This is How Western Civilization Dies

All that you see before you with meaning – only White culture obviously – is now terminally ill with a disease that is currently moving at a rapid pace.

If we don’t stand together, push the cowardly cuckolds from our ranks, and end this nightmare soon, our children will be forced to study trash like the above in order to get any sort of education.

Under the new system, Michelangelo will be a Negro, Mozart will be a homosexual Turk, and Marcus Aurelius will be an empowered transsexual of some undefined race.

Remind people of this whenever they babble about not being racist, and LARP about “cooperating” with the lesser humanoids.


  1. By my reckoning, much of The West is already dead and that Includes new England, the upper Midwest, the far West, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, and Norway, Denmark, and Sweden

    Some cases, such as England, Portugal, and Spain seem to straddle the border.

    Eastern Europe is, above all, the most healthy, with Dixie, despite much damage, still standing up.

    • You could seriously make the argument that Christianity is dead beyond redemption in most of Western Europe, and potentially in parts of the United States due to the sheer level of cuckoldry in the mainstream churches (Catholic and Protestant).

      As for fixing the situation, I honestly don’t know what could be done, although I have been giving the issue more thought in recent months.

  2. Nonwhites don’t see the world in a logical, rational way, like us fully evolved White folks do. Our myths and legends have a basis in facts, whereas the coloreds will just believe any old crazy thing that pops into their nappy heads.

  3. Where is this “painting” located? Time to follow the tradition of our Vandal ancestors!

  4. That’s just it however. If you believe in the tenets of Christianity then it cannot be destroyed. If it is it was a false religion because Revelations promises that Christ himself will intervene at the end of time to keep Christianty from being wiped out. If Christianity does go extinct and Christ does not make an appearance then that is you answer. It is all predicated upon that.In that case Islam becomes the dominant religion on Earth or maybe even some militant atheistic form of egalitarian human secularism.

  5. Jeremiads of western decline are depressing and demoralizing. Hope is needed in the time of crisis. A hostile, parasitic elite controls western countries but their power can be crushed.

  6. The abortion pill, feminism, and the treason of our (((elites))) is taking us down the road of Rome. As for Eastern Europe, while these countries still hold to Catholicism and are sane minded and less ‘cucked’, their fertility rate are alarming.

    No freaking white country is doing really well.

  7. “Replacing the white male figures — the most represented— with people I believe have been the least represented can begin to recondition our minds to accept new concepts of human value.”

    There is a concensus among the media, academia and other institutions of power that it is ok to speak openly against Whites and that we must be replaced.

  8. the disease is called terminal Jewification. Once the debt-saturated JewPonziconomy collapses, a solution will come to mind. Not a day goes by that I don’t damn Adolf to hell and back for starting in on (((them)))…and not finishing.

  9. I’m sure not anybody really knows this, and I’m not sure all the time myself, but perhaps societies simply age, and there isn’t anything that can be done about it. It’s heart breaking and disgusting to watch but that’s the way it is. People age and then they aren’t able to do what they once did. Maybe what’s happening is a symptom of age, and there isn’t anything we can do but pick up the pieces and begin civilization again when it’s all over. Maybe I’m wrong, I hope so.

  10. Look at the newly-prominent darling of the left, Rep. Maxine Waters. She says that Putin came up with “lock her up” and “crooked Hillary” and that this proves that Trump is his creature. Primitive morons like Waters are the future top political leadership of this country if current demographic trends continue.

    This country is already a zoo.

    Looking at Eastern Europe– the wrong peoples (not necessarily systems) won the Cold War. That Iron Curtain keep out much garbage…

  11. If we truly want to stop this madness, it will take a fight. I do mean a physical fight. It will take risk, sacrifice, and loss. And, that’s why most whites fold. They don’t want to fight. They don’t want to fight for themselves, their nation, their culture, their race, their civilization, or their ancestors and descendants. We are too domesticated. Perhaps too civilized. I believe it was Pat Buchanan who once stated that only violence brings real change. It’s getting more and more obvious that passive resistance is the fool’s path. A road to nowhere.

  12. Unless and until we are willing to name the principal enemy–the international Jew–and go after him with unrestrained vigor, we are going to continue our decline into oblivion.

    • @Michael Hill

      Correct one hundred percent.

      The Jew is the primary bearer of evil in this world, and by fighting the Jew we do the work started by Christ Himself.

  13. Sometimes I wonder if any billionaire Jews have inquired about any possibility of future residency in China. When the parasite has killed its host…

    Stalin moved against Jews, culminating in the great purge, and, according to later rumor, was planning his own final solution when he died/was murdered. Putin has brought Russia back from its recent Time of Troubles and the rape of Russia by Jew oligarchs and their US Jew helpers. Thus the hysterical anti-Russia venom in the (((media))). If Americans move to dismantle (((their))) power we can expect the same bloodthirsty hostility.

    • But we could do something the Third Reich could never do successfully without total war and extremely good luck – hold the line against the entire world.

      But only if we do something about our demographic nightmare – everything else is just LARPing.

  14. @Lynda Notice how the arms of the black figures in the outer circle form a Star of David?

    They’ve grown profoundly arrogant.

  15. I am glad you noticed Ironsides. The Dark Repulsive Force (DRF) just can’t help itself. They have enlisted the Blacks (who won’t be able to ‘fall in line’). They haven’t yet got their world conquest in the bag. Their ZOG wars for their empire state continue apace. But they are gloating. And they are premature. This is a mistake and it is going to wake up a lot of White snoozers, deniers, co-incidence theorists and ‘Id rather be dead/raped than racist libtard SJW White minions. By openly sticking their hex on everything and making the Blacks think they have a share in spoils, gloating and getting out there with the White genocide plan, the DRF gives us an advantage. I hope websites like this can seize it.

    Fall in Line

  16. Whoa, that was a disturbing pic of the Negress as God. Just when you think it would be hard for things to get worse, you see something like that.

  17. “Sometimes I wonder if any billionaire Jews have inquired about any possibility of future residency in China. When the parasite has killed its host…”

    I’ve long suspected something like that could be going on. I also wonder if a lot of the gold going from West to East is going into kosher coffers. The only bright spot is….. when they screw the Chinese, and we know they eventually will, the response will not be the same as it was from the weak white man.

  18. @ Lynda

    I also believe we have to consider the possibility that the controllers know that eventually the white man will strike back. It will take a lot but they want us to kill each other. And, although it may seem opposite, they do hate blacks even more than whites. They also know that even they won’t be able to control them if it goes on for too long. However, they are also inbred, self-absorbed lunatics and are absent of rational thinking.

  19. Niggers steal absolutely everything. This latest excrement is really a testimony to their lack of creativity, sense of beauty, and identity.

  20. Everyone talks about Revelation; but few mention Jeremiah’s prediction.

    Jeremiah basically said the Israelites blew it with the OT covenant(s). Yet God was going to give them (us) a second chance. That chance was to become the Covenant made through Jesus Christ.

    But if we broke this Covenant then we would be destroyed.

    I tend to believe in Jeremiah more than John, but we will see. In any case there is no doubt how fast and far we have fallen since the late 40s when we began to call Jews “Israel,” and worship them instead of Christ.

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