hear about it from Wallace?’

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