Discussion Time: Morality And The Potential Destruction Of White Civilization

The events surrounding recent battles between the Alt-Right and Antifa – especially the New Orleans debacle – have gotten me wondering about the state of the White Man in the coming years, and wondering whether we honestly (as a collective) have what it takes to save our people.

There are obviously many things that intertwine in the fight against the Jew and his forces, but foremost among everything is the idea of morality and its place in the struggle.

We see among groups like the SCV and other “heritage” organizations the desire to present themselves as chaste and unerring, despite the fact that this strategy has led to defeat upon defeat upon defeat, and among our ranks we still have a split on how to go forward in the best manner possible.

So I want this piece to inspire a debate (not a religious flame-war or outpouring of autism) on how we must adapt for the brutal phases that surely lie ahead.

Follow Morals In Order To Preserve Our Souls

If you argue this stance, you’re guaranteed to touch upon Christianity, which provides us with the tools to make the world a better place that isn’t consumed by barbarism and savagery.

But in truth, it hasn’t only been devout Christians who have made the argument that descending to the level of beasts fails in the long-run:

Pretty simple to understand, right?

Essentially we’re being told that a long enough period of torture, slaughter, and deceit (even for a good cause) has the potential to rip away the very things that one is fighting for in the first place – in the case of the White Race it is the conscience and sense of right and wrong that separates us from the lesser bipeds on this planet.

Abandon the trappings and decorum of civilization to save civilization, and you just may wind up not having anything left internally to pick up the pieces once victory is obtained.

It’s a fair enough warning, but even Nietzche in his deepest madness could not have foreseen what lay ahead in the period roughly a century after his death.

The Enemy Mocks Your Rules And Turns Them Against You

The sad thing about our movement at large (I’m lumping in the Alt-Light, Cuckfederates, and other fools at the moment) is that many still believe that they can play by the old rules of politics and morality when fighting a force like the Jew and his cohorts.

No matter what has happened, these folks still think they can endure with one hand tied behind them – it’s actually a form of mental illness (Stockholm Syndrome?) if you want my honest opinion.

Year after year, and we still have people failing to understand this:

The Jew and Communist do not play by rules of the past, hate your religion and your God, and will turn your morals against you in a second if it means gaining an advantage.

We have seen this last piece come to fruition in our own lifetimes, with religious beliefs and doctrine (which should in theory be static and unchanging due to God’s perfection) warped and bastardized into mockeries of the original.

Now homosexuals are accepted, “turning the other cheek” now means the tolerance of African/Moslem rape-gangs brutalizing White women, worship of the Killers of Christ is commonplace, and the sacred event of personal salvation has become a weekly event for the same degenerates over and over again.

To defeat them, you have to fight fire with fire, steal their methods and turn them into offensive tools, and put aside the ideas of right and wrong to rip them to shreds.

Religious faith and inner goodness can still be maintained throughout, I truly believe, as I have enough confidence in our people to separate seasons of war from seasons of peace – aside from a few psychopaths that will exist regardless of what happens in the world.

Final Conclusions

Really we’re left with two questions that everyone – regardless of whether you’re an SCV cuck, a regular Southern Nationalist, or a straight up Nazi (National Socialist, if you prefer) that believes Hitler didn’t do enough – needs to answer fully as soon as is physically and mentally possible.

  1. Is it immoral to fight for the survival of your culture, civilization, and people by any means necessary?
  2. Is it moral to let your people and all that was created by your people die in the most brutal manner imaginable?

If you can’t honestly answer these questions, you need to remove yourself from the scene until you summon enough manhood and courage to do so.

NOTE: Don’t try to make the religious cop-out that the world is going to come to an end soon, and that therefore negates the need to fight here on Earth. Because honestly, if that argument had been made by White men during the Moslem invasions of Europe in the 700’s or during the Ottoman attacks nearly a millennium later, we would not be here today. 


  1. “If you can’t honestly answer these questions, you need to remove yourself from the scene until you summon enough manhood and courage to do so.”

    Typical white tough-talk. The Jew never talks tough; he IS tough.

  2. Morality is the survival, safeguarding and the betterment of the White race, first and foremost!

    That is what matter.

    Let us be vigilant, not just against the enemy but against the weaknesses within ourselves, given that we are caught in a sea of insane apathy and mediocrity.
    Let us wish that the Haunter of the Dark finds the cucks and the traitors, that they stare in abject horror into the three-lobed burning eye!

    May your contempt be your armor. May your disgust be your shield. May Hatred be your sword and may Duty guide you, comrades! Heil Victory!

  3. It isn’t a question of morality, but a question of real politik. By hook or crook, gather the power and influence to promote your champions and punish your enemies. Then and only then will the cucks find their courage.

    • But a lot of people would argue that realpolitik is immoral because of its cutthroat nature.

  4. A daunting problem is WHITE indifference. It’s as though the vast majority of WHITES are indifferent to the question of their own survival. The issue is less whether WHITES can be saved as much as do they even care if they’re saved? A tiny minority of us an lead, but only if enough are willing to follow. We can’t drag the entire WHITE race across the finish line There are not enough of us.

    The frrustrating thing is that our num bers are still sufficient to make our victory a compartively easy objective if only more WHITES cared enough. The challenge is less in figuring out how to prevail than in making our people summon the desire to live.

  5. ” The Jew never talks tough; he IS tough.”

    LOL! Are you kidding me? The Jew talks tough all the time. Just listen to all those people from the ADL, AIPAC and SPLC! It’s non-stop tough talk.

  6. Marcus Cicero: The people who argue in that way are not leaders. Leaders who summon a following must deal in realpolitik regardless of the professed moral framework for those that follow. If the alt-right or Southern Nationalist wants a following, they will discard all pretense and seek the power to protect current and potential devotees.

    • I agree, and this is where we will diverge from the cuckservatives once and for all.

      I don’t care about “muh values.”

      I care about saving my people and giving my newborn son a chance for a happy and prosperous life.

      The morality will come back once we’re done with taking out the (((trash))).

  7. “To defeat them, you have to fight fire with fire, steal their methods and turn them into offensive tools, and put aside the ideas of right and wrong to rip them to shreds.”

    My late father told me about something he experienced in the Battle of Guam in WWII. The Japanese would put up their hands and pretend like they were surrendering but when his fellow Marines would gather around to take them into custody the Japanese would let off a grenade or satchel charge and blow the Marines up. When his company commander found out about this he told the men not to take any more prisoners. If they put their hands up just shoot them. And that’s what my father and his fellow Marines did for the rest of the battle. I believe there is such a thing as situational ethics. Why should we act like a bunch of boy scouts while our enemies act like the NKVD?

    “Is it immoral to fight for the survival of your culture, civilization, and people by any means necessary?”

    No, it’s the highest morality to fight for your people, culture and civilization.

    “Is it moral to let your people and all that was created by your people die in the most brutal manner imaginable?”

    No, it’s totally immoral. To take the inheritance that was created by centuries of blood, toil, sweat and tears and just throw it away thereby destroying the future of your descendants is the biggest sin there is.

    • That’s why I think that when a good portion of the cucked “Evangelical” Baby Boomers take their last breath, they’re going to be rather shocked when they see what awaits them on the other side…

      Pissing away thousands of years of history and civilization in order to feel good – and then to take our Christian faith and rip it to shreds will not be taken kindly if there is a God looking down on things.

  8. I completely understand where the author is coming from but I get tired of the pessimism so often displayed by White Nationalists. MOST WHITES AREN’T AS STUPID AS YOU THINK! Of course the majority of people are stupid lemmings, and the wretched Yankee/Puritans, being Goy Jews, have all the neurosis of their masters. There’s no hope for such rats, but I wish to remind you, even the most contemptible White Leftists, when it comes to their living habits (usually in gated communities), are implicit White Nationalists. I, for example, have lived in 4 cities in my life: Berkeley/San Francisco; Los Angeles; Boston; and Chicago. Obviously, these are hellholes of Leftism, but if you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find a legion of Whites who are totally sympathetic to the principles of White Nationalism. Living in such shitstorm cities, unless you’re richer than Croesus, goes a long way to converting you to the WN truth. That’s how I got here! My ancestors were Germans and French Huguenots. I don’t have a Southern lineage; however, I admire the Southern cause as exemplified by people like Hunter and I support the Southern White people 100%. I also believe the destruction of the CSA was one of the greatest calamities in world history, Btw, so do myriads of Whites in the North and West. I have 5 children (3 boys and 2 girls) and I feel sad that I can’t come out of the WN “closet” until my kids are grown and on their own. I deeply admire folks like Hunter and Richard Spencer, but for every one of them who can stand in the sunshine and declare the unvarnished WN truth, there are tens of thousands who must stay silent because the Jew system will crush them should they step out of line. No more pessimism boys! It’s time to win this battle! WN is at sympathetically viewed by least 40% of serious White males in the Lefty cities I’ve lived in (though most have to do the Kabuki dance of Leftism to keep their jobs) and the women will come aboard once we take power, which we will.

    • @Enrico Pallazzo

      I’m originally from Boston, and I can say wholeheartedly that it’s easier to bring an old-style Leftist (a “Bernie Bro” that’s not a full SJW) into WN than it is to convert a George W. Bush-style cuckservative (the “Color Blind” ones).

  9. The “by any means necessary” bit of Marcus’ post is key. Survial of the species justifies any behaviour necessary to enable that survival.

    For the White Nationalist movement, the choice will eventually become: kill your enemies and reproduce profusely, or go extinct. Do or die.

    Marches, demonstrations, websites, radio shows, videos, posting on Twitter, speeches, conferences, voting etc. none of it will secure the existence of our race. If we continue on in the failed tactics of the past 72 years our race will go extinct.

    Reproduction and Killing are what will work.

    Jews are cold-blooded, soulless, ruthless killers. They will try anything to prevail. That is why they are winning. In order to defeat them, we must prepare to be more ruthless-it is the only way. More like Heinrich Himmler and less like Adolf Hitler.

    • @Joseph Walsh

      Obviously I’m not calling for violence, but when I see cucks cower when they’re harassed by Antifa it gets my blood boiling.

      If they’re not willing to even protect themselves in self-defense, then you already know how they’ll react when the monuments come down, the streets and cities get renamed, and their women get gang-raped by hordes of animals.

  10. I am willing to do absolutely anything to destroy our enemies. Indeed, like a lot of people I am frustrated that I can’t take direct action right now. Things would be easier if this were a hot war, if we could go out and just start taking care of business. Morality for me is very simple: “What is good for the white race? What eliminates enemies of the white race?” Absolutely everything is justified when it comes to winning the race war.

  11. Of course there are so many, but here is particularly egregious traitor academic:

    Our reader and commenter Robert, a.k.a. “Whitewall”, has sent along an item from the University of Chicago Divinity School’s newsletter Sightings. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the postmodern cult-Marx priesthood that haunts the halls of the 21st-century Cathedral. (That is to say, the ones who are responsible for the grooming and education of the pupae of our cultural and social elites.)

    The author has an interesting bio:

    Dr. Karl E. H. Seigfried is an author, educator, and performer finishing his third graduate degree, an MA at the University of Chicago Divinity School. He is President of Interfaith Dialogue at the University of Chicago and the first practitioner of Ásatrú to enter one of the Divinity School’s graduate programs. His biography, publications, and contact information can be found at http://www.norsemyth.org.

    The problem addressed in Dr. Siegfried’s essay is one that most of us wouldn’t find particularly clamant: the paucity of non-white academics specializing in medieval European history and literature, and how very little of that history and literature seems to focus — clearly because of bias and oppression — on medieval Europeans “of color”.

    That would be bad enough all by itself, but what truly makes makes this a full-blown crisis for Western civilization is that certain groups of people have dared to claim this heritage as their own, and to celebrate it, not without some pride, as distinctly European. Shockingly, the story doesn’t end there: the people doing this seem overwhelmingly to be white.

    There is simply no more time to waste on idle chit-chat, people. As Dr. Seigfried explains:

    When neo-Nazis are literally marching in the streets looking to assault anyone who denounces their beliefs, we need to stop the endless parsing and take action.

    I had rather thought it was the other guys doing most of the marching and assaulting, but obviously I’m out of touch. To the ramparts! There isn’t a moment to lose.

  12. The Jew is not tough! Rather, he is smart and wealthy and has tough gentiles do his dirty work. And they are well paid for their trouble. This is the problem we must overcome, the traitorous behavior of our own mercenary people.

  13. It is immoral to NOT fight for the survival of your people by any means necessary. Your precious morals only exist as a spiritual expression of your people. None of *your* people, none of *your* morals.

    This applies equally to both European Christian morality and European pagan morality — no European, no European morality.

    Most biological traits are adaptive responses to environmental stimuli. Like a Southern worker’s red neck and calloused hands. Human morality is a collective adaptation to the environment, nothing more.

    In stable times, religious ironclad moral edicts exist to make morals black and white for the lower half of the cognitive bell curve, so that they can easily behave themselves (those so inclined).

    However, in times of extreme environmental stress morality will shift on a dime, and stay shifted for as long as the environment remains shifted. This is indisputable fact. The individual organism that fails to shift its moral compass in acknowledgment of the shifted moral environment, will not remain long in this world, and his morals will be selected for extinction.

    Extreme environmental stresses include ice ages, famines, droughts, pestilence and war.

    Despite the Lügenpresse’s attempts to cover it up, at this point, who with a straight face can deny the mounting body counts of Whites at the hands of invaders throughout the Western world? If those invaders were wearing proper military uniforms you know exactly what you would call it.

    As hard as this is to acknowledge — because it means that you don’t get to have the life you thought you were going to have — we are ALREADY AT WAR.

    The religious true believers (whichever your God) should know this: YOU ONLY GET TO KEEP YOUR MORALITY IF THE WHITE MAN WINS THIS WAR.


    • @Harvest Grain

      But this is where the cucks simply don’t get it.

      They bring these primitives into their churches, get them to memorize a few basic Bible verses, and teach them to not defecate in public, and then claim that race doesn’t matter in their beautiful rainbow congregation.

      They just don’t understand that the time will come when they’ll be butchered, their daughters raped, and their religion turned into a voodoo-filled mockery of the original (if not destroyed altogether).

  14. “LOL! Are you kidding me? The Jew talks tough all the time. Just listen to all those people from the ADL, AIPAC and SPLC! It’s non-stop tough talk.”

    You are incorrect.

  15. John Bonaccorsi is coming in for another landing – I can hear him “Whop, whop, whop, whop”

  16. Off-topic.

    I wish never to hear again the meaningless and bullsh*t phrase “the free world.”

  17. “The Jew is not tough! Rather, he is smart and wealthy and has tough gentiles do his dirty work.”

    Evidently, Mr. Hill, you have no idea what toughness is.

  18. “NOTE: Don’t try to make the religious cop-out that the world is going to come to an end soon, and that therefore negates the need to fight here on Earth.” God is not glorified by us laying down and allowing the evil hordes to claim our land. So this excuse is void. We are here to glorify God. Perhaps this is a test of our resolve? It matters not when the world will end, it matters what you do with your time while your here. I prefer to glorify God by fighting for the survival and we’ll being of Southern Christian culture. Unfortunately if that takes some cut throat tactics…thats what it takes. Honorable and moral to whom? Only our own decide what’s moral and honorable.

  19. “Evidently, Mr. Hill, you have no idea what toughness is.”

    First off, you disgusting, slimy yankee WOP, that is DOCTOR Hill to you. Show some fucking respect.

    Secondly, I’d be interested to see your reasoning behind your implication that the Jew as we see them today is tough, seeing as how the only reason they have survived is because anytime they feel threatened, they only shriek “LIDDURALLY HITLUH” and “RUHMEMBUH DA SIX GUHRILYUN” just so other non-Jews can do the dirty work for them, like weaselly children hiding behind daddy’s legs when the bigger kids get tired of their bullshit.

    But keep on being a good little Shabbas Goy. See where you and yours end up.

    Remember; it’s the useful idiots like you who end up being sacrificed first. You’re just pawns in the chess game of (((Gawd’z Chozin Peepul))).

    Don’t come crying to us; we will not tolerate you either.

  20. Well, Captain John, at least Nietzsche agrees with me …

    “The Jews, however, are beyond any doubt the strongest, toughest, and purest race now living in Europe ….”
    –Beyond Good and Evil (Part Eight, “Peoples and Fatherlands”), section 251, Walter Kaufmann translation

  21. “You are incorrect”

    No I’m not. The JDL alone is a perfect example of tough talk. They threatened, bullied and ganged up on people for years. Holocaust revisionist David Cole was attacked three times by these scumbags. But when Irv Rubin was thrown into jail for conspiring to bomb a mosque and the office of Darrell Issa he couldn’t take the stony lonesome and committed suicide. His deputy Earl Krugel punked out and made a plea deal to avoid life in prison. He was transferred to a Federal prison in Phoenix where a White supremacist inmate beat him to death with a concrete block. They talked a good game for decades but when it was time to man up and take the heat they melted like little snowflakes.

  22. PS I would direct your attention, Captain John, to the comment that was addressed to me by Da Goyim Know. In the comment that I originally posted here, I pointed out that the author of the present blog entry had engaged in, as I said, typical white tough-talk–a defect, a vulnerability never exhibited by the Jews. In the mind, such as it is, of Da Goyim Know, my having done that made me not a white man trying to help whites by pointing out an error of theirs but a shabbos goy (which, unsurprisingly, he misspelled)–i.e., a person trying to help the Jews. That’s the mental caliber of one of your fellow white men. That’s what you’re depending on for the preservation of a future for your children.

  23. Thanks for proving my point, Old Hickory. Apparently, Mr. Rubin, having done what he could for his people, had the strength not to languish in jail for God knows how many years.

  24. ” Apparently, Mr. Rubin, having done what he could for his people, had the strength not to languish in jail for God knows how many years.”

    LOL! No Johnny thank you for confirming my suspicion of you. Being a tool I mean.

  25. @Marcus Cicero

    Well if ZOG groups like the Some People Love Cash hedge fund say they were terrorists then I have my doubts. But their record shows them to be a pathetic burlesque of a real terrorist group.

  26. “But their record shows them to be a pathetic burlesque of a real terrorist group.”

    No, it doesn’t–because their function wasn’t to be a “real terrorist group.” Their function, within the Jewish front as a whole, was to make the rest of Jewish action–the actual, fateful Jewish action of money and thought–seem, as contrasted with the JDL, pacific, unthreatening. Of course, you, with no grasp of the Jewish phenomenon, took them at face value, just as Marcus Cicero, in his comment above, reveals that he took at face value the fact that “even ZOG declared the JDL a terrorist organization FFS.” The Jews don’t have to play three-dimensional chess; whites are playing checkers.

  27. Yeah, this blog post has it backward again. People allowing bad things to happen aren’t sticking to morals and principles, they are failing to. People allowing their civilization to be destroyed aren’t sticking to morals and principles, they are failing to. Allowing immorality to spread (homosexuality) is not moral and not principled under any circumstances.

    So I’m not really sure what the point of the blog post then. But if he advocating terrorism, or trying to find a justification for terrorism, then he is a fool. That policy is doomed to fail. The reason our enemies can cheat is because they can get away with it. The King gets to cheat at cards, because he is the King, the fool can’t say, “gosh I better start cheating too, so I can win.” Guess what would happen to fool?

    The reason why things seem unfair, is because they are unfair. This is not a issue of principles and morals, its because we have to play by the rules and they don’t. They have the money, they have the connections, they run most of the government, the media, the education system, and the military. We don’t.

    Terrorism doesn’t work if you are the weak. Cheating doesn’t work if you are the weak. Lying doesn’t work if you are the weak. And yes, we are the weak. We can’t even stop them from taking down the statues of our heroes and leaders.

    The Palestinians can never beat the Israelis no matter how many terrorists acts they commit, how much they cheat, how much they lie in order to win. No, they can only hope that pressure can be put on the Israelis from more powerful people (Iran, USA, Russia, etc.). If people in the international community hadn’t felt sorry for the Palestinians, then they’d all be gone by now.

    • @Procopius

      Nobody’s calling for terrorism, dude, but by your argument, we should just lie down and die because the Jews have the upper hand.

      You talk about people cheating at cards, but I’m guessing your method of playing would be to stick whatever you’re dealt to your forehead facing everyone else.

      What WOULD you do to save Western Civilization anyway? Does your plan just involve whining without any solution?

  28. There’s a bit of a saying in my part of the woods- when you want something done properly, just do it yourself. That should apply to the white race as a collective. We need to overthrow the unelected ones and start again.
    I believe that we will face a fight or die scenario by mid-century. I’ll just highlight some of the measures we need to take, and obviously I can’t cover it all =
    – rid our media, schools, universities and government of Jewish ownership/influence.

    – deport all non-white and non-Christians from ALL Euro based nations.

    -cut all foreign aid to third world nations. We have people at home that are homeless, poor in poor health and sometimes can’t afford dental care-worry about our OWN first.

    – huge trade barriers against nations that employ cheap labor, have cheap production costs and woeful safety standards and don’t play fairly.

    – A ban on foreign ownership by persons and companies from nations hostile to us, due to security risks.

    – charging of government officials of treason and endangerment of our countries.

    – and finally, if multiculturalism must occur at all, anywhere in the world, then ensure refugees are redirected to Nations more compatible with their own religion and culture- the nations they often bypass to get to ours.
    Make China, Japan, Korea and Thailand take more to relieve the West of much of the burden.

    These are the measures a REAL leader would put in place if they had our best interests at heart…..but as they answer to the Jews and the U.N. and are too useless and gutless to rule like men, they’ll one day need to be overthrown.

  29. I think the South African government needs to deport all white people from that country. These deportees would be far better off, and of more use in Australia, North America and Europe.
    All non whites should be deported from ALL Western nations. They’ve never been of any use to us, and they’re never likely to be. They’re extremely racist against us, but then chase us around wherever we go.

  30. As usual, you guys go for Bonaccorsi’s troll bait which always throws the discussion off the rails.

  31. “What WOULD you do to save Western Civilization anyway?”

    Make White people not such cucks. If you know how to do that, the problem is solved.

  32. There are basically two ways out of this mess that I can see:

    1. We continue “waking” people up, and eventually nationalist politicians arise who will act on all that “potential energy” that’s currently just going to waste. Trump showed there is a YUGE power block sitting there waiting to be exploited for personal power and gain; even if he messes it up totally, someone should be smart enough eventually to realize that they can leverage that for their personal advantage, and may actually BE nationalists, too.

    2. The brown hordes take over, at which point everything will go to crap and Whites will become third-class citizens at best. At this point, the combination of hardship and universally perceived threat will perforce wake the whites up and they’ll either create a breakaway state or retake their country.

    There’s probably material for a strong republic in the South, Midwest, and Mountain States if we can ever bring ourselves to divorce from the coasts and Aztlan.

    • @Ironsides

      The one argument against would be that once we get enough traction on a national level, the electoral districts and electoral college will be geared against the White Race permanently.

      Texas will be blue by the mid 2020’s, and so will Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina (not guaranteed but likely).

      This is actually material for an entirely separate article, and I’m going to write about it really soon.

      But yes, on local levels and in heavily red states in the South and Midwest, we need to get involved in the game ASAP.

  33. @ Old Hickory

    “The Japanese would put up their hands and pretend like they were surrendering but when his fellow Marines would gather around to take them into custody the Japanese would let off a grenade or satchel charge and blow the Marines up. When his company commander found out about this he told the men not to take any more prisoners. If they put their hands up just shoot them.”

    Great story but there’s a problem with it and you will probably agree. Those soldiers should have shot those Japs the minute they realize what was going on with or without the approval of command. We need to overcome this mentality which is still endemic today.

  34. Truly any religious principle which teaches us, that “this world is not our home” is a poison. Once we believed that there was to be some reward for suffering and submission, which is greater than the suffering and shame of slavery itself, we became the infernal victims we are today. We must return to the ironclad truth that this is our home, and that “Hell” is the fate our children are left to when we allow others to wrest the control of our societies. Where “Heaven” is the future we shape in accordance with the highest value, the life our people. Nothing else will prepare us for what lies ahead. Our religion must become founded on the life our people, and the flame of eternity which is drawn from a race like the temper from steel.

  35. There’s no battle between whites and antifa, there’s a battle between whites and the U.S. government and Deep State. It was the government of New Orleans (by extension the federal government) that removed the statues, not antifa. It’s the Feds and DS that made white-hating racism the basis of American society and governance.

    The average white couldn’t care less that he labors under a racist system dedicated to the extermination of his people. The conservative white masses must be forced to choose sides. These are the people you are really in a battle with, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and all those rank and file Republicans and conservatives who seize on their obvious snake-oil as an excuse to do nothing that will threaten their comfort and “respectability.” The System literally fosters racist mass murder and rape against whites (as we saw in Rotherham) but the right has been unable to shake this “respectability”, In large part because the cuck establishment refuses to even mention racist violence against whites much less tie the left and the government to that violence. That’s the primary thing The System pays them for. But the vast invasion of colonizers means the System soon won’t need them. You will soon be effectively disenfranchised. It’s going to take a vanguard to force the issue.

  36. “1.Is it immoral to fight for the survival of your culture, civilization, and people by any means necessary?

    2.Is it moral to let your people and all that was created by your people die in the most brutal manner imaginable?”

    The answer to both questions is that it would be immoral not to do so. And, if the true motive is absolute survival, then absolutely anything goes. We must go straight to the center of the problem. But, more than anything, we must never have regret. If our camp is raided and we are able to kill most of the enemy but a few escape, we better hunt those survivors down because they will return with reinforcements. If they send a child to bomb our camp (or other guerilla tactics), we must protect our camp and make the correct decision. We are dealing with literal monsters. We must accept the fact that we may die but, in order to win, we must be willing to die.

    The U.S. military will absolutely fire on civilians. The mentality stated in my prior comment is the sole reason.

  37. What it boils down to is Whites are cowards. They are too cowardly to even save their race of people, their progeny.

  38. RB
    May 21, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    “What WOULD you do to save Western Civilization anyway?”

    “Make White people not such cucks. If you know how to do that, the problem is solved.”

    Bob Whitaker? @BobWhitaker2020
    The story of Excalibur in the legend of King Arthur made a profound point. Only one worthy of real leadership could pull it from the stone.

  39. Marcus

    I don’t think we have to worry about elections or politics. The United States won’t be able to hold together after 2020, too much debt and too much social anarchy so in my mind breakup is inevitible. The question is how do we use this knowledge to our advantage? Strategy and other things are very big conversations, ones so big i doubt I could discuss them all here.


    I don’t know exactly why he keeps coming here. We’d all be happy if he just left and took a couple of the rabid anti-Catholic loons with them. We don’t need that type of thing, we have bigger fish to fry

  40. George Allen
    MAY 21, 2017 AT 5:52 PM
    What it boils down to is Whites are cowards. They are too cowardly to even save their race of people, their progeny.


  41. We all know what’s necessary but none dare say it, or type it, or much less start it.

    With all of the information available on the internet I’d like to suggest that men begin this struggle by exposing others to the news that Hitler was right, That realization alone could make men out of Americans.

  42. A bit off-topic but necessary. I think we are all united in our disdain, our utter contempt for this Bonaccorsi ball bag. Everyone here hates him. So if the moderators won’t kick him off, let’s all agree to just freeze him out. He comes here with his sneering and faux condescension for the very purpose of derailing and demoralizing us. Don’t let him. Let him die on the vine. NO ONE here should respond to a single one of his posts. Let him go enjoy black-run Philadelphia and all its flash mobs and cultural vibrancy.

  43. The destruction was the sexual revolution in the 1960’s. The Bible condemns divorce and contraception in clear, certain terms and you cannot find even one sermon or writing saying differently for the latter before 1930, and even the former was generally recognized as an extreme measure so the bar for civil divorce was very high (adultery, abuse, or abandonment). The pill helped push things since it gave women some power over their reproduction, but this was not just on campus, churches encouraged “family planning” instead of letting God handle things. Then the Molech Murder of abortion which curses our country. Then man-fault divorce (usually happens after the 2nd kid, the vasectomy or tied tubes, and the affair).

    So much that after a generation, this sterile and temporary institution called “marriage” was extended to homosexuals and lesbians.

    (Side note – there is no biblical mandate to have an excess number of children, only that sex itself is sacred and ARTIFICIAL conraception profanes it – St Paul described a pause – NorPro or NFP and it is as effective as the pill though less fun, but having a nice evening talking often strengthens the bonds more).

    The churches gave in. The fathers gave in and let their daughters “experiment”. Whites were wounded. The other races were devastated. One reason I’m alt-right is I don’t know how to fix Detroit where 80% of children are born out of wedlock, often multiple children to different fathers. That cannot form a civilization, and even a barbarian tribe would fail.

    The holy mother on the pedestal seeking the love and approval of her husband became the career woman seeking the approval of her boss. Vacations. New cars. Cash and Prizes! Just delay or don’t have kids until … oops, you can’t have any. Doctors joke they spend the first 10 years keeping the woman from getting pregnant, then after all this chemical voodoo spend the next 10 years trying to get her pregnant.

    It used to be women would marry young, have their brood, and after raising them become the wise women with meaningful careers in the areas that civilize the society – consider the late Phyllis Schlafly. Solomon learned his wisdom at the feet of his mother. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world – now it is socalist day-care.

    One holy mother is worth 25 of the best and wisest teachers.

    The men can discuss all they want, but without the hearth and home, it will be just words on the wind.

    And the people and all that was created will not die in any brutal way, but just fade out.

    Not just the USA, look at Japan who doesn’t have ANY multiculturalism, but neither does it have children or young men and women willing to have them. Children ARE the future.

    The one upside to the alt-right is that women don’t find betas and cucks attractive. Perhaps it was aided by the lack of the warrior spirit. For women to really be feminine, men have to be really masculine. (I don’t remember if both the Citadel and VMI have women cadets – That needs to be fixed). We don’t need Disney princess Belles, we need Southern Belles.

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