Antifas Were Destroyed on May Day in Austin, TX

Austin Antifa have admitted they were beaten in the streets:

“In the final analysis we cannot conclude International Worker’s Day in Austin to have been a success, so this public statement must necessarily serve a dual purpose as a self-criticism. The Maoist method of analysis requires that we dissect things into two, that we sum up both failures and successes, and in this way we turn a failure into a success. This process of continuity and rupture is precisely how we learn to fight—by fighting. …

In the start the fascists outnumbered the revolutionaries, then our numbers were matched. We took streets, lost streets and held positions even though we were out gunned. The right has had extensive access to firearms and training and the left has been playing catch up. It is nothing but the influence of liberals and a tendency for rightist conservative thinking that causes the lefts aversion to guns. We must work toward and facilitate an armed and trained left which is also composed of experienced and confident street fighting units which should be armed with sticks or other blunt and close range weapons. This experience has further demonstrated that this is necessary. …

Fascist Ken Reed, who was one of the main organizers of the “white lives matter” rally back in November, was one of the lead agitators on the right. Early on in the march a fascist named William Fears physically assaulted one of the comrades who was guiding chants and for this Fears came very close to forcing our units to use lethal force. “

This is what happened in Texas:

“Yes. We bullied Antifa. We punched them in the face. We took their flags. And we ate their pizza.

First and foremost, I want to boast that I got to punch a commie. In the defense of one of my fellow Americans that was being attacked, I actually got to punch a commie. Granted, he was a weak, noodle-y looking thing, but I got a shot in before the cops stepped in the middle of it and prevented more. I also got a souvenir from one of them. I kept offering to give it back to them if one of them was brave enough to come and take it from me; sadly, the cowards didn’t take me up on it. As I advised readers not long ago, get yourself to a protest. …”

Well done!

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  1. Its worth going to these events for free pizza! I only eat Italian style thin crust. None of that doughy inch- thick stuff for me!
    Its so good these useless twits are being sorted out by the good guys…..finally.

  2. Antifa is earning some enemies in unexpected quarters. Liberal Portland, of all places. Seems like they infiltrated friendly protestors with children and used them as cover to attack the police. Some good citizens of Portland were so infuriated by their antics that they are following them home and taking down their addresses for a list.

  3. If the so-called “anti-fa” are now realizing that they are going to have to take up arms to defend their [sic] ’cause,’ why does the president not declare them, federal enemies?

    Because their stated goal is to erupt anarchy wherever they congregate!

    Sadly, Donald Trump is now dead, and all we have left is his doppelgänger, George W Trump.

  4. “why does the president not declare them, federal enemies?”

    Because they’re a Judeo-Communist organisation from top to bottom. They do the system’s bidding.

    If the governors of Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Alabama were Southern Nationalists, and not cucks, they’d get together and call on Mr. Sessions to declare AntiFa Federal outlaws. But unfortunately, in spite of Trendy-Lefty whining, J.B. Sessions will cuck. We don’t have a Confederate form of government, after all. The Jews would destroy J.B. Sessions if he attacked their pets, any of them.

  5. Study the local press carefully. Look for local law and order or populist local leaders like a Sheriff Joe A, or Philly’s immortal Frank Rizzo.

    The Black Sheriff in Milwaukee has got a good populist tone.

  6. So are the antifa actually running around with rifles yet? Or are they still just overthrowing evil racist trash cans?

  7. @Wiesse konig

    “So are the antifa actually running around with rifles yet? ”

    Two did. But they didn’t appear to know how to handle them.

  8. If the governors of Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Alabama were Southern Nationalists, and not cucks, they’d get together and call on Mr. Sessions to declare AntiFa Federal outlaws.

    James, all this proves is that all Southern State governments since 1865 and in Kentucky’s case since 1861 are illegitimate. Now according to the csagov dot org website, they take the position that the state constitutions of 1861 are still in effect and that all that needs to be done is for nationalists to form dual governments and label the present ones illegal. Even George Wallace, who positioned himself as the Gov of Alabama, never went as far as labeling the Alabama Government illegitimate because in truth it was since 1865

  9. If they can be defeated in Austin which the far left has claimed for some time, then they can be defeated anywhere. Next Houston, Dallas New Orleans and eventually Atlanta Ga. By the time of the Battle of Atlanta, they will know that our side means business. I suspect this. Once New Orleans and Atlanta fall, Chapel Hill Durham and the other Southern leftist enclaves will fall as well.

    Just a hunch

  10. I am close enough to Louisville that I expect to see the antifas show up someday. This is getting serious. The left was violent back in the 1960s, like Ayers and the weather Underground. The Left might be gearing up for violence once again. Be ready to defend yourselves my WN brothers.

  11. If the so-called “anti-fa” are now realizing that they are going to have to take up arms to defend their [sic] ’cause,’ why does the president not declare them, federal enemies?

    Because antifa, the establishment, and the government controlled by that establishment are allies in the real program: the subjugation and ultimate extermination of white people. Antifa works for the state. White people are to blame because they never make being victimized painful for the state. They still believe in voter backlash and don’t understand that they have effectively been disenfranchised by racist colonialism (or soon will be). Conservatism keeps them on the plantation.

  12. @James. That’s the problem. I don’t know how folks could go about doing this. I would assume it would be done at the county level by electing conventions and then creating dual governments, declaring the present ones illegitimate. Then the new state governments would send representatives to a provisional Congress and start over again. According to the legal precedent by the folks on this website, there is evidence that the CSA technically still exists, it would just be the matter of establishing new governments.

    Any clue on how this could happen?

  13. While not precisely part of Antifa, this video of the Phoenix John Brown Brigade doing some shooting out in the desert caught my son’s attention. While the attire ranges from towels on heads to proper body armor, my son pointed out the unlikelihood of any of these actual commies having the funding, patience, and genuine interest to get some of the weapons utilized, including a short barreled rifle with a suppressor, which are National Firearms Act regulated items.

    While normally neither my son nor I would be particularly inclined to report on anyone re NFA, in this case {war with left} we consider it a valid tactic. Any way anyone here know how to identify who is in this {per video my kid says looks like guy with ink and boonie hat is in charge and has prior military experience} and whether the weapons are theirs and properly licensed/obtained? Can anyone pass this to anyone at the chans and get him doxed? Video is here.

  14. The only antifas I like are ones with broken noses, dislocated jaws, and busted kneecaps. Speechless and immobilized.

  15. Bravo America, Heil Victory.

    Unfortutantely again I noticeced that there where no jews, no blacks no muslims no Darth Vader. Only white liberals.

    Mr. Joe Putnam above put in, that it may be as 1960 in the US. I predict that in may be much worse like we here in Eastern Europe had back in the 1917. And we did not had blacks, muslims,

    Well, we had some jews but they where only in charge. White liberals were the ones who actually did the job. Lenin and Trotsky were very shy, the did not killed nobody. They just said white college students what to do.

  16. Antifa is nothing like the Bolsheviks or the KPD of the 1920s, they are a bunch of cowardly, neurotic homos. Real Reds like “Che” Guevara and Trotsky would have had those bums shot.

    As far as Southern secession goes Dixie is where most of the Empire’s most important military bases are located. And White Southern boys are the most important troops in ZOG’s army. Therefore you Southerners shouldn’t fear the power of Washington. If anything Washington should be afraid of YOU!

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