Paris Collapses Into Flaming Chaos After Election Results Released

My personal guess is that we’ll be seeing this sort of thing throughout the United States by the 2024 Presidential Election – or perhaps even earlier – as the facade of “democracy” crumbles once and for all.

But we have to ask ourselves if such things are in actuality bad, as it has been proven time and time again that the masses need more than hollow words and rhetoric to realize that this modern society is like a sinking ship in the middle of the icy Northern Atlantic.

Apparently it may take absolute anarchy and a collapse of the normal to get folks to understand change is needed – and needed badly if cultural and racial survival is to be ensured.

From RT:

Protests, violence and vandalism flared up in Paris as results of the first round of the tight presidential race were being counted, footage captured by RT’s Ruptly agency shows. Disillusioned French youth protested what many of them see as a political “masquerade.”

One disturbing scene captured by Ruptly shows a young woman scuffling with a police officer, and being forcefully thrown on the asphalt face-down. Others rush to help the woman, who cries in pain and struggles to get up, but eventually remains helplessly lying on the ground. An ambulance crew then arrives to take away the young protester, who seems to have suffered serious injuries.

AFP reported that at least five vehicles were burned out in the Saint-Martin-République area.

Several hundred young people gathered on the Place de la Bastille in the center of the French capital on Sunday night after the announcement of preliminary results, AFP reported.

“We came to protest against the masquerade that represents this election,” a protester told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The demonstration, dubbed #NuitDesBarricades (Night of the Barricades) against both Macron and Le Pen, soon resulted in clashes between protesters and police. At least two protesters, including a 15-year-old girl, were reportedly injured in the scuffles.

Police said that demonstrators were throwing projectiles, bottles and firecrackers at the officers. At least three people were arrested, according to a police prefecture. Police, in turn, deployed tear gas against the demonstrators.

An organizer of the rally reportedly called upon everyone to come to protest “against Marine and against Macron.” “Whatever the outcome, we will not recognize the [the results]!” he shouted via the microphone.


  1. France is Europe’s weak link. Whether Le Pen wins or not (highly doubtful), the country is too far up sh*t creek.

  2. Democracy has proven itself to be pretty well useless in the USSA. It doesn’t matter who holds office, the same anti-White elites always hold power. The good news, the voting con game is a scam that wears thinner and thinner.

  3. Surely the French should just elect her to call her bluff about deporting Arabs and Blacks…at the least the Jews would finally fuck off of their own accord. They keep threatening it and it would be interesting to see them excuse themselves from fleeing.

  4. Ranjit
    APRIL 24, 2017 AT 5:51 PM
    France is Europe’s weak link. Whether Le Pen wins or not (highly doubtful), the country is too far up sh*t creek.

    France is the only reason the world is in this mess today. Without their stupid Liberty Equality Fraternity French Revolution and emancipation of Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies etc in 1789 we would not be in this mess. We forget, the Revolution wasn’t defeated, the revolutionaries merely sought refuge in European and American Academia. By 1848 there was a second French Revolution and a European one as well, by 1871 there was a Third French Revolution, that yielded the Third Republic. After 1871 however, realizing France was too wealthy for Communism, the Communists casted their gaze on Tsarist Russia. When the Bolshevik’s seized control, the first thing they did was put up a statue of Robespierre, which collapsed because it was made of cement, the Communist planned statues of every major Revolutionary figure to be placed in every Soviet City. specifically Georges Dantes, Jean Paul Marat, and the first modern Communist Francois Noel {Gracchus} Babeuf. A statue of Robespierre was later put up in Leningrad and the waterfront there is named for Robespierre. Only the Dantes statue was ever made

    Vladimir Lenin called Maxamillan Robespierre the ORIGINAL BOLSHEVIK.

  5. Democracy started out as a good idea. Instead of having tens of thousands of prime-age men slaughter each other to decide who shall be King (cf. the Battle of Towton), count the soldiers on each side and whoever has more is declared the winner. Problem is, when the prospect of violent death is removed from the equation, people show up to vote who are completely unfit to fight.

    With secret ballots, you don’t even need the courage to publicly declare whose side you’re on. “But I’d get fired if people knew I support Candidate X!” Then either get a job working for someone who also supports Candidate X, or admit that you’re a slave and vote as your master commands.

    If you’re a man of slender build, or any type of woman, stay home. This is a real fight, not a highly choreographed scene in a kung-fu movie, and you are very likely to be disfigured, crippled, or killed if you get involved in these melees.

  6. The scum sucking opportunists fed a war that pitted Brit against Colonialist too.

  7. A young protester has suffered serious injuries….boo hoo. So they’re against both Le Pen and Macron? They love being opposed to things.
    Marcus, you’re second paragraph explains what I’ve believed for years…..before we go up, we first have to sink right down, and get a true taste of what we need to fight against. The true enemies will be more obvious in the context of war.

  8. “I wish it need not have happened in my time” said Frodo.
    “So do I, said Gandalf, and so do all who see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that has been given us”

  9. @BillyRayJenkins…

    ‘France is the only reason the world is in this mess today. Without their stupid Liberty Equality Fraternity French Revolution and emancipation of Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies etc in 1789 we would not be in this mess.’

    C’mon, now – you don’t really thing that, if this had not happened in ?France, it would not have happened somewhere else nearby?

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