Anti-White Profile: Mayor Mike Signer of Charlottesville, VA

One of the primary figures behind the effort in Northern Virginia to take down Confederate monuments and re-name streets and parks that honor Southern historic leaders is Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer. He recently denounced a torchlight march and rally in support of local Confederate monuments. And the mayor’s story sounds like a stereotype with which we are all too familiar: Left-wing activist from a New York Jewish family leads push in a Southern town to eliminate symbols of its native White ethnic group and welcome in large numbers of non-White immigrants to re-populate the area. Here are some highlights from Signer’s career of anti-White advocacy:

  • Has a PhD in political science from UC-Berkeley.
  • While at the University of Virginia School of Law founded the UVA Coalition for Progress on Race and co-founded the Center for the Study of Race and Law.
  • Is a member of numerous liberal boards, committees and think-tanks.
  • As Mayor of Charlottesville he supported hiring the city’s first Black police chief.
  • In his 2017 State of City Address he said he said “I’m Jewish” and that he was adopted into a “wonderful, boisterous New York/New Jersey family.”
  • He has instructed the city manager to make Charlottesville a “sanctuary city” to shield criminal aliens from deportation.
  • Declared Charlottesville to be the “Capital of the Resistance” to President Donald Trump’s administration.
  • Supported the city donating $10,000 to the Legal Aid Justice Center to “help refugees and immigrant families.”

This is what the enemy looks like. Mayor Signer is highly energetic and totally devoted to destroying symbols of Southern identity while flooding Virginia with as many Third World immigrants as possible.

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  1. @Don,

    Yes. Southerners are a small minority in NOVA now, which is flooded with transplants, Third Word immigrants and Federal employees. NOVA votes unlike most of the rest of VA. I wonder how many of the Whites of Charlottesville are actually Southern. I would guess a small percentage. Same story in nearly all non-majority Black liberal areas of the South.

  2. This sleazebag has a long history of working with the communists and, their masters, the globalists. There’s a connection to Mark Warner, John Podesta, and Terry McAuliffe et al. He’s another prized specimen of pure anti-Americanism.

  3. I do know this about Charlottesville—they have a large Latino/Hispanic population. Larger than their census demographic. Probably, because of a lot of “White” Hispanics. Then, since this is a college town, throw in the spooks, Jews, and others.

  4. Could see this guy was a Jew from the picture, his nose extends below his earlobes.

    What evil works he does. If this was done to any other racial group, other than Whites, he’d be up on Genocide charges. Now I’m imagining what Southern men would’ve done to him back in the 1940s…

  5. Michael Cushman
    MAY 14, 2017 AT 4:54 PM

    Yes. Southerners are a small minority in NOVA now, which is flooded with transplants, Third Word immigrants and Federal employees. NOVA votes unlike most of the rest of VA. I wonder how many of the Whites of Charlottesville are actually Southern. I would guess a small percentage. Same story in nearly all non-majority Black liberal areas of the South.


    The other issue here is residency and voting requirements. How long do you have to be a residence in Virginia to vote? After the 2004 election, the Democrats sued the State of Ohio over their laws, claiming they kept Negroes from voting. So the Ohio Legislature changed the residency requirements, allowing thousands of parttime residents namely College Students to vote in the State Elections and to that they added Early Voting. No matter NORTH or SOUTH, if its a College Town, its usually Liberal and by weakening residency requirements, a student can take up sham residency and vote in your state. They also in Ohio allowed something called Provisional Ballots, which means you can show up and vote anywhere, and the state election board must decide whether the ballot is legal or not.

    I wish we had some Virginians here on the site who knew their laws. I assume after 2004, Virginia weakened their laws the same way.

  6. RB
    MAY 14, 2017 AT 6:35 PM
    Could see this guy was a Jew from the picture, his nose extends below his earlobes.

    What evil works he does. If this was done to any other racial group, other than Whites, he’d be up on Genocide charges. Now I’m imagining what Southern men would’ve done to him back in the 1940s…


    I doubt anything, unless he stepped out of line. Jews have always been White under Southern State laws and the Federal Law. Southerners elected them to office and have done so since the 1820’s. As late as the 1940’s most people didn’t even know Jews weren’t white. That didnt become obvious until the Civil Rights Movement.

  7. There’s an interesting old story by Tom Watson about how a Jew named Levy stole Monticello from the Jefferson family. The story caused a big national stir at the time, bigger than Watson’s expose of Leo Frank.

  8. Reference residency to vote. The US Supreme Court issued a ruling that 60 days was long enough to live in a state to vote, thereby undercutting native residence completely.

    The only option is the difficult remedy of intimidation of limp-wristed Yankees from the voting booths. It can be done, just not easily.

    We must also demand our state legislatures to ignore the SCOTUS ruling and restore residency to at least 12 months, if not two or three years. That will keep college students from other states having a say in our governance.

  9. How about getting the Charlottesville torch light defenders of Southern history to wear ski masks and do a torch light burning in effigy of this worst ever cultural marxist Jew mayor?

  10. Reference residency to vote. The US Supreme Court issued a ruling that 60 days was long enough to live in a state to vote, thereby undercutting native residence completely.


    I am not sure which ruling this was, I was trying to find it but no dice. These voting booths are located on the college campuses themselves, it’d be very difficult for townies and the local rednecks to actually protest there what with campus police and the like. I know that before the 2004 election most states voted two ways, IN PERSON or ABSENTEE. After the 2004 election this was changed plus most states added early voting and same day registration. I am not sure about Virginia’s laws on this but I think it was almost everywhere this was done

  11. Why not unleash a Troll Storm on this Tribesmen mayor Mike Signer? Just legally call his office and voice your displeasure with his actions.

  12. The poster thinks that Charlottesville is in Northern Virginia; folks we’ve just got to do better.

  13. @Miss Denise…

    ‘But people keep telling me, “It’s not the Jews….”.

    But it IS.

    It’s not “Yankees”. It’s JEWS.


    Unfortunately, Miss Denise – it’s both the Jews AND the Yankees.

    The Wife and I just spent 12 years living in your state, over by the Vermont line.

    I talked to thousands of y’all, in that time, almost none Jews, and they all spoke just like Mayor Signer.

    The only exception I can recall was that in the town of Hudson Falls, there was a fellow who, renting the top floor of an old Victorian house, covered his window with the Confederate Battleflag.

    This is the only dissent I ever witnesst from the standard Yankee line.

  14. I don’t like in Charlottesville; I live on the West Coast and am sickened by the sanctuary cities in California and the degrading democraps that litter this beautiful state. I felt such virulent anger towards Mayor Michael Signer — as I do toward Governor Jerry Brown, another Communist, when I read about Signer’s leading role in destroying Confederate history and his anti-White stance.

    I wrote him an email telling him what I thought of him. The Chinese now have a new word for the spineless “shitlib” that is what Michael Signer is. The Chinese word is “Baizuo,” meaning “White Left.” That’s Michael Signer. In my email, I asked him to resign from office. He has nothing of the Spirit of 1776 in him.

  15. Juniusdaniel- perhaps the proper term should be Judeo-Liberal Coalition that way we include both malevolent Jews and psychotic, pathological altruistic, whites!

  16. @Ethnostatist…

    ‘Juniusdaniel- perhaps the proper term should be, ‘Judeo-Liberal Coalition’.
    That way, we include both malevolent Jews and psychotic, pathological,
    and altruistic, whites!’


    I agree, Ethno.

    Personally, I don’t resonate to the extremes, in this matter; those being that either A. It’s the Jews and only the Jews … or B. it’s no particular group because the West is being destroyed only by groupless individuals.

    To my mind, there are 3 groups attempting to destroy the South.

    A. Jewry.

    B. The Northeastern Yankee New England culture.

    C. White Southern Scalawags.

    FURTHERMORE, none of these groups are so bad as those White Southerners who, having their heads so far up their asses, cannot bring themselves to identify our enemies, and to move decisively, in all ways, against them.

    And, yes, there are other contributing elements, such as a complacent native Southron Negro culture that consistently lend political support to our New England and Jewish enemies.

    Then. there are the corporations and businesses who constantly try to shape and reshape our culture to benefit them, not to mention the Jew and New England liberal Academick institutions of ours that are no longer really ours.

    Without writing a dissertation, I do think that this is a fair and accurate assessment of the situation, at hand.

  17. @Junius_Daniel

    I explained this to James Owen when he questioned why there were Union Soldier monuments in Texas seeing as how in Texas the number of Negroes serving in the Union Army was very low almost nonexistent compared to the rest of the South and knowing how poor Negroes were POST-65 they didnt have the cash or the desire to put up statues. Who did it then?

    The Eternal Yankee as some have called him, spread throughout the Midwest and the South but one thing in BOTH regions remains the same with him. He is almost always an urban or town denzien, he is seldom a rural creature. I know according to GONE WITH THE WIND Margaret Mitchells Granddad who lived until she was five fought in the war and became a lumber baron rebuilding Atlanta following the conflict. There is a part in GONE WITH THE WIND when Scarlett is surprised how many Yankees are living in Atlanta, so many that the Southern accent is barely heard in some quarters. By the end of the book, the book covers the period CA 1861-1871, Scarlett says that she is amazed how some of the Yankee veterans and their wives who stayed following the fall of White Rule had begun to assimilate into Southern society. Still in the 1870’s Atlanta Ga became known as the New York City of the South.

    These folks, especially in places like Texas and Florida where because of them being frontier the upward mobility wasn’t as hindered by birth as it was in say Georgia, were able to grow in some influence in the cities and evidently were able to pay for these small monuments to the Northern cause, plus when you factor in the veterans from the Indian wars, i think you have the answer. They did the same in St. Cloud Florida, which was a city almost entirely populated as late as 1920 by Yankees, they did the same in South Florida as well, in fact most of cities in South Florida were established by Yankees.


    Y’all asked for some local perspective and so I’d like to say hi. I’m not there anymore, but family has a 50-year history in this area.


    Excellent job tracking down the background of this man. One sticking point though, Charlottesville is Central Virginia, not NoVa. I’m sure you could find many C’ville SWPLs that would insist they are part of NoVa, but the test would be to ask someone in NoVa and they would find this ridiculous.

    Charlottesville is still unusual for a Central Virginia town. Outside looking in, many regional people pine for the cosmopolitan modernism Charlottesville represents (we used to drive in 40min to wait 40min in line just to go to the Einstein Bagel shop, Banana Republic was considered a “High Street” shop, etc.). However, outside folks hate the snobbery, traffic, degeneracy, and black crime of C’ville.

    UVA plays an outsized role in “high” culture. Many if not most teachers and attendees of UVA are not Virginians. A very large portion are Northerners (PA, NJ, NY, CT), not smart enough or rich enough to get themselves into a top New England school (thus they usually have a snobbish inferiority complex), but compared to the local GDP they appear upper-upper middle class. I recall the local coffeehouse and music scene culture is more WASPy than it is Bohemian.

    Many commenters were talking about the voting demographics for C’ville. This to me seems a long lost battle to try to fight. Charlottesville has been solidly Democrat territory for 40 years if not 60 years or more. Politically, isolation has been the game, with Albemarle County and the Commonwealth vote usually opposing the city, at least until statewide demographics began to shift about 10 years ago.

    There, the discussion returns to NoVa. Since at least the 1990s, when DC was a black world AIDS capital on level with Sub-Saharan Africa, NoVa has regarded itself and been regarded by the rest of the state as a separate state. Territorially it is quite small, not even including northern cities like Winchester, just the Virginia suburbs of DC (which have been growing exponentially since the Patriot Act). NoVa residents are oriented North to the D.C. world. Many, many NoVa people work for various spy agencies, think tanks, lobbying firms, security contractors, federal departments, affirmative action coalitions, etc. And as you may know, much of this Federal workforce are diversity hires. And this has played perhaps the biggest role in the shift to VA as a blue/purple state in the last 10 years. Another factor has been the resettlement of Balkin, Muslim, and African “refugees”. Mexican population is increasing (now 9%), but we still have many migrant agricultural guest workers who go home in the winter and who likely don’t vote legally or not.

    That’s all the relevant thoughts I can think to contribute for now. Let me know if you want other thoughts and I’ll try to answer what I can.

  19. @Billy Ray…

    Yes, I certainly have noticet that ‘The Eternal Yankee’ is a representative of urbanity, even if there are many rural Yankees who are the living antithesis of that.

    And, by way of confirming that – there are precious few Southron scalawags who ever live in the rural hinterlands. So, clearly, The Eternal Yankee Mindset is not at home in the Piney Woods.

    Concerning social mobility, I can testify to you the simple fact that in very rural Northeastern North Carolina we have a a small variety of Yankees, of every age, who have come down to live out what the wife and I refer to as, ‘The Northern Gone with The Wind Dream.’

    I know some of these folk; some of whom, by the way, have made some very kind and positive investments into our little town, but, who, when they tried to scale the local political and social ladder, found it closed to them.

    And shockt they have been to learn that Nowheresville, Northeastern North Carolina is NOT part of the United States, in any other way than cartagraphick and politically administrative; that, in fact, we are an unmobile, traditional, local identitarian and White Supremacist plantation oligarchy that in few ways suscribes to the civick nationalism of the Yankee Doodle Dandy proposition nation.

    Further, they are shockt to find Jim Crow in place – not only gentle enforcet by White, but, largely by black, as well.

    And they are shockt to realize, when it dawns on them, that, until they die or move away, everyone sees them as ‘Yankees’.

    That said, these Yankee immigrants to our Dixie are not despised, resented, or lookt down upon, but, generally given solid welcomes, so long as they don’t try to tell us how to change our ways.

    That’s hard for Northern transplants, however, as, when looking upon our ways, they, like their Jewish allies, seem barely able to control their impulses to make and endless array of recommendations to us.

    Oh, well!

  20. There should be a recall drive against Mayor Mike Signer. The journalist Kessler was able to obtain enough signatures to recall the Black Lt. Governor. It can be done against the Mayor.

  21. @Junius

    There are inherently two types of Yankees, the Progressive and the Regressive. The Progressive Yankee is the modernist, the urbanist, the teacher the professor. The Regressive who can be just as irritating is normally found in the Northeast, Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest normally a farmer, logger or engaged in some manual labor. He seldom is very educated, but he will let you know how smart he is and how dumb you are. Typically he doesn’t travel far from home, except to Florida either for vacation or retirement, so you’re likely not to run into him. The Progressive Yankee is the one leading all of the social causes and causing the trouble, typically the Regressive females will gravitate toward him, although the males will not.

    The Progressive Yankee can be found in every city in the USA, even in Southern ones. Look at a Church directory and see if you can find any Unitarian/Universalist or Congregationalist churches and even liberal Presbyterian denominations. These were his gathering places. He was always the one founding city clubs, gardening clubs, bird watching clubs, eliminate littler clubs, all types of clubs. However it doesn’t matter whether he is in Palm Beach Florida, Dallas Texas, Northern Virginia, or anywhere else. He is 99% of the time an urban creature, he will not live in a benighted rural area. In this he and the Jews are very similar.

  22. @Billy Ray…

    Great and funny analysis of ‘Der Ewige Yankee’!

    And I agree – he is, like the Jew in diaspora, what he is – no matter where he is…

  23. @Junius

    The thing that is amazing is how they got around. Most would be surprised to know how many Yankee settlements there were, especially in South Florida which wasn’t even settled until the 1890’s. Henry Flagler, who worked for JD Rockefeller, they were both scions of old Yankee families from New York State, he built the Florida East Coast Railway. Miami, Florida, had originally been Fort Dallas, one of the forts from the Second Seminole War named for the Alexander Dallas the brother of Polks VP George Dallas. One of the only Southern forts to be held by the Union for the entire war. During the 1870’s a village called Miami sprung up at Fort Dallas, little more than some shacks around a trading post. A wealthy Carpetbagger Ephraim Sturtevant, a Connecticut Yankee from Cleveland Ohio, who bought land on Biscayne Bay. He was friends with another Carpetbagger William Brickell who moved to Florida from Cleveland as well. Sturtevant’s daughter Julia Tuttle, was friends with Henry Flagler and during the 1890’s implored him to build his railroad to Fort Dallas and he did. In 1896 Miami was established and her first Mayor was John B. Reilly, a Connecticut native and business associate of Henry Flagler.

    Thus you see the uneasy beginning of a large Northern Colony in a Southern State. This repeated plenty of other places but as you can see one thing is clear. They were all urban

  24. It is usually the jew behind all of this.. Not all though. Trump got about 25% of the Jewish vote and compared to blacks that makes them seem like raving right wingers.. lol.. But for a white group jews are pitifully low in being patriotic.. Then throw the cash in that they have. The goal for a long time has been to simply makes whites a minority. That is an easy trip to permanent communism. Conservatives still fight with one hand behind their back as leftists swing with every thing they have with both hands. Throw in some wacked out church leaders who are wolves in reality who do not even demand these refugees convert. Gee what happened to JESUS being the ONLY way to eternal life??

    It is rather easy for Islam to take over. Just start a war at home and some idiot white countries will demand to take in the “refugees”. Just keep repeating that and of course have tons of kids. That is the road to communism while also destroying Christianity and white people.. Easy peasy.

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