Trump’s First 100 Days

While we are in Pikeville, KY, this weekend, President Trump was giving a speech in Harrisburg, PA to celebrate his first 100 days in office. No one talked about it while we were there. I don’t think anyone cares. Even now, I have no intention of watching the speech because I didn’t miss anything:

“Among many moves aimed at reversing his predecessor’s policies, President Trump recently decided not to make public the White House visitors logs. Had they been open, the lists would reveal the profound change 100 days of a Trump administration had brought about to the Jewish community’s power structure.

“The atmosphere has changed, at least for us. There’s a sense of familiarity and greater receptivity and that makes a better atmosphere,” said Abba Cohen, vice president for federal affairs at Agudath Israel of America, a group representing the ultra-Orthodox stream. …

Sheldon Adelson, one of Trump’s top donors, who is not Orthodox, was already invited to a private dinner with the President at the White House. Groups Adelson supports, including the Republican Jewish Coalition and Christians United for Israel, also got their share of face time with Trump in the first 100 days of his presidency.”

Trump is a Jewish puppet.

I’m not going to mince words. It is true. A cabal of globalist New York City Jews who no one voted for now controls the Trump administration and have steered it back to mainstream conservatism. The entire month of May has been set aside as Jewish American Heritage Month.

As this continues to play out, I anticipate a hard swing away from “mainstream” politics. What is the point of voting if elections have no relationship to policy? The real election takes place after the official one when corrupt elites with no democratic mandate sweep in and seize power.

Note: If you want to watch the Trump speech, you can do so below. It’s just words though.

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  1. Wonderful. The land of Washington and Jefferson now run by Middle Easterners.

    I have cast my last vote.

  2. ‘Trump is a Jewish puppet.’

    I don’t agree. I think they are all around him because this is who he is.

    You cannot be a big hit in New York City, unless you are in good with Jews.

    That’s why I have long called him ‘the Manhatten Shark’.

    Jewish Heritage Month? – Isn’t that all year long – starting from July 4 to April 9 – when The South surrendered the government to the Yankees, who would then pass it along to The Jews.

  3. There isn’t a single politician since living memory that hasn’t had a disproportionately representative amount of Jews in his administration. Am I disappointed that Trump is no different? Yes. Am I prepared to throw in the towel? No.

    It comes down to: if not Trump, Hillary. Trump may not be a White Nationalist Wet Dream, but Hillary certainly wasn’t. Trump may be a Jew lover, but he isn’t Anti-White. We know damned well the Democrats are all about BRA. Would you rather go back to that?

    I’d like to point out that, within the scope of his presidential powers, Trump did what he could do to undo the worst effects of Obama. I wasn’t surprised that a Republican majority that had been so obsequious and acquiescent to Obama, because of “racism,” would suddenly reattach their balls and asset their Congressional authority where Trump was concerned. I don’t even think HE was wise to the Republican scam of running against Democrat initiatives they had no desire to change. Hence, the panic from their quarters over his popularity.

    Where a rogue Republican Congress was concerned, he did manage to accomplish what he promised, i.e. Gorsuch replacing Scalia rather than Merrick Garland. Without Trump, I honestly believe the “Go Along to Get Along” Republicans would have confirmed Merrick Garland anyway if not for Trump.

    So, I think we need to focus our ire and energy on Congress. IOW, looking at primarying every RINO we can get our hands on. Especially that toad-scum, Paul Ryan. Trump can’t do anything without a Republican majority that fully backs him. There’s not much we can do about AIPAC. We CAN focus on domestic issues and should. Build the wall, repair our infrastructure, end guest worker programs. The last thing we need to do is sink into anger and apathy.

    Aside from the usual Court Jew Bullshit, Trump isn’t the problem; Congress is.

  4. Hopefully Trump will be ZOG’s last president. The USSA needs to be broken up into smaller, revolutionary White republics and city states.

  5. Trump isn’t Hillary and that’s huge,. We won’t have to look at Bill’s smirk or put up with the idiot daughter prancing around the White House. We will get a few scraps from Trump’s table, and that’s all we could have expected anyway. Hunter is right, we are never going to get what we want by way of the ballot. Trump’s election is a good object lesson.

  6. “I don’t even think HE was wise to the Republican scam of running against Democrat initiatives they had no desire to change.”

    This is it. Republicans have been attacked as cowards for not fighting Obama. But the real reason for not fighting is that they are in broad agreement with most Democrat policies. They trot out their talking points in even-numbered years to get their voters to the polls and then drop the suckers.

  7. Even forcing them into primaries does no good. Ayotte and Rubio were insurgents, too. I can only think of Dave Brat as an example of a challenger who hasn’t disappointed.

  8. Congress bicker back and forth over nonsensical tax cut and healthcare, are united for war mongering in the middle east.Twin Towers a show for the boobs but gave federal emency power of defunct cold war Cuban missile crisis. The House tends to represent the will of the people. The Senate is property of Goldman Sachs.

  9. Don,t panic. Almost everybody get jewed at the beginning. Somebody may be interested Putin or Orban first 100 days in office. Putin btw spend first year in office fighting with media.

  10. Trump bothered me during the campaign with his saber-rattling talk about Iran. Knowing that these bloodthirsty bastards really, really want Iran attacked makes me worry that Trump will give them their cherished dream of a war against that country. His aides have recently called Iran the biggest destabilizing force in the region although it has been the US, not Iran, which has bombed more than a half-dozen countries and overthrown governments.

  11. @Juri…

    ‘Putin btw spend first year in office fighting with media.’

    And then, Juri, Czar Vlade spent the next 5 fighting a difficult cloak and dagger struggle against the oligarchs and Western Governments which wanted them there.

  12. “”””…..And then, Juri, Czar Vlade spent the next 5 fighting a difficult cloak and dagger struggle against the oligarchs and Western Governments which wanted them there……”””

    I honestly disagree. Next 5 years Czar Vlad fought with russian white liberals. You may check article below about Pikeville and find out how many jews or Nwords or moslems or westerneasternsouthernnorthen goverment or oligarchs attended there.

    There were only white liberals. No oligarchs nor jews nor Nword nor muslims and Darth Vader also refused to attend.

    Get rid from white liberals and rest of the folk is nonissue.

  13. I agree with Mr. Wallace that Trump-Kushner gets an “F” for their first 100 days. It seems that Trump may end up being a bigger frontman for the Jews than Obama -maybe even bigger than Ol’ Dubya. Now that is saying something.

  14. the entire [[[political class]]] is now and has been for decades a tool of the the debt-controlling (((Central Bank))). First, kill the ((Bank))). In this connection, Trump put up a portrait of Andrew Jackson (who killed the 2nd National Bank) in the oval office. Still waiting for Trump to kill the JewBank. Still waiting….still waiting….still….

  15. In the spirit of 4D chess:

    Some of the commenters are saying “give Trump a chance”

    Why? Trump is giving us a free play. If Trump is playing 4D chess then we help him by breaking with him to strengthen the ruse. If he isn’t, we ought to break with him and reap the rewards of strength in the future for credibility today.

    We are (or should be) playing 4D chess ourselves, playing the long game.

    Among the benefits of the break with Trump on Syria and other things:

    1) The rift with the alt-lite (our bridge to the rest of the political spectrum) is healing

    2) We represent an ideal, the ideal that people actually wanted when they voted for Trump

    3) We “rebrand” as the ones who stand for all that is good (liberty, freedom, humanity against the machines, humanity’s God) instead of “evil be my good” basement dwellers.

    The verdict is still out on Trump, but we should be pushing our vision, not his.

  16. “I’m a nationalist and a globalist” – sounds akin to something an adulterous newlywed bride would say.

  17. In November you had two choices=a President controlled by unelected, corrupt Jewish elites, or a President controlled by…….unelected, corrupt Jewish elites. There you are- true democracy at play here.
    True change will only come with revolution.
    Democracy is only symbolic now. In practice its utterly useless.
    You must sit through endless hoopla and waffle during campaigning, you pay their wages as taxpayers, you have every right to demand and expect results. Instead, nothing ever happens or changes.
    Showing up to vote is a waste of your time and gasoline.

  18. Let’s see if he vetoes the spending resolution and demands our priorities (his promises) be met…..
    Just joking. We were scammed by jooo york values.

  19. I’m starting to think that Hillary would have been a better choice for president, since she occasionally flips out and uses words like “kike” and “nigger”, something Trump the Chump would never do. She also dislikes having to take orders from the jews, although she obviously has no problem whatsoever taking their shekels. A Hillary presidency would have also hastened the inevitable White uprising against ZOG.

  20. I heard a rumor that Occidental Dissent is going to replace this ridiculously outdated commenting system with something even better than Disqus. Is that true?

  21. ” I would give hm an F.”

    Well, yes. That is the first letter of what I was thinking, too….

  22. @Mestigoit:

    Even forcing them into primaries does no good. Ayotte and Rubio were insurgents, too. I can only think of Dave Brat as an example of a challenger who hasn’t disappointed.

    Then primary them every election. It’s not THEIR fault if they continue betraying us if we re-elect them; it’s OURS. Why was RUBIO re-elected after his Gang of Fourteen betrayal? Because he took a page from John McCain’s playbook and had a “Come to Jesus” moment and said a few half-hearted mea culpas over attempting to pass amnesty. There was no excuse for this.

    The Florida Republicans had had a front row seat to McCain’s antics for too many years not to see through Rubio and pick a candidate to run against him in the primary and then come out in droves to vote for that person. If that meant “Rinse, Repeat” every six years, so be it, until they finally got a candidate who got the message. “No leaving office with a big at Congressional pension, much less a multi-millionaire” unless you give us what WE want.”

    Republicans MUST “take it to the streets,” like the Alt-Right is. The Democrats ENFORCE Party Discipline. You don’t hear a single freakin’ word about “Rogue Democrats.” You hear an awful lot about RINOs. Now why is that? Because, Democrats purge any Democrat that doesn’t adhere to their party platform. Where are all the “Blue Democrats” that were talked about just before Obama got in. They are all gone now. They were driven out after one, two terms at the most.

    Republicans must demonstrate to their elected officials that they can and WILL primary them if they step out of line. If that means they are only in office for two years, or six years at most, so be it. You can say that Republicans are too busy working to do this, but they better make the time if they don’t want to wake up one day in a Communist country.

    Instead of bashing Ivanka, the Alt Right would do more of a service to Whites if they start monitoring C-Span and putting regular report cards out on Republican members of Congress. Make sure that their constituents know every “bipartisan bullshit” stunt they pull with the Democrats, push anyone who wants to run against them.

    I challenge any Millennial who was weaned on computers to spend his time doing this rather than bashing Baby Boomers for responding to the only information they had at his age, the mainstream media organs of the duopoly.

  23. @Mestigoit:

    Don’t forget Trump’s apparent embrace of DACA.

    I haven’t and I say good. Trump is learning to pick his battles carefully. As his Muslim ban proved, good intentions that produce only failure mean NOTHING. He must focus on battles that are easy wins first and then focus on the more difficult ones later. A momentum of successes are necessary to give his opposition the sense of inevitability that he will win those, too.

    if I was a White House advisor, I’d advise him to do exactly what he is doing. Allow the law-abiding, high-performing DACA candidate to stay. BUT if they don’t adhere to every codicil of the law, if they do something even remotely illegal, they are rounded up and sent off to Mexico. There was a recent flap about ICE deporting a DACA candidate. He was a good boy who dindu nuffin. He was just turning his life around, blablaba.

    The Democrats and the press TRIED to put up a hue and cry about it and only got a big fat yawn from everybody; especially Hispanics who aren’t knee-jerk reactionaries who would cut off their noses to spite their own faces to stick a thumb in Whitey’s eye. Unlike Blacks, they won’t tolerate having their grannies mugged by their gang-bangers as long as it makes the cops scared to stop them for speeding.

    DACA still left any administration determined to deport illegals a lot of wiggle room. Trump can still deport a DACA candidate’s parents, for example. But Trump is doing just right by having Sessions focus on violent illegals first and then conducting ice raids.

    Trump is also focusing on H1B visa abuse despite the whining of the Chamber of Commerce.

    The next step Trump must make is prosecuting any company that hires illegals and landlords that rent to illegals.

    On this part, I’d give the Trump Administration a B.

  24. The point of voting if elections have no relationship to policy is that elections provide an opportunity to bring important issues into the public eye. Think of how much different the political climate would be if Trump hadn’t run and we’d faced a round of the Hildebeest and ¡Jeb!…

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